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[Music] [Music] hello ladies and gentlemen this this is a first installment of concave Earth sessions I thought I’d start a little session discussion with uh two of my friends here Damen Nicks who’s a prolific writer and he uh recently found uh my work on YouTube and so we started up a little discussion and we also have John devau here who is another concer who actually started a concav with blog spot which is has some really good interesting articles on there uh that um a to concave


Earth uh let’s why don’t we start with John John why don’t you introduce yourself and uh just kind of go from there I guess all right um well as you said my name is John devau I uh you know I get interested in a lot of different topics and um one of them was the Flat Earth which eventually led me to the concave Earth with experiments like the re delineator and then of course I met your videos along the way and decided it was about time I start writing about it excellent and you and I we had a few discussions already and


uh what is you you’ve been telling me that you’ve actually been interacting with uh people like just like friends family just people that work or whatever and what has been like their General response to the concave Earth concept well it’s foreign to many people they it’s hard to get past what’s been taught in schools and it’s hard to open your mind in a lot of ways um there’s a lot of primary foundations that are not easily accepted and because of that you you kind of got to work at trying to explain


to people people where concave earth makes sense and though we have the data the back of what we’re saying we still have the opposition because of people going to college and physics and other things and not that education is bad but it seems to create compartmentalization to other ideas so um my experience is you have some people who will listen to you and they find it extremely interesting and those people generally hang on to the idea for a while and then you have the other people who just immediately want


to ridicule everything you say right do you find that it’s it’s they’re less inclined to ridicule you when it’s face-to-face contact because it seems like uh when people have a filter with the internet it seems like they’re more they feel more comfortable ridiculing you’re mock mocking the concept but it like when you’re in when you’re in your when when you’re face to face with somebody and you’re just telling them you’re telling the facts that you know number one the Earth there’s no there’s no


proof whatsoever that there’s any rotation to the Earth or you know I think it to me anyway I think that it when it’s usually when it’s like a one-on-one confrontation or just discussion with somebody I think they they take it more seriously and they they respect you more I think is that what do you find too or absolutely face to face is so much easier than you know I’m places like YouTube or commentaries online um and the the reason being is because I can in front of you show you um examples I can explain to you and uh


give you I guess a better visualization of what I’m talking about right um You Know Better comparisons things like that uh let’s let’s go on to Damen Daman I want you introduce yourself and just give us a little bit about uh information about your background and how you came about to know the concave Earth sure um I’m Damen Nicks I run uh just a little blog called altnews doino where I cover esoteric strange subjects of all types and memory whole articles from from media uh just to kind of preserve the memory and history of


whatever is going on at the time um so I came across the concave Earth theory when I first read an article an omni magazine it was called uh the hollow Earth theory the the Ming theory that can’t be disproven right I’m basically went into Cyrus teed’s work and the rectal lineary as well um basically proving a few different aspects saying that b you know Hollow words could be proved with inverse geometry which I found intriguing because math is so you’ve heard of uh Mustafa AB abadar that Egyptian M


mathematician yeah so they went into his work and found that you know you could basically make the same argument for a concave Earth as you could for a convex Earth so um that that stuck with me for quite a long time and then last year I had this really Vivid dream about about basically looking at the mechanism that worked the Earth you know like it almost felt like an ezekiel’s wheel kind of Revelation in this dream when I could see the inner workings of the of the planet and then I basically I know it was like I was I was


intrigued by that and it’s been kind of Haunting my memory for a long time about that and then I started your videos and I see I saw basically how you you know you put it all together in this um El you know graphic form that you can basically get your head around really easily you can see how it functions you can see you know the rotations and the you know the different movements of celestial bodies um in a in a rational way so I kind of lashed on to it that way basically awesome awesome so um what do you think I


mean as far as like uh I think what I think there’s a lot of concave people that are kind of like in the just into Shadows they’re just kind of you know they’re like afraid to like actually step out and tell people about the concave Earth because of the you know the obvious ridic ridicule that people uh would would give them but um you have to think you’re sount you know you’re you’re trying to sount like decades and centuries basically worth of ideology you know it’s a it’s a scientific you know what they


what theyve proen I said is basically the the truth the whole time you know right accepted in that in that form and it’s hard to you know people come against com cognitive dissonance all the time yeah why do you think it it why do you think the concave Earth is so suppressed I mean the D the information the science is there I mean like the rectal linia experiment why do you think that’s never been publicly reconducted for since 1897 um I quite honestly I think it would scare everybody there’s a there’s


just it would just thinking that you’re in inside a sphere you’re kind of feel more um claustrophobic yeah it’s like claustrophobic you know you feel like you’re in a prison and if you know where the prison walls are then you start going why is it there why are the walls there who built this now D I think that’s they don’t really want anybody to know about essentially that’s probably why they’re keeping it a big secret and also there’s like a paradigm between like what is actually reality versus


what is fiction and Damon you’re you’re a writer right I mean you you write fiction you write stories and stuff and I think having this concept of holding on to this fictitious concept is like a form of denial which actually allows your imagination to run wild and elaborate on things you know like well you know we can talk about aliens we could talk about parallel universes we could talk about other worlds we could talk about you know it just kind of like your imagination can run wild um yeah absolutely and it creates huge


Industries as well think about Star Trek and think about like Star Wars and all the imag ideas of going out into space and traveling at hypers speeds and visiting other planets Etc when if none of that’s possible that’s going to create um kind of a creative vacuum in people and they may find very depressed that’s what I’m thinking that they may just yeah I do well what’s what’s the point we can’t get out of this thing and right right right right it’s almost like like when I was in prison I would have


the greatest dreams you know it’s like I was stuck in a Cell here but I’m having these awesome Vivid elaborate ative dreams of you know fantasy the capacity for the human mind to want freedom and to want like the boundless you know the expanse of the universe to be out there able to be explored is something that you can’t can’t easily quell and you’re not going to be able to like just come out and say this and hopefully people are just going to not Riot and N or not just be depressed and stop working and yeah the


econom ETC so it’s I think that’s that’s a big incentive for keeping it secret I think but I think there needs to be a healthy balance I think people I think people still can have this vivid imagination of what you know what their mind can produce as far as like fiction or fantasy but you you really need to be grounded in the truth and the reality in which we live in you know the Earth in which we live in and I think absolutely so there’s like this you know there’s this denial mechanism that’s


deeply deeply indoctrinated ever since you know the the cernic revolution really and and uh it’s just like completely shuts out any concept of concave Earth you know when I when I talk to people in you know in person some people just do feel very depressed about this so oh no we’re living in this P like you said we’re living in this prison how about you John did you uh do you find that with people too do they find it depressing to think that we’re living in in the concave Earth or no but I’d like


to expand on the thought at hand here if indeed the Earth does not rotate we now have a collapse a a first Domino if you will that starts the fall on every single thing in science that’s right the dates the millions of years the trillions of years the age of the universe everything starts to topple you you have problems with Evolution because you need all these millions of years right all the all dating systems all these sciences that depend on the Earth’s motion exactly exactly their found like the legs just are just knocked


right off from under them it’s it’s that foundation of the premise of the earth rotating it’s just you know I actually um there’s an you know the wild heretic right and you guys have have seen his site before he’s got a Maxum at the top of his page it says when you have eliminated when you have eliminated all which is impossible then whatever remains however improbable must be the truth and so like I I can like we can like take there’s basically I would say four different models of the


universe first you have the the generally accepted heliocentric model where we have a convex spinning Earth and it’s orbiting around the sun and a vast universe and stars are light light years away um however when people start realizing you know there’s no spin to the Earth you know we can go into the sagnak experiment we can go into Michaels and Morley we can go into Aries failure we can show how the focal pendulum has problems with it with morrice Elias you know showing that during eclipses the pendulum changes


rotation there’s no proof whatsoever that there’s any rotation to the Earth so if we knock out that initial model of the universe then we have what we have a convex geostationary Earth which a lot of Bible Believers believe in you know we have the principal movie that came out over the past year and you know people like that think that the Earth is the center of the universe and it’s stationary however it’s still convex however there’s problems with that too once you get into the understanding that


okay well why if you ascend high in an airplane like 35,000 ft why isn’t the Horizon lowering why is it still at your eye level if you were on a convex ball I even did simulations in 3D The Horizon would be much lower right so and there’s other problems too it’s like well we have this geostationary Earth in the center and so you’re saying the sun is still 93 million miles away right and so this sun has to do one full revolution in a 24-hour period you now if you do 2 pi r the circumference of a circle


you’re talking about over like half a million miles in one day and that’s just the sun then you have the Stars which are even supposedly further away like 300 million light years or whatever how many light years away you can’t that’s that’s asinine you cannot complete a light year in a day it just doesn’t make any sense and so there’s a lot of problems with a geocentric convex model of the Earth and then of course and you this this whole Flat Earth baloney that’s seems to be popping up on on YouTube that’s baloney


too I mean they can’t they can’t map out the heavens for one thing the celestial sphere up in the sky they they have to conclude that it’s it’s a hologram or something because we have two poles pole stars or north North Pole stars and South Pole stars that have axises or have axes you know there they’re showing that there’s a SP sphericity to the heavens and so they can’t map that out within a flat Earth paradigm amongst other things you know the distances in the s in the southern hemisphere they’re


still they still coordinate to spherical coordinates I don’t care if you show me a plane flight that takes its route from South Africa through to Dubai and then back to Australia it’s if you take a direct route from let’s say South Africa to Auckland New Zealand it’s still it it can be as fast as 13 hours 14 hours you cannot you know you can’t not fit that on a on a flat Earth pizza with the crust being Antarctica it just doesn’t work so there’s many problems with that also too like I like like from an


artistic point of view I’m an artist aesthetically look at this Flat Earth Map it just doesn’t make sense I mean you have you have like Africa like the Horn of a or the Cape of Africa and South America they’re like bloated out like they have gout or something it’s just it just doesn’t make any sense and so the fourth model is the concave model so it’s you eliminate you I’ve eliminated the first three models and the con there’s no problems with if you understand that light is bending upwards


and a lot of people ask okay well if the Earth is concave why can’t we see the other side well that’s not how light works I mean wild heretic has some great articles about light bending light bending upward so the curvature of this light this line of sight it’s not a line it’s actually a trajectory a curved trajectory is hitting the Stars it’s it’s you’re when you look when you look across you see the sun setting at the Horizon it’s actually it’s actually not a straight line it’s actually a curved


trajectory and so you’re it’s curving up like that and so when we cannot see the other side because of the visibility limitation of curved light and so that’s what I I’d like to present to people as that you know you just eliminate the impossible what’s left however improbable must be the truth what do you guys think about that well absolutely I mean I think there’s too many things in relativity that this people have to take for fanciful nonsense like the thought experiment of the barn door thing have


you heard of that one at all the thought of the thought experiment with the Barn Door yeah the Barn Door experiment where supposedly you run at the speed of light you have a pole that’s that’s longer than uh the two doors on either side of the thing but since you’re running at the speed of light your your pole is going to is going to shrink so when the front of the oh yeah and then the back of the barn door closes the pole will fit inside see that’s all theoretical hogwash I don’t understand how they can


make that assumption when there hasn’t there’s been no evidence of anything shrinking inside well that is the great special theory of relativity yeah the the necessary um nonsense if you will that is required to keep the Earth in motion I mean they they used it to say the infometer of the Merles and morle experiment the left arm shun drun and then it this bothers me a lot they on all over the Internet they tell you Einstein can never be disproven how they say this is is just Preposterous the the man comes up with


an idea based on the contraction theories doesn’t have to prove it and instead says that the Michaelson Mo experiment is the proof but where did they actually show that the where’s the measurement to prove that the left arm actually shrunk there is it’s not right so we have an inherent problem that people just don’t understand yeah they just accept universally accept it must be I mean we cannot we can’t we cannot entertain this that the Earth is is not spinning we have to come up with some other answer


so let’s Einstein to the rescue or or the Laurence contraction to the rescue and it’s it’s crazy and it’s it does take a lot of faith to believe that kind of thing I mean really when there’s a and that’s just that we’re not moving at all it definitely does it definitely does you know go ahead well if if we wrap in the idea um you know I just want to bring in the atheist perspective for a second they are dependent upon the scientific method of showing proof to claims and and this is basically the um


the system that the atheist used to figure out if you know God exists and they’ll argue okay well where’s your proof and you don’t have evidence and you’re making assumptions but when it comes to these Sciences they’re not applying the same rules so you know even the atheist has to reconsider the way they’re thinking about things yeah you guys you know you’re with me on this right so it it’s it’s just it’s difficult to even tell them hey you’re being blindsided when it comes to


science also you’re just accepting Authority and other fallacies that exist yeah it’s a confirmation bias with this ad popular mentality that’s that modern so-called science is is their gospel you know it’s it’s right and we went to the moon NASA’s 100% correct you know everything they say is is Gospel to them and it’s just a just a substitution their God is substituted instead of this you know the god of the Bible it’s the god of science and or so-called science falsely so-called


so it’s um it’s hypocritical this I think it’s easy to believe this stuff when you see it packaged in a pretty packaged like the you know the Nova episodes and you know all the things that they put out with all these pretty graphics and stuff it’s easy to just get swept into it and believe exactly what they’re telling you and it just comes in conscious level because while you’re looking at these pretty pictures you know they’re telling about about all these lies yeah it’s hypnotic I mean


yeah you just sit there and watch the Nova channel look you look at the meteors and exploding in space and everything it’s just wow wow it’s like yeah we know this is CG this is fabricated but you know subconsciously we’re absorbing this yeah that’s what happened yeah yeah it becomes a reality for you it’s like a predict it’s it’s just thing that they put into your brain it’s a programming device and they use these these Beast pretty images quite often fic fiction is more sexy than the truth isn’t it it’s


sad to say but oh I I don’t know about that I think I think the truth is what uh got me to concave Earth in the first place which is far more interesting fair enough good enough that’s fine with me entertaining though to be to be lied to I think and people generally like to be lied to that’s why Hollywood’s such a big success that’s why TV programming is called programming it’s why you know it’s just it’s cycle of programming basically that’s all it is is they they’re implanting their their mindset


that’s what they want you to believe so don’t question why we’re here why is there a prison wall around us why who built this machine Etc you know yeah I hear you they don’t want you asking those kind of questions those kind of questions are dangerous especially if they can control the central sphere then they can basically control a panagon if you will of absolute control and they don’t yeah need to explain that if they if they if nobody knows about it you know what I mean my op I think happen if


you own occupy that Central sphere you have a central location where you can spy and look upon every part of the world it’s a panopticon der essentially if you can occupy that space and I think that they’ve been trying to with with the nuclear weapons in space with operation Fishbowl yes yes get now with portals trying to get up there with CERN that’s definitely one of their goals is trying occupy the space it must be a very powerful location yeah so you think they’re trying to get up in the middle of of the earth there here middle


of the heaven um let’s talk about the glass Sky a little bit um what do you guys think about that I think it makes sense I was I was just reading some article I forget who posted it but I think it may have been it may have been you John um I reposted something about uh zerog glass was formed in space it’s more transparent than any glass you can creay here that’s metallic oh yeah NASA had an article about that didn’t they that was a very intriguing article and that that they want to go out there and create that


stuff z g would be well that would make sense too yeah I mean if this glass was formed in where there’s supposedly no gravity I mean it’s going to be a lot more transparent than than how then glass formed here on the surface of the Earth because of the I guess there’s uh there’s more is there’s more viscosity up where there’s no where there’s no gra I I hate to use that word gravity but you know where there’s no gravity but in the in the space in the Ethereal I’m sure where


where it’s not no you say that things in your model Stephen you’ve got satellites in geosynchronous orbits Etc so I’m curious like uh geostationary so you think those are places where you could achieve like what would equivalate to zero g well I’m not I’m not definitely saying that I’m not sold on it but it’s I’m trying to make sense of it all um I’m I’m I’m I tend to I’m inclined to think that they they did penetrate the glass firmament and launched some kind


of satellites I I talk about there’s actually um supposedly there’s four equatorial equilibrium points within the ocean and it’s kind of interesting that we have four points you know obviously my model has this octahedron in the middle of the celestial sphere and so if it’s emanating magnetically these four points extending it outwards toward the Earth Earth it could be this equilibrium zone or these you know these these uh yeah these equilibrium zones that are actually allowing whatever objects that fall within that


region to actually just kind of levitate there so I think it’s a possibility I’m not saying it’s definite but um well that would make that would follow then if that’s if actual glass is being formed there metallic glass that’s more transparent than anything it would it would follow well yeah I mean and you know the whole concept of space being a vacuum I mean glass would be a very good container to contain that vacuum of space and you know yep of course you have the auroras and you know just like on a plasma ball


which has glass and casing it you know you can create Electric discharge forming the auroras with the uh the plasma so a lot of good you know I bring up a lot of different reasons why I mean the whole idea of rainbows in the first place Sun being sunlight being dispersed through the glass and the different wavelengths of the different colors uh going through at different speeds and so they refract differently red has the least amount of refraction and violet has the most and so it creates the Spectrum and I believe


the whole reason why we have the bow is because the Sun the rim of the sun extends almost like if you just shine a flashlight and you’re going to have a rim to it and so and so a lot of good reasons to believe that there was glass on the sky and so when you have that understanding then these Mysteries that modern science cannot understand fathom where they like Mega cry meteors where they coming from well if you have this does open up a lot of like explanations I mean even just historical stuff when you start


thinking about because you have the the octahedron in the middle and it’s made of you say magnetite right or that I’m not sure what it I mean this is all speculation on my part I don’t but I think it’s magnetic yeah I think it has to be magnetic I’d imagine to be like because it would fit the model even um on their model because they they say we have a highly magnetic core yeah when if the core is in the sky and it’s highly magnetic and it’s an octahedron um which is the crystal habit of


magnetite on Earth exactly and if it’s a massive structure that would make that would follow it seems that you could actually make that argument as well and especially you can find plenty of Articles and and and things about pyramidal energy and levitation and other other suspended in the middle of the air and have you know it’s possible yeah I don’t I made a video about you remember uh you guys know Joe par he was a pyramid researcher and he did he did studies on the pyramids and he found out that there’s a spherical energy bubble


that surrounds pyramids I think he had them had the pyramids actually rotating and so I mean have this concept of a sphere encapsulating a a pyramid and so that’s essentially what we have with with the heavens and the Earth you know we have a series of concentric spheres that are covering this Central octahedron or pyramid which is levitating and so I think that that that icon the the pyramidal icon just appears I mean it’s it’s beyond coincidence at this point that it’s appearing everywhere in the world obviously


somebody knew about that oh yeah of the day yeah you know you know the the Illuminati symbolism is pretty much everywhere but uh which is why it leads me to believe that in the panopticon idea basically this prison that you have absolute visible well that’s the whole idea of the eye watching you know the eye of God alling ey alling see it’s right in the middle yeah there’s your there’s your panopticon right there exactly it’s an interesting concept I wonder if they’ve actually made it


inside the sphere at this point or or if they uh failed I don’t I don’t think they can get that high I think what I think you know you guys remember that uh that article that came out a couple months ago about the Star Trek uh wall you know the the Van Allen belts and it’s almost like these electrons are hitting a glass wall well yeah they are yeah and and so recently I actually I actually uh revised my model to to include these concentric glass spheres I think there’s POS possibly more than one glass sphere


now and so if you have these Glass Walls you know it’s it’s going to be pretty hard to get through uh especially with all the radiation so I don’t think they I don’t think they can get up there I think they they might try what do you guys think about go ahead do you think can get through what’s the highest um I don’t know I think they can get past the first glass um 100 100 km Caron line 62 miles yeah something like that that but it’s it’s all speculation on my part I don’t know you know it’s


just I just got to go with what you know just Mak to on his videos where they’re they’re telling us exactly what’s happening but I mean I think that maybe we’ve gotten past that first layer at some point and yeah know if we can get further I’m kind of curious because I’m kind of curious if how the Van Allen Bells would work inside the concentric spheres if it’s basically just radiation that’s coming around as the sun’s rotating around is it just that the energy that it’s projecting outward and


it’s too hot to I don’t know I think yeah I think the sun does play part in it I’m not really sure though I I can’t I couldn’t I’d have to think about that more but I was just kind of curious the Van Allen the Van Allen Bells have that Taurus shape all the way around the earth you know model but it could be translated in internal as well yeah well then you have the you have the auroral zones uh that you know over basically just being the heat that it’s generated as light is going around right over the uh the


