Concave Kerr Black Hole Earth Cosmology

I am utilizing this space to build on a theory of incorporating concave earth into the Kerr Black Hole. This page will be updated and is a work in progress. This theory is not to be confused with “Concave Earth” for those researching Concave Earth.

We can immediately jump in and create correspondences from Concave Earth to the diagrams we see below of Kerr Black Holes.


Inside of a Kerr Black Hole


Building …

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Surveys and imagery , possibly related

Esoteric Correspondences

The classic labyrinth pattern has many possible meanings as to the truth of the original meaning of the symbol. Other theories, is that it could be a mental map of consciousness to reach the center/self.

Another perspective of this could possibly be, incorporating the idea of this Black Hole cosmology, to be an “escape/path” to the center/source/singularity.

Now, the Labryinth diagram can be seen as a map.

If you look at video of simulation linked in first post , with the labrynth laid over it

You can almost imagine the labyrinth diagram could be a multi-dimensional map possibly to reaching the center. Would this be the external world, the internal (consciousness) world, or both? Who knows. This is shared here to share the idea and get the gears moving in other people’s minds.

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