The World Inside Out (Oleg Shamanskiy Mirror)(English Translation)

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December 14, 2018

Sanctum Sanctorum.

The world is based on the principle of self-similarity (fractality) . The laws of the micro and macro world are the same. There is no preferred scale. We can learn any laws of the macro world by studying the micro world. The universe endlessly repeats itself, starting from an elementary particle, ending with the universe for us (this is the limit of what we can potentially know) . This is flawless logic. The principle of self-similarity is known and obvious in the surrounding world, so there is no reason to dwell on the arguments.

Truly - without any lie, authentically and supremely true: What is below is similar to what is above (Emerald Tablet).

To know the invisible, look closely at the visible (Talmud).
A cell is a structural and functional elementary unit of the structure and vital activity of all organisms. In a eukaryotic cell, all processes, elements are INSIDE it, and NOT OUTSIDE.

But official science, which does not deny the principle of fractality, sees it this way:

At the same time, of. science is questioning the role of the earth’s core as the magnet on which the magnetic field is based. The ferromagnetic properties of iron (as well as any metal in general) disappear above the Curie point . Why the Earth is a big magnet is not clear. The prevailing view of the universe contributes to not giving due attention to the fact of life inside the cell. The model on the right in the image below has full fractal logic, which cannot be said about the model on the left:

The brain is INSIDE the skull; the embryo is INSIDE the womb; all life on earth prefers to build dwellings and live INSIDE them; any vegetable fruit has a peel, like a protective shell, INSIDE of which are its substances, etc. The opposite is not observed in the world.
Fractality lies in the principle “small in big, big in small” . Isn’t that why the Earth is called “Mother Earth” because it is literally like a womb…

In 1897, a geodetic experiment was conducted by Cyrus Teed and Grand Morrove who succeeded in proving the earth 's negative curvature (concavity) through observations of the coast of Florida, using equipment whose name can be roughly translated as “rectilineator” (rectilineator) . This device stood on a perfectly flat stretch of beach in Florida, 4 miles long. It consisted of 19-year-old mahogany bars, with the help of steel ties fitted into a perfect straight line. And this line was compared with the horizon line at sea level. Every 1/8 mile, readings were taken of how far the horizon line differed from the instrument line. The experiment confirmed the hypothesis of the concavity of the earth - the horizon line rose up.

Below is a graph of the results of the experiment.
The green line is the actual data.
With eraya , shows how it should be if the earth were flat.
The orange one shows what it would be like if the earth were a sphere.

About this experiment in Russian (taken from YouTube channel KRÓLEWSKA TV ):

About the same experiment in English, with the ability to put Russian subtitles (taken from Lord Steven Christ’s YouTube channel ):
In 1901, French surveyors conducted an experiment to measure the radius of the Earth. In two deep shafts, located not far from each other, which are connected by a horizontal adit, plumb lines descended. The distance between the plumb lines at the top turned out to be less than the distance between the plumb lines at the bottom. French geodetic scientists contacted the American Geodetic Survey scientists and passed on their results to them, asking them to conduct similar tests in that country. A careful re-checking of the experiment proved that the French surveyors were not mistaken. The result had to be classified, and only a leak of information made it possible to publish this experiment in 1960.
Elementary and obvious: the rising line of the sea horizon.

Video from YouTube channel ZENITH ATLAS . Chamber height 3-6 inches (8-15 cm) above sea level:

In 1954, the Optical Research Department of the US-Army Signal Corps released a new camera that was specifically designed to take photographs at distances up to 50 km ( more ) . The photo on the right shows the Empire State Building and the skyline of Manhattan, at a distance of 41.8 km. Firstly, with a spherical model, all this had to be 100 meters lower; secondly, as powerful optics approach an object that has gone beyond the horizon, the optics have to be raised higher and higher, as a result, the camera in the picture on the left is directed upwards:

Ordinary human sanity, at the level of internal reasoning, for realism: millions and billions of light-years of half-empty space above our heads, or more plausibly a space of only a few thousand kilometers, taken from the official diameter of the Earth. What does the word " universe " mean? It’s not a space of billions of light years. Universe from the word " universe ". The Lord created the shell of the universe, covered it with heaven, ennobled everything that was under them, and in this place He INSTALLED the first person. “The voice of Your thunder in the circle of heaven; lightning illuminated the universe; the earth trembled and trembled” (Psalm 76:19) . “His lightnings sanctify the universe; the earth sees and trembles” (Psalm 96:4)

And I will keep you from the hour of temptation, which will come upon the whole world, to test those who dwell on the earth (Revelation 3:10) .
"The earth is the Lord’s and what fills it, the universe and all that lives in it, for he founded it on the seas and established it on the rivers " ( Psalm 23, verse 1-2) . Periodic “problems” with the sun, one of which is captured in the video below, form the question: how can a star located 150 million kilometers, exceeding the Earth by more than 100 times in radius and 333 thousand times in mass, blink like a flashlight with bad battery…

In case of skepticism, explanations of what was seen by the effect of auto-correction of brightness, or even an outright fake, there are [other shootings of the blinking sun. ]

In fact, Genesis 1:14 says: And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of heaven [to light the earth and] to separate the day from the night, and for signs, and times, and days, and years; and let them be lamps in the firmament of heaven to give light to the earth. And it became so.

With what fright, badoon or something else, mankind was presented with a lamp located several thousand kilometers from the earth, like an utter star, which is many times larger than the Earth … Moreover, there are no mentions of space at all in the Bible, because it , in the now imposed and formed view, is simply not. Based on the official diameter of the Earth, taking into account the life inside, we have a space of several thousand kilometers. To some extent, this area can be attributed to the cosmic, but this is not close to the cosmos that exists in the consciousness of mankind, thanks to several space world agencies, which are an indirect tool for deliberately keeping humanity in the mode of ignorance, because knowledge of the universe is fundamentally affects worldview. Genesis chapter 1 verse 7

: And God made the firmament, and separated the water that was under the firmament from the water that was above the firmament. Considering Psalm 149:4: "Praise him, you heavens of heavens and waters that are higher than heavens , " this is clearly not about the earth separating water from water. Actually, in the next verse of Genesis, it is very clearly stated: " And God called the firmament heaven ." From the reproduction of the narrated, a certain heavenly firmament is imagined, behind which there is water, which God separated from the water that is on earth (hydrosphere) . Along the way, an explanation appears as to where the water came from, which produced the global flood, because in Genesis 7:11-12 it is said about the water that rained from some open windows of heaven. And it’s not a fallsteam dome that existed in biblical times above the atmosphere, because its estimated thickness was only 12 meters, and the phrase “windows of heaven” does not fit into this.

Ultrasonic sonoluminescence is the phenomenon of the appearance of light in a liquid, under the influence of a powerful ultrasonic wave. The result is painfully similar to a star:
Clap clap…

Levitation of water droplets caused by the same ultrasound:
Adhering to public authority, to believe in some huge accumulations of incandescent gases, much larger in size than the Earth, at a distance of a lot of how many light years, or to go beyond the dogmatic strongholds and accept much more realistic explanations and, unlike stars, tangible …

In total, at this stage, a concave surface of the earth appears in the imagination, in the center of which, like a cell, there is a nucleus. The ancient solar symbolism " circumpunkt " comes to mind, traditionally denoting Heaven, the Universe and Eternity. The central sphere is the same celestial firmament with a water column, in which ultrasonic sonoluminescence forms flickering bubbles and which, from the action of ultrasound, are subject to levitation, which is the reason for their constant presence in the same place.

This is how it looks in scale:

Let’s call the shell with stars in the center of the universe “Star Sphere”. Isn’t this blue ball spinning and spinning overhead…Isn’t it this vault of heaven holding on its mighty shoulders Atlas , from ancient Greek mythology…

Isn’t this the stellar sphere reproduced by the NASA logo…

The NASA logo fits perfectly in place of the stellar sphere:

Isn’t this the area that Universal has demonstrated in the past:

Isn’t this star sphere personified on the flag of Brazil:

Other tips on the star sphere:

The Black Sun is an invisible center around which planetary systems form and move (Wikipedia) . Otherwise, the stellar sphere.

With the fundamental principle of self-similarity in nature, everything is also in accordance: the eye repeats the pattern of universal creation.

On the right, by the way, is the cover of the 1949 book " Welträtsel Universum " (by Paul Alfred Müller) .

In the northern hemisphere, the center of rotation of the stellar sphere is the Polar Star, and in the southern hemisphere, the center of rotation is the Southern Cross:

We know that in one hemisphere the starry sky rotates in one direction, in the other in the other, this is easily explained:
The movement of the starry sky (star tracks) in different hemispheres:

In no other alternative model of the structure of the universe, observations of the starry sky are explained more adequately. In the completely and completely untenable “theory” of a flat earth, its supporters (God forgive them for such ignorance) argue that observations that do not fit into their model, with the magic word “hologram”.

Religious writings and legends tell about the existence of a universal sound, which can be used to justify the formation of bubbles and their levitation:
In the " Pyramid Texts " of the Egyptians, it is said that God Thoth created the Universe with the sound of his voice. In India, it is believed that the sound “AUM” was the first manifestation of the yet unrevealed Brahman , which gave rise to the perceived Universe, which originated from the vibration caused by this sound. In the Rig Veda : “In the beginning was Prajapati , Brahmanwith which the Word (Sound) was, and the Word was truly the Highest Brahman.” The Bible says “in the beginning was the word”, i.e. sound. In the tradition of the Australian aborigines, the sound of the didgeridoo participated in the creation of the world. In many African legends of various tribes It is said that the world originated from sound.

Cymatics is the science of the shaping properties of waves. Looking at the images of these physical effects, it is obvious that the sound takes its formative origin from the center:

Drawing a parallel - the center of the sphere of the universe.

There is also a logical idea about the force that contributes to the rotation and retention of the Star Sphere :
Cosmic clouds/molecular clouds/nebulae can be substantiated as:
plasma emissions from stellar luminescent bubbles;
solar plasma gas emissions;
the presence in the water column of a stellar sphere of some form of liquid or substance, such as a phosphor , which converts the energy it absorbs into light radiation. Energy and lighting - the combined radiation of stars and the sun. For a figurative representation, experiments in a container with water, using dyes for water, paints for ebru will serve. Mixing one color, a combination of colors, simply dropping one dye into the water without doing anything, you can get a clear example of such formations.

Molecular cloud:

Phosphor in liquid:

Attention is drawn to the commercial, which clearly has more intent than, at first glance, one can invest in it. Firstly, at 46 seconds a satellite is shown entering the water column, and secondly, at 1:08 a nebula is shown as a substance in this same water column, which corresponds to the assumption above:
The word “cosmos” comes from the ancient Greek Kόσμος - “decoration, outfit; order; world”. The words “cosmos” and “cosmetics” have a common root.

Experiment on the collision of toroidal vortices in a container with water:

The result is reminiscent of the notorious black holes. Perhaps the truth is out there somewhere.

This hypothesis justifies the evaporation or, more precisely, the dissolution of black holes:

Concerning the spiral models of galaxies, Genesis chapter 7, verse 11-12 helps: in this day all the fountains of the great deep were broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened; and it rained on the earth for forty days and forty nights. Considering the Scriptures and seeing the argument in the occurrence of the volume of water for the global flood, the assumption follows that the spiral “galaxies” - funnels, formed from the once flowing water from the stellar sphere, which was the cause of the global flood. Because stars are bubbles - there are no large masses in them, large masses are in the space between stars, which is also known as “dark matter”, which is simply dark water. For some reason (perhaps because of the increased vibration from the center of the sphere of the universe) , the stars*(very hot bubbles)* gathered in clusters and melted holes in the glass sky. Water rushed to the ground. Due to the temperature difference, the “windows of heaven” froze, leaving a spiral reminder of the flowing water (“spiral galaxies”) .