Arctic and the Antarctic they have these auroral zones which actually I think that I have my my model I have this this outer rind to the earth I believe it’s made out of metal and there’s possibly these openings in the North and South which has been covered over with plates you know with Basalt or or uh continental plates but I believe that’s why we have the actual rural zones um do you think there’s portals out at the poles I think there might be some small ones I don’t think it’s some I mean you


know we if you ever watched any um Hollow Earth you know convex Hollow Earth propaganda yeah that’s all that’s all fantasy balone and then Bird’s diary as a forgery and stuff but anyway they they I’m not sure if you know I think a lot of a lot of that imagery is photoshopped or whatever but I think it’s very possible that there might be a few small portals in the North and the South possibly I think even wild hati mentions that too that he thinks there there are some and within that within


this closed system you you would think you would need some kind of heat vent heat Escape as well yeah abely what about the PO like the polar vortex I was wondering I’m actually kind of thinking of the theory maybe that the you know the Norse people have talked about um tall whites like basically they describe the tall white alien type race basically the tall giant types and the ice giants um and looking at it kind of an an interesting like what if they’re surface dwellers kind of and they that’s their


weapon is their polar Vortex that they can send in just from the esoteric nonsense point of view I’m just kind of as a writer and fanciful right thinking I don’t know yeah I mean we can we can we can guess I person I personally think that you know once you get outside of Earth there’s nothing I mean a lot of people always ask me what’s on the outside what’s are there multiple Earth spheres are there you know are there I I I say I don’t think there’s anything I think this is it I mean but I could be wrong but you


know scripture says say that the Earth is hung on nothing Job chapter 26 um Al also talks about being kicked out of the Earth in Job chapter 38 and it’s outer darkness and a bottomless pit and so this could be the extent of our physical world you know and so what we have is you like we talked about initially is that we have this vivid imagination would you like to cont absolutely I’m still trying to see I’m still trying to dream the creative out out there I want if even in the kave earth I don’t want


to be limited you know yeah it’s like I make the comparison it’s like your brain is this Mass it’s just like this 5B mass inide of your cranium but it has the capacity to like expound and elaborate and to imagine these wild and Vivid fantasy reality or so-called realities and so but in in essence it’s still just a brain so I think like the concave Earth is like the brain and so we have this imagination when we like to think of these Vivid universes and you know I think the whole parallel universe is a


bunch of crack you know just uh it’s a it’s it’s a cap out it’s it’s kind of a hypocritical cap out for atheists to actually entertain this idea of this notion I think I that one that one scientist his name was Charles Lawrence whatever he talked about well I like the parallel universe idea because it it excludes God from the equation and the whole idea is basically because uh they have to admit that that this socalled universe is so perfectly fine-tuned everything is working in sychronization


everything well there’s got to be other universes by by chance right by random chance that are not so perfectly fine-tuned so it’s like well no that’s just infinite and then anything’s possible obviously you can just create anything you want to you make things up out a whole cloth yeah it’s that’s the thing about that that’s that’s why that theory is the standing theory is because people they really want to believe that stuff they think that we’re some you know just a random Universe yeah exactly just a


little pale do BL pale blue dot I when when I talked to Richard Cohen the NASA scientist he he even admitted he was talking with his colleague he’s like he called me back after I initially told him about the concave Earth and he like you know you got a point there Steve I mean the concave Earth is more credible than the parallel universe or the strength or strength Theory because you know you have cold heart facts you know you have experimentation you have the rect delineator you have the tamarck Mind shafts it’s there’s no


reason not to seriously understand or consider the concave Earth and especially because in light of what I say what I believe will happen because within this stationary Earth you have the Sun moving and if you read about it in Legends they talk about a time where the sun actually stopped a long time ago 3 about 3,500 years ago it’s mentioned in scripture too in Joshua chapter 10 so if that’s going to happen again you know we have this I have this doom doom State scenario if there’s this you know if we have this


origin we know where the ice is coming from from the top of the the glass sky and this the ice Falls when the sun stops it’s recorded in Joshua 10 the sun stops and the ice Falls and especially if NASA’s been poking holes through these you know through the glass sky and it’s been jarring loose chunks of ice from time to time maybe that’s why that’s why I believe they’re actually spraying Chemtrails is to actually contain the man-made anthropogenic heat from rising so they have all these


chemicals in the Chemtrails that are actually the same chemicals that are used in apparatus to suppress fire so I believe it’s like this endothermic blanket they actually they don’t want another T Tusa because I I talk about how you know tusco is probably just a large chunk of ice that fell down a long time ago because you know there’s no it’s it’s a mystery to them because there’s no there’s no evidence of any meteors or anything so so you have this scenario this doomsday scenar though with this concave


ver it’s scary it’s scary to a lot of people but um you know you think if the if the when the sun stopped that the ancient people actually had seen the mechanism at the center of the sky and that’s why these myths of pyramids and you know that have have appeared in and the calendar for example I don’t know I think yeah what I think I think the the whatever you want to call them the anunaki or the Nephilim or whatever I think they had knowledge of the pyramid you know they you know when the sons of


God got kicked out of heaven you know they came down to earth I think they had the blueprints the knowledge that’s why the like that they can build the Pyramid of Giza with such accuracy and so I think that there you know Pro pre flood civilization had a greater understanding a greater firsthand knowledge of what was up there the sons of God they talk it talks about in Job 38 the sons of God shouted for Joy when they built the foundations of the earth and they talk about laying a Cornerstone on the top and so


you have this knowledge of that they brought down with them and so that’s what I think anyway well sure I mean to to go along with sort of what you’re saying a little bit different you know how all the ancient civilizations have depictions of um Saturn and you have the Saturn uh Pagan style religion the the god of Saturn and stuff like this right with the glass guy as you say formed After the flood you know it’s it’s the opposite of the canopy theory yes and what what that glass guy does is it basically helps


block a barrier I think it was much more clearer back then before the glass guy was formed so these people actually can see Saturn because sat Saturn is also referred to as a sun they called that the second sun in some of these civilizations you know you have the samarians had you know they can see all the planets quite clearly so I I I think that glass guy with whatever refringence is or whatever there is for optical change has distorted The View so it seems like everything’s so far away now yeah I even actually considered whether


or not pre flood before the glass Sky we we can actually see more of of the land you know curving upward or maybe we can see across the other side of the Earth but you know just conjecture but I think it’s very it’s very possible but with that glass Sky it changed a lot I mean you know there’s records you know there’s fossils of giants you know 10 14 20 feet tall you know and then you look at some of the blocks the blocks on the pyramid or blocks of Stonehenge and and you you get the understanding


that that people were much bigger much stronger they lived longer you know scripture in Genesis they talk about people living up to 96 69 years and so what I came to understand is that well my just matter of process of deduction is basically that within a hyper Hyperbaric atmosphere uh you know where there’s a greater amount of oxygen those conditions are possible where you can live longer and you are stronger and you’re bigger you know you look at you know when they show you comparison of vegetables like a you have like a 20 lb


tomato that was grown under hyperbar conditions versus just a regular tomato and so pre flood I believe without that glass sky I believe that there was a higher uh well we have we have nitrogen and oxygen in the atmosphere predominantly but mostly it’s nitrogen and nitrogen is lighter than oxygen it’s a seven versus an eight and so I believe pre flood that this nitrogen was staying comfortably above the oxygen and so all the oxygen was really close to the ground it was not diluted with the nitrogen and so but after the glass Sky


formed it actually compressed all that nitrogen at the top and mixed it in with the oxygen so we have a now now we have a lower amount of oxygen it’s everything is more compressed and and so that’s that’s my theory about why um we can’t live as long we can’t grow as big you know we can’t get as strong After the flood that’s interesting yeah I mean even in football they put them in the chambers for you know those oxygen Chambers to try to promote healing yeah things like that and uh you know o we got those people


walking around with the oxygen tanks stuff like that so I mean it it it makes sense you know and this is just one of the things that that people got to understand I mean once you get past certain basic foundational Concepts you can start moving on and more things make sense than before yeah you know just like as we’re explaining so I mean it it’d be great if more people would have an open mind yeah I think there’s it’s it’s I think we’re slowly making progress we got some good YouTubers out there Joseph


Winthrop he’s making he’s going out there and he’s actually making uh he’s going out with a laser and he’s he’s he’s surveying the land he’s showing that you know it’s impossible to have this convex Earth or even a flat Earth for that matter so it’s um and I welcome you maybe this this can be like the first installment of of of more sessions to come with with other people as well and you know we can just grow from there but um well I I I think as far as progress in concave earth goes if we look back at


cellular cosmology or cosmogony is uh the book from Cyrus Steed and the carians you know some of the concepts were trying to be worked out and I think today we have I mean imagine if we had as many scientists working on concave Earth as we have for the heal Ecentric model there would be so much more things answered already yeah and we’ve we’ve only seen the progression o over the last 100 years plus of concave Earth theory being more solidified and making more and more sense and then we don’t have to scratch our heads when new


scientific data comes out like the HELOC Centrist yeah they’re always getting this data and wondering how it fits in their model yeah you know we see the data and we say well that just backs up what we’re already saying and you know you do this a lot on YouTube as well yeah well to me I just have to guess is that the power structures within each country they know the Earth is concave but it’s like they they purposely keep the stuff secretive for whatever reason you know one it’s it’s not a


money-making you know model two it’s it’s too scary for the public to realize this you know so three have all these dignitaries all these luminaries in science you know you have Neil the ass Tyson and people like that that would be totally ridiculed so it’s like there’s so there’s no incentive really for the public to embrace this truth but you know within my eschatological understanding you know it’s you don’t have much choice in the end cuz you know we’re on a we’re on a time schedule here


you know things are going to start happening so this shit’s going to hit the fan soon so it’s it’s really a wakeup call for people to get with a program you know you guys want to continue living in la la land fantasy land and take that blue pill and go to sleep you know or you know listen to me listen to you know to you guys and you it’s I I just want just say I really appreciate you guys coming out and you know John and Damian you guys starting your own blogs here and and going we just talk about you know my


friend McKelly he’s actually talking about putting together a production a concave Earth production he’s he’s actually a a movie producer and so we’re talking about putting that together Damien and is helping with the script on that so there’s a lot of good things down the pike for people to believe in the truth the reality so what do you think is the single most asked question um immediately in response to this uh to presenting this Theory to somebody that you guys have heard what’s on the


outside I think I think that’s the most I don’t know what about you John what do you what do you get well as far as uh answering something like what’s on the outside I I asked them well why is the heliocentric space system finite instead of an infinite plane you know I mean sometimes you got to you got to ask the questions back to them do does it matter what’s on the outside yeah exactly doesn’t matter we can’t prove that so you know ultimately it’s not going to matter you know I mean


this is where they can’t prove things and you know you guys talking about multi-dimensions parallel universes dark matter which is basically the new ether you know linguistic placeholder for ether is dark matter I mean it’s just all Ridiculousness you know and it just it’s more and more wild take one wrong idea and start compiling all new ideas that don’t make any sense because they’re all based on one wrong idea exactly it’s like just [ __ ] they’re just like putting Bondo on their car oh


we got to fix this Dent right here oh no there’s another dent over here we got just I I think the main problem is the idea that there at this concave it it as you know after you get past the Earth not being in any motion whatsoever it’s now the shape of the earth that becomes an issue um you know and and this is what this is what the flat earthers struggle with you know they they struggle with the re delineator and nobody will reproduce it it’s it’s been if you go onto my blog you’ll see what I call the


legendary article where they actually put up a challenge they say Hey you do your own geodetic okay prove us wrong exactly and even to this day all they can do is ridicule it come up with you know erector sets and yeah try to yeah you know other stupid nonsense it you know it’s the happy coincidences in science it’s a happy coincidence that the infometer arm shrunk just enough to not show the Earth’s motion or go ahead go ahead yeah it’s a happy coincidence that the rect delineator sags just yes


exactly it’s the exact measurements you would expect if Earth was convex exactly except it’s a happy coincidence it showed it to be concave so they they call the information no but there’s data and there’s proof so it’s it’s foolishness yep you know and like I said it they are very scared that if these things are redone and proven and special relativity gets removed the Earth is the geod actic survey gets done again and and defines the proof they are so scared because all these Sciences like I


explained before have to change yep everything we know is wrong exactly everything there already sort of backpedaling when the the new plank image the Access of Evil data it basically says that we’re kind of at the center of everything which right you know kind of blows the whole big bang out of the water unless it happened like right here exactly that’s crisis you saw my article that they put it on a uh a ball they they mapped it out on a ball which is you know Stephen put the Milky Way band on the celestial sphere where


it belongs and they also do the same exact thing interesting yes indeed there’s no reason to believe we’re the Milky Way is a spiral galaxy it’s it’s a band it’s it it has a function it actually you know the be is showing a dipole it’s showing that this this universe has a DI it has two hemispheres and so the Milky Way band is actually dividing it and there’s two different opposing currents in each kind of hemisphere and so you understand how the Sun is operating how it’s how this


band or whatever depending on what hemisphere the sun is it’s steering the sun either north or south and so that’s why we have this you know the cylindrical orbit of the sun which actually oscillates and it moves up into North and South there six months and so it performs a function so it’s uh it just everything just makes sense and so I think that’s the thing about the concav the is once you start embracing the concept you really start to make sense of a lot of different aspects of Mythology and science that


can’t be explained it’s just it’s kind of like a Cascade of yeah you know Revelations at that point you’re just like okay I can see it it makes sense now and especially when seeing your graphics the hard work that you into that is like I mean it’s immense because I mean I couldn’t I couldn’t even imagine putting that all together but it perfectly illustrates exactly what you can’t really conceptualize when you’re thinking about it just in terms of you know this it’s kind of a nebulous


concept of having spheres in the sky Etc but when you see it actually working in in your working model it yeah you don’t know it’s inspiring you know you can actually see the model yeah yeah I appreciate that so well we’re just good work man you did EXC thank you thank you you deserve well just U I want to get the truth out there you know it’s so it’s good that you’re using your skills as an artist to to to do that because I think that it this a state you know science that needs to be dressed


yeah well I yeah I left the rat race I left the rat race of corporate Graphics a long time ago just it’s got to it’s got to be a better another reason for me having this ability this talent and so I’m going to put it to good use awesome awesome that you have the ability to grasp the you know the complex math involved in that as well well I try not you know I’m not a mathematician but um sure sure you have their math and their math inverted is is equally um as acceptable and they admit to this yeah so all all


you’re doing is basically inverting their math through diagrams and visual people need Visual Evidence you know and I mean we could do a whole show on what the heck is wrong with heliocentrism and I I put article to support like wild heretic and stuff like that with the seasons Stephen makes the seasons in the concave Earth and everything is exactly as it’s observed from our perspective on Earth we’re seeing Polaris always where it belongs we’re seeing the Sun never going into a northern Arc in the


summertime you know it it stays where it’s supposed to be and everything is working in the heliocentric model you can’t explain the aess always pointing at Polaris the sun’s Arc in proper uh locations and it it’s supposed to be going 300 million kilometers in in a travel around elliptical orbit around the sun you can’t show all these things and explain the seasons in any simple form like a diagram which the concave Earth can do without a problem exactly or the moons for that matter the orbit


the Motions of the moons of the Moon I should say um yeah it’s it’s it’s like he you know you have that graphic one of your recent articles aam’s Razer you know it’s the simplest answer is the best answer and so there’s no reason to have this elliptical orbit of the moon Moon and and the whole idea of tital locking and just it just like you said it’s a happy coincidence that the that the moon just happens to make one full rotation every orbit and just it’s so the face the same facei of the


moon is always facing Earth yeah oh no that’s that’s that’s a little too coincidental I think your diagrams of the retrograde motions of the planets was was excellent too you can it’s just basically a push pull motion yeah it’s I mean I just I just went in stellarium and I just I just I just wrote down the right ascensions of the planets and I just you know I just went into my 3D program and I just mapped them out and so that’s how they work and so it’s it’s an accurate plotting of the


planets and it shows how the Sun is affecting the planets it’s pushing and pulling them it’s you know it’s it works out so yeah and you’re using their math aren’t you yeah well yeah just using what what’s observed through you know I mean there’s no reason for me to you know recalculate what’s already observed by by astronomers you know it’s like but but that’s what I mean they you need to have the ax rotating you need to have it on a 2 point you know 23.5 degree access


you needed to go around the Sun in order to explain planetary retrograde and call it not actually happening mhm which is one of the biggest problems they had when they were starting to get into hel hel centrism versus geocentrism it it it’s just one of the things that I mean at that time it may have helped heliocentrism but at this time we don’t have to say that’s not real we say that data is real and we have the reason why right yep exactly that’s great we had a great talk here it’s it’s going over an hour now


but um yeah we should do this again and uh you know we’ll invite other people as well and so absolutely presented bit of evidence for people to look into this this episode yes thank you for having me yeah okay guys well uh look for the link I’ll I’ll shoot you guys the link and uh you guys have a great evening guys thank you very much Stephen nice meet you take care buddies Dam you too bye [Music] [Music] [Music] he


