Help me translate these books

There have been several concave earth books written over the years that I’ve found but as far as I can tell there’s only been two ever written in English. There’s the classic Cellular Cosmogony and a lesser known one called Mechanical Proof the Earth is not a Globe.

I’ve been using deepL to translate Karl Neupert’s Geokosmos, which you can find ln the mega drive collection from this site

The process is slow going but by opening up a pdf in a web browser you get Google’s built in PDF scanning function that lets you click and drag to highlight a page of text then it’s a simple copy and paste in to deepL.

Well it’s almost as simple as that I should say. German doesn’t have a word for word translation into English and after you copy and paste the text, remove all the extra newlines and hyphens, you can translate a page of text in about 30 minutes by clicking on sections and changing grammar from deepL’s drop-down options. Occasionally there isn’t a good option and you have to take the liberty of translating it yourself while maintaining the author’s intent. At 30 minutes a page and 150 pages this book can be translated in 75 hours.

Help me. Take a chapter and let’s split this thing up. There’s at least 4 concave earth books that can be translated in this way and we will have a solid foundation to build a better model on

From the looks of it, “Geokosmos” seems like a plagiarism of “Die Hohlwelttheorie” by Johannes Lang, which dates from the 1930s.

I could be wrong.

I will take a closer look at the PDF file though.

In fact, the book “Geokosmos” completely passed me by, although I have been intensively studying the concave earth for over a decade.

Since I am German, I will have a look whether this might be worth the effort of translating or whether one should stick to the supposed original.

I can only recommend “Die Hohlwelttheorie” without hesitation. It is extremely readable and written with wit and esprit. I own the book in the original. And I enjoyed reading it again and again.

I think there is a PDF version of this also.

Here is my original… :grinning:

The two books could be very similar, they actually coauthored a book together as well

I was planning on translating all three of these just to have because there is only the two concave earth books in English. Any help would be appreciated, I’ve finished chapter 1 on Geokosmos and am currently working through chapter 2


Just arrived today at my place…

Original from 1942.

I found it the day before yesterday for 35 euros in an online second-hand bookshop.
And there we go. :slight_smile:

Is it possible to get Johannes Langs entire book in english anywhere? Found one site but its only like 5 chapters that has been translated

I’ve never been able to find one either

I’m reading through the uploaded pages of Mechanical Proof the Earth is not a Globe. I really need to start searching for interesting books on this topic. I like the humor of the Mechanical Proof the Earth is not a Globe…

Hey could you possibly take some pictures of the diagrams and images he uses in Geokosmos? The ones I have are pretty poor quality