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I recently found this website with some friends; and this website is almost comparable to some of Steven Christopher’s stuff. There is loads of information here.

The only drawback is that it’s in russian.

The google translate chrome extension translates a lot of the site

From same people

There’s also
And they have a forum

This seems to tie into a dig I’m doing about Theodore Von Kármán behind the famous/infamous Karman line. I was doing some Yandex reverse image search (I believe the website is russian ran) and was finding tons of occult symbols on Russian websites that are similar to the Karman Institute logo.

Seems like its time to learn russian! Ill have to browse around.

I know the SAVe youtube has interesting content and clearly knowledgeable, but hard for me to dive into as commentary is Russian. I’m studying universal language of tower of Babel which is probably analogous to the Phase Prime Metric tower that is built as a spiral of spirals that create Stupa-like structures or towers by mapping the pattern of the prime numbers into spherical coordinates… yet I am still limited to the latin based languages. Same problem when I tried to learn German for the Geokosmos book.

You can use AI translation tools for this now if you are willing to put in the time. I also translated Geokosmos to English using this method and posted it on here if you want to read it.

I feel voodoo on this site. First they explaining that moon is half sphere. Why?

Second they lying about human energy source that man needs energy from women what is lie and joke because every cell in every organism harvesting energy from EM wave.
But before, they writed that testosteron is food for gods. So after that they wirting that flirting with women gives you energy? But flirting should cause testosteron production…

Back to the moon and all spheres. Why someone would have to force with creating idiotic bowl shape instead of normal sphere? But it’s not everything. Moon has “craters” but many of them are hexagonal. How? If nature perfect shape is hexagonal then how these shapes are on the moon where plant doesn’t grow? Or maybe there were plants or maybe even moon was big plant of one of trees. That’s explaining hexagonal shapes there.

Many things is possible to explain with simple logic without “esoteric” crap.

I will agree I am skeptical of plenty elements, but the silicon life forms reminded me of erwanon (sp) Flat Earth documentary.

Many references to the Masonic Egg also made me ponder conflicting interests.

Finally the 3d rendering of females that match the Youtube Channel for ‘Physics Videos by Eugene Khutoryansky’. The videos tend to be useful for learning, but do over emphasize the Entropy and Gravity concepts. That said the videos are invaluable as a learning resource when academia fails to adequately teach people (ex: myself).

I suspect the creator(s) mean well, but in an effort to create such an artistic flow to their website they are over-reaching their capabilities. True connection to the Divine is always accompanied by divine proportionality. Hence the timelessness of “Esoteric” or “Occult” art.

As the greatest minds have found the universal constants, patterns of primes and symmetries to be our closest way to understand the more complex emergent properties of our Universe. To suggest all elements of creations and history are controlled by life forms is plausible, but the lack of awareness of the Emergent and Divergent phenomena makes me rank this resource lower on the totem pole.

That said, the attempt to make connections on these more complex integrated dynamics through history are specifically what we need to do to continue unveiling the Akashic records of one’s consciousness.

I was thinking about content on this page. They writing about spheres where probably way in spirit/astral world is blocked. But they writing about half sphere moon. Why? Because if something is on dark side of the moon then someone would hide half sphere in astral world not to give visible access. That’s why Steven modeled moon halfsphere. I don’t know where he got this information. I watched only few videos where he was explaining model. But if astral world is blocked by spheres so it could be logical that moon on another side of sphere will be visually blocked.

That as well as tons of Roman/Greek/Vedic/Zoroastrian artwork makes me ponder the idea of spheres and visibility. The Koreshanity studies appear fairly confident that the light spreads out like a 'bloom" just as LSC shows from the point where we see the sun.