[Music] in the Eartha there are so many wonderful treasures and if you know where to dig you will find gold and diamonds all kinds of treasures but if you don’t know where to dig all you find is rocks and dirt we can show you what where to dig and what to dig for but the digging you must do yourself no matter what we tell you you’re going to have to go back confirm verify anything you hear you hear the scientist out there you hear physics whatever it is Concepts make sense verification may change what the concept actually means


oh I’m sorry you know what as far as what’s been going on you know there’s always stuff going on talking to people every day there’s new people getting interested all the time and uh everybody got questions everybody you know they want to bombard you with all kinds of stuff when they get excited because they’ve never heard of all the concepts that you know throw away gravity try The Ether you know try new Concepts try things yeah and now you see where you get but I I think everybody has to take


down just slow down a little bit you have to try to learn what the model is and forget what you think you know because you tend to run comparisons against things you’ve been taught your whole life life you know the more you study the more you find things are not always what they seem you know so that I mean that’s pretty much what’s been going on in our the blog and everything else but um Joseph how about you uh yeah well for me specifically I I got into this in uh November so it’s been pretty recent but excuse me um yeah


what what specifically go ahead we I’m sorry we have Peter Peter joined us but go ahead Joseph tell us tell us about it hi Peter hi Steve how are you good we’re just talking to Joseph win right now he’s talking about how he came to understand the concave Earth so he’s he saying back in you were saying back in November right Joe yeah yeah so um yeah it started in November for me and before that I I just went straight to the concave I didn’t I saw the Flat Earth people and I thought it was kind of silly and then when I came


AC when I came across the concave Earth I thought it was pretty interesting and I was it yeah yeah so yeah remember you you initially started I was like who is this guy this guy I mean he’s acting just like a little me he’s like Anda put this person on detention Yeah well yeah I felt that’s that’s one of the biggest things is that I I I was like who is this person you know it was the same thing so that’s why it was a fast process for me yeah it’s like you just you got it you clicked it you you totally just


understood and just went with it and yep it was really it’s really uh quite a help dealing with all you know all the all the criticism and the trolls and stuff yeah definitely and so you you were like determined to go out and conduct geodetic experiments well I just wanted to do something yeah and so you’re I mean you said you had a background in electronics right yeah I mean just a little bit I I used to uh get uh broken Xboxes and repair them kind of like a hobby but oh you’re only yeah that that kind of warmed me up


into it that’s great so how many actual uh laser experiments have you conducted um whatever I uploaded to YouTube is all I really did I mean I tried to do more but there’s problems with like no trespassing and you know people are kind of uh they’re kind of paranoid about yeah me being with the laser at night yeah whatever they didn’t call the cops on you do they well I had I mean one time there was a park ranger he was pretty nice so he just told he just told us to leave and one I there’s another


time where this guy came out and yelled at me he’s like yo you need to leave the park is closed BL blah whatever I just have to deal with that so you went out there with your dad then or what yeah I went out with my dad my step brother and my friend oh okay each different times but my dad helped the most so and so you did a a you did a 20 mile test and then you did a few shorter shorter range tests right yeah the 20 and 12 and a half mile that was was my step brother because he lives in Antioch and it was


perfect perfect distance for that and so my dad yeah go ahead go ahead your D my dad helped me with the other ones Johnny Johnny got any questions for Joe yeah I just got I gotta just say I got this strange uh repeating feedback so yeah you got what you got to do is on your Von live Channel there’s a little that little play button you got to mute the v m the audio there that makes sense yeah I have’t muted I’m hearing you guys twice and Peter if you I don’t know if you if you’re on my Von Channel too you


got to mute the volume there okay there not on V so live stuff people okay all right take it away John what do you got what do you have to ask Joseph well unfortunately I missed the a bunch of what you said but we go on anyway we were talking about his experiments his laser experiments uh he we talked about he went out with his dad and he was uh he had a few alter altercations with neighbors and park rangers but and then he did the 20 m test he did a 12 mile test and uh yeah go ahead the flashlight uh was that


was kind that was the one I did with my friend and um that one was kind of a fail yeah that I have I put a video about that um uh it was just I it that’s what led me to suspect that flash flashlight light is different than laser light yeah so Ian it’s not that simple of just you know oh they’re photons blah blah I gu there’s it’s more to that so can you can you expound on that well yeah I think with the flashlight is that it’s basically it’s just more it’s it’s weaker if that makes sense I think the


laser is more directional and it’s a cohered coherent cated or yeah yeah so I mean the the flash the flashlight was like looking at like uh lamps like a street lamp in the Horizon so I see those were that’s why I think that work or excuse me the laser worked but not that so I I tried it again at that same spot with the laser and it worked so I don’t gotcha yeah so you were able to pick up the laser all the way from the other side then right yep even this was going across the water yeah can you hear that John yes I hear


it clearly yeah I I wasn’t aware it was going to give me that feedback before yeah so um the different lasers how do they affect the uh curvature um what what do you mean like well it you know in order to shoot a laser across you know 20 M distance according to all the math that we have it’s uh for those um from the observational eye on a convex sphere to the Horizon where you know the Horizon is basically where the fading distance is you know there should be a a you know a part of uh Earth’s mass to block that


20m laser yeah and light bends upwards towards less density so when you’re shooting different colors of lasers over the water how does that affect the beam of light in order to reach that 20 mil well I I do think the laser light bends I just think it basically bends uh less than like or what you would say ordinary light and I think it’s because like in the in the case of the blue laser at, 1600 Ms in a confined space because of the the Divergence of the actual laser so um I mean I I and my my brother was the


one who’s sat on the 20 mile and he said he could see it with his like his naked eye he was able to see the the whole time but the camera couldn’t pick it up unless it directly like it was directly in front of the camera so um that’s after that I think that’s might be the last time for a while that I do that a laser test there’s a I talked with Steve about another idea so I’m working on on that one but um yeah as far as the wavelengths go I I don’t think it really matters the color as


long as if it’s powerful enough and it the light shouldn’t spread too much or else it won’t be visible at all right so just the simple fact that you could shoot the laser over 20 miles it that should dispel the idea that the Earth was convex yes yeah I think so but I mean there are better ways to go and measure and prove things that’s why I always all well what do you got I mean the rec delineator is one and I consider I consider your laser shooting 20 miles distance um an appropriate uh you know


um a helping of showing another example what the reator is trying to show yeah it’s more of like a confirmation if if that makes right yes yes so what what else you got that might uh prove the curvature of the earth well uh that sex tent idea uh it’s like a what they use for navigation and at uh in uh Celestial navigation in the oceans that’s it’s like a protractor with the mirrors um you can measure the angular distance between something something like a tower or something that’s at at a distance if


you can measure the angular distance that could also give you uh a measure of curvature so that’s that’s what I plan on doing next I’ve seen them uh two people post on uh YouTube uh showing that and it being removed within 10 minutes really wow yeah after showing it showing what the Sextant idea yeah the Saxon idea I didn’t know anyone else came with that came up with that you mean pulled off the internet like removed yeah and then I I talked to the guy about it I sent him an email and he said


I don’t know why they removed it and I’m not you know trying to create waves so and and the other guy kind of just disappeared so well hey I I’ll I’ll still do it I me you know can’t hurt no harm no foul it’s not like you know let me uh pull up a diagram because I was uh keep talking but I was I’m going to pull up a diagram just kind of basically show the mechanics it’s pretty yeah but that that’s a very good idea using a sax a sax apparently can actually show the distance of how far the Sun and the Moon


are from the earth interesting yeah I was just thinking about the curvature though um what I was telling Joe what he should try to do and it just came to me I’m I wasn’t I was thinking you know there’s got to be another way instead you know like the rectal linear is a great it’s I mean it’s it’s it’s kind of nobody’s ever reconducted and it does take a lot of thought to actually build one and you know I have to get it you got have to be near the you the ocean you have to have like the qu on


next to it so we don’t you know you have to comp you don’t have the Tide Water Rising and lowering and stuff so there’s a lot of precision that has to go into it but as far as like a simple simplistic experiment how I just don’t know if it’s if the distance is long enough here I’ll just pull this up in the screen here but well you know if you look at the studies that were done for um the laser level the German or polish guy I know the original write up is in uh another language so it’s not familiar


to me like that but the wild her oh yeah yeah wrote about him with the um the dummy level yep and then shooting the lasers on each side with the dummy level this experiment um showing the light curves upwards yep willham Martin yep yeah um where was I going with this well anyways with the light curving upwards you know I want to I want to see what uh what do you what do you think Joe the light curves upwards right it’s even less with the laser then you have the the the the confrontation of this idea is with a convex sphere what


they’re showing you is the light will go actually around and curve down to you know it it has to go up on a convex ball it has to go up past that Horizon with you know with a 20 miles what they’re trying to say is in a 20 mile distance at 10 miles the light actually goes up and then it goes back down and then down even further to see that 20 mile distance that’s how they try to explain away the curvature of the Earth being concave so what do you think about that yeah they i’ I’ve had a couple of people


say that say oh special relativity uh I I don’t even know how that makes sense but they say they say that because of uh Rel it it bends or some people have said ref fact I don’t know another guy today said that it it scatters like the same reason why the sky is blue the blue light scattered over oh yeah they come up with all all different ideas so that’s why I said you know what I’ll go ahead yeah I I did the 20 mile I think that’s good enough for now I’ll try something else and focus on other


stuff you made another video about uh why the sky is blue it’s kind of similar to my idea with the with the glass but um but um real quick here just wanted to point out this experiments up on my screen um I was thinking about you know if he had something high enough like a radio tower or a lighthouse would probably be better because a lighthouse is by the water and you’re at zero you know as long as you don’t have a tide going up or down you’re at 0 degrees sea level but anyway um basic it’s just you know


simple trigonometry you know if you have a 1,000 foot tall radio tower you just simply walk off that same distance and you have three curves going on if it’s concave it’s curving up straight or convex now in Tri trigonometry you know this is the right this is the right triangle and so it’s actually an isoceles so this is going to be 45 degrees if the land is flat however that angle is going to be greater if the land is concave or the angle is going to be lower than 45 if if the land is convex I just don’t know if there’s if that’s you


know if it’s long enough distance to actually get any kind of deviation from 45° and plus the fact that light does Bend and I guess it’d probably be doing it at night would probably be more beneficial because during the daytime light tends to bend more when the sun is out so but that was the experiment so so basically you know just going out there with the Sextant you know in in yeah measuring the angle so that’s what I was thinking about doing as long as you as long as you got a a level surface like the water um in a


level water area it should work out um what one of the things I I wanted to get this through because there there’s going to be a lot of people listening right now we’re going to say the the whole problem that we were discussing with with the light bending over and everything else what we got to know is the refractive index of air is less than that of water vapor mhm so the air and the water you know there’s virtually no difference between a vacuum and um the water vapor um as far as the refractive index


goes right so you’re going to get virtually nothing and then with light bending upwards as the studies show the light basically goes pretty much straight and then starts to curve in an upwards manner right yeah being that the you know water BAS is also less dense than the air you know not only is this uh you know a really small amount of refraction but late traveling into a denser medium like water vapor to air would refract away from The Observer not towards them exactly yeah so if anything that’s more


in our favor uh yeah this their whole their whole explanation about you know why the Sun appears before we actually see the daylight and you know because of atmospheric refraction well yet there is refraction going on but it’s not because of the air I mean there’s glass you know that’s creating that’s why there’s a squishing of the Sun and the Moon that’s not I mean there’s the the gradient of of refraction in air is not going to it’s not going to be that significant I mean you’re talking 0.0000 Z whatever 29


or whatever so it’s not going to cause that much refraction that’s all there’s to it and so they I can’t get around that look I I did the math on uh on the calculator and um you know you could pull up the math and do it yourself if you’re you know physics math Savvy basically it turns out it to be able to view a 20 mile distance even for the laser to have reached that far with just that math and I and I’m going to get to my point right after this but with just that math you would need to be


on an elevation of 260 ft just about that a little bit higher in order to see a visible distance of 20 miles away MH now what I’m saying is the math gets really complicated because these concepts are so simple they sound simple and this goes with what I told you before you got to do the digging yourself you can you look at the concept it sounds simple but then you have to include the bending of light you have to include you know the densities you have to include what you’re going over you like there’s these other um statistics


that have to do with everything that’s why when we view these things mathematically we’re creating structures that don’t necessarily reflect um reflect reality mhm so that’s why experiments are needed to get rid of this concept and see if the concept actually makes sense or not if we can’t verify the concept well it works conceptually but not realistically which is the same thing that math does yeah you know MH exactly yeah uh yeah the 260 ft thing I that can’t be explained especially with


recording it with a cheap camera because I was thinking I was going to have to get a DSL the single or excuse me DSR whatever the single reflex single yeah single lens reflex but those are too expensive and that’s I I I’m Whoever has that whoever can whoever already has one and has a laser can afford it maybe sometime they can do it so well Joe what why don’t you tell you know you have a video about this but why don’t you explain to anybody who’s listening how they can do this themselves and check


for the curvature of the Earth with the lasers like you did yeah okay well I mean you can you can really do it on any type of um any or excuse me any distance I would say I would say about two at least two miles I mean if you want to just prove it for yourself like with your friend all you need to do is have somebody um stand on one side and you it’s very simple you shoot you would shoot at a height less than what what the calculated bul should be for what what you know for the planet model planetary model well if we just


did a foot a foot and and you were able because about six feet we should be able to see about three miles with our nak it out right so it’s also the perspective of how many inches do you think per mile does a curve um eight the first Mile right yeah it’s eight the first mile and then it’s because it’s curved because it because it’s a circle it’ll be like 32 inches a second mile yeah okay so the the longer the distance see if I can get that information for you right now like for like five miles


really if you’re about 3 feet that that should work cuz the bullet should be four four I think it’s 4.1 feet on five in five miles and yeah that one that one really works that one well I I’m in here in Chester Town Maryland and i’ I’d love to find somebody do with me uh down here in the Chesapeake Bay and uh get a boat in the center and to see if I can measure if there’s an actual you know drop yeah that would be nice yeah that would be good that’s a good idea definitely six drops from the chat says


in the Navy we have something called a son Sono boy Sono buy dropped at the right depth of the ocean at the right temperature one can hear a whole hemisphere perhaps one should examine sound waves more that’s a good interest that’s a good good idea there know yeah so how do you refute I mean there’s a lot of flat earthers that think that well yeah it’s not concave it’s it’s we see it it’s flat I mean you’ve seen you’ve seen what I’ve I’ve practically tore apart Flat


Earth theory and Y on my my videos lately but um what do you think it is about them why do you think they’re just so incorrigible into embracing concave Earth reality well uh ultimately I just think it it’s mainly a re like a rebellious type of thing after after seeing the concave Earth I mean I could maybe understand a little bit if they just went from convex to flat and then you know they’re discovering uh researching and you know learning about NASA and all this stuff but I I person I don’t


understand I really I don’t I think they just have a problem with you at the end of the day well and you you made a video about them G you know they want they’re greedy you know yeah that too that too yeah and they want to sell their books and they want to sell the products and they want and they’re they don’t care if they’re gen they’re they’re dising genous or not well they don’t even have to believe in the flatter Theory they see it’s an opportunity for them to make some money right I mean see it I I think


some of them can’t get past what they can see and and you know that’s where the problem comes in corre is what what they perceive as reality and and you tell them that there’s something else out there just beyond your reality a different dimension that’s concave and and they they don’t want to hear it it’s it’s interesting exactly it’s uh you know it’s just what was that the zetic philosophy you know it’s just what we see that’s what we observe we can’t be anything differently no


don’t that’s not that simple guys I’m sorry but I’ve actually um there was a a flat earther who actually invited me to his Forum cuz he was banned from the main International Flat Earth Society for you know hosted by Eric do buy my book and [ __ ] that’s good but he was yeah this guy I mean the whole Flat Earth movement is in shamble if you really look at it they’re all in disarray you have these they’re all at each other’s throats you got Dubai Dubai fighting with Sergeant Sergeant thinks


he’s a shill and then you got uh boand Bo’s just a FR Loop but uh but I guess this guy was like he was saying that they banned him from The Forum because he wouldn’t speak out against the Jesuits or he wouldn’t speak out against um I don’t know but he thought he was a shill and so like you know I I I had a guy who had a conversation with him he seemed like a real nice guy he’s from Italy just and he he’s a real nice guy and so I I said okay I’ll join I’ll I’ll join your forum and so they have their


own little Forum there and actually John you you joined as well too because I told you about it but yeah in the rect delineator yeah Forum I actually put the cellular cosmogony there yes I saw that you know it’s about 240 Pages worth of what the Rick l i mean look I get this okay I’m sure you get this I’m sure anybody else who’s trying to help people get this gets this sort of feedback I I get this very fast okay I ask have you you ever heard of the rec delineator okay the the response comes back as yes


and it was of poor design it’s not rigid and it sagged and it was done by a pseudo scientific crackpot well congratulations you just reiterated everything simc just said and have no thought process for yourself right yeah they want a quick convenient answer to dismiss it and they don’t even look want to even look at yeah but there are presumptions yeah exactly exactly do do do the experiment yourself I mean with the laser experiment what Joseph’s doing is saying Hey listen I’m going to see for myself if I’m going to try to verify


this the best way I can so you go out and you do an experiment you try to figure it out if you can’t do an experiment and you don’t have the equipment well then you got to do more research you can’t just listen to somebody like don’t listen to us don’t just listen to what we say go look and verify what we’re telling you exactly you know I mean when they tell what look how how is it that we have the same thing I said last time the Happ if indeed the reator sagged they did everything possible to remove any sort


of claims of sagging any sort of you know as press it took four weeks to calibrate the device every single time they mooved this thing and it was they and they flipped it upside down every time they moveed and they had all these Skeptics all these convex Skeptics look make making sure it was done properly yeah and you have the 25,000 M circumference yeah yeah exactly you know we we get to the point where it okay if it’s sagged why is it the happy coincidence that it sagged the exact same identical measurement if it was a


convex spere Just In Reverse to show its concave how is the the SAG that precise I mean you you’ve gota you’ve got to have a big imagination to say it was perfectly incorrect what are the chances let’s let’s calculate that let’s see I I stressed the word perfectly on the incorrect part but it’s just completely I mean it’s just insane that this experiment has never been publicly re reconducted especially because it proved so controversial the evidence I mean the results I mean you can’t just say oh the


beam sa construct this little freaking recor set and oh yeah I think the beam sack move next no dud this is this is a this is a this is a life Cher this is a this if this gets out to have any credibility whatsoever this rewrites every science book in the classroom every astronomy every as too much work it’s it’s just too much money lost too much work too much recognition lost and no we don’t want to admit that heaven is a real place place and God is real no we don’t want to admit that yeah let’s just keep on going backwards and


see how far we get look I I I got this guy um this guy here David makes the uh the videos trying to disb flatter pull the the camera away from a boat and shows a convex Earth he’s asking me questions now he says I made a simple illustration of a concave Sunrise does this really look plausible and he sent me this link of this thing now here’s the thing I asked him is your program capable of bending light do you know the amount the light actually bends to input this information into your computer before you run this


simulation exactly this is what I’m saying the con he uses it on the concept because there’s more you need to know beforehand so exactly yeah he he’s uh special effects but he he uses LightWave and I use light wave and LightWave cannot bend the light so I know well yeah uh that’s another the light bending is another thing about the Flat Earth if they have to admit that light bends then they have to admit that the sun is moving in a uh how how do I say a concave it it would have to move abiding to the concave Earth model so


they yeah well um Steve check this out he asks me this how come refraction of the glass sky does not distort the Stars especially near the edges where it’s thicker and then he says uh through a crystal ball I you know I wonder where do we see the thickness of the edge of this bowl because we never see it because our eyes never get that far you know what I’m saying you don’t you’re not going to see The Edge you’re not going to see The Edge Edge of the celestial sphere I I had that one morphing the sky SK video


where where I just like pull a convex ceiling and I wrap it and I invert it so it’s a concave Dome so you’re not going to see The Edge and uh but there is actually the glass does just create the refraction along the perimeter of the Stars that’s why it squishes things like that but um the glass sky is evident it’s they call it lensing I mean they call it red shifting they I mean there’s so much proof that there’s glass it’s not this it’s not mass they say well mass is distorting the Stars it’s it’s


it’s you know Lawrence Cross will pull up a graphic and it’ll show what looks like something viewed through a a warped frosted glass or something and it it’s because it really is I explained that I I show well this is this is how you know if you don’t understand there was a global flood if you don’t understand that there’s a glass Sky a Celestial crystalline firmament that was damaged during the flood because stars are created by some Amin Essence uh I believe they clustered together during


