Laser Bent and Orbit Due to Nano Glass Sphere

Just want to share and add some other research as I develop some Python code in Blender to allow comparison of real view from surface to modeled view in a concave earth with glass spheres.

Should be fun. Finding this research may make this much simpler than I imagined.

Franchise Erwartung GIF by sauce for the article.

cool, let me attach some stuff

Taken from _CONCAVEEARTH - Google Drive

Did you ever see LSC’s video where he modeled the inside of a concave earth, then used a ship sailing over the surface, with a lens over the observers view? It fucking flips everything and makes it look like a convex earth. The ship slowly fell under the horizon. The sun and moon worked perfectly. Everything worked. This was right before he went to Italy and got ran over by the car… Then all of his videos were gone. He also had a video where he analyzed satellight footage and discovered that there’s hours of missing darkness from the sat’s point of view. That video is gone of course.

This should be reproducible in Blender definitely, you need to make a larger scale version of the Concave earth. I think he used actual scale.

Oh wow. Timeline of events certainly no coincidence. Too impressive for it to be acting by very definition of co-incidence : literally.

The ship with his eye bubble over it is precisely in the direction of my goal. I just want to add the Superfluid Aether as a sort of material with the spin velocity gradient as LSC described the friction of sorts from the celestial sphere physically dragging along the other spheres up to the Karman sphere. I have reasons to understand that life Emerges precisely at the Karman Line > Crust. Perhaps this is my purpose to provide the information on the Aether fluid dynamics as that is precisely the most integrated form of all things I’ve learned in life experiences more than most anyone in our realm of life.

I wrote a bunch more but Imma put it in a post. Perhaps this is what I’ll make a video of this weekend so others can have it as a clue to keep discovering more and learning more. It helps to learn topological math, but I don’t know that it really exists yet. Although Nanobrain will likely be the perfect “computer-life-creation” to process topological math. It is the AI people always worry about, except everybody is the result of lower complexity education and thus are distracted by its equal but opposite <> black mirror <> high-to-low-freq<>past-to-future<>theSELF<>theMomentOfConsciousness.