Colors in water:

Job 38:8. Who closed the sea with a gate, when it burst forth, it came out, as it were, from the womb. Well, how about without subtle games …

As a result of the accumulation of hot bubbles, a damaged bumpy surface formed on the glass of the stellar sphere. This gives rise to the effect of chromatic aberration (edge ​​effect) , expressed in the red and blue shifts of stars and galaxies.

Why does the starry sky appear not as a spherical ball in the center of the universe, but as a dome-shaped one, stretched over the entire celestial space, from edge to edge? This question is answered by an experiment on the propagation of light.
In 2001, a simple and impressive experiment was carried out by the German engineer Wilhelm Martin, which, with the same result, was later repeated by Rolf Kepler. With the help of a theodolite and measuring rulers, it was proved that light does not propagate strictly straight, but bends upwards. Description of the experiment here.

Additional confirmation of this can also be found in the radiation pattern of amateur antennas: the stream of radiated power, like light, with different intensities, but always bends upwards:

A noteworthy wave bending (refraction) argument from Lord Steven Christ, using the example of a radar and an infrared camera:
Light bends, this fact must be reckoned with.

If our gaze is directed straight ahead, the light spreads, as in the left image, and if our gaze is directed upwards, as in the right one:

Thus, light stretches the stellar sphere over the entire celestial space. This is clearly illustrated below with an image from Johannes Lang’s “The Hollow World Theory” (Die Hohlwelttheorie 1938) . {Yes, yes, even at that time there was a well-grounded theory of the Concave Earth and even earlier } . The concave shell of the earth is depicted and in the center is a star sphere, from which meridians of curving light come, the propagation trajectory of which is the reason for the feeling of a domed sky, stretched to the full extent:

This illusion served as the formation of a new delusion, known as “the earth is flat, there is a dome above us.”

Another similar illustration from another book " Welträtsel Universum ".

Thus the sky is visually inverted (flipped):

The fact that light bends upwards also justifies falling objects beyond the horizon. Suppose the observer stands on the seashore, with optics in hand, and zooms in on the object. Beyond the horizon point, the lower part of the object will fall down, as if the earth is indeed spherical:

However, considering the fact that the light bends upwards, it turns out that the lower part of the object is cut off from the field of view, because the horizon is the point where the light rises:

Another illustration taken from Johannes Lang’s “The Hollow World Theory” (Die Hohlwelttheorie 1938) . The sun’s rays are bent in a fan way - point A. The light rises up and, as the distance between the object and the observer increases, the bottom of the ship disappears from view. Point B is the point where the light rises:

Beyond this point B , due to the upward bending of the light, only the upper part of the object is captured , because the light rises up and the lower part goes out of view , forming a blind spot . In total, the observer sees the nearest water (foreground) and the top of the object beyond the horizon.

From the approach of objects with powerful optics, which, given the sphericity of the earth, mathematically should have disappeared from visibility, flat earthers appeared, who allowed themselves to be deceived twice. The reason for the observation of these objects is that at different times of the day and under different weather conditions, the light bends with different intensity. Let’s take a look at two photos taken from the same point, but on different days:

On hot days, the light takes longer to curve upwards. On such days, the horizon line (point B in the illustration above) moves further and close objects become distorted (tower cranes in the photo on the left are distorted). The same refraction effect at different times, at different temperatures and air densities:

In total, taking into account the fact of upward bending of light, refraction is justified by the fact that at different times of the day, in different weather conditions, at different temperatures and air densities, light bends differently. But, in all cases, it bends and does it in an upward direction. Why can’t we see the concavity of the earth from above? The answer is an obvious fact: the horizon is always at the level of our eyes. Height doesn’t matter. The horizon line rises with the observer, which is the next and most obvious evidence of the upward bending of light and the concave shape of the earth. If we do not see the curvature from the surface of the earth, we will not see it from a height either. The form of the universe is hidden by a higher Providence.

Screenshot from the site " Everything is a lie ":

The answer to why the horizon line seems somewhat rounded from a height is the same fact that light bends upwards.

Plus, you need to take into account the effect of cameras with a fisheye lens :

The Einstein mask illusion is an additional explanation for the false representation of the earth from space. The brain, from the time of human development and almost to this day, has not “seen” concave faces. Therefore, when We see a concave face, our brain must somehow interpret it, somehow adjust it to fit its concept, and it turns the concave face into a convex one. It is no secret that everything that we see, we see thanks to the interpretation of our brain.

The Earth is interpreted similarly by the brain:

In reality, everything is different than it really is (Antoine de Saint-Exupery).

In the video below, a second attempt was made to explain this to the flat earthers (the first was a few years earlier, the comments were full of stupidity of our smaller brothers in mind, with a dome over their head syndrome) . Perhaps the reader of the video will have to be more understandable about the above.

The crooked cannot become straight, and what is not, cannot be counted. Ecclesiastes 1:15.

The flat horizon is only the boundary of the spot of visibility, but not of the earth. As the observer climbs, the horizon also rises:

On the video below:

00:13 - Why, with a negative curvature of the earth, objects fall below the horizon.
3:18 - Why is the central stellar sphere stretched over the entire celestial space, when on the Concave model it appears as a ball in the center of the universe.
4:12 - Why radar measurements to celestial bodies show a huge distance.
5:00 - Why, with the negative curvature of the earth, the sun sets down.
6:55 - Why from space the Concave Earth appears rounded.

Continuation of the article in the video below. A must-see, otherwise further is meaningless:

Attachment to video above:

David LaPoint (primer field theory) . Visual scheme from the video :

Why the sun orbits the stellar sphere, in the region between the northern and southern tropics, no more, no less - because the cup-shaped magnetic field emitters are restrictive domes:

The equator divides the toroid into two hemispheres, with two poles. Obviously the milky way of the stellar sphere is the equatorial belt (magnetic equator) . Below is a panoramic shot of the CMB anisotropy :

The horizontal band (hot region) is the illumination from the " galaxy " of the Milky Way. However, there is no galaxy, there is an equatorial belt separating the stellar sphere. This is probably the manifested glow from the energy accumulation at the top of the pyramid (see animation on the right) :

Concerning Jed Pillar :

Often djed appears in combination with ankh :

Nikola Tesla’s electric oscillator removes all doubts: Djed and Ankh are connected with electricity :

Djed - in ancient Egyptian mythology, the symbol of Osiris , personifies his spine. According to legend, the spine of Osiris, after its dissection, was set vertically. This is the Egyptian symbol for Djed.

Osiris is the husband of Isis and brother of Nephthys. In the fresco below, they protect the pillar of Djed, a fetish of Osiris, with their wings. This composition traces the metaphorical personification of the throne of the universe, whose figure is expressed by the wings of Isis and Nephthys. An octahedron, inside which is a Jed, forming an energy cluster at its top.

Below is a Tesla transformer, which, as planned, could distribute energy.
Obviously, Djed forms an energy cluster at its top, as ancient images show (Djed, in combination with Ankh, on top of which there is a sphere resembling the sun) . From this energy concentration, energy flows to the cathode, which is the sun.

Jed is a transmitter of energy, the sun is a receiver. Jed is an anode, sun is a cathode.

The sun is a parabolic disk, with a dark back side, taking over the electromagnetic connection from the octahedron (from Jed) :

General view of the device:

The model above is in full accordance with the microworld : the electron orbits around the proton. Proton - plus, electron - minus:

To the concentration of energy at the top of the octahedron, from which the electromagnetic connection to the collimators of the sun comes, which heats up its alloy, activates the elements and forms a temperature of 5500 ° C on the crown (if the sun is not just a semi-convex lens, as suggested in the final video above ) :

It is noteworthy that Philolaus of Croton (a student of Pythagoras, who was called the Hyperborean), spoke of the World Fire or the Hearth of the Universe, or fire in the center of the cosmos, meaning by this a certain center of circulation (or simply the Center?) of the Earth. Philolaus called him Hestia .

Hestia, given the words of Philolaus of Croton, is probably an allegorical djed.

Columbia Pictures screensaver (an allegory of Jed concentrating an energy cluster on its top (Olympus).

Animation demonstrating a closed cyclicity in the sphere of the universe, using the example of one hemisphere (author Lord Steven Christ) . All energy is concentrated in the center of the octahedron, by the means of Jed it rises to the northern apex of the octahedron (Olympus) , is emitted by the magnetic connection to the sun (the sun is not shown in the animation, it is located at the fan-shaped divergence after the octahedron) , sunlight in a fan-shaped manner (according to the lines of force of the magnetic fields) envelops the hemisphere of the earth, and returns back to the center of the octahedron.


Toroidal cycling:

Logos of the British Broadcasting Corporation BBC : toroidal circulation, star sphere in the center:

Green beam - an optical phenomenon, a flash of green light at the moment the solar disk disappears behind the horizon (usually the sea) or appears from behind the horizon. During these periods, the sun’s light passes through large layers of the atmosphere, creating a prism effect. Probably the green ray is the momentarily manifested electromagnetic connection between the octahedron and the sun.


Notable is the theological Holy Trinity : Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The essence of the dogma:
God the Father is not born from anyone and does not come from anyone - the center of the universe, the highest principle (octahedron) .
God the Son is eternally born from God the Father - the sun (Sun - Son) , as a transformer, which is given energy by the octahedron.
God the Holy Spirit emanates eternally from God the Father - the all-penetrating ether. The Sun, being under the magnetic influence of the octahedron and bowl-shaped emitters of magnetic fields, moves along the orbit of the stellar sphere in a spiral manner, reaching the extreme points, which are the northern and southern tripikas, every 6 months. This is how the seasons change. When the sun is in

Tropic of Cancer , then there will be a 24-hour day at the north pole, and 24 hours at night at the south pole, and when the sun is in the southern hemisphere, there will be a polar day at the south pole, and a polar night at the north. A full cycle - from one extreme point to another and back - takes 365.25 days.


The photographer shot the Sun from a fixed point in Athens for 6 months (spiral movement) :


The star sphere is precessing. This is the reason for the corresponding displacement by the magnetic poles of the orbiting stellar sphere of the sun, along its circumference. As a result, in a year the sun describes a figure of eight, known as an analemma .

The sun works according to solar time, making one revolution around the celestial sphere every 24 hours. The celestial sphere works according to sidereal time, making one revolution every 23 hours 56 minutes 4 seconds.

Hypothesis of increased sun intensity and seismic activity:

Concerning octahedron: Canadian Meteor* Orbital Radar* (

CMOR ) images. GIF from radar images of the octahedron, taken every 10 days, throughout the year. It can be seen how heat is distributed along the orbit of the stellar sphere, obviously from the sun rotating in this orbit.


