Giant trees and stars

Were giant trees connected with the sky? Devil’s tower myth literally tells that it was tree and it was cutted and it is seen as pleiadies. Is this possible that all table top mountains were connected with the sky and all stars are actually parts of cutted trees? Did they could had around 3000km heights? Or if not then we can imagine if we connect all continents and remove all oceans earth will have much smaller radius around 2 times i guess.

Now inside simple fruit pic

We can clearly see that in side are joint that connects outer rim wuth the core. I guess brown peel harvesting EM waves from sunlight but tis different subject.
Now if earth had similar structure ofc no with same substance inside but i guess air could be like gel without any damaging elements like oxygen. And trees were keeping outer rim close to the core then it could working like living organism.
But if trees were cutted then outer rim(continents) just were pulled off and it happened rapidly. Proofs? South American language and people are incredible similar to Espaniol and Portguese.
British has many things with north america. Japanesse and Chinass too. Many languages and mentality of people are similar of course not identical but if u watch them and hear them you can cleraly hear and see similarity.