"Fun-fact(s)" regarding The Cellular Cosmogony by Teed & Morrow

“Fun-fact” No. 1:

The printed version is marked as Pseudo-Science (as Steven Christopher mentions in his Rectilineator documentary).

But when you look closely, then you see that the book consists of two parts.

The Cellular Cosmogony; Or, the Earth a Concave Sphere:

  • Pt. I. the Universology of Koreshanity, by Koresh [pseud.]
  • Pt. II. the New Geodesy, by U.G. Morrow

for part 2, which describes the Rectilineator experiment and the findings, there is no [pseud.] appended.

“Fun-fact” No. 2:

The book is further annotated with the following comment:

“This work has been selected by scholars as being culturally important and is part of the knowledge base of civilization as we know it.”

“Fun-fact” No. 3:

And it is listed in the NASA ADS…

“The SAO/NASA Astrophysics Data System


Google Books Archive:
2 Scans of The Cellular Cosmogony provided by Google Books:

I own a copy of this book that I purchased a few years ago. It’s not the most “fun” book I’ve ever encountered; but it is a deeply thought out book. I don’t know exactly what the “reading level” is for this book; but I would recommended to anyone who has a moderate to high level understanding of the english language.

Here is an excerpt found on page 28 of my copy:

"Why is it Necessary to Know the Form of the Universe?

A knowledge of the structural form and function of the alchemico-organic (physical) kosmos, is key to our knowledge of the principles which must govern the organization of society in the culminating kingdom of righteousness The importance of a knowledge of universal form and function; as pertaining to the alchemico-organic kosmos, will be admitted when the mind is sufficiently amplified to comprehend the relationship of the alchemic organic macrocosm to the organo-vital macrocosm (The Grand Man) as pertaining to and comprising the universal mass of human existence"

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What could be interesting as well, is the book “The Immortal Manhood”, 1902 by Koresh, furthermore it contains a glossary that explains a lot of terms (that are also used in “The Cellular Cosmogony”) in more detail.