A snapshot in the spectrum (hotspots are clearly visible):


Nature shows everything as she can, but the ignorant - either a ball, or a flat one …

In the video above, I also assumed that the northern peak of the pyramid is more highlighted by heat, due to the Djed pillar. As for the second suggestion: the north vertex of the octahedron remains largely visible throughout the year (as shown by the series of shots above taken throughout the year) than the south, due to the fact that the sun on the north pyramid is closer to it, and closer to it on the south to earth:

Animation, for imagination (octahedron, in a rotating star sphere):


Another animation to illustrate. Two tetrahedra (as in the picture) , collectively representing an octahedron, between the pyramids is a point of zero magnetism ( Bloch wall ) , in which the energy substance from the entire sphere of the universe is concentrated:

The figure of the octahedron in the shell is found in countless old church paintings, judging by which, this object, in Christian doctrine, is the throne of God. A few examples:

The square of Svarog is an element from the Slavic tradition, similar to the figure of an octahedron. An additional reason to assume that this is a symbol of the cornerstone object in the center of the universe is its meaning and the definition of Svarog :

Looking at the figure of the octahedron, as if from the inside, a hexagram can be traced, known as the Star of David or the Star of Veles in the Slavic concept.
One by one, the puzzle is folded. By driving in the search query " crystal of the universe " (the octahedron has a crystalline shape / structure) , there is an abundance of information. The query for " merkaba " answers that it is a three-dimensional representation of the Star of David, the Tetrahedron . The word " Merkaba " in Hebrew has a double meaning: " Chariot ", and " Throne of God ". The mystery of the merkaba was first described in the vision of the prophet Ezekiel. In the works of the greatest cabalist, Rabbi Joseph Jiktalia, it is described as a secret sphere of catholicity of angels. So Star of David, Star of Veles, Merkaba, Svarog Square, Crystal of the Universe , also

Metatron’s cube is the essence of the same thing, and the octahedron is the Throne of God, which is also confirmed by church painting. Psalm 10, verse 4. The Lord is in His holy temple, the Lord is His throne in heaven, His eyes behold; His eyelids test the sons of men. Psalm 102, verse 19. The Lord has established His throne in heaven, and His kingdom has all things. Isaiah 66, verse 1. This is what the Lord says: The heavens are my throne, and the earth is my footstool. The Gospel of Matthew chapter 5, verse 34. But I say to you: do not swear at all: not by heaven, because it is the throne of God. Revelation of John chapter 4, verse 2. And immediately I was in the spirit; and behold, a throne was set in heaven, and one sat on the throne.

Revelation of John chapter 20, verse 11. And I saw a great white throne, and Him who sat on it, from whose face earth and heaven fled away, and there was found no place for them.
Psalms 14, verse 1. Lord! Who can dwell in Your dwelling? Who can dwell on Your holy mountain?
Psalm 3, verse 5. With my voice I cry to the Lord, and He hears me from His holy mountain.
Psalm 102, verse 19. The Lord has established His throne in heaven, and His kingdom has all things.
Psalm 27, verse 2. Hear the voice of my prayers when I cry out to You, when I raise my hands to Your holy temple.

From this it follows that the kingdom of heaven, paradise, Eden, the mountain world is a very specific place - a star sphere, in the center of the universe, inside which there is an octahedron (the cornerstone of the universe, the divine throne). The gestures of dancers fulfilling occult demands also become understandable.

As Francis Bacon said: " The most important thing is not to let the mental eye be distracted from the contemplation of natural facts ." Adhering to the principle of fractality, the octahedron is found in the microcosm.

The figure of the octahedron is also seen by clairvoyants, in the region of the human chest. They call it an energy crystal. Each person has a unique crystal - it has different colors, shapes, facets, structures, depending on past karmic developments and on internal viability, awareness, and direction of development. Most, due to karmic immaturity, do not have a crystal at all. In some cases, the material of the crystal is similar to cloudy glass, in others, to rock crystal. In rare cases, the crystal has a black color, which indicates the passage of the soul through the experience of darkness in a number of reincarnations. The crystal shows the essence of a person’s spiritual development. And if there are any deformations, then the crystal clearly displays this.

A few notable clues regarding the octahedron and star sphere:

Cryptocurrency “Ethereum” logo . A sphere, an octahedron in the center, and a shell on the periphery with stars:

Paramount Pictures Corporation. Mountain (octahedron) surrounded by stars (star sphere):

Pentacle of Solomon:

The NATO logo is a sphere, an octahedron (view of the octahedron from below / above) , and stars along the circumference:

Other logos…

Flight Test Squadron logo :

Masonic compass and square. Eye - hearth in the center of the universe (God) , sometimes just the letter “G” - God - the core in the center of the octahedron, as the fundamental root cause of everything in the universe. Further, the tetrahedron is the part of the octahedron in which the nucleus is located. All this is placed in the shell of the stellar sphere. After the star sphere - a concave earth (a concave ruler, sometimes a square). Literally symbolizes the divine geometry. A symbol of veneration by Freemasons of the great architect of the universe. “God always acts according to the rules of geometry” (Plato).

The top of the dollar pyramid represents the hierarchy of power on Earth. An isolated tetrahedron is a part of an octahedron, which is in the center of the universe. The all-seeing eye is a hearth in an octahedron. Having drawn a hexagram on the district inscription " Annuit Coeptis " (he approves of our deeds) , and " Novus Ordo Seclorum " (new order for the ages) , we get the anagram " mason ", and in general a hexagram, in volume looking like an octahedron. And all this image is placed in a circle, i.e. star sphere.

Church painting, Christian iconography - very often an octahedron, a star sphere and concavity:
The octahedron is a regular polyhedron, which is one of the five Platonic solids, each of which fits perfectly into each other, which also brings us closer to understanding the significance of the Platonic solids as elements of creation :

Platonic solids are made up of triangles. The entire earth’s surface can be composed of triangles (grid, crystal lattice) of various scales and lengths (read) . In their knots are places of power. The largest cities, centers of civilizations, capitals, temples, pyramids, star fortresses, were located at the nodes of this grid. This is also the root cause of the regular location of all kinds of anomalies, natural zones, various deposits, etc.

The wave form of the octahedron, plus the vibration emanating from the center of the universe (from the sphere of the universe) ( according to numerous mythologies) , are the root cause of the fractal universal geometry , the golden section , rational order and harmony.

The imagination is presented with a concentrated point of light, let’s say a laser pointer. A nozzle is put on the laser, and the light concentrated in the laser becomes scattered, according to the diffraction grating of the nozzle:

Transferring the example to the scale of the universe: there is an energy center in the center of the sphere of the universe, which is enclosed in an octahedron. The latter, with its geometry, in cooperation with the outgoing vibration, disperses this concentration of energy onto the crystalline structure, the geocrystalline grid of the earth, and forms the same flower of life that forms the structure of being:

Obviously , the upward bending of light is based on the principle of the same golden section :

The octahedron is the root cause, the source, the main antenna of life in the universe:
Pyotr Petrovich Garyaev - Russian geneticist, doctor of sciences, academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences and RAMTS, member of the New York Academy of Sciences, founder of the theory of “Wave genome” or “Linguistic-wave genetics”:

The octahedron is the basis of creation:

With regard to the octahedron, the Crystal Field Theory is notable : Three axes . In the center is a positively charged cation (charged atom), to which six negatively charged ligands are attracted along the axes .

An octahedral field is formed:

Ligands have their own negative field around them. When they converge to the cation, a spherical energy bubble (field) is formed around the octahedron, around the central cation. This gives a further understanding of the creation of the universe (why we have a spherical earth, a spherical star sphere, a spherical sky sphere) :

Job 38:4-6. Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth? Tell me if you know. Who put the measure on her, if you know? or who stretched the rope along it? On what its foundations are approved, or who laid its cornerstone …

Octahedron is a crystal with a piezoelectric effect, in which, according to the principle of fractality, mountain ranges, rivers, tree branches, lightning, capillaries are displayed. Revelation 4:5 “And out of the throne came lightning and thunder and voices.”
Through the above, the radial-circular layout of Moscow is striking, with significant objects in the center:
About much of what is stated above and what is left unsaid, in video format:

Next. With the push received from Lord Steven Christ, the annoying figure of 100 kilometers towards the skyattracts attention

  • radioactive radiation is reflected at an altitude of 100 km;

  • Schumann resonance is observed at an altitude of 100 km;

  • some modern communication technologies of radio waves, especially short ones (intercontinental communication) , are based on the bounce of waves from the “E” region, which is located at an altitude of 90 to 120 km;

  • lightning strikes as if on the ceiling, at an altitude of 100 km;

  • elves, sprites are formed at an altitude of 100 km;

  • at an altitude of 100 km. The temperature starts to drop sharply and then starts to rise sharply.

What is at an altitude of 100 kilometers? If there really was just an ionosphere, it would have absorbing properties, not reflective ones. At an altitude of 100 kilometers, the plasma discharge smooths out into a flat, wide halo, as if you go up to the window and exhale a clot of smoke on it.

Obviously, at this height there is a solid transparent body, in other words glass. Job 37:18. Have you spread out the heavens with Him, hard as a cast mirror? Isaiah 40:22. He spread out the heavens like a thin cloth, and spread them like a tent for habitation. Ezekiel 1:22. Above the heads of living beings there was something like a vault, sparkling like a crystal, stretched out over their heads. Flavius ​​Josephus, Antiquities of the Jews, book one, chapter one. On the second day, He spread the sky over everything, because He found it necessary to separate the sky from everything else, as something independent, and surrounded it with a crystal, in which, for the benefit of irrigation of the earth, He very conveniently included water and dampness.

It is known that the earth’s surface is negatively charged, the space beyond the ionosphere is positively charged. However, in place of a certain gas-like ionosphere, there is reason to suspect the existence of a solid transparent body. Thus the celestial sphere of the earth is an insulator. The gap between the electromagnetic forces acting behind the glass and the ground is filled with electrical discharges (lightning, elves/sprites, etc.). The “plasma ball” lamp shows a visual analogy, how discharges strike like lightning \ elves \ sprites into the celestial sphere.

Elves are flash-cones, with a diameter of about 400 kilometers. They form from the tops of thunderclouds to the lower edge of the ionosphere, i.e. glass celestial sphere. Graphics as it happens:

There are no surprises with the Northern/Southern Lights either. Their lower region is formed at the same height.

The analogy is similar to how photons in a TV hit the screen, so photons of light hit the celestial sphere. To say that at an altitude of 100 kilometers from the earth a gas-like medium (ionosphere) is as absurd as a gas-like screen.

Rainbows are formed from the passing sunlight through the celestial sphere, and water drops only project an ALREADY scattered spectrum of light onto themselves, like onto a canvas. This optical phenomenon is another confirmation of the existence of a glass sky.

Double rainbows are caused by double refraction.

Light, passing through this glass, splits into two beams - ordinary and extraordinary. An ordinary beam propagates perpendicular to the optical axis, and an extraordinary beam is almost parallel to it. This causes the observed shift of the rainbows. This happens when light falls at certain angles. Birefringence is also the cause of the appearance of two suns in the sky:

By the way, the hypothesis about the existence of several suns, which has to be among alternative views on the world order, does not confirm itself. Bhagavad Gita, chapter 13, text 34:

The explanation of the phenomenon of two suns is identical to the explanation of two or more comet tails:

Refraction is clear:

The glass in the sky adequately explains a phenomenon called " gravitational lensing " (distortion of astronomical objects, due to the fact that the line of sight between the source and the observer passes near some attracting body (stars, galaxies), which causes visual distortion, like a lens).

The animation below is a simulated principle of the phenomenon. Projector - observable galaxy; lens - glass in the sky (in the generally accepted view - a massive object that causes distortion with its gravitational field) ; camera monitor - observer. The lens (celestial sphere) makes the image distorted.

Looking through images with the " caustic " effect, I see a typical optical refraction, known as “halo” , “parhelion” . If the cause of these phenomena were only ice crystals, as stated by the head. science - we would not see a perfectly even ring. Same problem with rainbows. Obviously, these are optical effects caused by the refraction of light from a glass sphere, which has reflective properties.

Other phenomena that exist due to the celestial sphere:
The quote below, only at first glance, is humorous. An hour by car is a distance of 100 km. And what is 100 km from the earth …

The celestial sphere also provides explanations for: Greenhouse effect. An ozone generation that produces a fresh scent after a thunderstorm, which has been replicated with air ionizers that use glass plates. UV protection. And also an explanation for the simple and obvious: blue skies. Let’s take a look at the image of the plasma cleaner:

We see a glass flask to which the electrode is connected. Inside the flask there is argon and oxygen (the same elements as in the atmosphere) . Under the influence of current, the plasma glows blue. The sun is the electrode. The sphere is an insulator (dielectric) . Under the influence of current, the insulator forms a plasma (ionized gas capable of conducting electric current). Rising above the ozone layer, the stratosphere, the sky ceases to be blue, because. we are leaving the oxygen (ozone) layer. The Karman Line is a height of 100 km above sea level, which is conventionally accepted as the boundary between the Earth’s atmosphere and outer space, and is the upper border of states.

