Do Asteroids Exist?

Do they exist in the concave earth model? And if they do, then what are they (are they pieces of rock)? and where do they come from? (Cause if planets and stars are just glowing lights, then where are Asteroids from?)

So, if you believe that they do exist then please send me any evidence that can convince me that they exist.

One more question: If the glass in the sky is libyan desert glass (which is yellow) then why doesn’t the night sky look yellow?


Imagining it without any photos from nasa can be living web with “fruits”. So maybe on this big trees web was any fluid “fruits” and then after they just became rocks. And some of them could stay close to center core and now the are inducet with current and they are shining.

There are some right mud flood facts around medieval ages to 19 century and many pictures with falling rocks. Some theories literally explains that earth was destroyed around 300 years ago. So now what we se called as asteroid clusters are rest of them and they just falling sometimes.

Meteors do exist. Many have been found in the snow and ice. But, they are very small. They probably come from the center of heaven. Basically small particles of carbon and ice ejected from the heavenly core. Meteor showers come from specific points in the heavens and are cyclical just like the motions of all the heavenly bodies. Nothing is random. They are not ice and dust from comets or chunks of some planet. Now there is the asteroid belt, but there is no evidence that they ever leave their orbit. And giant earth killing meteors are just science fiction, there is zero evidence of that.
Furthermore, if earth was as small as science says it is, there would be virtually zero chance of an asteroid ever hitting us.
And those little craters on the moon cannot be from asteroids. If they were they would have hit earth instead of the moon as it is facing us directly and never changes. And the craters are round, indicating a direct straight path. Simply put, the earth is in the way! There has been research done that shows them most likely to be the result of large electrical discharges.
Check this photo out~

Hey thanks a lot for the answer. Although, I have a few more questions about your reply:

  1. Do you have any evidence that they have been found in snow and ice? Because I am originally a flat-earther so I always heard that Asteroids just don’t exist.
  2. How were asteroids formed though? And how is there ice in the celestial sphere? (I know that LSC said that there is a layer of ice on the glass sky, but how is there ice inside of space? Cause I thought that space just contains The sun, the moon, lights (stars, galaxy’s, planets, comets), water, and possibly the octahedron (I’m still not sure if it exists or not, although, there has to be some sort of magnet in the center that makes the planets orbit.
  3. If the meteor showers are cyclical, then don’t we know exactly on what days they will fall? (e.g. every 3 months)
  4. If they are not from chunks of planets or comets then what are they made of?
  5. Can you please show me the research that has been done about the moon’s craters being plasma discharges? (I just don’t understand plasma that well)
  6. Sadly I don’t have the money to pay for the patreon post about Meteor Showers, so I can’t view that.
  7. Do you believe that planets are “wandering stars” like, are planets similar to stars, are they moving glowing lights?

Thanks again! (Sorry for all the questions I’m just trying to understand the concave earth theory as best as possible)

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Thanks for the video, but the experiments done are using a solid material like cement, but I thought that the moon was not a rock, isn’t it plasma? So I still don’t really get how plasma can just form holes.

If moon would be plasma than would be shining all the time. I don’t literally understand what is plasma. Explanations tell it is state of matter which is hotter then gas. So steam of water can be plasma same like evaporated rock. But i dont yet how plasma can be turned back to specific element. But i belive it is possible and sun can actually throw asteroids into the earth surface

Those are some very good questions, and I’m happy to hear them!

First off, you don’t need to pay to read my posts on Patreon. It’s free to everyone. Subscription is an option. I just put it there because I am tired of getting my posts deleted on other formats. Hopefully the powers that be will let it go on a paid site like Patreon. The few things hidden behind the pay wall are just incomplete writings. They’ll be moved to free once I have finished them. Getting honest concave earth material out on the web is very difficult. We try, but it either gets shadow banned or accounts get completely deleted. That is why you don’t see much on the web about the concave earth theory, other than from nutty people who think they are the savior. They discredit themselves with such outlandish claims, so they get airplay. Serious researchers are pretty much kept invisible.

This is a lot to explain here, what you ask could fill up several textbooks. I’ll do my best to be brief and I hope I don’t confuse you. My efforts have been to take scientific research and re-envision it into a concave earth model, something no scientist has ever done for risk of losing their careers. I also look to place religious theory as well as mythology and folklore into the concave earth model. In my work I have found that this is where science, religion, and folklore all meet without issues. We’ve just been looking at it all backwards.

There is no single concave earth theory out there. No one has ever put out a complete working model, although a few have tried. That is what I have been working on for literally decades. It is, after all, an attempt to explain the entire universe, and more! We all agree that the earth is concave, but we all have different ideas on how it may work. I do not agree with the model put forth by Steven Ciummo (LSC). It is incomplete and simply can’t work. I’ll be happy to elaborate on that at a different time.