Before the Flood and they melted holes through this glass and then they eventually healed back together so now you have this bumpy surface of the glass guy that’s the reasons why that’s the reason why I believe we have what they call gravitational lensing is it’s simply real glass lensing that’s why we have the red shifting that’s that’s why we that’s why we have different uh different red shift readings from quazars quazars are supposedly have a very high red shift but um they found that this one


particular quazar has as a jet like it’s connected to a Galaxy so it’s like well how can that be quazar are supposedly so far away because they have this very high red shift yeah they refute themselves yeah no if you understand you’re just looking through a warped glass and different regions of the glass is going to create a greater aberration of red a red a red shift and it’s going to project this this Fringe on this particular quazar that happens to be it could it’s probably even closer than the


than the galaxies that it’s it connected to so all right well let’s get let’s get into colors and temperatures for a minute because I don’t think red shift even occurs to be able to tell you distances Joe you want with with the colors of the Sun or colors of temperatures and things like that and then uh you know wavelengths well why don’t you uh you know tell us about the colors of temperatures and then yeah if if you can tell by wavelength of the color spectrum that something is actually distantly away from


you yeah that’s I guess that’s that’s their theory on how they calculate the distance they look at the color temperature and then uh they plug that in to Cal basically calculate how far how far it is so if it if it’s uh I think if it’s if red uh the whole repeat that I think we lost your audio there for a second okay can you hear me yeah okay now I said that so the you’re talking we’re talking about the red shift right yeah or the colors the color temperature of stars so yeah there if there’s a because there’s


a glass Sky it throws everything off because you know they’re looking at the they’re looking at the stuff and they’re saying okay this one’s red this one’s blue uh you know that means this the Stars hot than the color temperature though they look at the uh the uh luminosity and all this other stuff to get an idea of of how far and what what they’re actually looking at but and so in essence what you were saying is that the sun is actually a lot hotter than it appears to be due to the color temperature of yeah I


yeah I think so because if if it since if it is small since it is small um it’s there’s no way it could be I mean maybe it could but I don’t think it could be 58 5800 Kelvin because Ju Just mathematically with the uh the uh radiant flux so we have a solar constant we can we can measure how much uh uh watts per square meters of light is coming in and if it’s if it’s a 5800 Kelvin Sun it would have to be a giant it would have to be what they say it is the star gas giant whatever but if it’s it’s being gelled


this is being gelled through a colored gel so yeah like a a color correction filter like yeah it could be glass too the gels are just like these well yeah yeah I mean theater they have gel lighting and stuff but yeah so it actually can uh give diminish the apparent temperature of the S yeah and the glass guy is a perfect color to do that so being yellowish green yeah exactly so it it it makes sense it adds up yeah you want to talk about the Cavin your your video on the cavish experiment oh yeah the the gravitational


constant yeah I think I think you nailed it I mean um yeah okay so yeah that’s that’s how that’s what they used to calculate the 9.8 MERS how fast the rate at what Things Fall they uh Henry Cavendish Henry kevish keves excuse yeah it was like sometime in the 1700s he went and he took these massive lead balls and um he measured a pseudo attraction it it appeared to be the smaller balls appeared to be a attracted toward the bigger balls and that’s that’s what they concluded that it’s okay that’s gravity and then I mean it


was before that with Newton but that that’s what really gave the uh the mathematics weren’t were came out with cendes so right but if we understand that there’s an ether permeating the Earth and what Tesla what Tesla believed is that this Universal compression this ether is affecting it’s it’s affecting objects within the medium of ether and So within the same experiment you can simply say that the bigger steel balls or the bigger blocks of lead or whatever the bigger objects were actually


obstructing The Ether on that side and so on the other side of the small ball it has it unobstructed ether that’s how I this is how I’m interpreting it has unobstructed ether and it simply can push the small the small small ball into the big ball or the block of blad is that is that where you getting at yeah that’s yeah that’s that’s exactly it that’s and they tried it they did the same thing with the uh with a mountain I can’t pronoun it’s going to be hard for me to pronounce it shyen um it’s a m it’s a


mountain in Scotland right or they had a pendulum and they measured a deflection right in the in the pendulum swing and they concluded okay so the the mountain is pulling the pendulum torta basically but it’s really obstructing The Ether yeah you could look at it both ways and really I mean I come because now that we know what after the rectal rectal experiment that we’re living inside of the earth that there’s no way I could have been attracting it because I would just that that wouldn’t work at all so right


there’s there’s more but that’s that’s all I really know for now about that so well the the ether’s uh one of the things that I’ve always had an interest in because uh you know the explaining a way of data um which is what special relativity was for keep light constant which like decays over time I’m not sure if everybody’s aware of that but everything decays in this universe eventually you have a state of decay so light traveling these you know hundreds of millions of light years um seemingly


doesn’t make sense because the the light would have to have an infinite range of energy right and the energy is decaying as the light is traveling so when we’re getting these numbers and stuff it it just doesn’t make sense but e either way when we disproved that you know when they were trying to find ether drift they were trying to calculate that with the motion of an earth spinning they didn’t have a motion of the Earth spinning so they said well we can’t detect ether and for some reason we


can’t detect Earth spins you know it’s like one mistake moned upon another and they talk about you ever hear about ober’s Paradox and this guy older he thought that he said that he said that the star why why is there nighttime if stars are you know there’s why aren’t the stars all the stars in all the galaxies why aren’t they hitting us and why isn’t why isn’t their daytime 24 hours a day and so they had to come with all this the stars are going at Super Sonic speeds exactly exactly light would


always have to never decay in order for that to even to occur right you know let alone um you know you’ve got these NASA guys telling us that we can’t see light without something to reflect upon well we have a glass guy so the light reflects upon the Glass Guy thus we can see the stars you know they say they need the gold in the reflectors for the astronauts and this is what they say whether you know I I know there’s a controversy of whether we go to space or not but the point is if you shoot a laser for instance you can’t see that


laser between where the laser sh shooting you only see what it reflects off of unless it’s reflecting on a dust or water moisture or something it needs something to reflect on well this is with all light and um you know so I mean you know I don’t know we’re talking about red shifts chromatic aberration stuff like that and you need a lens in order for any of this stuff to even occur yep yes you do well one of the things I wanted to say I mean there’s a lot of people that you know are so headstrong


on relativity and relativity must exist and all this other stuff except we can’t prove gravity you know and Einstein later when he removed the The Ether in order to keep the Earth moving he went back on what he said I I got two quotes here I got I got two quotes here okay Einstein says this but on the other hand there’s a weighty argument to be uced um in favor of The Ether hypothesis to deny the ether is ultimately to assume space has no physical quality whatsoever the fundamental facts of quantum mechanics do not harmonize with this


view another quote is recalculating we must um we may say that according to the theory of relativity space is endowed with physical qualities okay and in this sense therefore there exists an ether according to the theory of general relativity space space without ether is Unthinkable for in such space there would be no propagation of light but also no possibility for existence of standard of space and time nor any time intervals in a physical sense now you know what do you think well what what what do you think motivated him to


change his mind like that I mean just like do you think he was like actually pressured to say that or I mean what was it do you have his initial quote of refus The Ether well it it I can I could pull that up he he actually didn’t know about uh Dayton Miller’s experiments and um you know Dayton Miller and him had a problem because of that and uh was that the a biogenesis experiments or no is that something else no not a biogenesis is the beginning of Life okay um they use you know life came Miller came to


mind didn’t Miller do the a anyway go ahead yeah that that’s uh life came out of a rock sort of thing oh I know where I got this what do you think gravity is do you think it’s a push or pull or I I think it emanates out of the center of the celestial sphere where everything’s rotating you know it’s it’s an electromagnetic type of static Force um yeah I think so too okay so it’s more of a push then yeah yeah yeah Universal compression is is the best way to explain it as where our position is it also explains density


because gravity doesn’t make any sense I mean you you yourself don’t experience gravity you experience densities well you have to understand there there’s there’s equilibrium going on so there’s that there’s forces pushes and pulls I mean but I believe that initially in the center we have this magnetic you know this we have this octahedral shaped op I believe I’ve never seen it but it’s just my my guess and so it is attracting it’s attracting Metals I believe the sun and the moon are metal and so but also we


have this push Force that’s exerting from it as well and so there’s this balance that’s created I believe yeah all right let see tobly Tides here here’s a uh a quote from Einstein in a letter to Edwin e SLO um July 8th 1925 okay he says in my opinion Miller’s experiments is the following should the positive result be confirmed then the special theory of relativity and with it the general theory of relativity in its current form will would be invalid okay experimentum sumus judex is what he says


the only equivalence of inertia and gravitation would remain however they would have to lead to a significant different Theory which is exactly what we’re talking about and by Einstein admitting The Ether has to exist otherwise nothing makes sense he also says right here that General and special relativity also don’t make sense whatever he says whatever you say Albert you’re you’re universally accepted if you ask huh ask opinions sounds like what he’s confused you have a he’s so smart he’s confused


yep don’t you get just look at the guy come on is this guy really that smart what his his bed head he looks like like Larry Fine from the three sto’s cousin or something like that I don’t know I think I think they have this like I don’t know the Jews or whoever they were the Zionist like let’s prop up some imbecile and let’s make him out to be the most the greatest the smartest man in the world no no no Albert no don’t comb your hair no no just leave it like that it makes me wonder about Stephen


Hawkings too it’s like is he just like some [ __ ] [ __ ] in a chair Stephen Hawkings is another one definitely is huh most definitely is I don’t know I yeah he really I don’t I’m just wondering I wouldn’t I wouldn’t doubt that they might do something like that let’s see who’s the next [ __ ] we can who’s next imp no but I think they do that on purpose I mean even the flat earthers have um you know this guy he’s got uh he calls himself nasy NASA Wikileaks he’s got the NASA channel for YouTube oh Matt


Borland uh yeah oh yeah that guy is well but the thing is he he has he has an interview with some guy about um David Hawkin about how uh Ste yeah it’s like a big conspiracy how they keep him in that state I mean personally I don’t see this guy is even talking through a box at all or writing books I mean it it it kind of doesn’t make sense to me I mean you know anybody who similar state that that has apparently the same diseases him and can talk what’s his what is his disease what do they call it


do you know I I don’t I don’t I don’t know it off hand yeah I just know he used to be normal or something before that and then when he was like 20 something he just that that’s what I read a long time ago I mean I shouldn’t laugh I’m sorry but I feel bad if it’s you know he’s really that way but I don’t believe it well I don’t think we’re laughing at Stephen Hawking I think we’re laughing at the idea that somebody can be in such a position and be able to write books


and all this other stuff I mean maybe if your mind’s still functioning completely but that’s you know to assume some things and you never noticed they don’t update his voice oh you have you have to keep his voice that that old you know what 80s 7s early talk box boys you know that’s true that’s I don’t listen to him I don’t even know I don’t even know what he sounds like I might have heard him before but I don’t waste my time with those clowns voice ever yeah what do you think


about Neil the ass Tyson oh my God I I think he he’s a great talker exactly he’s got a personality yeah and um the people like him you know and it it he’s an easy face and you know this came up on a different talk I was listening to that it seems like you know there’s a duality here there’s you know people trying to show the truth and then there’s always the shills the shields seem to be all the good talkers they could talk you know they can get up and you know sophistry they must be trained


in all this stuff but here’s the thing right you pay anybody enough money and I’m not saying this is Neil deg grassy Tyson but I mean when he said like what’s time when he said some other stuff he’s got like some radio thing that he does I I’m in disagreement with what he says and then he he he sugarcoats a lot of things yeah if you really listen he’s just telling you he’s very manipulative I mean he tries to get you on his side you know come on come on my side but he yeah like you said he’s a


good talker another good talker and I’m talking about shills Mark sergeant from the fled Earth what do you guys think about markant that’s that’s where that’s one of the things I was you know leading into but you know Mark Sergeant you listen to him the man can talk he could give radio interviews with no problem you know Neil Dei Tyson he could do the same thing and anybody who could talk and sounds like they know what they’re talking about and then you say they have degrees or anything like that the public


seems to accept it more I mean look if I came in here with a a British voice and I sounded like any what I was talking about for some reason in America I I’m trusted more exactly no that’s true it’s funny yeah you are SM y yeah but never back did he no he never called me back you just look at that guy’s videos it’s just complete PowerPoint presentation of [ __ ] even like things that don’t even make have any bearing of resemblance or re relevance to Flat Earth I’ll just throw this guy with you know he’s got his hand


on his chin or got a big question mark in the back of his head or you know just [ __ ] it’s just it’s psychological manipulation to the m he knows what he’s doing cuz all most of these most of these the flat earthers they ride on a motion and they ride on yeah go get them yeah yeah Earth is flat that go get a mark and now yeah he’s like a mascot but come on the guy can’t believe that [ __ ] that he’s spewing it’s total freaking Boney well you you know what though I mean you went ahead and you verified his


the flight times he was trying to say that but that’s my point in the very beginning you need to do your own digging and not just listen to these guys exactly okay the this guy if you watch his video what does he do he says I waited you know I I was watching the flight times and I’m watching the Southern Hemisphere and I’m watching for the plans and then they disappear and then he he’s he he’s explaining I waited and I waited to see these plans and he’s showing like a skeleton by a computer


and you know the computer like I mean there’s no proof to what he’s saying claims I know exactly but you you’re right he’s got a good voice you know he’s influential and so that what that’s what makes me think you know what’s your [ __ ] incentive Mark Sergeant okay you’re not you’re not supposedly not getting paid for this you’re not make I mean at least on the table you know I don’t know what the [ __ ] your your incentive is for doing this [ __ ] because obviously I busted you over and


over again you won’t [ __ ] call me back I are you afraid to talk to me Mark what I what the hell is you f going to bust your ass you’re [ __ ] I don’t know yeah the my Gout my the gout video the flip like the distances the distances between cities in South Africa versus like Spain and Portugal supposedly they’re like the same you know amount of miles but I but [Music] um [ __ ] okay but on the map they’re all blown out out of proportion I me come on what the who who are you kidding to have to have actually people


think that they’re going to believe you and actually there I don’t know it’s like God I never thought when I started disseminating information on the concave Earth that I would have to combat Flat Earth theory I never never thought thought that I was like well I I still don’t know what the point is at the flat earth like I don’t I don’t know what the the goal is of it for the earth to be flat yeah there’s it’s it’s it’s self-seeking individual goals of you know how much


can we profit off of stupid masses it’s um I don’t know how many how much how much do you think how many books do you think Eric to buy my book made or sold how many you think he’s probably got at least 20 books or so sold or just no he’s he’s got 20 like books written it’s filled with books on one page I I don’t know maybe it do on something like that wow what a bunch of bolog he probably sells a good amount but who knows I don’t know I don’t know anyway I was I was spending some time uh


doing his uh airport jockeying and trying to figure out flight times I spent about a day on it and it got very frustrated trying to get flights it would connect and um and it was really when I saw your video that you showed some really good evidence of flights that you know went across but yeah it’s about making money you know an airline is not going to I’m sorry to interrupt you but an airline’s not going to like go straight cross if they can make you know pick up some more people pick up some more passengers make some more


money and fill up their plane and then go back that’s all it is but yeah there are there are direct paths and there’s no way policies there’s no yeah there’s no way on a supposed Flat Earth Paradigm that you can get from this like you know South America to to uh New Zealand in 12 hours if it’s you know if it’s supposedly all the way on the other side it just doesn’t work come on no it it doesn’t work I don’t even know why I like I said before I just don’t I never thought i’ have to battle


this [ __ ] I thought you know my enemy was always heliocentric convex spinning Earth spinning but wow it’s like well you still have that too so well yeah but you know yeah right but you never thought you would be attacked by flat earther in specifically it’s like like you know flies on [ __ ] did you say that somebody said that like they’re like flies on [ __ ] what the [ __ ] well yeah I I would tend to think that the flat earthers would want to UPG like upgrade and believe some something better like the


concave well yeah I think I you know like I’m I can see you know it’s it’s part of it’s my fault because I’m like insulting them too much and they don’t want to believe me because they they have this emotional you know aversion toward me but you know I try to apologize to them you know but you know what can I say I I I it I get mad you know I get mad when when I see these people manipulating other people and influencing them to believe is baloney it’s it’s like the shepherd like Wolf


coming in and stealing your sheep and you get pissed get the fu get the hell out of here well they deserve it deserve to get yelled at in my opinion yeah for the most part yeah all right so you guys got that photo I just sent right yeah okay you you see this this is what they call the Flat Earth Map you know what that really is yeah that’s the azimuthal equidistance map according to Mark Sergeant right it it it’s the map if you were to have a convex ball and look at it from the North Pole down that’s why


it looks like that it’s not like the you know how they say that the United Nations Flag yeah is the Flat Earth Map right it’s not it’s just the Earth from the top down looking from a top of a ball like this whole conspiracy they wrap a conspiracy around look they know look there’s a there’s these maps and that’s what it really is I mean how foolish can you be you need to do your own research I know that’s crazy yeah I mean of you know it’s just it’s just ridiculous but they say that is


what really looks like where your cartography comes in you know when you were checking those distances and the distances aren’t going to work of course because we’re looking at it from a different observational perspective in that photo right but it’s a joke it’s just a joke yeah yeah yeah how many people can we get to join the club we’ll just you know pick up stuff as we go along and some they say that the whole thing is moving up too like it’s accelerating oh yeah well you have different camps some people believe that


but other people don’t I don’t think Dubai believes that cuz like well an airplane would crash into the ground if was lying well sure then you need to have the whole thing like when we talk about if the Earth moves you know you need to have this magical velcro type of structure you know what I mean it it defies any any I mean when we when we take away gravity we insert ether and we insert these other ideas because they make sense yeah when we take away gravity and we take away ether and we tell you the Earth’s moving up but


