Concave Earth In TV Shows

Peace and Blessings ONE & ALL. Ever since I stumbled onto the concave earth I’ve much more observant. As many of us know, the truth is often told in teLIEvision.

I was rewatching one of my favorite animated show’s, Avatar: Legend of Korra. In Season 3, Episode 2 at 4:27 into of the show the avatar and her gang are traveling the earth kingdom to find new airbenders due to the harmonic convergence. As they’re traveling in the airships across the world they have a map of the world of avatar… the map of a concave map. it shows the map 2 or 3 times and I paused and got a great look at it. When you look up the map of the Avatar world you mostly find square maps of the animated world but this is the first one that shows an actual map, in show, of their world and it shows it as concave.

Now this is the first time I’ve noticed anything, in show, that shares this but I’m wondering if any of ya’ll have caught some stuff here and there too upon watching your favorite TV shows.

OH, I tried to upload the picture but it didn’t work but if you got netflix, it’s easy to find. Would love to know what ya’ll thought.

I just finished checking out your recommendation and I took liberty of documenting the shots of the map you mentioned. Excellent find. :] Here’s the first one.

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Second out of four.

Third, we’re almost there.

And the last one. Also as for the presence of Concave Earth in TV, Game of Thrones’ opening features 3D model of it. Map encapsulates the celestial sphere and sun inside of it.

Thank you for finding it and posting it! I thought it was crazy to even see it in this show to begin with. To think I’ve watched this series well over a dozen times and it wasn’t until my most recent watch through that I even noticed.

Hey no problem! We’re all learning, or should I say, relearning how reality actually works here, so
those little moments of realization are truly blessings to enjoy (feeling optimistic today, haha!).

How your own perspective broadened and now you can notice things that were there for you to find…
I suppose Heraclitus was on to something when he said : “No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.”

I’m sure you’ll have plenty more of those look back moments were you reevaluate and review what you’ve already thought you knew for sure, using your current all the wiser eyes. I sure am having a blast like that over last decade! :grin: This childlike glee and curiosity is to be cherished and nurtured.
Hope to hear more from you soon, Chief! :]