Nils Esche Introduction

Hello everybody,

I am Nils. I have been into concave earth for about 10 years and I am absolutely convinced that we live inside.

The horizon always at eye level is undeniable proof that we do indeed live inside.

Among countless other things that are proof or at least clear evidence.

I have written and collected more than 1000 posts on this topic in my own forum since 2014. However, they are in German. If anyone is interested, I can link the address in a suitable place. Just didn’t want to start promoting my own forum here. Because that’s not the reason why I’m here. Just wanted to say hi and have a look around. And exchange ideas with like-minded people.

I found this forum via the associated YT channel.

I also have a YT channel myself. But this one is only marginally concerned with the concave earth. I mainly discuss another topic there.

In RL I am a graphic designer and I am also interested in the Blender files, which I will look at later. I am not particularly skilled in using Blender. To my great regret. Because in reality I am more of a 2D artist. I wish I had the skills in Blender that Steven had. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. I am more the default cube kind of guy. And it takes a lot of training to create what he envisioned. I couldn’t bring myself to start until today. I have good skills in Photoshop and 2D visualisation though. I can post some 2D graphics of why the ships disappear behind the horizon, the dimensions within the Earth (or how I think they are) and so on if you wish.


I look forward to the dialogue here.

Greetings, Nils

Welcome Nils! I’m glad you have found us on your journey! A decade is a great wealth of experience; I look forward to having future discussions with you. I’d love to get a 3d model of concave earth working. Welcome aboard!