magically nothing is moving down like clouds aren’t falling down towards you all the time it just doesn’t make sense yeah well that’s water how does water rise up to the size of the concave earth water rectal linear shows that water is curving but you you refuse to look at the rectal lator I mean it’s even even your laser experiments there’s a a dip in the in the middle of the lake okay so however it’s done whether it’s an ether push or acoustic levitation or whatever Force it’s doing


it you have you flat Earth’s have a million times more problems than what you think we have problems with which we don’t well what I’d like to say is that I I think Flat Earth is um is very religious it’s it’s taken uh you know out of a bunch of verses from the Bible and stuff like that but the thing is when when it’s easily explained why the water would be the way it is on any other shape besides flat is to also assume that God couldn’t have any creative ability whatsoever you know I


mean he look look The Horizon stops but you know there’s more after that you know it’s just it’s all I don’t know just like you say I mean you’re getting duped by God EXA exactly well I think yeah you got to look at I mean when you understand concave Earth you understand the retrograde motion of the planets and how the genius behind the Creator who actually created this deception so that it can actually pretty much work if the Earth was supposedly spinning and you you you have this apparent retrograde as opposed to having


a real retrograde with in the concave Earth um but there’s there’s some little flaws and and I I got to do a little bit more research about it but I hear that comets uh don’t necessarily go into retrograde motion and I’m wondering you know well if that’s is that something I can take advantage of I might have to do a video on that but I got to do some research on that figure that out interesting yeah so they’re they’re lying about the shape of what we’re in um anybody think that


there could be like more land out there like uh maybe a land is really does exist and they just HIIT it from us well if we look at if we look at things like the flood you know you had all these civilizations yes the flood came and it buried washed away these civilizations so Atlantis maybe it could have existed I mean off the shore of Africa if you look in uh say Google Earth you’ll actually see in the ocean on the bottom there’s like the square type of uh structure that looks like it could have been some sort of city or


whatever you have pyramids buried off the islands of Japan apparently they found 13 more pyramids underneath Egypt like under the sand I mean how does that happen well that’s exactly what I was goingon to say John that I don’t know how it happens at all I was gonna say this is my I want to I want to say something here go ahead when I talk about concave Earth to other people and they’re not sure um Peter what you said is they’re lying I I’m gonna take that away for a minute I don’t think there’s lying at all I think


what it was is in initially when they started the heliocentric model it was accepted before it could be verified once it’s accepted before it’s verified this starts to become a predetermined model they’re going to try to filter everything through to prove it this is why they you know they need red shifts because their model promotes a big bang but they have nothing to prove a big bang so they need red shifts to tell you the universe is expanding but then they have conflicting information like um you


know space is supposed to be an infinite Mass but at the same time it’s only so old so it can only be so big so now they made it finite again I mean right there is a conflict right there but when you go when you go into the Sciences right you start to have a a compartmentalization you have different groups of scientists that are not talking with to each other not sharing information you know you have space and cosmology astronomy that promotes um in the heliocentric model this is what it does it it promotes these dates right


then these dates tell you how old the Earth is then then because how old the Earth is they come up with asteroids that killed dinosaurs 65 million years ago you know everything you know Evolution takes millions of years nothing’s observable but everything has to be projected millions billions ions because that’s what their model suggests you know you start to take what I’m what I’m what I’m getting at is I think very few people really know the truth yeah and and um but there are people that know the truth and they’re


suppressing it and um and and whether it’s very intentional it seems to be so yeah Cosmic micro microwave background radio ation is considered by the heliocentric model the Access of Evil because it refutes what they’re saying you know they get the data and they don’t know what it means to their model it’s it’s conflicting it’s confusing but they’re going to run it through filters and hypothetical models to a predetermined bias so it fits in the in their concept it’s not that it’s true


it’s just that they need it to fit right how dare you give us information I mean they sent three probes up there because they didn’t like what they saw you know they got it back they said oh no we we can’t have this send another probe because that one must be broken right got it back again oh you know what we we’ll wait and send another probe you know they did the W map and then plank what was the first one yeah just like when they tried to they tried to detect gravity waves with the I believe it was


uh the Libo Libo you know they send this thing up there they get data the data is static they run it through a filter they remove you know whatever static they don’t like because they run it through a hypothetical model well at the end of the day the model is the the data they receive is hypothetical because they washed it through a hypothetical filter with the predetermined bias of heliocentrism MH and you need Gravity the way they say in order for anything to work yeah was that one that one video YouTuber he talked about that he went he


he broke down Point by Point why gravity didn’t work I forgot his name did you send me that link John long time I forgot his name I’ll look um yeah I I did I actually uh I have a book it’s over there I could go it with my notes of of all these uh experiments that are wrong or they they’ve washed the data right because they conflict with you know relativity they conflict with special relativity and they have to watch the data or or tell you something was broken or you know the delineator sagged or the


infometer arm shrunk you know they got to make up stuff so their model still works exactly I mean when I do my research and I think when you guys do your research as well no matter I mean we said this last time with the wild Heretics uh quote on the top of his um you know pit website there doesn’t matter what the what the data is the data is what it is okay maybe your hypo your hypothesis could have been wrong but you received data and that data means something we can’t just throw away data from experiments


because we want to you know what I mean doesn’t fit the Paradigm throw it away yep something else up C that talked about with lence Krauss who’s like oh yeah the dark matter it’s it’s not showing it’s it’s only 30% showing proof of a flat flat universe so we got to find some other way to prove that the UN versus flat oh yeah I didn’t even know that they believe that flat universe thing yeah they do because ultimately I guess it’s an atheistic point of view where they want to believe that something came


out of nothing so Quantum fluctuations produced a universe that’s what he says so Quantum fluctuations produce the universe yeah the universe must be flat I mean what the [ __ ] are you talking about yeah it doesn’t make any sense at all just shut up yeah yeah know I I think um you know concave Earth is picking up some steam I think it’s its hardest things that it has to fight is the secular world that’s slowly um gaining steam as well I mean and I think it’s a lot because you have Facebook and


stuff like this you have a lot of atheists promoting you know know uh seemingly atheist viewpoints and um you know they’re biased themselves as well because they don’t put that same filter they do towards religious ideas towards everything else well concave Earth if the Earth indeed which it does you know through verifiable experiments I mean I don’t have to say it any other way just verify the experiments yourself go out and do them like Joseph did and you can verify the curvature of the earth once


you get that far and then you start to see gravity isn’t gravity special relativity isn’t special relativity light Decay is and all these other Concepts and and you know knowledgeable verifiable things you have to take everything verifiable run it through but the point is all of these things that start to fall into place you know couldn’t have been there unless there was an architect to build it this way once you get I mean if they were to admit that the Earth curves upwards they have no choice but to admit that there


is a God as well exactly you just can’t take one from the other you know it’s just very hard I mean to me personally this is one of the things that solidifies the idea of God you know I’m not 100% on you know I I mean I don’t agree with you know the normal ideas of what God is to begin with you know I I think you know a lot of these people put so many limitations or ideas that don’t make sense like when you say outside of space and time like what the hell does that mean yeah yeah this is a I don’t know if


you guys saw this this the Ottawa Citizen put out an article they said why don’t people trust science and they have the you know they have the kesian cellular Globe at the as a picture at the front of the article oh yes I saw that but then they actually featured me in the article and they said uh what did they say here we go an American named Stephen Steve Christopher posts extensively on the theory that we live inside a hollow Earth he uses the name Lord Stephen Christ the citizen wrote to him and asked what keeps him going even though


he writes online that his beliefs have caused him to lose friends and have lost have a lot of heated arguments he replied Desiring truth I don’t even really remember talking to these people so it must have been like on a YouTube comment or something like or maybe it was my Von live show I wasn’t I’m not sure but I mean that’s what we have to that’s what we’re up against these the majority you know with all this you know Brilliant Minds and you know and scientific research which is actually


really good but this is you’re talking about the micro science level you’re not talking about the macro I mean you can you can be totally 100% spoton with all you know all the scientific information that and research that’s done on a on a micro level but but I want I’m talking about the macro and come on the moon landings really come on oh man so yeah John I mean now John were you what’s your background did you were you an atheist at one time or or what oh okay um I I’ll give you the the I I’ll


try to make it short but I’ll give it a story of uh how I’ve got the way I’ve be came okay um basically 911 occurred I was working in Manhattan on that very day I was 6 miles away yet there’s still people running down the street six miles away I worked in a federal building and I had to quit what I was doing and they put me right away at the security four days later I became head of security in um that Federal Building okay and I I was 19 years old I’m uh a a boss of nine other guys okay um so that changed a lot


and everybody was fighting about um religious ideas of uh you know the Muslims are out to get us the Muslims are out to get us right and uh I had to figure out you know what exactly was going on I mean I I my parents raised me as a Catholic they had me go to church all the time but my mother and father never went to the church it’s just we me my brother and sister had to go and um one day I said you know what I’m not going to go because you guys don’t go and I I never picked up on anything the priest said anyway so to me it it was


like useless so um you know back back to the the you know after 9/11 I started talking to everybody I picked up the Bible I picked up a Quran I read the whole Quran I read the whole Bible um and then I started asking questions and you know it it took me a while to become humble because what it was is every single new piece of information I would be pulled towards and say you know this is right this is the new thing and this is right because this makes sense but and and then what I started to do is say you know


what like I I went to the kingdom halls with Jehovah’s Witnesses I went to the Mormons I went to the Pentecostal church and speaking in tongues and he Faith healing I I mean I’ve seen all this stuff face to face okay and uh so you Dove you dove into those religions sex yeah because like a detective I got to find out I mean you got one verse but everybody’s got a different opinion of it right you know so I’m like how do you know this how do you know that and and you know ask every every body the same


question how do you know how do you know what do you know what do you know and um I had Bible software and all this other stuff and um they had all the cataloges of information of uh commentaries and what they said about all the verses and things well I I started to find some real interesting stuff and um I think getting into the politics also at that time brought me to a conclusion like this right I think Israel is over there you know if you take away the conspiracy I’ll put a logical possibility rather


than oh they just hate America’s freedom because I think that that’s just [ __ ] they want to feed us uh a propaganda slogan or whatever you have America that supports Israel Israel supports America I don’t know if you know but there’s um the only people who hold real dual citizenships are Israeli Americans yeah and they’ve been caught bringing Americans information back to Israel um stuff like that but just like you know says you you can’t be um faithful to two different Masters right you know and this is what


they’re doing but what what what is Israel doing on a daily basis they’re you know killing destroying taking the Gaza Strip you know so you have the Arabs who are usually more Muslim against what Israel is doing because they’re taking the land and they’re like you know and we’re supporting Israel we’re the ones who we give Israel millions of dollars May billions of dollars every single year so if anything it’s a backlash because we’re actually stealing people’s land it wouldn’t be


because they hate our freedom it’s because we’re we’re helping theft from them you see what I’m saying yeah so anyways you know you go into the religion and I started to get into philosophy as well and um The Atheist you know I listen to a lot of debates I think podcasts are good place for debates and I I could listen to you know I listen to Evolution debates religion debates does God exist the moral debates you know all these things they’re they’re very interesting to me but um ultimately it’s it’s hard


for me to say because you ever heard like Matt slick Matt slick you ever heard of this guy uh maybe I’m not really sure he he you know he’s supposed to be one of the front men for I don’t know I think a Pentecostal group okay um but uh like he he doesn’t really I I never see him he does debates and stuff but I never see him and he’s on um one of these radio shows these podcasts that’s online but what he does is he plays word games and I started to notice a lot of people play word games and a


lot of people don’t understand what the hell they’re talking about word games like uh the word faith in a religious context faith is different than in um a normal trust confidence right faith is like taking belief as if it’s reality you see what I’m saying yeah things you believe are actually real whereas the other faith is just the trust and confidence right so you can have faith in somebody or you can have faith in you know angels are actually real I mean that’s what faith means to me you know I heard an uh a Mormon U uh


I don’t know group talk or whatever they said God has faith and that just boggled my mind I said how can God have faith if he knows everything that he can do and to me was that was a conflict so I had to figure this stuff out you know I see and um you know it it’s it’s very difficult for me to just receive an information and completely agree with it I have to sit on some information for a while but um you know oh through all this stuff you had the Flat Earth you know and and this popped up on one of the uh the websites I like


to read my news it’s got alternative news and ghost and all this other stuff so I mean I’m interested and I can talk to you about anything really but um I was like Flat Earth really like you know you you hear it and they say and this is why you say this is a stepping stone I never believed in the Flat Earth what what it was is I looked at the Flat Earth and I said how is there people that think this is true and I thought for sure I thought well you laugh but I I thought to myself this has to be absolutely ridiculous so I started to


make like a tally list okay right and I said okay they say the Earth doesn’t move can we see the Earth moves well it works either way other does or doesn’t and you can’t prove it either way I said okay so equal equal and every single thing I was checking initially was equal okay it worked in both heliocentric models and Flat Earth models okay it start to get intriguing and I was like huh and I kept going and this is where I I actually started to come across some concave Earth you know geoc Cosmos


Concepts and I was like huh you know look at this this is something else too but see like I said I I don’t throw out the data you know Tesla and The Ether made a lot of sense to me even before I got into Flat Earth so I was like okay geoc Cosmos uses The Ether you know Flat Earth uses a raising Earth I mean I was like okay so I started to you know I even told people I said you know I’m looking in the flat earth the earth could be flat and they would laugh at me and I’m like yeah but you don’t know cuz


you don’t try to see if it’s true or not you’re just laughing at me so I understand the flat earther I do and that’s where I have to you know I have to apologize every time time and time again you know okay all right I can see you know you’re trying to look you trying to work things out or at least some of the people are I guess yeah I I don’t think you can get the Flat Earth without doing some sort of research at all I I really don’t I I think unless you’re just a you know a follower


and you think this is like the way to go because you just look at the Horizon and that’s the only thing you used you know um but the rected delineator you know I mean that that cellular cosmogony I I mean I literally read the whole entire book you know I yeah I read books I have you know I mean David Ike Alex Jones the uh The Pale Horse um from will Willam Cooper and and you know I I listen to all these radio shows and you know Coast to Coast AM and all this stuff because it’s just all interesting yeah um that’s


great you’re very inquisitive I like that about you yeah but as far as far as God goes how I came to say like yes there has to be is the concave Earth because I was always looking for some sort of verification and and you know one of my atheist friends there on you I I introduced the idea to him but just the rec delineator I also find um I don’t like to talk to people concave Earth necessarily bringing religion into it because the atheist perspective they that that immediately shuts it down yeah I don’t like to do that either so I’m


gonna say look at the actually find that most most Christians or religious people that I did try to help understand the cony word they they would they would reject it it’s really sad too yeah cuz they don’t look at things you know empirically they just look at things oh Jesus you he’s in another dimension somewhere praise the lord well I I don’t know I mean it it seems to uh the people who I mean some people think it’s de demonic they think you know they think it’s demonic how could you think that no but I mean if


you if you talk about the nephlim I mean there’s there’s a lot of uh people who are are understand the nephlim they understand the Giants they understand everything’s bar I mean look my dad my dad says this right he says that he thinks we used to live on Mars and then we left Mars and we came here and then we we helps with the destruction of the dinosaurs now it sounds funny right but I I said to him I said Dad I said don’t you realize that if we were here and then a flood happened I mean think about


it say I’m I’m a mechanic right now and you know I know computers if the the four of us were in a flood and only one of us was left do you guys know how to work on cars and build computers I mean I don’t I mean look I don’t even know how to gasoline but I can put together an engine you know what I’m saying so in that way our our technology starts to get lost so we got to essentially start over and that’s my dad’s Point civilization was there and then it got destroyed and everybody had


to start over I mean this is why you have like uh these humongous like 40 ton perfectly square blocks and stuff building walls and they say like modern technology can’t even produce these things because they had this technology you know but we’re in in a state of finding this stuff again and this is where when the flood comes in and then the glass guy that goes over it like I was saying before people could see past the glass guy I don’t think this was a a i i they probably knew more about what all of astronomy we’re figuring out all


over again from scratch really is what we’re doing you know they were able to see Saturn they were able to see all these stars and and like I was saying on the last podcast you have the samarians they built a uh um kind of like a a quite inventive um clay cylinder and the cylinder had like a picture so if you roll the cylinder onto like dirt or or um mud or something the image the flat image then appears but they show the planets are there right right and and it I’m just saying like when that glass got


after that flood after civilization has been lost and Technologies you know like I’m saying we can’t build the car I can’t make gasoline you know that reminds me of Jo 38 when he brought up a cylinder uh talks about how have you commanded the day spring and it says it is turned as clay to the seal so talking about cylindrical rotation so that the day spring meaning you know the Sun the solar system within the concave Earth is turned as clay to the seal it’s a cylindrical orbit every six months like


that anyway I brought [Music] upet what do you think what do you think Peter about what about what all the stuff I just said Peter had an interesting you I I I was I was really thinking about uh you being a mechanic and I’m a mechanic myself and uh I was thinking you know it’s got to be our troubleshooting skills and you know our ability to look into things and uh say you know okay I’ll run this test on this and I’ll get this result and and then try to figure it out and and a lot of this is is like troubleshooting um we


take uh certain things that we’ve learned here uh through uh certainly everything Steve has shown us here it’s amazing um to get us to get to the final result of you know the concave reality so it’s a it’s been a pretty good ride for me personally uh you know I don’t think I would have ever made it if it wasn’t for when I was like 13 and I actually saw the Earth concave did you you know yeah John did you watch the video where I talked with Peter about this no no no go tell tell us about it Peter okay um when I was uh 13