I will say I am excited Dr. Anirban Bandyopadhyay the most knowlegeable person alive today in Geometric Music language was keen to point out we don’t actually receive any “heat” in terms of “heat transfer” from the sun (speaking in terms of Engineering Thermodynamics and the supposed “laws” of Thermodynamics). If we were directly receiving Heat Transfer from the illumination source at the sun “half sphere that appears ~70mi wide” then everything in the physical path would heat up as well (air / Von-Karman “atmosphere” / etc). Instead all “mineralized” life forms and thus also minerals themselves such as any “ceramic” material will absorb and hold “heat” or have a “heat capacitance”. No different really than a di-electric capacitance as minerals literally have a measurable electrical voltage property which is why they are used for Spiral and Parallel Plate capacitors.

That all said it seems reasonable that at least the “gasseous” planets which I prefer to call “globles” since it may actually just be a “glo’w” spot on a sphere or even the entire sphere greatly refracted in negative direction such that the light is almost entirely absorbed by the “glass” or mineralized sphere that is its physical -embodyment-. Refer to the Koreshanity diagrams.

I would say it is quite rational to focus on extrapolating the LSC idea of the “high arm of light” that curves up and out of the octahedron similar to an “all-seeing-eye” on the pyramid of the USD currency. As the single Youtube video of the female University researcher who proved it is possible to stop the physical motion of waves of light traveling through the Aether by lowering its energy state (aka super cooling in a vacuum pressure chamber).

It is quite clear that must be the cause of the curving pattern of the “high arm of light” as LSC modeled it. Now it likely does the same thing when it hits the glass or whatever substrate transition exists at the limits of the celestial sphere contents. Perhaps it speeds up just a tad such that it can take a more straight path, but still pressure and temperature of the medium is simply too low to not get curved around by the magnetic field points of convergence and divergence created by all the layers of the “glass onion”. I suspect if we see more than one “side” of any of the gas-planets that I’ll call concentric globes then the 2nd degree arm of light likely traverses a full 360deg path in however long is the “length of a day in modern inverted astronomy.” If we see the same pattern over and over it is likely highly stabilized along a di-electric plane of inertia such as Jupiter where we always see a giant spot in the same location each revolution. Others like Venus Globe may alternatively oscillate latitude up and down similar to the analemma of the Sun.

I should further add that I am very suspicious the order of the globes could be quite obvious in the reality we here have discovered. There appears to be a pattern in actual photographs taken by the large mirror telescopes such that the illumination hues of the globes tend to increase in frequency (ex rainbow from red → blue) as they become closer to the center singularity or the celestial sphere. Uranus and Neptune very blue into violet and white. Mars mercury and Venus perhaps in that order have reddish to orangish hues. The sun sphere by no random chance being a very orange-ish hue and could have the most magnetic activity due to its substrate.

This does all make me wonder if we could reverse Engineer the substrate of the globes including the Sun globe based on the Frequency of Emission (hue + full spectrum electromagnetic images taken) and compare to the the subsequent and preceding globes emissions. Just as our Karman sphere of glass absorbs all the harmful “cosmic” radiation for us and somehow glows a blue-ish color (which may be due to fractal repeating of the rainbow hence the white moon being a new “beginning” of the rainbow of globe emission colors - perhaps a subject for future thought). Then obviously we get to the green emission of life on the surface as plant-life and the transition into red colors again in the mineralized ceramics of the crust down to the infrared colored lava flows. Then again we measure supposed metals below that that likely emit blue hues again as well as waters… and it goes on with the rainbow of emission hues becoming shorter and shorter distances apart in alignment with some universal constant.

Hope that all isn’t off topic, but just thoughts that have been on my mind for quite some time that seem to be somewhat applicable.


Interesting video. I think people get too wrapped up in Hollywood films. Yes, sometimes they reveal secrets, but usually it is deception. They fool us with complicated science fiction, and never offer simple, natural explanations. We want to be smart, so we buy into it to prove our intelligence. In reality, the opposite happens. The more we buy into this stuff, the further we get from reality. God is crying but the lord is laughing at our foolishness.
Life is actually quite simple. Think Occam’s razor. Nature always takes the simple path. Don’t overthink things, just observe and ask why. I don’t buy into any of this Matrix movie stuff. Just science fiction, in my view. Made to deceive. The fact he was only given two pills to choose from is a classic example of a fallacy. Concave earth researchers should recognize this immediately, as this is what is happening now in the media. It’s either flat or convex, other options are ignored. This is called a false dilemma. We see it every time we watch the news, cast our vote, etc. It’s the main ruse used to hide reality.