There is no evidence of a glass sky or a dome. Nature doesn’t create what it doesn’t need. The dome idea came from a misinterpretation of the Hebrew word raqia, which means expanse. It says in the book of Genesis that all the stars, planets, and such is inside of the firmament, the expanse. It’s just the sky and heavens above. I think people are confused by the word firmament. it sounds like it means something firm or hard, but it just means the space between earth’s surface and the center of heaven. Liquids of different densities make layers and they stay within those boundaries. So do gases. So we simply don’t need glass or any other hard barrier to make this work. Nature always takes the simplest path.

Nor is there any evidence of an octahedron in the center. It makes for a nice video, but it raises more questions than it answers. There is a much better idea that is actually backed up by experimentation.

Ice is just water in a different state. But other liquids can freeze as well. It gets colder the higher we go up, so it only makes sense that the core in heaven would be a frozen barrier. Probably hydrogen, oxygen, and dust (H2O is hydrogen and water). Inside is where the magic happens. Light can be created by sound inside of water. Sonoluminescence. This has been recreated in a laboratory setting. So we know it is possible. And that is what it says in many ancient cultures. Ancient Semitic and Hindu beliefs agree on that point. First came the word, or vibration, and that created light. No need for a spinning octahedron. That would need some source to power it anyway, so it can’t be the origin.

Asteroids have been found all over the world, some are pure iron, others are conglomerates. Usually they are found on or in the ice in Antarctica or the arctic circle. They seem to be drawn there. There are many that have been found and analyzed. Most are very small. They have also blasted through roofs, and there are even accounts of people being struck by them, so I don’t understand why flat earth theorists would deny their existence, other than it doesn’t fit into their theory.

We do know when asteroids will fall, as there are regular asteroid showers repeating every year, all year round. Some are more visible than others due to varying factors. They follow patterns just as the stars and planets do. But that doesn’t mean rogue one’s can’t appear. there is a case to be made for both.

There are many scientists who have theorized on the electric universe, going back over 100 years. It doesn’t follow conventional theory so most people never se the data. Some understand the moons craters could not have been formed by collisions. They look like the remnants of electrical discharges. And the asteroid making craters theory is impossible on the face of the moon. Eric Dollard has made a couple of talks on this subject, and there are many more. The sun is electric, not a burning ball of fire.

Stars and planets are different things in my theory. But the sun, moon, and planets are all pretty much the same, only at different stages of existence. The earth is not a planet. The sun is not a star. I’ll explain this at a later time because it needs too much back data to understand in a short response like this.

I’ll be happy to explain things in more detail, but as you can see it isn’t easy in a format like this.

Next I’ll be posting my evidence that shows AM/FM radio waves can only work inside of a sphere, and not on a flat plane or outside of a ball. Technology proves the concave earth.

Here is an article on the lady struck by a meteor. It was well documented. They have the actual meteor, and it was seen dropping out of the sky over a large geographic area.

And here is a photo I took of the full solar eclipse in 2017, which show lines of magnetism and no burning flames. This is actually a full color photo. You can see some faint color at the rim. It also shows a faint background grid. I’m not sure if that is real or just a reflection from my cameras sensor going back through the lens. Either way, the magnetic lines are real without doubt. Compare it to magnetic lines from a round magnet. Almost identical. Many people have taken photo’s like this in eclipses. it only appears for a fraction of a second. Apparently, I got lucky!

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Everyone has their own idea of what is going on here but In my theory, the moon is a large hollow crystal and the light we see is actually reflecting off of the inner surface and back out of the front toward earth. This would explain the weird light anomalies occasionally seen with the moon. Stars seen shining through, lights coming from within craters, and the way the maras always seem to have the same shade as the background, blue when in daylight and black at night. Many others as well. It also lines up with researchers in Russia who theorized that it is a crystal, and NASA’s observation that it “rings like a bell” when struck. They concluded it may be hollow.
It’s just my theory, so not everyone will agree. I’ll be writing a paper up on this soon.

Hey, first of all, thanks a lot for the answers.

I still don’t really understand everything fully though.
Like, if the center of the celestial sphere is made of ice, then how do pieces break off and come down to earth? And I thought that asteroids are made of rock as well (not just ice). So I still don’t really get what rocks are doing in a ball of water, lights, and plasma etc.

Also, I personally do believe in the glass above the sky, because if explains a lot of optical illusions that we see in the sky, LSC had a 1 hour video of all the proof of the glass. (Let me know if you want a link to the video :+1:) And isn’t believing that there is glass in the sky a big part of the concave earth hypothesis?