This is a photo of the same Theodor Karman, an American scientist of Hungarian origin, after whom this border is named. Maybe it’s paranoia, but he seems to be focusing on the glass.

The Bible says that after the flood, a rainbow appeared, which became a sign of God’s promise to never again flood the Earth: Genesis 9:12-15. And God said: This is the sign of the covenant that I am making between Me and between you and between every living soul that is with you, forever and ever. I place My rainbow in the cloud, so that it may be a sign of the covenant between Me and the earth. And it shall come to pass, when I bring a cloud upon the earth, that a rainbow will appear in the cloud; and I will remember my covenant, which is between me and between you, and between every living soul in all flesh; and there will be no more water as a flood to destroy all flesh. That is, before the flood, there was no rainbow phenomenon, since there was no celestial sphere, as a result of the refraction of light from which this optical phenomenon is formed. With the appearance of the sphere, God established a covenant that there would be no more flood. The sphere is a barrier. Now we see as if through a dark glass (1 Corinthians 13:12).

Probably, water from the stellar sphere poured onto the earth, sand rose into the ionosphere in a storm, and the celestial sphere was formed mixed up. This led to the compression of the atmosphere and the fact that the oceans burst their coasts due to compression. In this I see the reason why the average human height before the Flood was higher than today, and in this I find the reason why people now do not live as long as in the days of civilization before the Flood - the oxygen in the atmosphere was diluted with nitrogen, which was above oxygen in antediluvian times. Joseph Flavius, chapter 6: *“the life of people began to gradually decrease and shorten, and this continued until the birth of Moses. After him, according to the decree of the Lord God, the life span is one hundred and twenty years.”*It is known that our liver is designed for at least 600 years, the spleen for 800 years, the kidneys for 400, the vessels for 400, and the spine, on the contrary, is not adapted to the real atmospheric pressure. We are characterized by diseases of the musculoskeletal system, varicose veins, osteochondrosis and curvature of the spine, hypertension. This is due to the fact that we are not adapted to the current force of pressure, and the heart, whose resource is 200 years old, could be much larger under other atmospheric conditions. When studying the prehistoric atmosphere of air preserved in pieces of amber, it was found that there used to be 50% more oxygen, and 10 times higher pressure than in the present.

Probably, before the formation of the celestial sphere, clouds, clouds and rains did not take place, since the conditions for them are created by the greenhouse effect of the celestial sphere. Genesis 2:5. and every bush of the field that was not yet on the earth, and every grass of the field that was not yet growing, for the Lord God did not send rain on the earth, and there was no man to till the earth. Therefore, people had no reason to believe Noah, who predicted the coming catastrophe. Genesis 7:1: for in seven days I will rain on the earth forty days and forty nights. Despite the fact that Scripture does not speak of climate change after the Flood, but based on Genesis 2:5-6. “The Lord God did not send rain on the Earth … but steam rose from the earth and watered the entire face of the Earth”

, it can be assumed that before the flood, before the formation of the celestial sphere, on top of the air layer, the earth was surrounded by a layer of water vapor, which is lighter than air (the molecular weight of H2O is 18, and air is 29) . Sunlight, passing through this vapor-water shell, was evenly scattered over all latitudes with the same intensity. And since water vapor served as a kind of canvas that scatters sunlight, but does not release heat radiated from the surface of the earth, this created a greenhouse barrier from pole to pole, and an even tropical and subtropical climate was predominantly throughout the Earth.

The existence of the same celestial sphere reveals the secret of megacryometeors.

Officially, in those cases when it is impossible to close one’s eyes to falling blocks of ice, megacryometeors are explained either by the release of water waste from aircraft flying high above the ground, or by wind shifts. Examination of the ice showed that it was composed of pure and practically distilled water, so it could not be waste thrown from airplanes. There are known cases of megacryometeors, the weight of which exceeded 680 kg. - weak winds of the tropopause are not able to support blocks of ice of this size. Megacryometeors have nothing to do with hail, as they fall in absolutely clear skies, and even in hot climatic zones. Let’s turn to the graph of temperature change with height:

Before the celestial sphere, located 100 kilometers from the earth, the temperature drops, and after that it begins to rise sharply. What happens on the glass surface if the temperature is low on one side and high on the other?

Condensation forms from a temperature drop, and due to the low temperature, it freezes into ice. Thus the celestial sphere is covered with a crust of ice. And you should not see this as an obstacle to solar, moonlight or starlight - ice is colorless and transparent:

Job 38:29: Out of whose womb comes ice, and the frost of heaven, who brings forth it? Job 38:30: The waters harden like stone, and the face of the deep freezes.
The celestial sphere is covered with a layer of ice, and for God’s sake, however, this ice sometimes breaks off:

It is known that airlines for some reason often change the routes of aircraft. It is likely that the constant flow of air traffic from the same route causes constant vibration and ice loosening, and therefore air routes often change. The fact that aircraft spray chemical aerosols (chemtrails, chemtrails) is comparable to the phenomenon of falling blocks of ice.

It is known that the main composition of chemtrails sprayed in the sky is aluminum, barium, strontium and boron ( US patent No. 5003186) . Naming the properties of these elements, it is obvious that their essence is in the endothermic reaction (absorption of heat) , and in the barrier from the passage of warm anthropogenic flows to the celestial sphere. Since about the 1950s, cases of falling megacryometeors have become more frequent, which is why chemical aerosols are sprayed as a barrier and absorber of heat flows from technogenic activities (greenhouse gas emissions) . The temperature is rising - measures are being taken. The effect is similar to the one shown here:
Revelation of John the Evangelist 16:21. “and hail, the size of a talent, fell from heaven on people.” “Talent” is the highest weight unit. Revelation is a prediction of future events. Judging by the frequent cases of ice falling, the prediction is relevant. Other references to the city in Scripture are also noteworthy
In the world of conspiracy theory, it is customary to see an exclusively negative side of chemtrails, and it certainly exists, but this is the lesser of two evils, because:

When discussing conspiracy theories about chemtrails, I always say: bad guys have nothing easier than poisoning you. And for this you need not aluminum, barium, strontium and boron, but some kind of ricin, potassium cyanide, tetrodotoxin, mercury … In a matter of minutes, a settlement will be dealt with once in a while. And if all aviation at once, then with the whole country. Also, lovers of conspiracy theories retort with the observation that spraying occurs only in settlements. Firstly, in order to draw a conclusion about spraying in populated areas, they made a conclusion based on observations from populated areas. It is unlikely that someone stayed in them for a long time to conclude that spraying was only on residential areas. Secondly, I do not exclude that chemtrails take place only over residential areas, because it is at least pragmatic: why put "

It is worth noting the obvious: if we had a dome of bullshit about flat earth above us, we would not have an obsessive height of 100 km. heights must be different. Having arguments for the existence of a glass spherical ceiling at the height of the ionosphere, the Karman line, it becomes necessary to justify artificial satellites. The glass sphere has a specular coherent reflection. A signal is sent from a ground source to a sphere, from where it is reflected to other ground sources receiving the signal (the angle of incidence is equal to the angle of reflection). There is no need for repeaters to transmit communications. From multiple wave reflection earth-sky sphere-earth, the waves are able to go around the sphere of the universe. Here again it is worth pointing out the obvious:

if we had a dome of bullshit about flat earth above us, such wave propagation would be impossible.

Meteorological functions and scientific research are performed by devices fixed on the celestial sphere itself.

Satellites are geosynchronous, SDO , and some others that live outside the sphere. It must be the world’s space agencies making a hole in the glass for launching spacecraft floating in weightlessness, along the ecliptic, in a geocentric orbit:

Further attention to a blatant observation that seems to be contrary to common sense: how can you look at the sunrise from below and sunset down, and consider that the Earth is Concave, when in such a model everything should be exactly the opposite?! The earth’s atmosphere contains about 14,000 km3 of water vapor. There is no vapor outside the celestial sphere. At the boundary of two media, light is refracted. Refraction is also facilitated by the glassy celestial sphere itself, through which sunlight passes. As a result, the level of the sun appears lower and visually the sun sets below the horizon and rises from behind the horizon.

In addition, especially on hot days, at the boundary between layers of air with different temperatures and densities, refractions and reflections of light rays are formed, which is called atmospheric refraction . The video fragment below is not a real sun, but its reflection:

The sun at sunset is a false sun, a reflection like the headlights of cars on hot asphalt. The false sun, visually, like a weighted drop of water, goes down, while the true sun goes up:

Rising up, the actual sun appears behind the false sun: It is logical to assume that the sun rises a few minutes before the actual appearance in the sky, since the concave bend of the sphere and atmospheric refraction visually lower it down. Similar to sunset. The true position of the sun should be visible only at the zenith , in other positions the sun is false.

Animation illustrating the refraction of the sun (blue area - visible zone, sunrise on the left, sunset on the right) :

The phenomena above also explain the effect of the sun sandwiched between the clouds:

Further. Looking at the schemes of the Hollow Earth, their absolute similarity is clear. On the images below:
Tibetan scheme of the Hollow Earth.
Diagram of the mythical underworld “Agarta”, which is actually our world.
Proposed hollow world model by scientist Leonhard Euler .
The courtyard of the Vatican, the architecture of which exactly repeats the Tibetan scheme, Agharta and Euler’s model.
And the ancient city of Teotihuacan.

If these diagrams, as well as the architecture of the Vatican and Teotihuacan, which clearly embodies them, are transferred from a plane to a volume, the already known toroid will come out, with its two cavities (as in the diagrams) :

Below is a magnetic levitation experiment, where another magnet is held in the center of a hollow magnet in air:

If, similarly to the schemes of the Hollow Earth, we visually translate a hollow magnet into a volume, we get the same toroid:

Thus, the schemes of the Hollow Earth and the experiment with the levitation of the magnet, contribute to the assumption that, like the levitating magnet from the experiment, an octahedron is kept in the center of the universe.

And the holes of the earth’s shell, in accordance with the holes of the magnet, are located at the north and south poles. In 1968, the American meteorological satellite Essa-7 transmitted strange pictures of the North Pole to Earth. In the complete absence of clouds, which is extremely rare in such photographs, a huge hole of a regular round shape is visible near the pole. The photo is genuine - examinations were carried out repeatedly. Without denying the authenticity, as a counterargument, they argue that, they say, this is the result of the inclination of the planet in relation to the sun’s rays … this is not a hole … but a play of light and shadow …

Remarkable evidence of a polar whirlpoolobserved by Russian researchers in 1948. The monolithic ice shell suddenly began to crack, and water was visible in the cracks, from which steam was coming. Fragments of the once intact ice cover were rushing at great speed in a circle with a diameter of about 9 nautical miles.

And this is a video of the north pole from the orbital station in 1987. Falsification, of course, is not ruled out, but there is no reason to exclude authenticity either:

Isn’t this Tartarus , from ancient Greek mythology …

And this is the merged material from Wikileaks:
In 1818, John Cleaves Simms proposed that the Earth consisted of a hollow shell 1,300 km thick, with holes 2,300 km in diameter at both poles, with four inner shells each opening at a pole. On April 15, 1818, he sent a letter to congressmen, university presidents, and some distinguished scientists, as follows: To the
whole world.
I declare that the Earth is hollow and inhabited from within. It consists of several solid concentric spheres placed one inside the other, and has openings from 12 to 16 ° at the poles. I undertake to prove the truth of this statement and am ready to explore the interior of the Earth if they help me in this undertaking.