Now there is ample evidence that the universe, the world, as well as the underworlds run on electricity. I don’t know about the Russian periodic table, but he is absolutely correct in saying the one we are taught isn’t true. That’s something even chemistry teachers will agree with. They say it’s a work in progress. There are other tables too. Walter Russell presented a spherical table of elements in the last century. We aren’t taught that in schools either.

The sun is absolutely electromagnetic. I took a photo of the 2017 eclipse that clearly show the lines of magnetism coming off the sun (I’ll be happy to share the photo if someone could show me how to attach it). It’s an electromagnet powered by gas (and so are we!). Far more magnetism than fire is visible in the photo. I won’t get too deep into the theory here as it is far too much information for a simple response. But the universe basically is a gas recycling system that uses the sun to burn off the excess gasses created here in earth, which are collected by the moon and planets. Electromagnetism is the charge that makes it work. Much like the burner on your gas stove. It has an electric igniter to set the gas aflame. This is half of the system. The other half is the underworld, how stuff heavier than air is recycled below and then returned to the surface. It’s all one big machine. Eric Dollard has done some really interesting research into the electric universe, and it seems to fit into a concave world. It was also taught by a certain secret society I’m not sure I can mention here.

I really like how he got into the fake math. Read the book called Zero by Charles Seife and you will learn how they took us out of the natural world and into a mental false reality by simply adding the non-number zero to our mathematics. Modern math is mental. natural math is real. Sacred geometry is about proportion and harmony, that is how the great buildings like the pyramids were designed. Not with math.
Sorry for bloviating so long, but it was a long and boring video, and I’m full of gas.

i agree that the moon is a half sphere. Ancient cultures called it a disc or a shield, never a ball. There is no dark side of the moon. Science fiction. There is zero evidence of that. Moon craters are most likely caused by electrical discharges, not asteroids. Look at the craters. They are all round, which means if an asteroid struck, it had to come from a perpendicular path. But that can’t be as the earth is in the way! And we see very few craters in earth, if any at all. Just because they say it’s an asteroid crater doesn’t mean it’s true. When we see a meteor strike the earth, usually it’s the size of a pea. No one saw the large rocks of iron fall to earth. They probably just rose up from the uinderworld like most rocks do. Blown out of a volcano, for example.
No one has seen the other side of the sun either. The moon and sun appear the same size simply because they are! It’s all connected, the sun, moon, and planets. The stars are not suns. That is more science fiction.
I know that I sound like Mr. know-it-all, but in reality I know very litle compared to how much there is to learn. The more people that understand the basics, the more we can all contribute to discovering the true secrets of the universe, our world, and the underworlds. It’s a joint venture and all of us have a role in finding the truth.

Would love to talk to you sometime over discord, or any chat service you prefer! I’ve only been studying this topic for 5 years, I would LOVE to be able to discuss this with someone who as the experience you do!

I would like very much to have a conversation with you, as well as others to share what we’ve learned. I have been studying this for a very long time, but there is far more to learn than I have time for. So please don’t think that I’m the expert. We all hold pieces to the puzzle, as it belongs to all of humanity, not just one person. I’m sure there are things I could learn from you as well.

I’m not very tech savvy and don’t use a cell phone. So I don’t know about chat rooms and such. I do my work on a computer, and have had a good deal of interference from those who wish to keep this theory secret. Files being erased remotely, websites being shut down, shadow banning on social media, etc. My computer has been forced to have well over 20 updates already this year! Personally, I think they are just putting tracking/monitoring software and other stuff on my computer as I have found many rogue files and a lot of private research files erased. There is no doubt in my mind that someone is downloading my information. So I’m a bit paranoid when it comes to tech. I prefer to actually speak with others but I realize this in’t always possible with language differences and time zones.
So I would prefer to have you send me an email to begin the conversation. We can go from there.
Thank you,