Almighty God vs God The Father

There are two general concepts of what Divinity is: one is of a metaphysical nature, and the other is more of a human order. There exists a Great Intelligence, Creator of the Created and Uncreated but God is a Man and, therefore, should be considered an honorary title but not as the transgressors and pagans have made us believe by perverting the concept and the way in which this High Degree Title is acquired. This High Degree bestows upon its deserving possessor immeasurable powers, some capable of bringing the dead back to life, transforming previously barren globes into wonderful places full of life, or the authority to act as the Ultimate Justice in the Jurisdiction of Men inhabiting thousands of worlds. This may seem like a God too close to our nature, and so it was, for a good percentage of Humanity can consider him their original Grandfather, and the rest, as belonging to the lineage of Man from which we all originate. This is why, from ancient times, God had faces and was represented, and people recognized him as the being from whom we derive in his image and likeness. Of course, in the past, we were aware that beyond this there existed the First Cause, but we never worshiped it, although we dedicated all our intelligence to unveiling its mysteries. God encompasses the summum of knowledge of the lineage of Men, which is why He receives, among other titles, that of Almighty.
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The current book—now very famous—known as the “Bible” of the Christians, has nothing—or almost nothing—to do with the genuine one, of which only its title and some highly manipulated, summarized, and distorted phrases from its first chapter, Genesis, remain. The rest is a fabrication, mixed with certain legends heavily altered by pagan priests who had no qualms about demanding tribute in lambs or coins of gold and silver on every page, whenever someone breathes or undertakes any labor.

Since they could not destroy the great fame and popular roots of the Book, they devised the creation of another one that would bear the same title but whose content would be agreed upon by them, more in line with their deceitful interests. That book is the Bible that we all now know and it can be considered a true blasphemy against God Almighty.