The famous British astronomer Edmund Halley was one of the first to take the Hollow Earth idea seriously. Trying to explain the movement of the Earth’s magnetic poles, he put forward a curious hypothesis. “But what if several spherical shells rotate inside it, inserted one into the other, ” he asked. “ Their rotation at different speeds may well lead to fluctuations in the total geomagnetic field and, as a result, to a shift in the poles” … Koreshians also believed that the earth has several metal shells nested in each other. Steve Lordn Christ also believes that the earth’s shell consists of several metal hoops, between which the water column (possibly a viscous semi -fluid asthenosphere )


Obvious reasons:

The surface (boundary) of Mohorovichich is a layer in which the speed of sound increases to 8000 m/s. So the speed increases only in metals. Hence the hypothesis: the Mohorovichich layer is the power frame of the Earth. Otherwise - the first metal shell from the earth’s surface, if there are several of them, as assumed above. In Ps.135:6 , it is said that God established the earth on the waters. The suggestion that there is water between the metallic spheres of the earth brings clarity to this verse. It is also noteworthy that from the description of the flood in the Book of Genesis and the Book of Enoch it follows that in addition to water from the “windows of heaven”, that is, from the starry sphere, water also came from the bowels of the earth (the abyss) : Genesis, chapter 7, verse 11.

on that day all the fountains of the great deep were broken up , and the windows of heaven were opened.

Book of Enoch, chapter 8, verse 65-66. And in those days the judgment of the Lord of Spirits will come, and the storehouse of the waters that are above in the heavens will be opened, and besides them, those springs that are under the heavens and below in the earth.
And all the waters on earth will be united with the waters that are above in heaven;

Metal shells are located only up to the poles, which are covered from the inside only by continental and oceanic plates (without a metal base) and, since the regions of the poles do not repeat the spherical shape of the outer cover, the holes at the poles are flat. The latter was proven in 1735-1736 by the French Academy of Sciences, which equipped two expeditions - one (led by Pierre de Maupertuis and Clairaut) to Lapland, and the other (led by Bouguet and La Condamine) - to Peru. During the expeditions, it was possible to prove that the Earth is flattened at the poles.

An engraving by Jean Dollet shows the scientist Pierre de Maupertuis , demonstrating the oblateness of the pole:

Therefore , between the metal shells there are colossal reservoirs of water, and, in addition to the water gushing out of the “windows of heaven”, the water also came through the holes in the poles.

This source refers to the found diamond, which was formed at a depth of more than 500 km. The diamond contains a tiny crystal of the mineral ringwoodite. An analysis carried out by scientists showed that there is about one and a half percent water in a ringwoodite crystal. And it was formed surrounded by water. According to preliminary calculations, these same one and a half percent “poured out” into about ten Pacific Oceans.

The outer metal cover, with holes on both poles, is tilted 10 degrees (shown in the animation below) . The cover slowly precesses over hundreds of years. This is what determines the location of the magnetic north and south poles. This is what Edmund Halley was trying to explain.

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(continued from above)
Below is an animation by Lord Steven Christ . To the north, geomagnetic field lines move up the inner surface of the earth, which exit through the polar hole in the north. They then move south along the outer surface and re-enter the inner cavity, through the south polar hole, to complete the circuit.

Turning again to the toroid model, the logic is obvious. An explanation of the origin of telluric currents is found.

Thus, the appearance of the shell of the universe, due to the passage of geomagnetic field lines through it through the poles, looks something like this:

Obviously, these holes are the ventilation of the universe. The heat from the sun needs to go somewhere. The north hole is the exit, the south one is the entrance. In total, everything adds up one to one: - Toroidal elementary particle (proton). The energy in the toroid flows in such a way that two cavities are formed (the north and south poles, on the scale of the universe, which are not covered with a metal shell). - The Tibetan scheme of the hollow Earth, and the scheme of the mythical Agartha, with two holes, like a toroid. - The architecture of the courtyard of the Vatican and Teotihuacan, repeating the Tibetan scheme and Agartha, with their holes. - A picture of the satellite “Essa-7”, with a hole at the north pole. - The human eye, as the principle of self-similarity, according to which everything in the universe is arranged.

The last example also includes the stellar sphere (pupil) and the shell of the earth:

Also noteworthy is the courtyard of the Vatican, the architecture of which repeats the often encountered scheme of the hollow Earth. In the center is an Egyptian obelisk, and to the left and right of it are fountains that glow at night. Since the architecture repeats the hollow scheme of the Earth, it is logical to assume that the obelisk is an octahedron in the center of the universe, and the opposite fountains are the sun and the moon.

The architecture of the Vatican exactly repeats these elements of the Tibetan Hollow Earth scheme.

-------------------------------------------------- —
Next. In the video below, at 2:32 , electric plasma emissions are visible. This suggests the hypothesis of the nature of meteorites and the composition of our star.
Official science knows the phenomenon of solar flares - an explosive process of energy release (kinetic, light and thermal) in the atmosphere of the sun. Likely due to power surges known as “solar flares”, this molten mass is ejected from the sun. The phenomenon is similar to what is called a " coronal mass ejection ".

Thus, meteorites come from the sun. Given that the sun is constantly being depleted by losing its elements, known as meteorites, it is obvious that the life of the main luminary is limited. It is preferable to determine the tail of a meteorite not by a plume of dust and gas, but by a glass sky. In the field of photography, such terms as coma, chromatic aberration, sagittal astigmatism, tangential astigmatism are well known.

Below is a fragment with the effect of optical coma. Visual analogy of the plume of a shooting star / comet. The light source is directed at the lens, and when the angle of the incident light changes, a coma effect is formed that creates a tail.

Thus, the fact of the comet’s tail falls into the treasury of evidence for the presence of glass in the sky.

Meteorites do not necessarily fall to earth. Many fragments of various sizes fly in orbit behind glass. This area is officially called the " asteroid belt ".

And only especially strong magnetic fluxes throw these objects to the ground. The crust on pieces of meteorites is burnt glass. A red-hot meteor, passing through glass, leaves liquefied glass on itself, which solidifies into a crust. Hence the content of silicon dioxide (the main element of glass) in meteorites.

Accordingly, according to the composition of these pieces, one can assume the composition of the heavenly body.

From the obvious:
Alloys based on iron, nickel and cobalt are used for high temperature applications, which are known as superalloys.
Magnesium is a conductor of heat and electricity.
Precious metals are used in electronics for better conductivity and to ensure reliable contacts.
Graphite is a conductor of electric current (graphite electrodes). See video above. Graphite has exceptionally high heat resistance.
Silicon is the main material of solid-state electronics.
Sulfur is the element of the sulfur lamp.
Elements correlate with electronics, conductivity, heat. It begs the hypothesis that the sun is made up of a condensed amount of iron alloy with a unique composition that is almost never found on earth. The main composition (body) is an iron-nickel-cobalt alloy (schreibersite) , the rest is microelements. The sun works like an incandescent light bulb, and if there is a sphere covering the sun, then it probably works like a bulb.

The phenomenon of the flashing sun now at least somehow fits into the head.

Sulfur lamp , perhaps, the closest in its properties, spectrum, temperature to the main luminary. In the image below, the sun seen with one’s own eyes, the light of a sulfur lamp, and the sun shown to us by NASA. Find the third one.

Under the bulb of the chemical elements of a sulfur lamp, in addition to sulfur, argon gas is placed, and other additives can be added to correct the color of the glow. Perhaps the nature of cosmic nebulae - gas argon, xenon … emanating from the sun. It is not difficult to deal with the movement of the “planets”. Looking at the heliocentric system, it is enough to imagine a stellar sphere instead of the sun:

Below is an animation by Lord Steven Christ:

Due to the fact that a magnetic flux comes from the octahedron to the collimators of the sun , it has a magnetic force and, rotating in orbit around the stellar sphere, the sun magnetically affects the planets, causing their retrograde motion. When the planets and the sun are at a distance from each other, the planets become magnetically confused (lose the magnetic influence of the sun) , and begin to move in the opposite direction until they again fall under the magnetic influence of the sun, and do not continue to move on their original trajectory. When Mercury and Venus, orbiting the sun, set behind the sun, they are just as confused. Modern cosmology, in view of the false postulate of the rotation of the earth, refers the retrograde movement of the planets to an illusion.

The Bible once again tells about what the planets are: “The first angel went and poured out his bowl on the earth: and cruel and disgusting festering wounds became on people who had the mark of the beast and worshiped his image” (Rev. 16:2) “The second angel poured out his cup into the sea: and it became blood like a dead man, and every living thing died in the sea” ( Rev. 16:3) 16:4) “The fourth angel poured out his cup on the sun: and it was given to him to burn people with fire” (Rev. 16:8; see also Joel 1:16-20) “The fifth angel poured out his cup on the throne of the beast: and it was his kingdom is dark, and they have bitten their tongues for affliction” (Rev. 16:10).

“The sixth angel poured out his cup into the great river Euphrates: and the water dried up in it, so that the way for the kings from the rising of the sun was ready” (Rev. 16:12
) a voice saying: It is done! (Rev. 16:17) Chalices. Translucent vessels, with some form of liquid.

Ancient Greek astronomical symbols⬊

⬈similar to the chemical formula of Hermes (probable response to the contents of the vessels) :

Saturn is lead . Jupiter is tin . Mars is iron . Venus is copper . Mercury is mercury.

The planets have their own axis of rotation. For example, from rotation along the axis of Jupiter, the liquid in it is twisted. Below is a GIF image from two images taken by Hubble’s Wide Field Camera 3. The images were taken with compensation for the movement of Jupiter, as if it were standing still. This made it possible to distinguish movement in it. They call it an atmospheric wave, but reconciling this observation with the concept of a “cup” from Scripture, it can be assumed that this is a liquid inside a translucent cavity.

The Solar Dynamics Observatory , using a special ultraviolet, X-ray range, captured a rare event of the passage of Venus through the Sun. Everything that comes from outer space should be questioned, but nevertheless, let’s pay attention to the fact that through some filters, at the moment Venus begins to pass through the sun, its transparency is visible:

Considering that sound comes from the center of the universe, the assumption is brewing that the hollow spheres that we call planets, together with the stellar sphere, are the acoustic system of the universe. Probably hollow spheres contribute to the reflection of vibrational (sound) waves, resonance, amplification of volume, additional sound dispersion, reverberation or transformation of one type of vibrations concentrated in hollow spheres into another, or they are supertuning resonators for selecting the desired frequency. This video will serve as an impetus for understanding:
I also recall the Radio Acoustic Probe in Dubna - a hollow sphere, 18 meters in diameter, with acoustic properties:

If we assume that some form of liquid is present in the hollow shells, then this can be attributed to the selection of the required frequency by filling them, if these shells are supertuning resonators.

It is noteworthy that the architecture of the past is replete with certain spheres-cisterns, which are probably also resonators for selecting the desired frequency in generator temples . To do this, it was enough to choose the correct level of filling with water from the nearest aqueduct. Below is a photo of the Temple of Christ in Tomar , where there are spheres, and a well hole:

The sounds emitted by the planets are recorded in the present.

What do the planets in the solar system sound like?
Obviously Saturn occupies the dominant resonator role. Excerpt from a lecture by David Icke :
The solar system corresponds to the human chakra system. Chakras are funnels that receive the vibration of the planets. Notable is the ancient philosopher Plotinus , who claimed that the heavenly bodies know and hear about our desires.

Sound is also related to the cause of Schumann Resonance and seismic activity in a hollow sphere:
Next , in the video below on how the phases of the Concave Earth Month work :
Based on the phenomenon of a solar eclipse, the Moon is the closest celestial body from the earth. Probably like the sun of a parabolic shape (hemisphere) , which is the reason for its circulation to the earth is always one side.

Fairy tale “Gingerbread Man” - a guide for children to study the phases of the month. Previously, fairy tales were not nonsense, they were of an educational nature, in an allegorical form convenient for children, and were a means of forming a worldview. Kolobok is a month that rolls across the sky and gradually disappears.
The boar bit off a piece.
The raven pecked.
The bear flattened its side.
The wolf ate some.
The fox ate Kolobok completely. Boar, Raven, Bear, Wolf, Fox - these are the names of the Halls (constellations). In the Slavic concept, Grandfather and Grandmother are Slavic Gods: Tarh (patron of the Hall of the Race) and Jiva (patron of the Hall of the Virgin). And the story begins like this:

Come on, old woman, scrape the box, mark the bottom of the barrel, if you can scrape up flour for a bun.

