Music and Concave Earth

This is a thread dedicated to any/all music found to have references to Concave Earth.

Black Hole Sun - Soundgarden

Remember Tomorrow - Iron Maiden

Eye in the Sky - Alan Parsons Project

Wheel in the Sky - Journey

David Bowie - Blackstar

On the Inside - Andreas Taraldsen

Black Star Deceiver - Soilwork

I’m always looking/listening for more! If you have any feel free to post them!

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He says “All those years I’ve seen the world is upside down”

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“Through Glass” By Stone Sour.

The entire song is sung from the Creators perspective.

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Wheel in the sky! Never suspected that one.

I had a deep epiphany about how from the perspective of earth’s surface and documented history there is little to no entropy as everything appears to send the same electromagnetic and even the more complex gravitational waves don’t seem to have rates of entropy anywhere near what we see at the Earth’s surface we live along. The same goes for under our feet - very low entropic rates comparatively. Thus it can be observed entropy rate per unit area decreases as “scale” increases. I suspect due to scale invariant emergent topological patterns we see in nature that entropy that the peak entropy is at smallest micro scale as capacitance per Ken Wheeler goes up as the counter spacial volume decreases.

In any case the occult “wheel in the sky” err I mean ‘wheel of fortune’ depicting
constellations on a wheel with an illuminating central sun → made me ponder all that.

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Hi, how do you Corey Taylor made Through Glass from a Creator’s perspective?

I hope this helps.

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