Rethink Everything youtube channel what happened?

Im sure most of you know about this youtube channel that no longer exist. He made a video series called “The Cave” with one full episode and a preview of the second episode. Anybody know something about him or the second episode and maybe the rest of the video series? Perhaps you are a member of this homepage? Im still patiently waiting for the next episode and havent given up, but just wondering how its going.

Sadly; I do not believe that there will ever be a “Cave 2.” When his channel disappeared I was deeply saddened as well. I do not know what happened to his original video; but I do have a copy of “The Cave” hosted on my odysee channel.

thanks for your answer UnumOculum
he commented on his channel that it would be a long one (episode 2) and wanted to take his time to avoid errors or something like that cant remember exactly. Thats the best thing i can hope for :slight_smile:

im pretty sure hes behind concaveunbound.wordpress but not sure
ive never tried odyssey before but i will check out your channel there :slight_smile:

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Episode 2 preview


Cassidy O. Kring, the author of Rethink Everything and Reflections of The Divine, I assume he could not handle the indifference from the public not helping him with anything, there’s a family to take care of and knowing the cosmological truth is not giving us any financial revenue, does it? He was questioned by shills and Flat Earth agents, internet freemasonry had their eyes on him, this Noble man couldn’t stand the deception, specially FE making money out of viewers and lots subjacent deceit going on with misinformation agencies, including LSC who was controlled by some masonic mentors in the U.S, all the arrests from threatening Obama and Trump were staged with crisis actors, I guess people like Cassidy or myself, could see through all the psychodrama and that’s why content production stopped, besides cellular cosmology being an individual inner path of self-awakening not some discoveries or thoughts to entertain the masses or curious researchers, It’s too intimate, definitely a narrow gate of sorts.

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i guess that make sense, crazy world we live in that a small group of people compared to the majority wants to keep secrets to them selves. I was kinda hoping Cassidy was in this forum because im a member of the One Small Town Movement and Venus Project and his information/knowledge is very valuable, hope hes doing fine.