Concave Earth Model V3 - A simple visual model of the CE 2024 Free 3D model

A simple concave earth model for visuals to help people grasp the idea / concept behind CE. Everything required is included in the downloads.

Included Elements

  • Earth sphere
  • World Map
  • Night Lights
  • Clouds
  • Sun (24 hours, and a basic 1 year loop)
  • Moon -Octahedron with central Primer Cups
  • Celestial Sphere
  • Celestial Sphere constellation lines
  • Moon, Sun, Karman Line, and Celestial Sphere glass spheres
  • Toroidal Field Lines (SAVe Edition)
  • multiple visuals of the Electric+Gravitation Field Lines
  • Sun rays torus
  • Aurora Borealis + Aurora Australis
  • Bonuses : Breathing Black Sun, 2D Flower of Life, Nested Platonic Solids
  • Bonuses : SAVe Oblate CE Sphere, Bright alternate CE Sphere,

Download and install Blender Download —

Download and install this model from CGTrader

Unzip the contents to your desired location

Open the .blend file and wait for Blender to open and the project to load.

Click Viewport Shading to view the model