Huge resource

I recently found this website with some friends; and this website is almost comparable to some of Steven Christopher’s stuff. There is loads of information here.

The only drawback is that it’s in russian.

The google translate chrome extension translates a lot of the site

From same people

There’s also
And they have a forum

This seems to tie into a dig I’m doing about Theodore Von Kármán behind the famous/infamous Karman line. I was doing some Yandex reverse image search (I believe the website is russian ran) and was finding tons of occult symbols on Russian websites that are similar to the Karman Institute logo.

Seems like its time to learn russian! Ill have to browse around.

I know the SAVe youtube has interesting content and clearly knowledgeable, but hard for me to dive into as commentary is Russian. I’m studying universal language of tower of Babel which is probably analogous to the Phase Prime Metric tower that is built as a spiral of spirals that create Stupa-like structures or towers by mapping the pattern of the prime numbers into spherical coordinates… yet I am still limited to the latin based languages. Same problem when I tried to learn German for the Geokosmos book.

You can use AI translation tools for this now if you are willing to put in the time. I also translated Geokosmos to English using this method and posted it on here if you want to read it.

I feel voodoo on this site. First they explaining that moon is half sphere. Why?

Second they lying about human energy source that man needs energy from women what is lie and joke because every cell in every organism harvesting energy from EM wave.
But before, they writed that testosteron is food for gods. So after that they wirting that flirting with women gives you energy? But flirting should cause testosteron production…

Back to the moon and all spheres. Why someone would have to force with creating idiotic bowl shape instead of normal sphere? But it’s not everything. Moon has “craters” but many of them are hexagonal. How? If nature perfect shape is hexagonal then how these shapes are on the moon where plant doesn’t grow? Or maybe there were plants or maybe even moon was big plant of one of trees. That’s explaining hexagonal shapes there.

Many things is possible to explain with simple logic without “esoteric” crap.

I will agree I am skeptical of plenty elements, but the silicon life forms reminded me of erwanon (sp) Flat Earth documentary.

Many references to the Masonic Egg also made me ponder conflicting interests.

Finally the 3d rendering of females that match the Youtube Channel for ‘Physics Videos by Eugene Khutoryansky’. The videos tend to be useful for learning, but do over emphasize the Entropy and Gravity concepts. That said the videos are invaluable as a learning resource when academia fails to adequately teach people (ex: myself).

I suspect the creator(s) mean well, but in an effort to create such an artistic flow to their website they are over-reaching their capabilities. True connection to the Divine is always accompanied by divine proportionality. Hence the timelessness of “Esoteric” or “Occult” art.

As the greatest minds have found the universal constants, patterns of primes and symmetries to be our closest way to understand the more complex emergent properties of our Universe. To suggest all elements of creations and history are controlled by life forms is plausible, but the lack of awareness of the Emergent and Divergent phenomena makes me rank this resource lower on the totem pole.

That said, the attempt to make connections on these more complex integrated dynamics through history are specifically what we need to do to continue unveiling the Akashic records of one’s consciousness.

I was thinking about content on this page. They writing about spheres where probably way in spirit/astral world is blocked. But they writing about half sphere moon. Why? Because if something is on dark side of the moon then someone would hide half sphere in astral world not to give visible access. That’s why Steven modeled moon halfsphere. I don’t know where he got this information. I watched only few videos where he was explaining model. But if astral world is blocked by spheres so it could be logical that moon on another side of sphere will be visually blocked.