The old woman took a wing, scraped it along the box, broomed it in the bottom of the barrel, and scraped off two handfuls of flour.
She kneaded flour on sour cream, cooked a bun, fried it in oil and put it on the window to cool.
The gingerbread man lay down, lay down, took it and rolled.
Here is an allegorical story about the creation of a month, the composition of the rock of which is of earthly origin. There is a book "The Mystery of the Moon ", the authors of which argue for the artificiality of this object.

Below is an excerpt from a lecture by David Icke, where he voices the assumption that the Moon is a powerful electromagnetic amplifier that receives the electromagnetic frequencies of Saturn and radiates them to the earth. The month works like a plate that transmits (generates) information (frequencies) , which are perceived and decoded by the inhabitants of the earth as a reality that is illusory (fake) .
Next. Attraction. The hollow shell of the universe is filled with ether under pressure. Ether is the building material of absolutely everything - it is the essence of substance, matter. More Democritus, about 400 BC came to the conclusion that emptiness and atoms are organized with the help of amers. Amers are the smallest particles, measuring 10 to the minus 100 degree. In other words, amers are ether. The size of the final particles that modern official science operates on is approximately 10 to the minus 25 degree. Anything less is taboo, despite the fact that those particles are the first bricks that make up particles of a degree higher. Ether was the first element of the periodic table, but was later hidden. Fortunately, there is an alternative science that goes deeper and considers these particles, operates with them. As water is the medium for the propagation of waves, so the ether is the medium for the propagation of radio waves, light. In the medium of ether we live like fish in water, only we do not feel this water. Just as a cell is filled with cytoplasm, so the universe is filled with ether. Ether has the property of “entrainment by motion”: any element, any body is surrounded by the medium of ether, and from the movement of elementary particles, ethereal vortex flows are involved in them.

Elementary particles, material bodies continuously absorb the ether, and ethereal rarefaction is formed between them, and then the external ethereal pressure comes into force, contributing to their attraction. External ethereal pressure is the primer field inside the octahedron, from which magnetic field lines emanate in all directions. Thus, in the center of the universe is the point of perturbation of the ether medium.

Aether pressure of the Concave Earth on the example of circles on the water, from the point of perturbation:


There is no need to rotate the outer shell. The ether presses on the walls and on everything that is on the inner surface. The greatest pressure, the greatest density is directed towards the surface of the earth. Thus, the pressure force of the ether presses us to the ground. At altitude, in the mountains, the pressure is lower, due to the very fact of altitude (pressure is less affected than being on the ground; analogy with the depth of water). There are funny guys on the Internet, whose land is flat, with a dome over their heads - they, with such an argument, retort: ​​"why then, for example, does smoke rise up?" . Because all substances interact at the level of their density, and occupy a certain level in density. This is the law of Archimedes. The greater the molecular density of an object, the stronger the ether pushes it down. The greater the mass, the greater the amount of ether flows through the atomic structure. More object molecules - more ether pressure. An object with a lower density weighs less because the aether partially passes through it, reducing the pressure.

The clouds absorb the ether, so an area of ​​low pressure is created under the clouds. The gyroscope in the plane goes out of ether and aligns with the central magnetic octahedron. The moon, as a physical object, blocks a part of the pressure, which contributes to the tide of water masses. Under the projection of the moon, a low pressure zone is created on the earth, and water rushes into this area. There is no month nearby - the pressure on the water is greater, the waves are low. Very superficial about the attraction of the hollow universe:

Why are stars not visible at high altitudes? First, the layer of ice on the celestial sphere changes daily from a translucent crystalline state during the day to a transparent amorphous state at night, thus blocking out much light during the daytime. Secondly, there is a much lower concentration of luminiferous ether in the atmosphere . At ground level, a high concentration of ether (its pressure) , the higher, the lower the concentration. The ether is a medium that allows one to see light, in particular stellar light. It is customary to call the ether “light-bearing ether” because it carries light. A lower concentration of ether at heights prevents light. This is also the reason why we cannot see the icy celestial sphere.

Further. In Scripture, there are references to the four winds of the earth, the four ends / corners of the earth, and the pillars (of the earth, of heaven) :

Revelation of John, chapter 7, verse 1. And after this I saw four Angels standing at the four corners of the earth, holding the four winds of the earth so that the wind does not blow on land, or on the sea, or on any tree.
Jeremiah chapter 49, verse 36. And I will bring four winds over Elam from the four corners of heaven, and I will scatter them among all these winds.
Daniel, chapter 7, verse 2. Beginning to speak, Daniel said: I saw in my vision of the night, and, behold, the four winds of heaven fought on the great sea.
Daniel, chapter 8, verse 8. Then the goat became exceedingly exalted; but when it became stronger, the great horn broke, and four came out in its place, facing the four winds of heaven.
Ezekiel, chapter 7, verse 2. And you, son of man, say: Thus says the Lord God; the end of the land of Israel, the end has come to the four ends of the earth.
Book of Job, chapter 9, verse 5-6. He moves mountains, and they do not recognize them: He changes them in His wrath; moves the earth out of its place, and its pillars tremble.
The book of Job, chapter 26, verse 11. The pillars of heaven tremble and are terrified by His thunderstorm.

The picture becomes clearerif we accept that the octahedron is a quadrupole having four magnetic base rods that form equatorial equilibrium points.(90 degrees apart) :

The quadrupole of the octahedron is the four magnetic cores of the base:

Ancient Egyptian calendar:

Four corners at the base of the octahedron = four pillars (pillars) in Scripture.

Four corners at the base of the octahedron - magnetic equilibrium, equatorial belt, zero parallel:

Also the reason for the circular orbit in which geostationary satellites hover:

What looks like this on a real model:

Understanding this, it turns out how the Foucault pendulum works:
Further. Why does temperature increase with depth? Of. science knows the phenomenon of telluric currents . A metal hoop appears to the imagination, with a spiral winding of wire. The hoop is the shell of the earth, the wire is the currents transmitted from the shell and protruding to the surface of the earth’s crust, known as telluric currents. Solar energy penetrates the thickness of the earth, hitting the metal base. And the energy, as we already know, continuously bends upward, being attracted to the magnetic octahedron, from which it again flows to the sun. Thus, the law of conservation of energy works here. The sun gains as much as it loses. In the image below: In the center is an octahedron with two poles. The sun, as a conductor of energy from the octahedron, forms magnetic lines of force.

The metal base of the earth, around which telluric (earthly) currents (orange coils) flow .

Terrestrial currents are caught by the force lines of the magnetic field and are drawn into the octahedron, from the octahedron they emanate towards the sun, from the sun into the earthly base, forming earthly currents. It turns out an endless vicious cycle. The temperature increases with depth due to the concentration of solar energy at the metal base of the earth’s shell. It becomes understandable why it is useful to walk barefoot, to have contact with the ground, why it is useful to lean against trees (dendrotherapy) . Man is an energy being, coming into contact with the earth and its vegetation, there is a direct connection with the universe, which begins to feel a person. There is an energy exchange, the universe gives the body the energy it needs, and the person is literally charged. Shoe sole, asphalt are an insulator.

How outer space is reached on the Concave Earth.

Let’s take out the hackneyed conspiracy theories about false flights into space , astronaut actors, shooting space under water and computer graphics . Apart from this, there is no doubt that genuine space flights are taking place.

In 1962, the US decides to detonate nuclear warheads in space. As part of Operation Fishbowl , it was planned to carry out an explosion of a W49 charge with a capacity of 1.4 Mt.

Why was it really necessary to fire nuclear missiles into space? What did they want to achieve? They wanted to punch a hole in the glass sphere and enter outer space.

The nose cone and the leading edges of the shuttle wings are made of reinforced carbon fiber. Why are nose cones and wing edges super strong when there’s nothing but a few atoms of gas in there? The shuttle returns at an angle, nose up, not down…

Why does the shuttle take off at an angle that is becoming more and more parabolic?

Why does the space shuttle heat up to 1650°C when entering the atmosphere , exactly the temperature at which glass (silicon dioxide) melts, and this happens precisely at an altitude of 100 km ?

Imagining the picture of hockey skates sliding on ice + broken glass in slow-mo + the process of glass splitting, we get a similar picture of the shuttle entering the “atmosphere” (read glass).

A gap is being made in the celestial sphere for access to outer space.

There are a lot of recorded cases of UFOs - the question arises: where do they come from in the hollow earth. In the myths and legends of many ancient peoples, one can often find references to mysterious underground inhabitants who occasionally rise to the surface of the Earth. UFOs come to us not from the expanses of the Universe, but from the bowels of the earth. For example, an American enthusiast of the unknown, Dr. Jim Patterson, who over many years of his research work became convinced of the existence of some mysterious and, possibly, even hostile forces in the depths of our planet, spoke about this issue as follows:

“Many people believe that UFOs come to us from other planets, perhaps even galaxies. But it turns out that at least some of the aliens are more correctly called “sub-planets”, since they live very close, right under their feet, in the bowels of the Earth.” Creatures taken by people for aliens are inhabitants of the underground depths, and various UFOs are their means of moving underground, in water and in the atmosphere. Back in 1968, an article by a certain American F. Lagarte was published in the press, in which a hypothesis about the relationship between UFOs and earthquakes was presented. The author of the article noted that UFOs show great interest in faults in the earth’s crust, where earthquakes most often occur, appearing there either on the eve or immediately after a natural disaster. American enthusiast of the unknown Dr. Jim Patterson:

“Now we can explain this phenomenon in the simplest way: if your own house suddenly began to shake, you would probably first jump out into the street, and then you would certainly begin to observe what would happen to it next. Therefore, UFOs often appear over nuclear test sites on the days when another series of underground nuclear explosions is carried out there. After all, it is no longer a secret for anyone that after explosions, as a rule, induced or man-made earthquakes often occur.

Nuclear (especially underground) explosions undoubtedly disturb and disturb the underground inhabitants of our planet.

It is noteworthy to note that in the Christian doctrine the underworld is also inhabited by various creatures of the lower worlds: demons and evil spirits.

There are no problems regarding the trajectory of aircraft flights , because their angle of attack plays in favor of the earth with negative curvature. In cruising flight mode (when the aircraft has gained altitude and leveled off speed) , it stably keeps a small degree up (at least three degrees) .

Regarding experiments with a laser along the water , which allegedly prove the plane. Flat earthers are pretty limited guys to be smart enough to give attention to the equatorial height.

A laser along the water will never show a plane if you entrust this experiment to reasonable people.
At any point of the sphere, we are perpendicular to its center. Having tilted the head along the vertical axis of the body, our gaze is directed strictly to the center. In a fit of pleasure, with mental pain, prayerful appeal to God, we tend to direct our gaze to the sky, subconsciously repaying/turning to the center of the sphere, to the source, to the Creator. This only makes sense in the Concave Earth model.

Internal reasoning about the plausibility of millions and billions of light-years of a half-empty space above the head or a universe enclosed in a hollow sphere corresponding to the official diameter, radius and circumference of the earth comes to certainty from the law of sufficient reason.

