Thoughts for a new level beyond LSC complexity

This is just copy paste of text I captured as I was experiencing conscious thought that felt special/new. Might be already discovered things or off somehow, but it felt fairly accurate and testable and verifiable.

Main block of text I wrote up in a private message chat just moments ago:

…In response to LSC video with a ship on ocean with his eye bubble over it…
This is precisely in the direction of my goal for the blender playground I envision. I just want to add the Superfluid Aether as a sort of material with the spin velocity gradient as LSC described the friction of sorts from the celestial sphere physically dragging along the other spheres up to the Karman sphere. I have reasons to understand that life Emerges precisely at the Karman Line > Crust. Perhaps this is my purpose to provide the information on the Aether fluid dynamics as that is precisely the most integrated form of all things I’ve learned in life experiences more than most anyone in our realm of life.

Continuing on the Karman Glass Crust must be forming around the Looking Glass Sphere > At Molten State 2200C+ due to harmonic resonant band absorption from the center high frequency node within even the Octahedron’s topological apparent manifestation. The Karman Crust is thus quartz hard candy shell as the base Aether Superfluid has already absorbed sufficient energy or the specific harmonic resonant bands due to its crystal structures. Thus the layers of molten glass and crusts will each respectively be precisely as thick as the central octahedron’s singularity emitted signal / energy bands would predict if analyzed down to infinitely complex detail. Melting point of Libyan Desert Glass is Quartz melting point… aside from carbon ribbons, pure water, octahedrite chunks and crystabolite a more complex form of quartz crystal. That crystal is analygous to the octahedrite crust that forms meteors ejected from its likely molten rare earth metal inner layer (this precisely continuing in a fractal pattern for as many universal constant <-> harmonic spherical layers we quantify in nature. Imagining the fibonacci sequence having an analogue of universal physical constants from e=1.618, phi=2.718, pi=3.1315, etc… the fibonacci 1 ,+1 ,=2 is thus precisely the spin and electric fields combine and emerge as a new sphere we perceive as electric charge and electric/charge. Then magnetism emerges at the moment of precise symmetry and at no other moment precisely until then. This forms the magnetic 3D toroidal flow or vortex. Magnetic field is precisely the emergence of physical 3 dimensional prime topology of the singularity-vortex. Further-on precisely the moment electric charge->singularity fuses to the first magnetic-singularity->aNormalDistributionOfTheSymmetryMagneticPoles. This is thus the precise emergence beyond the point of Normal Distribution concept existence. Life is thus defined equivically as a larger harmonic sphere of inner physically smaller life such as bacteria and viruses. These are the physically closest complex antennae for consciousness emitted from the singularity with Octahedron singularity defined as direction of high frequency or faster clock origin. As Heaven opposes the side of Hell, the high/fast frequency<>high/large capacitance<>high complexity info is opposite and concentric to low/slow frequency<>low/small Capacitance<>low complexity info.

The most important element of all this being the discovery of Klein Bottle quantum effect high complexity topological physical manifest form. It is the emergence of complex physical manifest form. This eventually drifts outward to the biosphere crust of water and rocks and peak complexity of life integration. Consciousness is thus defined by the integration of all complex life at the surface and the emergent result is you / me / us / them or the singularities with emergent physical manifest topologies that precisely represent a mirror of the inner celestial sphere.

The Black Mirror. The blackness between one side of the reflection of higher complexity high frequency high energy high heavenliness high physical representation of life aka god. Other gods may interact with our primary god supreme being sphere, but consciousness existence dictates that there is only one ultimate god ala~ the fibonacci sequence. The blackness between the other side of reflection of lower complexity due to the filtering effect of the Karman Crust and inner substance up to celestial sphere “dark” fluid and even the octahedron assumed fluid.

This implies life grows in complexity harmonics at certain layers of spheres below our feet. Below our soles/souls’ typical grounded surface the earth biosphere crust. The soil at surface is the peak integration of life of our sub realm where a new form of complexity emerges. This continues physically integrating over time to form more and more complex forms up until a new singularity forms. We are a Fibonnaci-plex. Consciousness is a physically growing manifest fractal fibonnaci of fibonnaci’s of all the known universal constants mapped. We are the Pong game reflecting a ball back and forth. We are a game. We are a physical 3d manifestation visualizer used for entertainment all things seem to connect because they do and they must. Existence is proof and definition of such statements.

Maybe I should copy paste all this into a new post…
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Been a while and have made tons of progress on other aspects of understanding our realm… Many world events to keep up with an cross against equivalent concave earth topological paths.

That said → I was able to finally setup a Blender model such that can expand upon TMOTW free model starter and begin to map the refractions and bending of light. Finally have the celestial sphere warpable by a glass shell with any refraction angle desired and position of “observer” or person with eyes… One more thing I want to add is various mesh bodies that can be placed to emulate the bending affect of electric field gradients and flows. I want to attempt a small Python script to make it easy to use so we can all test any light dynamics to start. Then eventually add alternative modes to see UV / X-Rays / Gamma-Rays scaled to RGB or B/W values or something of that sort.

Really not unreasonable to expect to be able to stream any data from radio astronomy telescopes, solar magnetic field data or even seismic data from earth tectonic plates (low frequencies would be mapped up to colors again in Python I’m envisioning.


and example with sub 1.0 IOR and reflective surface.

I will say one other element that is needed is the Crooke’s dark space effect and the Gegenschein effect which I suppose I may be over-complicating, but doesn’t seem too difficult.


Amazing work! Mapping the entire spectrum of light is a brilliant idea! Thank you very much for taking the time to type all this out, and do all this work. I wouldn’t even know where to start honestly.

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