I um was at at a beach and I was by myself I mean where in America can you be at a beach by yourself but I was and um and it was the calmest day I’d ever had and the water was like glass but I I could hear waves breaking in the distance and I just happened to have binoculars with me so I I I picked them up and I looked out and I saw about six miles away an island and these big waves were breaking on it because there was a hurricane at at out to see and uh so I got the idea of get in the water and then then look and when I did I


could see the rollers in the center of the channel but I could also see the waves breaking on the shoreline at the same time then the waves would break and uh and and then they would come in in sets of three and and I’d only lose sight of the beach for about when it would get about a thousand yards from the beach and then it would break and I was like how can this be you know it’s certainly the only way I could see the rollers in the center of the channel and see the beach where the waves were breaking is if it


was concave so that that was the first time that’s very interesting yeah so you you told your grandfather he he believed you but your parents trying to talked you out of it right oh yeah yeah yeah my my mom thought I was crazy and uh but my grandfather was like yeah you know it very well might be and uh so yeah that that was that was really what kind of sold me on it but you know I I had the thought in my head that I was going to get in touch with the Flat Earth Society at that point but then a couple things


happened in my life and I went a different direction but um it wasn’t until later that I said a simple prayer I said I I said the Lord’s Prayer and I said uh would you show me uh all the evils in the world so I could better protect my daughter and within 3 days I he showed me a a video about 911 and then I started to question it and so I said oh let me talk to some of these people the you know that are talking you know about 911 and then I discovered well they’re not even talking about it now there’s a


total cover up and and then I discovered Chemtrails and I’m like oh my God those things are real and uh then I was like then I I really started to question things and it wasn’t until I ran into a a lieutenant colonel and he said yeah there’s these crazy people that say you know the Earth is you know flat the Flat Earth Society and I was like well maybe he’s trying to tell me something so I I started to look it up and the same time I found the concave Earth theory and uh that’s when I started to take it very


seriously so that’s kind of how I got here from there so then you made a reconnect oh when you were 13 whoa It’s coming back to me now yeah yeah it did I had like a recall yeah kind of just you know shut it aside and so and and then I had that experience when I was uh 10 and uh when I saw the same visions that you did yes that’s right you talked about that yeah yes and uh that that is where you know I saw the back of the Sun and I saw the pyramid and I saw the the Earth concave and I was like wow you know I


was totally blown away you know when when you you started talking about you know you were I was in a boat you said you were in a raft right yes oh okay it’s like a floating raft type structure yeah right yeah yeah could have been a know yeah so I I I thought it was way too similar you know there was too many synchronicities definitely definitely yeah so yeah there’s definitely I mean I I just I’m convicted to believe that there’s definitely a Celestial ocean above us and the back of the sun is


definitely flat and dark and he has these parallel light rays going across the diameter it’s hard to convince somebody but you know actually when I was quoting Job 38 earlier I wanted to talk about that too it says from the wicked their light is withholden and is says then the high arm will be broken and to me I interpret that this high arm is that you know in my animations you see the light rays going hitting the back of the sun that’s what I interpret as you know from the top of the pyramid going to the back of


the sun that’s the high arm and so um that light is withholden or it’s it’s hidden we cannot see the back of the sun we can’t see those light rays and it’s all about perspective it’s about you know being down here on Earth and not being able to see behind because of curving light but once you’re from that perspective you can see it and so it’s it’s kind of you know I feel honored it’s like a matter it’s it’s a matter of having this privileged eye of you know vising eyewitness seeing the back of a


son right and and it makes me wonder like how many other people have seen it throughout history you know it has it come to them in visions and you know maybe I I I I I bring up the Plato’s Cave analogy when I talk I talk about that you know it’s like you know everybody down here they think the sun is a ball a gaseous ball that’s 864,000 Mi wide and and but they’re in the cave you know they’re looking at the Shadows on the wall they don’t they don’t they don’t know any better cuz it it’s a


matter of perspective location what they cannot see and so you know once somebody leaves the cave and actually goes outside and sees the Sun for the first time then goes back and tries to tell them know the sun is not a ball guys it has a flat flat backside it’s dark they’ll just laugh at you this guy looking crazy you know how much study we put in on NASA puts in the Solar Observatory and stereo a stere be how can you even think that H uh I saw it yeah yeah ex exactly and uh but did you how did your vision come to you you were


awake when it happened or well they called it hypnogogic like a Hypno meaning going in into sleep gagic this guy going to sleep but anyway I was I was laying on the bed and so I wasn’t I wasn’t in complete sleep I was like falling into sleep it was during the daytime and um and it just came to me it was like I was re I was like I was out of body and I was there you know I was like I was just as if you’re experiencing your everyday life walking around you know whatever and that’s how I that’s how I experience


were you Guided by anyone no I I felt like I had a somebody guide me yeah yeah you said you said he had somebody guide you but no I I it was just me all alone just bam in a different place but I was totally Lucid totally conscious I wasn’t wasn’t I wasn’t hallucinating it was just like you know just like sitting in this room here was that real you know right so so experienced it mhm the both the both of you say uh concave Earth more or less because of experience um like to start I think the experience


the experience accent accentuated it for me um it was it was really you know my path is pretty much it was kind of similar to your John where I was just you know down this path of wanting to know the truth you know I I I made videos about this before I don’t want to go into great length but you know initially it was I was in the I was in a a Charismatic Christian Church I grew up Catholic but I left that and then I was in a Charis Charismatic Christian church for a while and then and then I kind of I kind of fell


out of that um then right before Y2K I was like oh you know something’s going to happen with Y2K you know the computers are going to shut down and I better start finding out what’s going on and so I started like reading the Bible more and then I was like oh wait a minute The New International Version is not it’s a new age Bible I got to read the Old King James Bible and so you know it’s just like peeling off layers of Truth you know I was like King James onlyest for a while and then I said well


the King James Bible says that the sun is moving and not the Earth and so then I became a geoc Centrist for about two years like from 2001 to 2003 and then you know just after that I was I was debating some guy this atheist guy and he was he brought up Mostafa ABD delar and the universe you know geoc Cosmos and know I’ve never heard about that before I’m like who so I you know that’s when I started researching Cyrus teed hel helmet deal Ralph Kepler and it took me about three days to switch from


geocentric to concave and after that soon after that I said wait there’s got to be a glass Sky I reading the Bible you know job 37:18 Psalm 1049 Jeremiah 5 or these verses they just stuck out to me like I was like freaking out there’s a glass sky and so even before and so before I I could like name all all these different pieces of evidence that show there’s a glass guy you know I have these videos that have like 25 26 different pieces of evidence that show there’s a glass sky and then what was that a couple weeks ago one


falls out of the sky in Australia did you see that video I made about that but um but yeah initially was just taken by faith okay there’s got to be a glass Sky it causes the rain goes it happened after the flood and you know and it was a it was a a scientific reason of token that the the flood water’s going to flood the conscience anymore because of the compression the pressure The Ether it push the water down so the water cannot rise over it and so I would start like you know very exuberant I would just like try to tell


people yeah this is Let’s go people come on I would like email my Christian friends and what’s the matter rev it’s revival time come on like they must have thought I was a lunatic but I’m like I was like so excited about it and they they just weren’t there with me you know what’s wrong with people I mean come on we’re living in the earth and there’s a glass sky and then I would go to like um I was living in Wisconsin Williams Bay Wisconsin has a at the time well no it still to to this day the largest


refractor telescope The yores Observatory telescope it’s 40 in in diameter now refractors are not as powerful as reflectors because ref refractors are made out of glass and the main reason why they can’t make them that big is because of the chromatic aberration the bigger the glass the more it will sag and so 40 in was the biggest they made but that’s that’s the observatory that Einstein wanted to visit when he came to America and he actually did visit he like yeah I must go to Yori Observatory


but I I would go to the obser I would go to the free tours there I would I would debate with the tour guide and he was getting all mad at me now there isn’t glass in the sky I’m like yes there is Tech ties rainbows come on colorization of clouds and then there was like like a group of 20 people there were just watching me go back and forth with this guy and he was getting all flustered and and I was just maintaining my cool and then uh at the end I was just like there’s glass in the sky and God is real and


everybody just like I just I just walked so I was just very excited about it but I was just finding it hard for people to you know take me seriously so yeah I hear it hey hey Joseph what about you well yeah I I mean I had I’m still at a early time of my life but I had a pretty similar upbringing to what you guys said about being Catholic and yeah it was the same thing my brother my my parents they would make us go my brother and sister but they didn’t want to have anything to do with it and we we would


have to go to Catholic school and I mean at the time I didn’t really think about any of that stuff I kind of just I was I was like I was still kind of too young but um after that we moved up and that that’s about the time of uh 911 and that’s my my mom went she actually moved to New York and I was just with my dad so after that we went um I went to a Christian a Christian Academy it was it was a like a school in a church and they would have a pace system sorry and in New York or California I was in


California I stayed in California so yeah um and I yeah so I I we were became Christian and my dad basically my dad we it fell apart we we just we stopped and he started experimenting with other religions like you know like like you were saying he he was studying with the Mormons he studied with uh the Jewish Jewish people um and you know at just me watching that I I kind of I kind of gave up I don’t know I it was overwhelming so I for a while I was an atheist I didn’t I just didn’t want to I was I had angst


issues too and a lot of stuff and what issues uh just like anger issues with okay yeah um and so that’s when I went to public school and it was like a culture shock cuz before that I was in private school and I was the Christian Academy I went to was like a charter school so it was basically I was you know there was there was only like 100 kids in the whole school so that was the first time I really experienced being with people and it was a lot different and I don’t you know during the whole time I I kind of felt like I was being


led somewhere I know I I I would I didn’t really know what but I just I felt like I I was you know I was on some sort of path and um I I I left school and when I was 17 I graduated and that’s kind of when it all started for me I got I disc it was Alex Jones first I I discovered Alex Jones and he was the first part of my stuffing Stone I said oh wow okay so all that you know it started I started on the paranoid route I was like okay so there’s this new old order blah all this stuff and I kept going kept going and


really I after that I I kind of went into like a new age type of type of thing what is that what is not really what is that too bright it’s the it’s the infow War Z oh no no we can’t we can’t plug them yeah oh yeah anyways I got into that and um it was just I I was just kind of trying to put it all together I was like okay what what is going I was still young I didn’t know I was you’re still young yeah yeah so yeah I know I know that’s so I’m still in the I’m still you know experiencing all this stuff but


after that I I would go on like conspiracy forms just so I could you know get get an idea of what what was being talked about and stuff right among alternative news and I was seeing all these flatter stuff and I remember I was thinking you know what I I don’t even want to believe the the uh heliocentric modotto anymore I I felt like I felt like I I really felt like something was coming I I I was being prepared for something I said exactly yeah anyways then a couple weeks after that uh I saw a concave Earth Somebody posting on a a


concave Earth thread and at first I thought I thought it was a troll I thought I thought okay he’s making fun of the flatter and when I I when I found you’re serious and I said okay I I have I I have a similar person similar feelings and you know similar similar personality were you posting you were were you posting concave Earth threads on Godlike Productions recently maybe about a month ago uh yeah for like a week and yeah I could tell I could tell it’s your style cuz you it’s very similar to mine yeah so it was a connect


you know I just made it I was like wow I can’t believe this is you know and okay so I forgot before I have to backtrack a little bit before that I I became a quote unquote Christian when in a in 2000 it was right before the com ComEd Ison thing okay 2013 so before that I I that’s when I actually first read the Bible I went from Genesis to to uh Leviticus and I went I jumped to Matthew and Matthew to the New Testament and that’s that’s when I knew for that’s when I had the feeling I said you know


what I the C the the Christ is not what people think it’s it’s a different person that’s that’s when it started coming to me I felt like you know yeah I I just I felt a connection and but I I still felt like there was a lot missing I didn’t I didn’t really understand I I I couldn’t connect I didn’t go to church I couldn’t connect with any of the churchgoers like there’s this Jehovah and this lady that she still tries to come and convert me and all the stuff but I I just


couldn’t really connect with anybody I felt like like I was the only person that that yeah you know had anyway so that’s I discovered the concave Earth yeah yeah I discovered the concave Earth and mhm yeah like like I said at first I was like okay it’s a it’s a troll and then I went I start I kept watching videos I was researching and I I like it just kind of came in a staff finger it took it took like a week for me to really accept that and then I said okay well let’s see if let’s see what happens if I


like start commenting and all this stuff and M yeah everything was good so good yeah I’m glad to have your boor man yeah well guys it’s coming up on two hours almost we talked good we had a really good good discussion here guys thank you all Peter jumping on and Joe and John yeah no problem and well it was good talking with you guys and have a great evening yeah you too yeah any last comments John anything want to see uh no just the the same thing I mean I I’ll end it with the same quote you know in in the in the


earth there’s so many Treasures you know you know where to dig you’ll find the gold and the Diamonds but if you don’t know where to dig all you’re going to find is dirt and rocks H so we’re telling you where to dig that’s right we are all you got to do is dig this dig keep do the digging yourself and confirm what we’re telling you there we go all right guys thanks for joining me until next time all right yes sir nice to meet you guys later all [Music] right hi ladies and gentlemen welcome to the


third session of concave Earth sessions I am your host Steven Christopher and we have tonight we have with us our return guest John devau Damen Nicks who makes the second appearance as well as Joseph Winthrop and we have Andy Holmes here as well and we might have some more guests that come along while the show is progressing so in later on probably about a week ago I was actually coming up with the concept of possibly changing the name of concave Earth to something else and and actually uh I you guys my my YouTube fans and my


Facebook followers y all gave me a bunch of good ideas and so I just like compiled a list of them basically and I said we’re going to vote on that and so I actually uh put together this straw hole where I just picked I think it has like 28 different terminologies here I’ll just give you put the link in the Von show where you guys can go ahead and click on what you like the best as far as concave Earth nomenclature obviously um the reason why I wanted to change it in the first place because a lot of people don’t really necessarily know


what concave Earth means they think well concave Earth is it like like a bowl or something and I wanted to differentiate the whole idea because there’s you know a lot of flat earthers some some flat earthers think that Earth is almost like a bow but it has a rim to it and I I wanted to get away from that um I’m talking about a concave spherical Earth you know we’re inside the ball Earth basically so initially I came up uh with ball Earth and uh that got a couple good reviews and then then another person


came up with with inverse the with inverse I thought that was pretty cool and you guys kept on going then then geoverse came out and I thought hey geoverse that that sounds really cool you know Geo like a geode the Earth is like you open it up it’s like a beautiful geode and so anyway um people in my show if you can just like click you can you can actually vote vote on multiple multiple entries here and uh we can just see um some people thought well let’s just keep it concave Earth you know and I I don’t I don’t have a


problem with that either I I think that you know it’s a it’s already established and um if we start with a new name it might you know it might be harder for people to catch the you know understand well this is the what we called the concave Earth and now we’re calling it so and so but but anyway it just be good it’s a good exercise I think for people just to go ahead and and vote what you think what do you think you would like to call it we have uh concave Earth Inbal Earth with inverse geoverse


interverse cellular cosmology uni uni Earth container cosmology Geo Universe concers inverse in Globe the inverse inverted Earth concave conver okay interverse terrae the universe the universe the universe inverse cosmology Inside Out Earth Inside Out cosmology Inver inverse Earth isbet which stands for inside Sky bubble Earth theory I thought that one was kind of fun inverse uh the outer interverse the I’m sorry the outside interverse geow or concave world so at the end of the show we’ll just tell you up the votes and see


what what you what you guys came up with and what do you guys like John what do you like um well I actually just voted I I like the um the with inverse the gerse um concave Earth is still good yeah yeah that’s what I was kind of thinking too pretty much it’s a it’s a toss up between those three but I’m more after what’s most interesting to um draw interest to the topic you know yeah what about you Daman what do you think well I like the geoverse quite a bit I think that sounds very succinct uh


for what it is but you know just keeping a concave Earth is cool with me too I actually got kind of a laugh out of the the geoverse yeah that’s pretty cool or the universe what yeah I don’t know I think it’s I like the geoverse it’s the geoverse ladies and gentlemen I like geoverse you have been lying all your you have been lied to all your life you’re living in the geoverse I don’t know it’s pretty cool how about you Joe uh I picked uh with them verse I like that one the most and that’s right


you put that in your video didn’t you yeah yeah so I I already picked that that was but within verse yeah I like that too I like GI too but I haven’t heard that one yet yeah I just know so and yeah go ahead what oh no concave Earth is probably the best to keep it original though but uh with them vers is more uh D that’s like more direct yeah what about you Andy can you hear me Stephen I can you’re a little bit fuzzy but I can hear you oh okay I didn’t I couldn’t hear if you said uh one I I


kind of I thought of uh in Erse sort of like it universe but uh switch the I and the U around in Erse in Erse that’s interesting yeah simple okay well we we’ll I like there’s a bunch of good ones yeah we’ll just uh tally it up at the end of the show we’ll see show is only going to be until I can only go for an hour and a half so like 10:25 10:30 central time so but um yeah we got a lot to talk we got a lot to talk about um John actually wrote a new article uh where he talks about stellar


parallax and red shift and uh it’s some really good information as far as re or actually let’s go back as far as Parallax goes stellar parallax um I actually made a video about that a few months ago and uh John you kind of expounded on that and uh you want to want to talk about that a little bit John yeah um I’ve been talking to a lot of different people online and this is it’s one of the most common things that people have a problem with is the Doppler effect the red shift and Parallax which they’re all together as


um this same situation yeah um My article is is a compilation from many other people um with really good information out there I wanted to make a single Source where if you’re talking to somebody else and they bring up the same ster stellar parallax red shift Doppler effect type of problem you can go visit concav earth.