The animation below in many ways clearly illustrates the above-described world order:
Taking into account verse 7, chapter 26 of the book of Job: “He spread the north over the void, hung the earth on nothing” , it can be assumed that the sphere of the universe literally weighs in the void, on nothing, like the Earth and appears in the mind of an average person.
Conjectures about outer space, about the existence of planets, about extraterrestrial life, have no basis. These reflections have a transcendental character (beyond the limits of any understanding) , therefore, any reasoning about this is pure boltology. The question “what’s outside?” is tantamount to asking “what is beyond our minds?” . At the level of no more than an idle conversation, you can allow:

that just as there are an infinite number of cells in the body, so are the planets;

that the universe is only a cell of a living meta-being;

that the universe is fractally nested in turn into another universe (like a nesting doll in a nesting doll) :

It can also be assumed that there is nothing else besides our universe. The word “planets” appearing in various religious writings, in view of the modern dominant model of the world of Copernicus, may not be an exact translation and originally means “worlds”. Worlds are not necessarily other planets, they can be interpreted as other densities located in the same space. About it in the video below:

"And how much you need to dig to go beyond the limits of the universe" - a question that arises in the minds. It was discussed above that the voids depicted in the Tibetan hollow earth diagram, the Agartha diagram, and the architecture of the Vatican that repeats them, are unplated areas corresponding to the poles. If somewhere there are exits beyond - they are there. Hollow earth proponent John Cleaves Simms, in 1818, suggested that the Earth’s shell was 1,300 km thick, with holes 2,300 km in diameter at both poles. What he relied on when naming these figures is unknown. Probably he, like Cyrus Teed , was given a revelation . The fact that there are holes on both poles is obvious. They are covered only by continental and oceanic plates (without a metal base). About what kind of space is behind the shell of the universe and whether the word “space” is appropriate for that environment - one can only guess. Our reason is not adapted to transcendental application, so all talk about it is empty.

An excellent animated presentation by the American writer Andy Weier , including a vision of what the universe is and what is beyond it (clickable image) :

According to its own subjective idea, the universe has all the signs of a terrarium, life in which was launched at once (no Darwinism).

In continuation of the principle of self-similarity of everything in the universe, it is noteworthy that the structure of the stellar sphere of the earth and the structure of the human brain are visually surprisingly similar. Pineal gland (pineal gland) - like an energy focus in the center of the star sphere (at the point of zero magnetism) ; the stars are like neurons in the brain surrounding a focus in the center. On the left is a microscopic model of brain neurons, on the right is a macroscopic model of the universe:

Looking at Michelangelo’s fresco “The Creation of Adam”, where the hand of God gives an impulse, and the hand of Adam receives it, giving life energy to the whole body, one can see the divine abode as an allusion to the brain . If we perceive the fresco as a whole, through the concept of the Concave Earth - the divine abode - the stellar sphere, which is the brain, the first impulse of all that exists.

Some researchers believe that the brain is just a switch (receiver-transmitter) that receives waves (thoughts) and radiates back. Nothing is born in the brain itself, a person is only free to accept incoming thoughts (waves) or reject them. For a brief understanding of this, a short lecture below will serve:
Where is the original emitting source whose signals are received by our receivers? In the same place where the cell has a source of its vital activity: in the nucleus.

Nirvana (not a torn perception of the world, but a holistic one) , superconsciousness, meditation, the indulgence of the Holy Spirit in Christianity, Zen in Buddhism, etc. - the essence is the same: the entry of a downward flow.

Dome of the Cathedral of San Marco in Venice:

The descending stream enters through the fontanel or crown. With constant brain activity, its own electromagnetic field is generated, and with tension and muscle contractions of the body, which is caused by electromagnetic impulses from the brain, an electromagnetic field is also generated, propagating through biowires and biocables called “nerve fibers”. Therefore, in all practices and traditions, it is recommended not only to relax the mind, but also the body. When thoughts stop and physical relaxation, the flow can freely enter the fontanel and connect a person to the world center, source, higher beginning.
The Descent of the Holy Spirit in Scripture.

Nimbus - activated seventh chakra from the downward flow (descent of the Holy Spirit in Christianity).

Rene Descartes, Leonardo da Vinci and others considered the pineal gland (pineal gland) to be the soul.

Pineal gland (pineal gland) - located in the center of the brain:

Following the principle of self-similarity of the brain with the stellar sphere of the universe:

epiphysis of the brain = energy focus in the center of the stellar sphere; brain = cosmos (star sphere) , cosmos= brain; micro-macro, receiver-transmitter. People have known about the pineal gland and its significant role in the process of human spiritual development since ancient times, as evidenced by numerous archaeological monuments of art and architecture, the works of ancient philosophers.

It is known that the pineal gland, together with the corpus callosum, the cerebral vault, the thalamus, looks like an eye (by the way, having the same size as the physical eyes). On the right, in the image below, the ancient Egyptian symbol Wadjet (Ujat, also the eye of Horus or the eye of Horus) :

This is the obvious source of the all-seeing eye that appears on the pyramids, in particular on the dollar bill.

The all-seeing eye on the pyramid, as mentioned above, is a focus in the center of the octahedron of the universe, which is fractally connected with the nucleus in the center of the brain. The hearth in the center of the universe, in conjunction with the stellar sphere - the brain, processor, intelligence of all things. The world is inside and outside at the same time.
Experiment: what kind of gesture would you reproduce, with the emotional pronunciation of the word " consciousness " or " holistic worldview "? A sphere around the head or even the body?

The world is inside a person, a person is inside the world (micro-macro).

Where is the true essence of a person if:

Closing your eyes, is there one who sees?

Losing any part of the body or undergoing organ transplantation, consciousness does not differentiate. How long do you dismember the body, self-awareness, the properties of reflection remain the same?

Recorded cases of human viability, with a practically absent brain?

Self-study, in particular by means of meditative practices, lead to a clear awareness of oneself as some kind of eternal witness directing attention?

With the complete cessation of physical activity, is there someone who invariably and tirelessly observes, as witnessed by survivors of clinical death? Looking at his body, the observer perceives it only as an old favorite clothes, feeling affection and compassion for it, but the observer does not find himself in the body.

Where is the essence of man, where is his I? The observer is outside the body. There is a certain all-sufficient eternal unconditional fullness, which is not threatened by anything.
When we look at any object, the reflection of light enters the eye, passes through the lens, transforms into an electrical impulse by the nerve, and we do not see light, but feel the electrical impulse reflected in the cerebral cortex - thus the whole world is inside us, but we - Who is it and where?

Micro macro. The hearth in the center of the universe is the pineal gland; stars - neurons; the stellar sphere is the brain; sun - eyes; in anatomy, Atlas is a cervical vertebra; in mythology, a mighty titan holding the vault of heaven (star sphere, brain) on his shoulders ; planets of the solar system - energy centers (chakras) . The center of the sphere of the universe is the Higher Self of all that exists.

Consciousness is an ether, which is a reasonable environment (the Holy Spirit, from the Christian doctrine; the subtle spiritual world) . Just as a cell is filled with cytoplasm, so the shell of the universe is filled with ether. In the center of the sphere of the universe is the zero point (the point of zero magnetism) , where the ether of the shell of the universe (the Higher Self) flows and concentrates . The concentration of ether in the center of the sphere of the universe is metaphorically a fire, from which sparks of flame fly out, which are not qualitatively different from fire. All spiritualized beings are separate particles of fire. “To reach the kingdom of heaven” - to get out of the fractal depth, having come to the natal point, to the highest whole mind of the universe.

Is it not in this principle of “micro-macro” that God created man in His own image and likeness (Genesis, chapter 1, verse 26-27)…

To admission. According to the principle of fractality, the higher consciousness infinitely differentiated itself into the spiritualization of everything that exists, in order to cognize itself in all aspects of being by means of separation, work through and return to a common denominator (reach the kingdom of heaven) , thus seeing and realizing itself.

Eukaryotic cells have a nucleus associated with the main nucleus of the universe; our DNA molecules, proteins are antennas, tk. they contain metal atoms, which are a kind of antennas facing “space” (to the core) and receive control information; the chakra system is also a receiver for communication with the “cosmos”; the main antenna, the main switch - our brain, the function of which is to receive information from above and transmit it back. The brain forms an analog signal by smoothing the ether particles that fill the shell of the universe, like pixels of a three-dimensional digital image, into a smooth curve.

What is the will of man? Is everything predetermined? Virtual human-made simulation - is there something in it for its creator unforeseen? The image of a puppet, where threads emanate from the control center (the core of the universe) , setting the puppet in motion, and, in the case of spiritualized beings, causing impulses, because thoughts / desires also originate from outside (look) .

In all traditional religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, there is a belief in fate, which implies the totality of all events and circumstances that are predetermined. Hence the figure in religions “for all the will of God.” Life is certainly multivariate. A person has the will to turn left or right, thus determining his fate, but the innumerable variability in the simulation can only be predetermined. Whatever you choose - at some level it has already happened and it is inevitable. What then is the meaning of this form of being? In the vector of freedom of choice (prescribed variability) and in how the spirit reacts to events. What for? To increase the evolutionary number of the spirit. What is spirit? Fractal of the core of the universe (in a sense, a part of it) . Thus, this simulation is a simulator.

To view , for an impetus to comprehension.

When choosing a path in life, having the will to turn left or right, thereby determining one’s fate and circumstances, it turns out that with any choice a person receives experience at least two times less than possible. Experience is the main factor in the simulator, therefore, parallel worlds were created to obtain maximum experience, thanks to which a person simultaneously goes right and left, gaining experience from all possible directions to which he is predisposed. It is written in the Vedas that there are as many parallel worlds as there are barley grains in a bag. The number of possible outcomes of any event is equal to the number of parallel worlds. Deja vu effect - the result of layering (crossing) these worlds. The shell of the universe is filled with ether - the smallest particles of matter, on which everything is based without exception in the material world. In the center of the universe is a source that emits sound vibrations (vibration) , which has a vibrational effect on the particles of the ether (this is how being was founded: "in the beginning there was a word - thought, vibration, sound) . Our antennas (brain, molecules, DNA) , receiving a signal from above ( from the core) , tuned to the perception of a certain, small spectrum of the wave range. However, there are many other spectrums. A certain range of vibrations coming to our antennas corresponds to a certain density of the ether vibrating at a certain corresponding frequency. Due to different ether densities, parallel worlds do not intersect with each other (like a net in an aquarium, where water passes through the net, one through the other, without interfering with each other) . An analogy with a receiver tuned to a particular wave or a TV tuned to a particular channel (one TV, many channels) . God is the fastest action, which in an instant contains fluctuations of all frequencies (analogous to a TV radio station).

It is the concept of the Concave Earth that gives ground for such reflections. Neither in the spherical nor in the flat models such reflections have a basis.

Before going further, it is necessary to clearly realize that the universe is a mechanism. High tech terrarium. All life in the terrarium was launched at once or in a very short period of time (see) . The universe did not appear as a result of a big bang and was not harmonized as a result of chaos, accompanied by millions and billions of years of evolution and anthropogenesis. It is a technology that has an engineer(s) ( Great Architect of the Universe ) . And there is no place for atheism in this concept, because there must be someone who implemented this technology, and above all, someone who conceived it. There is no cold infinite space, millions and billions of light-years of empty space - everything is limited to a few thousand kilometers, taken from the official diameter of the Earth. The universe is not a planet, because the stars and what is commonly called the “planets of the solar system” are not planets, therefore not the planet and the Earth, for it is one. It is possible that the same shells can exist outside of it, but the sphere of the universe is the limit of our mind, so we cannot know this. With an understanding of the structure of the universe, the ground arises for a sharper understanding of the meaning of our stay here. A person must have a meaningful meaning,


Traces of highly developed ancient civilizations, finds of artifacts, ancient advanced technologies, craters of the earth’s surface, the radiation background of the earth, melting and shapelessness of megaliths, traces of erosion from the flood, silt with sand, underwater roads and cities - all this suggests that, first of all, , other civilizations previously lived on Earth and, apparently, they were much more highly developed, and suggests that these civilizations, by means of some periodic bombing (this is evidenced by numerous craters of the earth with a background radiation) and floods (evidence of traces of erosion , fill clay with sand and silt) , are erased from the face of the Earth. Such events happened more than a dozen times. In the 19th century alone there were several.Sometimes they are local, sometimes global. I have three probable reasons for such events as a hypothesis:

1. The earth, being a living organism, “licks its wounds” with lava ejection and floods.

2. The engineers of the universe by such events deliberately exterminate humanity, which, contrary to what was planned, has taken the vector of degradation. There is a reset, the principle of which is the law of equivalent compensation - humanity receives a reward or punishment corresponding to the quality of energy radiation.

