Films without Amnesia from RE-ALl-IT-Y(me)

Topic explains itself. Movies/shows/etc that shows Reality that is as it-was, as it-is and as it all-ways will-be a REpeat of ALl IT / me(Y).

This first one can be found on Netflix called The Gift. A Turkish show. The show has symbols of the Prime number evolution geometries and concave earth type patterns.

Another Turkish film called The Fall has subtle references to the esoteric occult root races that emerge in cycles through earth’s His-Story. Particularly including many jokes of Charles Darwin and evolution or the lack-there-of.

I suspect it is in fact a co-incidence in the respect of actual related sets of events from Constantinople stories up to the recent “unusual” Earth Quakes. There are a number of cathedrals with the domed roof artwork and it is around the Longitudinal line of where the sands fell from the heavens around the time of Noah Flood(s) and the Day the Sun stood still (Book of Daniel?). Relations of Theodore Von Karman and his accepted barrier called the Karman Line. His work in Turkish airforce before helping american military all around the proximal historical-period of WWII and the Germans being the first to get a rocket past the mystical 90deg deflection point for rockets at the time called the Karman line. The mystery of WWII ending 2 months after the Rocket was able to surpass the 100km mark for first time in modern history… I digress.

Photo refs… can find these two on IMDB for more info.