I know why they hide the truth! It's about money

Hi, I’m new here, I finally found some community that deals with this, listen, for 20 months I’ve been thinking and looking for an answer to the question WHY hide the shape of the earth, all potential explanations seemed incomplete to me, they lacked logic and I think I know . I need some volunteers to verify this. I will briefly present my reasoning and, in my opinion, the most probable version:

We know that the elites who rule us are hyper materialists. Therefore, their motivation cannot be purely spiritual, intellectual, etc. - it must be material.
Since there are planets at the center of our universe and all cultures in the world have been involved in predicting their positions and analyzing their impact on our lives, in my opinion this is what the elites wanted to hide by deceiving us about the shape of the earth. If the planets influence us, their alignment can influence our characteristics, full moons influence the number of murders, higher stakes when gambling, and so on and so forth, then for this system to work, 1% of the world must hide this fact from 99% of the world.

If, using the position of the planets, the moon, an eclipse, etc., it is possible to predict people’s behavior, for example how they play the stock market / cryptocurrencies, etc., then 1% can maintain their position only if 99% of people are not aware of the influence of planets, etc. on our lives and decisions.

This led me to cryptoastrology - and astrology in general in predicting market phenomena and behavior. There is a huge correlation between eclipses, full moons, Mercury and stock market behavior. Unfortunately, I’m completely new to astrology and I’m still learning. I would like to create a group of people who will help me categorize all possible planetary arrangements / moon phases, etc., and plot it on a cryptocurrency chart. Preliminary analyzes suggest that 95% of market behavior can be predicted based on astrology. But we have to check it, it’s a lot of work, that’s why I need help, are there anyone willing?

(by the way, hello, as you can see, I’m new here :D)


not expert on this but In Sweden theres a family called Wallenberg, they own alot of the worlds infrastructure for telecommunications , internet (Ericsson) surely they would have advantage when it comes to the stock market, most of the bank transactions go through their infrastructure, they also attend meetings like the Bilderberg group. Surely you could consider them one of the most powerful families in the world but as i said not expert on this but this is what ive learned and take this with a pinch of salt and always do your research for yourself :slight_smile: will follow this topic

I have several friends who are Masons and as I understand it, the fact that you were born in a family that comes from the elite means nothing, no one is privy to any truths about the functioning of the world, everyone has to discover them for themselves, 25 years ago in Poland a method of treating cancer with Antineoplastons was created. For 25 years, the FDA has stopped research on these substances, etc. There is an 80% success rate in treating cancer with this method (compared to 3% with chemotherapy). But Steve Jobs died of cancer. Knowledge is everywhere, symbols, references to occultism and so on, so that anyone who WANTS and has the spark and desire to understand the surrounding world can apply it. But even in the richest families or secret organizations, most people are just useful idiots (they have money and influence, so they are used to influence the world), but this does not mean that they understand everything that has been deliberately hidden. I don’t know if this makes sense, I’ve checked for two years so far and lunar cycles, in 95% of cases the stock market and cryptocurrencies can be predicted using moon phases and eclipses (as in the screenshot) but there is probably much more to discover. If it’s true. I may be wrong, but if this is true, then thanks to all the tools and markets, 99% of people constantly provide capital to the 1% who buy and sell synchronously without even contacting each other. But it needs to be checked over many years and with instruments, taking into account other aspects such as planets, etc.

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The people at the top of the hierarchy have no need for money because they own the currencies. They are engaged in spiritual warfare.

I do however agree that the objects in heaven might influence things on earth, and perhaps vice versa. This means that events will be caused by an astrological configuration, or an event will be set into motion to match an astrological configuration. In both ways you can use its predictive power for profit.

I’d be interested to join if we can gather a few people who are willing to learn astrology. Note though that western astrology is wrong because the planets are 23 degrees off from where they should be.

of course they don’t need money because they control central banks and can print it, but how did they get to power? Maybe since the burning of the library of Alexandria they know that our lives are dictated by the interactions of the planets at the center of our solar system, regardless of whether Rothschild has a “need” to print money or not. It seems that the stock markets are very dependent on the moon and planets, for example the position of Mercury. I’m not here to discuss what they want, etc., I don’t know, I won’t ask anyone, I found a correlation of 95%, which means that in theory, based on astrology, you can’t lose money, you can only multiply it quite quickly. Discussing the motives is pointless, it is a fact, there are many studies on the influence of celestial bodies on our lives, etc. (for example, the effect of the planet Mars). For a purely pragmatic reason, I am looking for other people who will help me put all the astrological events on the model and draw conclusions based on data and facts. After initial studies this is quite promising.

think about it: if there is an influence of planets on our lives, the power of the elites over us (and the constant transfer of capital from the poor to the rich) can only occur if 1% know about it and 99% do not know about it. It’s not about how much money you can print, but about power. If more people are aware of this, they will be able to prepare for future events and cut a bigger piece of the pie for themselves. So keeping it a secret by telling people that they are dust in space is in their best interests.


I would love to assist you in any way possible! Please contact me on our discord server, I’m sure I’ll be able to find a few folks for you.