**3.**The universe is a highly technological mechanism. Therefore, repairs are required from time to time. People in this period are superfluous. World floods or some kind of weapon, commensurate in power with thermonuclear, get rid of humanity for the duration of technical work. By analogy with a home terrarium, the scenery changes from time to time, the light is replaced, new soil is filled in, etc. Animals are out of place at this time. Such a cruel method of getting rid of humanity may be due to the fact that from the point of view of the higher mind, our material life is of no value. Values ​​represent developments, knowledge, accumulated experience of our immortal foundation. The last catastrophe occurred approximately in the period 1841 - 1843. It is difficult to assess its scale, but it clearly affected St. Petersburg, with the clearing of the “cultural layer” of which, covering some of the first floors of buildings, they did not bother. Before that, presumably in 1812, there was a catastrophe that caused the death of Tartaria, the territory of which stretched from the shores of today’s France to the Far East, and also extended to Africa and part of Australia. This is evidenced by the analysis of archaeological excavations, lithographic paintings, maps, the fact of the absence in Europe and Russia of trees exceeding the age of 200-300 years, as well as the fact of an almost instantaneous mass pestilence of mammoths, which are found at a depth of 10 meters or more, and whose meat is suitable for consumption, which suggests that the event that killed them happened relatively recently. Before,

Taking as a basis to rely on Scripture, an example is presented in an extract from Genesis, falling under point 2 above (deliberate extermination):

“And the Lord repented that he had created man on the earth, and he was grieved in his heart. And the Lord said: whom I have created, from man to beasts, and creeping things and the birds of the air I will destroy, for I repented that I had created them.”

“In that day all the fountains of the great deep were broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened; and the rain fell on the earth for forty days and forty nights.”

“The water increased exceedingly, so that all the high mountains that are under the whole sky were covered; the water rose fifteen cubits above them.”

“The waters were strong on the earth for a hundred and fifty days.”

“Only some happy fish swam carelessly in the raging abyss! However, everything has an end:” And God remembered Noah, and all the animals, and all the cattle, (and all the birds, and all the reptiles) that were with him in the ark ; and God sent a wind upon the earth, and the waters stopped. And the fountains of the abyss and the windows of heaven were closed, and the rain from heaven ceased. The water gradually returned from the earth, and the water began to decrease at the end of one hundred and fifty days. And the ark rested in the seventh month, on the seventeenth day of the month, on the mountains of Ararat. The water continued to decrease until the tenth month; on the first day of the tenth month the tops of the mountains appeared.

” “And the Lord said in his heart: I will no longer curse the earth for man’s sake, because the thought of a man’s heart is evil from his youth; and I will no longer strike every living thing,

“And God blessed Noah and his sons, and said to them: be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth (and subdue it).”

What is this if not a global reboot…

The concept of “harvest” is found in Scripture. From the point of view of a grain grower, harvest is harvesting, summing up. In the Bible, under this definition, a metaphorical implication is possible, implying the events under points 2 and 3 above.

Harvest - time, the process of summing up the measure of humanity. A tool for filtering, screening out souls that do not reach the set heights. The Revelation of John the Theologian (Apocalypse) tells about future events of a catastrophic nature. Reading the Apocalypse there is an understanding that in the present we live on its pages. Another cycle is coming to an end. The line is coming. Taking into account observations and studies about the catastrophic events of the past, which have a cycle of several hundred years, there is no reason to consider the Book of Revelation as prejudices or even a fictional horror story. What Scripture tells about in relation to the future: The ice with which the heavenly sphere is covered will fall to the ground like hail, the places of hiding will be flooded: Isaiah chapter 28, verse 17.

“And I will set judgment as a measure, and righteousness as a balance; and hail will destroy the place of deceit, and the waters will drown the place of hiding.” ----------celestial and star spheres will be destroyed, the octahedron will open: The Book of Enoch, chapter 18, verse 15-16. “And after this, in the tenth week, in its seventh part, there will be judgment for eternity, which will take place on the watchmen, and the great heaven will appear, growing from among the angels. And the former heaven will decrease and disappear, and the new heaven will appear, and all the powers of heaven in seven will shine forever.” ---------- The universal sound (vibration) comes from the center of the universe , which gives rise to sonoluminescent bubbles (stars) in the ocean of the stellar sphere, which exposes them to levitation

(in connection with which the stars are always in the same place) , and which is the cause of other phenomena. The verse below speaks of an earthquake, dust and smog from which the sun will be eclipsed; about the fall of stars to the earth, and, accordingly, the destruction of the stellar sphere itself, and the celestial sphere, which is 100 kilometers from the surface of the earth. The reason for this may be the destructive force of the increased frequency from the center of the universe (octahedron) . It is noteworthy that the Abrahamic religions claim that the end of the world, also called the Apocalypse and Armageddon, will be accompanied by formidable sounds pouring from the sky. For example, according to Christianity, after all kinds of epidemics, cataclysms and wars, the angels of the Lord will blow seven trumpets from heaven, after which humanity will end. In Islam, the end of days should be accompanied by the sounds of a similar trumpet, in Judaism - by the roar of the ritual horn of the shofar. Thus, the Abrahamic religions agree that the omen of the Apocalypse will be a loud trumpet coming from the sky, they will probably cause catastrophic events:

Revelation of John 6 chapter, verse 12-17. “And when He opened the sixth seal, I looked, and behold, there was a great earthquake, and the sun became dark as sackcloth, and the moon became like blood. And the stars of heaven fell to the earth, like a fig tree, shaken by a strong wind, drops its unripe figs. And the sky was hidden, rolled up like a scroll, and every mountain and island moved from their place, and the kings of the earth, and the nobles, and the rich, and the captains, and the mighty, and every slave, and every free man, hid themselves in the caves and in the gorges of the mountains, and They say to the mountains and stones, Fall on us and hide us from the presence of Him who sits on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb; for the great day of His wrath has come, and who can stand?" ---------- “Hail, the size of a talent” - talent - a weight unit (megacryometeors, ice from the celestial sphere)

. “And every island fled, and there were no mountains” - due to the destruction of the celestial sphere, the illusion caused by the optical refraction of the celestial sphere will disappear and for the observer there will be a visual shift of visible objects:

Revelation of John 16, verse 18-21. And there were lightnings, thunders, and voices, and there was a great earthquake, such as has not happened since people were on the earth. Such an earthquake! So great! And the great city was divided into three parts, and the cities of the Gentiles fell, and Babylon the Great will be remembered before God, to give her a cup of wine of the fury of His wrath. And every island fled, and the mountains were gone; and hail, the size of a talent, fell from heaven on people; and the people blasphemed God for the plagues from the hail, because the ulcer from it was very heavy. ---------- There will be no habitual sky, “and the sea is no more” - past the celestial sphere at 100 km. from the earth, the stellar sphere will also burst, which is in the center of the universe, in which the ocean is located. Only the cornerstone in the center of the universe, the divine throne (the holy city of Jerusalem) will remain in the sky.

. At the end of time, the octahedron will descend to the south pole (axis) :

Revelation of John chapter 21, verse 1-5. “And I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the former heaven and the former earth had passed away, and the sea was no more. And I, John, saw the holy city of Jerusalem, new, descending from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband. And I heard a loud voice from heaven, saying, Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men, and he shall dwell with them: they shall be his people, and God himself shall be with them, their God, and God shall wipe away every tear from their eyes, and there shall be no death. there will be no more mourning, no outcry, no more pain, for the former has passed away. And He who sits on the throne said, Behold, I make all things new. And he said to me, Write; for these words are true and sure." ---------- Description of the octahedron.

“And he measured the city with a reed at twelve thousand stadia” - based on this site , let’s take 178 meters for one stage. 178 x 12000 = 2136000 meters = 2136 km.

Revelation of John chapter 21, verse 10-23. human measure, as is the measure of an angel. Its wall was built of jasper, and the city was pure gold, like pure glass. The foundations of the city wall are decorated with all sorts of precious stones: the first foundation is jasper, the second is sapphire, the third is chalcedon, the fourth is emerald, the fifth is sardonyx, the sixth is carnelian, the seventh is chrysolite, the eighth is virill, the ninth is topaz, the tenth is chrysoprase, the eleventh - hyacinth, the twelfth - amethyst. And the twelve gates were twelve pearls: each gate was of one pearl. The street of the city is pure gold, like transparent glass. I did not see a temple in it, for the Lord God Almighty is its temple and the Lamb. And the city has no need of the sun or the moon to light it up, for the glory of God has illumined it, and its lamp is the Lamb. like pure glass. The foundations of the city wall are decorated with all sorts of precious stones: the first foundation is jasper, the second is sapphire, the third is chalcedon, the fourth is emerald, the fifth is sardonyx, the sixth is carnelian, the seventh is chrysolite, the eighth is virill, the ninth is topaz, the tenth is chrysoprase, the eleventh - hyacinth, the twelfth - amethyst. And the twelve gates were twelve pearls: each gate was of one pearl. The street of the city is pure gold, like transparent glass. I did not see a temple in it, for the Lord God Almighty is its temple and the Lamb. And the city has no need of the sun or the moon for its illumination, for the glory of God has illuminated it, and its lamp is the Lamb. like pure glass. The foundations of the city wall are decorated with all sorts of precious stones: the first foundation is jasper, the second is sapphire, the third is chalcedon, the fourth is emerald, the fifth is sardonyx, the sixth is carnelian, the seventh is chrysolite, the eighth is virill, the ninth is topaz, the tenth is chrysoprase, the eleventh - hyacinth, the twelfth - amethyst. And the twelve gates were twelve pearls: each gate was of one pearl. The street of the city is pure gold, like transparent glass. I did not see a temple in it, for the Lord God Almighty is its temple and the Lamb. And the city has no need of the sun or the moon for its illumination, for the glory of God has illuminated it, and its lamp is the Lamb. the seventh is chrysolite, the eighth is viryl, the ninth is topaz, the tenth is chrysoprase, the eleventh is hyacinth, and the twelfth is amethyst. And the twelve gates were twelve pearls: each gate was of one pearl. The street of the city is pure gold, like transparent glass. I did not see a temple in it, for the Lord God Almighty is its temple and the Lamb. And the city has no need of the sun or the moon for its illumination, for the glory of God has illuminated it, and its lamp is the Lamb. the seventh is chrysolite, the eighth is viryl, the ninth is topaz, the tenth is chrysoprase, the eleventh is hyacinth, and the twelfth is amethyst. And the twelve gates were twelve pearls: each gate was of one pearl. The street of the city is pure gold, like transparent glass. I did not see a temple in it, for the Lord God Almighty is its temple and the Lamb. And the city has no need of the sun or the moon to light it up, for the glory of God has illumined it, and its lamp is the Lamb.

Gospel of Matthew, chapter 24, verse 36-41. No one knows about that day and hour, not even the angels in heaven, but only My Father alone; but as it was in the days of Noah, so it will be in the coming of the Son of Man: for, as in the days before the flood they were eating, drinking, marrying, and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered into the ark, and did not think until the flood came and did not destroy them all, so will the coming of the Son of Man; then there will be two on the field: one is taken and the other is left; two grinders in millstones: one is taken and the other is left.

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Great work Oleg Shamanskiy

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According to these twos images.


This magnetic wheel was used to build rock gate/coral castle in Florida. And purpose of it was probably make tons of block weightless. Some people on forum there tells it could be model of earth or even atom.

But it’s clearly visible that metal rounded shapes are incredible similar to magnetic lines of octahedron.

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