The Stoic Beholder ~ Der Stoische Betrachter v1 | 2023-06-11 (GREG) ~ 2023-06-22 (IFC)

My final contribution (& post). Many thanks for the joint contemplation. I wish you all farewell.

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well done brother enjoyed reading this and will look into it aswell just started looking into stoicism myself last few months

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Thanks man.

To get a good overview on the Stoic teachings “The Daily Stoic” is a good starting point ( ISBN 9781202221776 - Ryan Holiday Collection 4 Books Set (The Obstacle is the Way, Ego is the Enemy, The Daily Stoic, [Hardcover] Perennial Seller) ). I personally use the paperback version(s) (although there is also a web version afaik), cause offline media is slowing down and calms the mind.

If you want to go beyond the scope / framing of Stoicism, Alan Watt’s Cutting Through the Matrix (I, II, III) could be an interesting piece of work as well (I’d say it’s definitely worth the 90 bucks).
PS: Consider searching on or via e.g., you’ll find a lot of free PDFs (e.g. or etc).

Enjoy searching, filtering & prioritizing. It is an exciting journey of the (own) mind!
best wishes

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