Also, I don’t believe NASA at all about anything. So I believe that the videos that show the sun as the giant rotating fiery ball of gas with sun flares are fake. Because there are videos on YouTube where people have zoomed into the sun, and it looks nothing like what NASA shows it to be.

I know that the Earth is not a planet, and that the sun is not a star. I personally believe that planets are very similar to stars (if you zoom into them they look almost the same as stars (it’s also written in the Travis Peterson PDF) ) I also believe that there are only 7 planets in the entire universe. (Which are Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.)

About Sonoluminescence: I used to believe that stars were Sonoluminescence and Cymatics, but i’ve come to the belief that it can’t be, because Sonoluminescence looks like a star that we view from far away, but Sonoluminescence does not look like what a star looks like when it is zoomed in. (Stars look rainbow colored, not a little circle)

Anyways, Thanks again :smile:

Can you please send me the research that Russian scientists did to see if the moon is a crystal?

Like I said in my other reply, I don’t believe NASA at all, so I don’t believe whatever they said about the moon.

I am also just really skeptical about asteroids because I believe that in general, the media lies about a TON of things.

Anyways, I’m excited to read your paper about the moon soon.


I understand about how you feel about NASA and the media. What often happens is their researchers come up with data that they need to explain away. I doubt they are making up the data from radio telescopes, legitimate experiments and such. It’s not the data, rather it’s how they spin it into their theory to try and explain it away. They do this with everything that doesn’t fit. Hide it or explain it away. Other earth shape theories are never considered. As far as the moon landing movies and space stations videos, well that’s a different story. They’re just pimping for cash.

The Russian research was from 50 years ago or so. I’ll have to dig it up.

In my theory, stars are something completely different. But like I said, everyone has their own ideas based on personal research. No one knows for sure. That’s why we are still researching.

No, the glass sky stuff came from the flat earthers or Steven Ciummo so far as I am aware. Like I mentioned before, there is no single concave earth theory. There are many. One has just become more popular because of youtube and it seems like most people are just going off of that one.

It’s important to remember that nature makes everything for a purpose. So everything in the theory needs to have a purpose as well as an origin. Nothing just happens by magic. So if nature needs a glass sky, then it’ll make one. But there has to be a creation process and a way to keep it in place. Without that it’s just an idea. So it’s ok as an idea, but I certainly wouldn’t hang my hat on simple ideas. I try to falsify every idea I come across. So, my finished work I’m confident in. But that doesn’t mean someone else might not find errors or misconceptions. So we need to listen to criticism and still keep the mind open. I hate being wrong, but I’ve gone down far more dead ends than through roads.

Ok, Thanks!

I would love to hear what you have to say about what i said about Sonoluminescence.

Do you think that if we zoomed into the Sonoluminescence it would like the same as a star that’s zoomed in?

Sorry I’m asking so many questions, I just am really trying to learn as much as possible, And it’s hard to know exactly what belief each person has about concave earth because for example: Some concavers say that earth looks spherical in photos because of an optical illusion or cause light bends etc. But I just believe that the photos are fake or use a fisheye lense. I would say that my view on the concave earth is basically the same as what is written in the Travis Peterson PDF.

But anyways, thanks a lot for spending the time to answer my questions.

I wouldn’t expect you to understand it all. It’s a lot to figure out. Until I get the whole story out it’ll be like putting together a weird puzzle. It’s easy to learn, but very hard for me to explain briefly. And this is not like any of the other theories you may have read about. And it is based on science, religion, and legends. So it makes for some unusual connections.

I don’t believe that stars are sonoluminescence at all. Sonoluminescence is a pulse, expanding and contracting. There’s nothing to zoom in on, just a miniscule spot of light. You need something to macro-focus on. And stars are simply too far away to get a closeup shot, no telescope can do that. You simply can’t zoom in on either.

It creates heat with every pulse. This is the original source inside the core. And with the right equipment, we can see it.

I used to have an 8" reflector telescope and I couldn’t get anything near a close up on a star. It’s just flickering light. You might see some interesting colors. We do get interesting photos of the star patterns though.

I don’t mind answering your questions at all. It’s a good thing. I just don’t want to confuse you with too many new ideas at once.

So are you saying that instead of the octahedron, there is Sonoluminescence in the core instead? And what right equipment can see it? And in a previous reply you said that the core of space is ice, so how is there ice and Sonoluminescence in the core at the same time?

The core is a frozen hollow sphere with H2O inside. This is where the sonoluminescence is created. With each pulse, the the sonoluminescence creates heat, keeping it warm enough to remain liquid inside. The cold temperatures of deep space keep the outside of the shell frozen. It also creates radio waves with each pulse, which radiate out of the core toward earth. This is the driving force of energy for the world. It’s what science calls a pulsar.

Oh, ok thanks for explaining!