02:51:11 reach my article and you can show them and I try to use as many pictures or you know whatever graphical images I can use to display what I’m trying to convey and um I think it’s pretty clear I mean basically parallx doesn’t actually happen um red shift appears to happen but um Joseph touched on this and and his videos with the lasers and then the Sun and how um colors and temperatures and spectrums would display um differently than what we actually see this is due to a Glass Guy um which again I say if you’re new


don’t just say okay I said there’s a glass guy don’t throw it away on face value look into it a little bit further there’s a lot of evidence for it definitely there definitely is right so you know as we continue we start to get into what where I found that the information on quazars actually refute the idea of a redness and color will show a distance that’s correct um one of the things I mean I’m not sure about Stephen I know um you well I’m not sure about Joseph but I know stepen you


have uh come across this as well where people have a hard time understanding that um the scientists run their data through predetermined Model A type of bias that if it doesn’t fit the heliocentric model that they’ve already been working from they do what they can to explain away the data and in this case the quazars that did the exact same thing when they find quazars being such a super bright Luminosity yet supposed to be so far away they don’t not show the red shift that everything else would


show and then it’s attached to what they’re calling another GX that’s right and the way they tried to explain this was Hey look it’s um it’s just a coincidence I mean the wording that they use is funny it’s a coincidence that they find it the way they did what was the name of that galaxy do you remember it was it I I made a video about that it was like it was this quazar that was attached had this jet there’s actually three other three objects attached okay and and it would the the chances of this happening


are extremely rare the Galaxy is called well yeah the image of the the Galaxy that they’re using we have to use their terminology yeah is n GC 7603 yes did you watch video I made about that where I was actually drawing on paper I don’t know if you watched that or not but no you have a lot of videos yeah I brought up the same exact quazar and I showed how it’s actually the chromatic aberration and and the glass the original glass firmament that was damaged after the flood um I believe were the stars the son luminescent stars


that clustered together and they burned holes through this glass and that’s what caused the water to downpour out of that out of these holes the wind the Bible says the windows of Heaven were opened right and so and then I I believe that it eventually healed back together so the glass cooled off and it closed back and says you know even scripture says the windows Heaven were closed After the flood and so what it left was this bumpy surface surface of the celestial glass firmament and so it’s like looking


through you know a bumpy glass a frost or not a frosted but you know this like almost like a carnival mirror glass where it has all these bumps and grooves and and so when you look at stellar objects through they call it gravitational lensing but it’s not really gravitational lensing it’s actually actually real lensing you know real glass L that’s that’s going to vary the red shift it’s going to vary the chromatic aberration of different regions of how what whatever you’re looking through so if you’re looking at


this particular quazer it happens to be maybe it’s like right over like one of these one of these bumps in the glass that actually gives it a higher red shift value but even though it’s even it’s just but it’s still connected to the well I think was important for me to try to show how they’re viewing red shift because when I I’ve said this online before I I’ve said the red shift is just a chromatic aberration right and somebody said well that can’t be because you need lenses but isn’t it funny that


you know they you totally bypass that you need a telescope which need means you need to view something through a lens exactly though all telescopes aren’t made by using sections of lenses they use mirrors and other type of uh um you know telescopic uh devices what they actually are doing here is they’re taking a prism and they’re putting the prism against the light and comparing the Sun’s light versus the Stars light through a prism that literally shifts the colors of the color spectrum then you’ll have


different elements like helium um that will actually cause a a darkness in the uh color spectrum yeah they’ll take one star and compare it to the other Darkness and they’ll see oh well there’s a little bit more red shift here than that one and then this is how they’re trying to get the distances but yeah you have to shift the light into a prism which you’re viewing it through another glass yes you know and it’s just I don’t think a lot of people understand how they actually are viewing red shift or how


they’re getting the Spectrum to actually split you know but um red shift does not show distance it just do do it does not and that’s their big that’s their big stumbling block they think that it’s the Doppler red shift effect and it’s showing these galaxies that are moving at exorbitant amount of speeds away from you and just totally they’re just totally off the mark on this it’s just crazy that they would believe that stuff it’s funny that you bring up chromatic aberration and lensing I made a video


earlier this week or last week about I was just like having this par pretending to be this southern guy and I was just likeing well they show this moon going in front of Jupiter with this uh I guess it’s the Schmidt hassle I don’t even know what it’s called Castle brain or whatever telescope that’s not what it’s called I’ll get it later but anyway they said that know the video you’re talking yeah these particular these particular telescopes it is said that because they’re reflector telescopes they don’t


use glass they use mirrors they use you know mirrors and so you’re not going to get chromatic aberration with these telescopes however it’s very evident what they show in this image that made in this video with was definite chromatic aberration of the Moon Shadow the Jupiter’s moon as it went across Jupiter you know it projected Shadow the shadow is traversing across Jupiter is obvious you see this obvious red shifting and well okay well they need to film the um the telescopes through something don’t they I mean I’m not sure


how they set it up but I imagine they’d have some sort of camcorder yeah that’s what I was thinking maybe it’s the camera attached to the telescope maybe that’s it but I don’t know you know I think that I I think that the camera would actually filter out that as well but anyway that’s you know well Photoshop can filter out a chromatic abberation right pretty easy but um anyway I just thought that was funny yeah and so let’s go back to Parallax because I want to talk a little bit about what


they the scientists we’ll tell you that this is how we measure the distance of stars is through Stellar parallx you you know we we we find out uh one time of the year when the earth is on one side of the Sun and then we take a look at we see the stars and then six months later we’ll wait till the earth goes on the other side of the Sun and then we’ll look at the stars again and we’ll we’ll compare you know the distance the parallx between those two times of the year and we will get an accurate reading


of how far the the stars are away from the earth however if you just go into Google and just type in Stellar parallx you will not find any real imagery of this oscillation back and forth between you know six months here six months there they the stars do not oscillate like that there’s what they call proper motion right I mean that’s just the star going on a linear path that’s like a free I call a free floater in the in the heaven Bowl basically but you do not get this back and forth this this soal alls


you see on Google Images when you type in still a parallx are diagrams that’s all you see is illustrations this is how Parallax works and then we measure the arc sex and then it’s total complete [ __ ] and what do you what do you think about that John yeah you know proper motion is one of the things that’s on I I put on the article I have um the Bernard Star the proxim Proxima centuri which um is commonly used I think Proxima centuri is the closest star that they try to measure from um Earth and even Proxima


tari does not show the back and forth um type of motion that they’re trying to explain that that parallx explains I mean anybody can do this and just put their thumb up which I also have a pictoral here um you know you put your thumb up you look at it through your left eye you look at it through your right eye and you can see your thumb seems to move one way or the other well that’s what Parallax is St or paralex they’re trying to say the Earth is on either one side of the Sun or the other not behind the Sun because then you


won’t be able to see the star but that’s supposed to be this measurement of back and forth you’re not changing your position on the earth you’re just changing basically your head similar to your left eye or right eye to let look one way or the other and then that should give you a triang triangulation in the physics but there’s no real imagery of that right I mean how do they get away with this there is not a real imagery of that the the they get away with it because in physics the math works the the actual mathematics are are


um it would be a good way to measure something the thing is when we actually plug in the data of it’s all theoretical [ __ ] right it’s a conceptualized um event hey I I just I don’t know it my biggest problem is I I all the people a lot of the people I talk to when you tell people this thing it’s oh well they use the scientific method this can’t be what you’re saying and it’s they’re having a very hard time thinking that what they’re saying is not true but then you know it’s it’s I think a lot of


people are lazy don’t want to look up the actual data themselves and just agree with what they’re told to think well yeah they who are they to come up against you know this this whole you know this whole Entourage of scientists who you know who supposedly can tell you you know Stellar you know it’s gospel to them stellar parallx red shift you know it’s and those are the two methods in which they supposedly calculate the distance of the stars and we just completely annihilated those two theories and so what does that tell us


in doing so we’ve also eliminated the Big Bang Yes which which is the major thing of why they need to solop parallx in the red shift and there’s a lot of people they have a everybody has a problem with you know okay not everybody I put it more into um scientific atheists have a problem with um uh creationism instead of uh magical big bang you know somebody tried to say that in one of my articles that I didn’t understand Lawrence krauss’s book um a universe from nothing yeah but he is saying some nobody believes he actually


made a book on that oh my yeah I I have it nobody believes that something came from nothing nobody not even Lawrence Krauss even though he puts that his title and I think that this is when I tell you that you know he’s using um linguistic games yep and and it’s not that nobody believes something came from nothing at least in not you know you have two choices you have a magical Miracle which science is asking for who don’t want to believe in creationism and then you have God right what other options are there you have only those


two options so it’s it you know go ahead well that’s EXA I mean I made a video about the cosmic microwave background and I feature him in my video and he’s talking about he needs a justification he needs a reason to prove that the so-called universe is flat okay so you know we’re not talking earth flat here we’re talking the universe flat I mean millions and millions of light years is there this flatness to the universe and what he he comes he comes up with I mean he he they calculate the the dark matter


and and the stars and they find out that uh the Stars versus the dark the so-called dark matter that surrounds the Stars the dark matter is so much more dense it’s so much more you know it has so much more material or weight to it than the actual stars and and and so well and so then they try to calculate and well they say well we need at least we need I don’t know what he says but he says they only found 30% of the so-called Dark Matter to prove that they the universe is flat and like so the numbers didn’t work out for him so he


had to like re arange this Theory and well there’s got to be some reason because we know the universe is flat so we’re going to figure out why the universe is flat because something came out of nothing because you know Quantum fluctuations produced the universe you know we have to prove that God does not exist so the universe has to come from nothing and so the universe must be flat and so just like and then they talk about oh okay well maybe it if we take this long distance this 100 what is it a 100,000 Lightyear


distance and we can prove we can show by triangulation that the universe is flat it’s just utter [ __ ] nonsense and it’s just it’s crazy it’s like I don’t know how about you guys what you Daman what you have any thoughts on that on uh on Parallax or Parallax or flat universe or red shift I mean we can talk about anything that The Parallax thing is interesting just because there’s been so many um attempts to prove that there is none and they all seem to come back with the result the same result there is no


conceivable Parallax in this in the star so how could that be possible if we’re traveling supposedly you know thousand miles around around circles you know going going through the universe at incredible speeds as well it doesn’t make sense it doesn’t follow because it seems to me that those Stars would start to be um flying out of our Sky pretty quickly oh yeah then they had then they had this whole thing called theber Paradox where Berber made this conjecture that since stars are you know very bright and they’re very big objects


and we should not experience any nighttime during you know the midnight hours it should be always daylight constantly and so he had to come up with this that’s that’s really why the big they needed to justify the big bank because they needed to figure out a way in which the Stars would take a long time to get here and so they that’s why they came up with the the Doppler and the red shifting and stuff it’s you know it’s just one piece of [ __ ] on top of another piece of [ __ ] that’s all it


is in engineering that’s what we call compounding the error exact compounding the error there you go Joseph an Andy you wanna chime in with anything those topics I’m a bit out of loss okay how about you Joe yeah um I’m just reading on on his blog and I have the same feeling about these parac because they never like that’s saying the proximus centur has a distance of 4.


23 Lighty years but those values never change they always they they’re always measured at the same fixed distances so I I don’t I haven’t really research much into parallx because that’s it’s kind of it’s kind of out there so yeah yeah one thing you did uh you did Research into a little bit Joe is uh you made a video about the sun which was very interesting because I actually just saw today it was up a couple for about like four days now or whatever but um um you brought up um the vision that I had


I had had a hypnogogic vision of the back of the Sun and I saw the sun it was sun was not it’s not a round gaseous ball it’s not a sphere it has a back side to it and this back side is actually flat and it’s dark as well and I saw these parallel light rays or lasers that were going across the diameter of the Sun and so and within this concave Earth Paradigm where light is always bending when you look up to the sky you’re always or you try to look even if you look at the Horizon your your eyesight your trajectory yours ey


eye is always going to move up to the center of the earth and so that’s the same with the sun you can never see the back the real backside of the sun within the concrete Earth and so you’re always looking at the front from Earth’s point of view you’re always looking from the front side of the sun however if you’re up in heaven which in my in my vision I was I was in this celestial sphere I was on this raft I was floating and and I looked through the water and I saw the back of the sun I saw the moon or the


sun actually eclipsing the Moon it was actually what we call on Earth a solar eclipse but from Heaven’s point perspective it was it was a lunar eclipse the L the moon was being eclipsed by the sun because the moon was behind the Sun and so and the moon was fully illuminated and um the sun just traversed across it transited across it and um and um then um I talked about it later in my Facebook group I said well you know we have we give this we give this from dead from the Solar Dynamics Observatory or Soho we see sun spots you


see animations the Sun the spots of the Sun going across and gives the implication that the sun is rotating right and yet there’s this differential they call it a differential rotation the sun spat or the Sun appears to be traveling faster around the so-called equator than the so-called poles of the Sun and so there that’s why they conclude that it’s a gaseous ball because it can’t be solid in doing that basically so and then I would say well no that’s not really what’s going on because I saw the back of the sun


there’s got to be something else that’s giving that illusion of rotation and so what I said is that there’s got to be some kind of conveyor belt action where you know the sunspots are going across the front but they’re not going all the way behind the back they’re actually kind of going in in the inside surface the inside concave surface of the Sun and then coming back around like that so anyway Joe you made a video about that and yeah yeah that’s the exact I felt the same exact way I saw those Soho images and I thought


okay well obviously this can’t be this can’t be possible if it’s a you know big gas giant that they say it is so the first thing that came to mind was was that conveyor belt motion and uh as I did some further research I noticed that that’s EXA that’s what the scientists actually I’ve been discovering was uh they they have the I think it was like a a magnetic some sort of MRI Mr MRI satellite whatever okay they they detect con a conveyor Bel motion and one problem that I found was um uh they they say that because it’s a


gas the gases are spinning faster at the pools in the equator like you’re saying yeah um but that that’s the same thing should happen with the other gas giants like Jupiter and Neptune because that’s they teach those as gas so they don’t they don’t display that differential emotion do they show do oh yeah obviously Jer we have things going across it so we can detect a differential in rotation but there isn’t are you saying there isn’t any differential rotation in juper yeah I try I mean it’s kind of it’s kind of


difficult to uh look look at but it’s it’s not like no it’s not like the sun that’s so yeah I didn’t even know that they they had this terminology con I didn’t belt I didn’t even know about that I’m like well I just figured there’s got to be some kind of conveyor belt going and L behold you make this video where you bring up all these articles they have well it’s still kind of new I I still I’m kind of um I was planning on making another video because I just it kind of just all came at once


so I just wanted to get the idea out and yeah I thought I thought it was pretty funny though after I looked and saw that I mean has you bring up you bring up these articles that have the phrase conveyor belt in their article and I’m like wow that is pretty confirming if that you know there’s my original my original sketch of it I I just showed it to be like this conveyor belt basically yeah and I had no idea that I had no idea that you were talking about that so that was another yeah you yeah you didn’t even like I mean you watched my


my my the vision that I had of the back of the Sun but that’s all you yeah that’s it just I didn’t know that you were talking about the cavab Bel too so yeah I was and so that was really interesting yeah let’s go back and see some of these yeah there’s one article impact of changes in the sun’s conveyor belt on recent solar Cycles so I didn’t even know they compared it to conveyor belt yeah extended solar minimum linked to change es in Sun’s conveyor belt H it’s all over the


place what do you think John I I don’t have much to say on it I think it’s um very interesting I I think it’s interesting that you found it by yourselves um I also think it’s interesting that science you know what okay let me put it this way science seems to always somehow confirm what we’re the concave Earth is always saying which is to me this verification is what’s the most interesting of the whole concave Earth topic I mean I everything you said I mean it I I started off going through some of your videos when I found


you and I I said okay if what you’re saying is true there should be verification um I I come from uh more of an atheistic background where um evidence should clearly give you a reason why you believe in something whether it’s true or not so you know I don’t throw away evidence like the rec delineator or ether stuff like that and at the same time I look at what you’re saying and about the sun I think Joseph does Awesome by showing the science behind it that they’re actually using the same terminology um similar to the Milky Way


band how they did the same thing like that and um it it’s just great and this is the stuff that people really want to know is it verifiable or is it just our own ideas and it’s really not our own ideas and it is verifiable but just think about the the whole the whole masterful plan of cre of the Creator to create this deception you know I I mean you know 99.


9% of the entire scientific Community thinks the Earth the Sun is as gaseous ball that’s spinning and yet um but then you have like the the EU crowd the electric Universe crowd like Donald Scott or Thornhill they’ll talk about well the sun is electric you know the sun is receiving its electricity its power from a different source and even Eric dallard says that he talks about the sun receiving its energy from a different source and yet um like you said what we talk about or what I talk about with the Sun or the or the concave Earth it confirms everything


that they’re actually like maybe I’m trying to figure out if like there’s a good small percentage of this community to actually is cognizant of the concave Earth and they’re just like throwing out hints you know and just trying to keep it you know kind of you know surreptitious or whatever but you know that’s if that’s the right word but anyway it just it confirms it confirms what we’ve been talking about I mean there’s no I mean and also like from a functional point of view um you don’t need backside of the


sun within the concave Earth it probably would do more damage than harm and so but anyway going back from this this thought of this Creator creating this masterful design where actually he can deceive he can deceive the the masses into them thinking that the Earth is rotating and that the planets are going in retrograde and that the sun is 93 million miles away and and yet there’s there’s a a simplistic answer an inverted answer that it works out better and it makes more sense and yet the majority doesn’t believe it it’s and


ultimately it’s it’s it’s a conspiracy against believing that there is a Creator I believe there is a literal Heaven you know any thoughts on that guys yeah I think that science has a has a way of tacitly agreeing with most of the things that you’ve said um I don’t think they can outright come out and say yeah that we live inside in Earth yeah I think like I said the Panic of that was just too much you know they did aort in the 50s called The Brookings report and this was all about UFOs and stuff but


they had estimated in the 50s or rever I think it was the 50s um um with this report that you know the Panic that would ensue from realizing you know aliens were among us or something that they they were it was too it was just too much so I think that that’s along the same scale on shock would be bigger than that actually everybody would go into shock basically like it’s I was actually that in a way they have to actually tacitly agree they just they can’t actually come out and say it open right they have to hint they can


they can make little hints at at things yeah like the St Trek glass Sky thing you know it’s well gee that’s exactly yeah that’s one thing I was going to mention that the electrons hitting the glass wall in space yeah I was actually talking to somebody today and she was telling me that um there was this guy who was like a I want to say engineer or something but um who worked at Texas Instruments and she was talking about when you know when she began waking up to the the realization that we’ve been


lied to it Nas a lies to us and the moon landings are a bunch of baloney and so she asked him about it you know what do you think about the moon the so-called you know there’s a lot of suspicion that there they never went to the moon and and he’s like well you know um I’ll look into it you know and he started looking into it and he started realizing yeah it’s complete rubbish you know and but then he was she told me that he told her I cannot communicate with you anymore or I will lose my job I cannot talk about


this to anybody within the company so it’s all you know once people be even within the corporate world once they become illuminated to this it’s like they they’re shut down immediately or they’re threatened or they’re blackmailed or we have these you know you read those articles that 74 NASA scientists have died over the past two years I don’t know if that number is inflated or not but you know wow it’s like you people really what do you think about um I don’t know if you’ve heard of


the theory but um people have said that Stanley Kubrick actually was involved with the moonlanding shoots and that he um yeah that he had actually admitted it in uh The Shining The Shining yeah what do you think about that well yeah it’s it’s very obvious it’s not even inconspicuously OB it’s it’s very obvious I mean all the hints inuendos in that movie I mean the pattern on the carpet the carpeting looks exactly like the Launchpad they used for the center 5 rocket or just kid wearing the Apollo 11


shirt kid wearing the Apollo 11 shirt or they have like a just Furniture ladders in the background that are spelling out A1 you know Apollo 11 or it’s all over the place I mean you you’d have to be an an imbecile and once you understand you know the Apollo 11 was just a staged hoax and how it’s very obvious that Kubrick was definitely involved I also made a video about where I think KU Kubrick also knew about the Conger in the glass sky in 2001 toward the end of that movie I I talk about um when Dave


is regressing back into his embryotic State and he he’s covered with this glass sphere and he looks at the spherical ball Earth but he he’s awake because he’s looking through the glass and so there’s a lot of yeah I think kuber knew a lot and who knows how he died really but you know there’s speculation that he was taken out after Eyes Wide Shut I don’t know but I know that like there’s a lot of Revelation in the method um that they do they basically tell the story of what it’s supposed to what actually happened


but they do it through fiction so that yeah it can close people’s eyes like there was a um you know Ian mlen for or was Ian no I’m sorry Ian Ian Fleming not Ian mlen Ian Fleming who wrote the James Bond books was like basically telling real stories in his books but he was fictionalizing it his idea was to fictionalize to Open Eyes his idea was that if you put it all in fiction that people can actually like come become aware of what’s actually happening but it’s it’s a it’s a plausible deniability


thing so cuz he was like an MI5 agent or something and he was like he was all heavily involved in secret acts and stuff and he couldn’t he couldn’t actually come out and like write a memoir for this stuff but he could put it all in story for him yeah but how how how much would you say percentage wi wise of the public actually picks up picks up on these clues that they throw out there I don’t think I don’t think the large majority do I think the people that are that are intelligent and critical thinking people do because they


can they can they can make connections but I think most people are just entertained exactly and so it’s kind of sad I’m that’s why I’m I’m I’m all about being overt you know being conspicuous and just you know not being cryptic about my information and because there have been a lot of authors and artists musicians you know even John Lennon talks about like keeping things you know kind of covertly you know and just kind of revealing you know little bits and pieces of things but the time


for that you know that was then and now was the time where I just you know I just want to blast everything you know I don’t you if you understand that but it’s I just don’t have the fear factor involved I just you know I just maybe that speaks of who I think I am you know I just I just want the truth to be out there and to be known and be taken and understood and sometimes I think it’s too much for people to take in it’s just you know TMI too much information and they kind of freak out and but um


that’s where I come from anyway so what do you think John what you laugh about no my my wife had run by to cover the video okay um oh I got this guy here um in uh the Von live uh Iron Man talking about uh how Parallax he thinks May um disprove the lud Landing which it kind of brings me to the the thing though some of the people I talked to they want to know does is it necessary to um see NASA as fraudulent and lying in order to understand that concave Earth could be a reality um I have different views on this I mean I have the poll up on online


you know the Rockets going into space right there’s a lot of disagreement among this whole thing I see a couple of possibilities I don’t think it you necessarily have to believe that we didn’t get to the Moon I mean what are we saying the moon might be about um you know 32 miles wide something like that maybe as much as a 100 you could even if you got there I think you still could land on the moon and I think it’s if you look at their let’s just say let’s put it into terms like this if they did land


on the moon we’ll just assume that they did we’ll take that position for a minute okay just just for a minute for visualization okay if we if they did land on the moon the video footage that they show the Horizon drops just as you would see on a convex Earth and it drops so drastically that it could just be 32 miles in diameter that’s the way I see it as if if we were to take the position that it was possible and they did do it what do you thinking about the moon horizon or the there’s so there’s


there’s so many problems with the Moon I mean you know I I just I don’t like going into too much of the conspiracy um with the concave Earth because that is it it it just can fall into a trap of that’s true I mean you can just get go on a Sidetrack and you know be tangential IED and talk about whether not the moon landings were true but yeah but yeah I agree with you I don’t I don’t like to delve into too much about the moon but there’s a lot there’s this one site called ais.


