The Moon is a Selfie of the Earth

Plasma Electromagnetic Energy Light it is.

The problem, with any, and ALL of these videos that claim land beyond Antarctica, and that the moon is just a reflection of the Earth, is that they fail abysmally under scrutiny. Each and EVERY time, anyone mentions the “Gleason Map” they are automatically ASSUMING that the tropics are 2 different sizes. I assure you, that the Tropic of Cancer, and the Tropic of Capricorn ARE the same size. No “FLAT” Earther has ever demonstrated differently than every single captain who’s ever sailed around those areas.

Sad how the FE movement used to scream “PHOTOSHOP!” at the sight of any space footage; yet now they use photoshop to “prove” invalid points that rely on visual acceptance only.

I’ve been studying this theory. There is now compelling scientific visual evidence to add to the ‘earth selfie moon theory’, detailing the visual relation between the moon’s and the earth’s features on a new YouTuber’s channel. Selenetical Physics is viewing the moon through the lens of a distorted magnetic field which would change the plasmatic reflection of the land and water, as well as all the stars and oceans. Vibes of Cosmos is the creator of this theory and has five books published outlining the plasma moon theory and a more detailed YouTube channel then the one the guy someone posted here.

If you study history and the ‘resets’ and ‘mud-floods’ that have happened, I think they fit into this theory, as greater cycles of the sun and moon’s journey across the greater plane of earth in 26,000-year cycles. The Astronomical clock in Prague also demonstrates a ratio of the sun and moon bubble on its face as the circle of astronomical cycles that is the ratio of the size of the bubble that encompasses the known continents today.

I like the theory of the plasma moon. Many have thought it to be a cosmic plasma that has been observed to move and change. If you watch the selenetical physics videos, you will understand the significance of studying it. The person is very focused and concise in relaying what they have found through study of the maps.

I have been putting together puzzles of chronology and these theories of physics and cycles that all seem to fit together. I would love for a concise, organized book on the concave earth to come out. I like to hypothesize about life and entertain the theories. I can not say for sure one way or the other, I can only trust my senses. Over the past three years, I have awakened to greater senses and a growing connection to the elements of life. I would like to think I have grown closer to the truth and closer to a human with true sentience.

Selenetical Physics Vol 1.

Not entirely sure if you read my post above your, but rather than continuing down the path of illusions provided by the eye, further enhanced by computer generated images (Something back in my FE days which was highly scorned) the tropics have absolutely never been proven by any flat earther to be anything different than what we know them to be on or in a globe. Until the day comes where a flat earther empircally demontrates via physical navigation that one tropic is literally twice the size of the other, all of their optical evidence should be considered as such: Optical, appearant, and illusory. People have be sailing the earth for hundreds of years, and it’s quite the assumption to believe that they would be faking the distances travled once they passed over the equator.