com and they have have a bunch of information I mean they show where like you know that the famous moonshot where you see the Earth like small in the dark sky and if you take that into Photoshop and you just boost up the levels and the curves and the contrasting you will see a rectangle around the so-called Earth so it’s obviously a composite imagery it’s you know there just so much it’s just yeah I mean I it what’s funny about NASA’s videos is is they they they explain to you how they’re compiled they


they’re composits of other images I’ve seen um where they actually show you that uh they take ribbon ribbon type strips of data of what the Earth would look like and then they literally composite it onto a sphere yeah it it’s not that they actually have this imagery um I think I think it’s it’s qu quickly to dispel another thing real quick of um a common misconception of how can we tell um the spins and stuff and they people say like satellites or the ISS you know um it’s just easy enough to


look at the images like planet Earth 4K that’s one of the ones people like to show but this shows a stationary um you know geosynchronous satellite so of course you have a geosynchronous spot on the earth that shows the sun is actually moving and not the Earth and then you have the ISS traveling about five miles per second which is ridiculously fast so if we filmed from the ISS we would see a moving Earth because the ISS is what’s actually moving right right I I do think however the Horizon Lines it it has to


do with um you know the distance of the vanishing point the fact that the light is curving and it it it creates a spherical look to it because that’s how where our eyes stop well yeah I talk about that too I I I bring up a couple factors one factor is that we have convex lenses within our eyeballs right and another factor is what I call the a visibility limitation radius and so like if we’re looking across the Horizon we will only see a limited visibility a sphere you know if you extend the radius around your eye and


even if you go higher you’re you still have a a limitation to your visibility and so like if you go up 10 miles or and you see maybe whatever 50 to 75 km in a distance you’re still going to have a spherical radius in com comination with your convex lens you may even detect a convex curve an apparent convex curvature to the Horizon however that’s not reality it’s just what you’re seeing your limitations are and I actually make a video I I show you how within I’m I simulate I’m you’re


actually in a concave Earth and you’re still able to perceive this convex Horizon and so it’s it’s all about Illusions you know what is what is a parent as opposed to what is reality I think it it’s good for people to look at um uh visual illusions of colors and of images and how and and to learn how your brain actually tricks you um for instance you you can take a ball and you can move this ball with no Shadow from in diagonal across your screen if you make a Shadow that’s directly underneath


it it seems like the ball let’s say is 5et in the air but if I move that shadow up and down as the ball moves vertical all I’m doing is moving images but now your brain will think that the ball is actually bouncing with the shadow going with the ball and away from the ball with the ball and away from the ball this is just your brain has to interpret this to make it fit some sort of reality based on what it knows and you know I think people have a hard time with Illusions yeah have a hard time think thinking that be the way they see it


it’s like the inverted mask illusion right you see that that mask that they turn around oh yeah that’s incredible you see the concave surface of this mask and you think it’s a convex surface it’s just and that’s the same thing with the earth I mean you can take I I’ve simulated this as well in 3D I’m actually mapping the Earth on the inside of a sphere it’s not the outside but you look it looks exactly the same it looks like you’re it looks like it’s on the outside of the sphere and so you can’t


detect it and so Stephen the other day I was up at a at my friend’s house he has a ranch up in near Tomales in California and uh his his Ranch is up on a hill it’s about 125 meters up um and from that from there you can actually see 30 miles 30.8 miles actually did the math um 30.8 miles to see uh geyser Peak which is due north like I said about 30.


8 miles and according to what Google Earth shows you when you look at that same view from his from his Ranch you can’t see that mountain um but it’s clearly visible way up above the Horizon um this mountain is 3750 I think 3750 is its elevation okay so it’s a pretty tall mountain but and it should be visible at that distance from about 90 miles or so that’s according to what the map would say but you shouldn’t only you should you shouldn’t see basically the entire Mount you see maybe the tip popping up off off


the Horizon but that’s not what you see explain that away oh it’s atmospheric refraction it’s looming it’s it’s you know on certain days and certain daylight conditions The Horizon’s going to rise because of the refraction that’s not why obviously John we talked about this earlier that’s not why the refraction is really happening but U it’s U it’s apparent that the math does not work your your your your visibility on a convex ball and how much you should see in the distance it does


not Coral correlate with reality that’s the whole thing you know the same concept with the stellar parallax what we see is not what we are told what they theorize so yeah and I I think I mean look it there’s going to be people who are going to get interested in this and at least and and listen to us and they’re going to be going to school for physics we here get told a lot of the times that we don’t understand physics we don’t know what we’re talking about but we do understand that there are


Concepts and then there’s verification of the concepts the concepts work nobody’s saying the concept of you know ster paralex is wrong what we’re saying is the actual data doesn’t match the concept I mean right exactly it’s that it’s really that simple and the it happens often it’s not just one time or another it’s very often Anthony we have Anthony Woodcock got God rules Channel how you do buddy welcome welcome to concave Earth Sessions hey uh can you hear me I can you’re live uh actually I thought I’d


just jump in for a second I actually have to talk to my wife here I was getting on Skype to talk to her okay I just dragged you in okay that’s fine yeah I just saw you playing there and I was like oh that’s kind of cool all right no problem man hey uh I’m have to go now actually my wife just got on here just now so okay we’ll talk to you later yeah sorry ma’am no problem cool so yeah maybe he come back maybe he will so that’s what it yeah it’s you know it’s Theory versus what we see in


reality and yes the theory Works in theory but it’s not what we see in reality right all right you know it’s it’s the same thing it the problem with the scientific method is that it’s a scientific method that also gets run through a filter of predetermined biases and this is just how the process works it it’s I I I can’t under I can’t explain it clear enough I mean it can’t be explained any clearer you just have to look at what they do they literally take their hypothetical Concepts the the data has


to fit the hypothetical model if it doesn’t it has to be explained away and you think science is always such you know very determined very specific very on point very accurate I it’s just not I just don’t know how else to put it no well they got to know they got to know I mean there’s got to be a good percentage of people that know the Earth is concave there’s glass in the sky it’s motionless you know know everything is inverted and yet there’s a hush H there’s a gag order placed on these


people with threats with blackmail you know you know that’s how else are these scientists dying and so from that if you have that understanding you know sometimes I I get to that and I’m like well I shouldn’t be that critical of these people because they’re not in they’re not they’re they’re lying yes but there’s a reason you know they’re being blackmailed and so that’s what I try to help help them realize you know there’s we’re talking about this okay in the light


we’re in the light we’re talking about this there’s Refuge if you would just come out and be a whistleblower and help us help this Revolution have some steam to it you know and and so that’s what I I wait for you know I wonder what Richard Cohen from NASA that guy I talked to from NASA is doing you know is he still working at Nasa I don’t know I don’t know maybe one day I’ll be able to find out maybe I’m in Florida now so that’s right that’s right yeah um I lost my train of thought based on


what you were saying it’s just I mean we cannot be that stupid to realize that they don’t know this that what we’re talking about you know it’s it’s well I I I think um back to bringing up the conspiracy idea when we touched upon the moon and stuff like that I I don’t like to say this is a conspiracy where everybody is in on it and everybody knows what’s going on because I nothing can be that big in that way it’s simply all we have to do I mean you look at what Hitler says for


one if we tell a big enough lie enough times it’s believable it’s a simple concept the other concept is you have different groups doing different things and this is kind of what they were telling you about the moon landing also that can fit into what you’re saying here it’s not necessarily a conspiracy where everybody’s lying but it’s a it’s it’s in a way that not everybody knows what everybody else is doing so it it it appears that um compartmentalized right right it just appears that way I


agree I’ve heard things that people in NASA don’t even know what people in their own departments are doing so they have so compartment they don’t even know what their colleagues are doing I believe that I think that there has to be necessarily some element of conspiracy though there has to be a group that’s in the know that knows this and is trying to keep it secret by telling the big lie I mean like there’s no reason to tell a big lie unless you want to keep something super secret correct you you remember that I add


something yeah go ahead Andy well uh going on with I I think it’s John with saying that um my my my belief on that is that anyone who does know is basically is trying to keep everyone else from knowing I mean that’s that’s what it seems it would seem to me I mean I I I I would guess very very few people uh are aware uh that we’re actually inside but I I would guess that those those that do are trying to keep it from the rest of us that’s yeah that I think this has been going on a lot longer than NASA too I think this has


probably been part of the mystery school education since probably the beginning of our creation you know what I’m saying probably yeah I mean there’s there there always had yeah there’s always had to be a certain faction of intelligence that knows the truth right I mean the whole Illuminati symbolism with the pyramid I mean well if you understand that you know there’s probably a pyramid up in the middle of the Earth well yeah so well and it’s in a position where it could maintain an allseeing eye position I mean imagine


all you need to do is turn 360 degrees in any direction and you can you can zero in on any portion of the world you want to ex would it be the ultimate position to maintain and and un occupy you know exactly opon like I was saying like we talked about that Opticon concept before yeah exactly and um I actually um there was a recent NASA scientist his name was Alberto bear and he worked on the so-called Mars Curiosity Rover he helped Discover Water on Mars baloney but um he died in a plane crash in outside of Los


Angeles and by the airport there it was a small plane and he was an expert pilot you know very smart individual and um he there was another man too that worked on the Mars missions who died suspect Le and um what I felt like I felt compelled to do I I I tried to be as tactful as possible when I did this but I searched out and I tried to call his his widowed wife and so I actually um I called her and I talked to her and uh she didn’t give me much room to talk though she was like is this are you what are you a conspiracy theorist and I’m


like well you can kind of say that and she’s like well I don’t want to talk to you and so she hung up on me but um yeah they don’t want to they don’t want to go there you know it’s it’s it’s one that plane crash that that just that just happened the day that I think they fired up the CERN um hatron cider the one where the guy said that he committed suicide and smashed into the mountain with like uh 200 people on board there were some pretty important people on that flight apparently there


were some geospatial scientists that’s right that’s right so yeah there there has been a there has been seemingly a culling of some of these people in the know recently which is pretty scary yeah so um I guess from my point of view though I guess I have to like remind myself that people there’s a reason to be afraid to talk about this because I don’t see much fear in when I disseminate this information I just like I got to just blurt it out there I don’t care what what you’re going to


supposedly do to me or whatever I just have to get out there I just want to get the truth out there but but um I also have to like take into consideration well that’s you know that’s why people are not talking about this Steve and there but um I hope you I don’t know how you guys feel about that how do you feel about that John I’m sorry I lost my I lost my thinking G that’s right what was the question again um like do you fear have any fear involved in disseminating information on the cont I I did hear you say that and


then I’m looking at the chat over here and I’m just like what is going on but um no there’s not a fear I I’m a little uh I I am a little upset about how people take the information though um I do find interesting the the way they respond um I use it more like data collection you know which helped me figure out what my last article should be um but I mean I’m now being called a shill I’m being called the a lot of stuff yeah you told me that you were you were called a shill you start talking


and I mean and the thing is like I’m I’m talking to some of the flat earthers too and I’m like okay well if you don’t think the world is concave then you know it explain to me what I’m not understanding from your side because I’m I’m open to listening to it so I can understand what they’re saying and not misrepresenting them I think it’s very important that we don’t misrepresent the flat earthers or anybody else but at the same time when I ask a question like this they know that I’m from a concave


or standpoint so immediately I’m a shill I’m just there to disrupt them and to stop them from producing videos or whatever else it maybe and I’m just like come on man I mean we need to calm down we need to take it down a notch and just be civil have normal conversation you know it seems there’s a lot of militancy coming out of that Flat Earth group you know I’ve actually tried to talk to a few of those people too and I’ve gotten like kind of beat down from them I’m like yeah I’m just I’m just asking


questions man I want to know what’s going on just like you guys you know I I like that like what you said John basically I want to see what your point is if you if you’ve got any valid data to bring forward here other than just plain times and you know that kind of nonsense it’s like that’s all ad hoc stuff you know let’s think about the science of what’s going on here that’s that’s where I was kind of coming from with that and they don’t seem to be very interested in that they


just want to have their little you know they’re ad hoc exclamations of everything and and that’s that’s that you know but I think that if you’re making enemies we’re probably on the right track people are calling us and people calling his names I just yeah I just the right track I was just in a a Facebook group a flat Earth Facebook book group today some guy invited me and then he said well you know invite me to your concave group and I’ll do the same and so you know I just started blasting


away videos why con why Flat Earth is untenable you know I brought up the pole Stars I brought up the the flight paths I brought up the cartography I brought up um was another thing I brought up anyway they they just couldn’t handle because they they they admitted though that my information was accurate my you know it was the presentation they accused me of being arrogant they accused me of working for the government and I’m like look you’re just you’re just attacking the messenger that’s all


you’re doing the message is consistent it’s logical it shows why Flat Earth cannot work yeah refat the facts don’t don’t attack the person they eventually kicked me out of the group because they couldn’t handle the truth I’m like okay that’s you want to do it I’d like to answer your question if I could about being having a little bit of fear I I do personally myself have fear at this point of of uh disseminating this information because I mean we’re we’re we’re really up against a a a well


a giant you know um I don’t know maybe I could think better to say that but um in terms of money uh we’re going to be ridiculed you know I mean that’s what I’m expecting I mean right now it has really taken off but it will at some point and at that point I think anyone who believes you know that we’re inside of the Earth is going to be labeled as as a looney you know or or worse and uh you know there’s this quote I don’t I think it’s AR I’m not sure I’m not going who it is but it’s something like truth


passes through three stages or all truth passes through three stages first it’s ridiculed secondly it’s violently opposed and finally it’s accepted as self-evident yeah I think you know you it’s interesting that you bring that up because yeah I I know about that quote and I actually posted a post in my conc concave Earth facebbook group today about Reddit if you you guys ever go to Reddit they call them the redditors and and oh yeah they would actually post videos about me over the past two or


three years and initially it was all mockery I mean I had oh my God this guy’s a [ __ ] idiot he’s the [ __ ] he’s the stupidest he’s most idiotic person on the on the internet and and now I I go back and there’s this video that was posted a couple weeks ago and there’s no mockery there’s seriously considering concav Theory and I’m like wow and so that’s stage two right there right it’s or maybe you know it’s not necessarily accepted but they’re they’re trying to you they’re trying to attack


it they’re not they’re not labeling me as crazy anymore and so well St I appreciate I mean that’s great you have optimism but I I’m personally the reason I have fears for that second stage you know I I think at some point I was okay uh here’s the story I was reading the comments on this uh this fell who put up some videos I think his name is truth Seeker on YouTube or something anyway they’re they’re really uh short and not very spectacular videos um but in any case he he believes that we’re you know


that we’re inside of the concave Earth and and uh anyway I was reading his comments and they’re quite interesting I actually mean to save them in an email so that in case they ever get deleted because they what we’re up against I mean these people are basically uh well first of they’re calling they’re ridiculing them you know a lot whoever is this truth Seeker is but but there’s actually some comments that are getting into the violence side already they’re saying you know you know they’re saying


if I had a baseball bat and I saw you you or whatever you know it’s just stuff like that I don’t know I think I’ve gotten plenty of and the reason if I can go on just a little further on this topic is because um I think it’s because uh you know the the well like I said there’s a lot of money involved I mean literally billions of dollars I I’m I’m calling from Hawaii and uh we have we have a bunch a bunch of telescopes on top of the on top of the mountain here or volcano here right


and uh there’s a big protest going on right now M uh about one of the te this world’s largest telescope they’re trying to build for the cost is $1.4 billion I mean that’s just you know and that’s just one of I don’t know how many hundreds or thousands of telescopes there are that are anyway um obviously NASA you know there’s just this money into it that and the reason is though this what I’m trying to get to is I agree with what you were going on earlier is that what they’re trying to


hide from us is evidence of not only you know creation but the Creator and uh you know if they can keep us uh believing that we’re on outside of the earth it’s kind of hard to identify where Heaven is and where God God’s place in heaven is that’s thing so anyway I think you know it’s it’s a big thing that the organizations are um trying to keep from us but that’s where you that’s a test of somebody somebody’s faith in God is God more powerful than man you know and where am I going to have feel this


security this safety of talking about this stuff so that’s what you guys have to consider you know so I provide an Avenue for that I try to console people okay you don’t have to be afraid I’m blatantly overtly talking about this stuff and well if I just go on a little bit more Stephen I I I think that well one of the reasons I I’m I’m on today because I I I really don’t think we have much longer I mean that’s my my feeling anyway my intuition I I don’t I think the internet is going to be shut down


pretty soon I mean really within maybe even a few months they’ll probably I mean or severely restricted or you know limited anyway and then after that uh you know I’m you know I I don’t think we have much longer to even dispers disseminate this information online anymore well that’s the thing you know there’s talk about Jade Helm Marshal La coming and I there’s a lot of lot of speculation a lot of fear and uh it’s very possible I mean I even talk you know obviously with my Doctrine I talk about a final day and a


final hour where the sun is stopping and so there has to be a preparation phase of evacuation you know getting people ready for the kingdom of kingdom of God that’s what people who believe in God are the Bible or be who are Christians who are supposed to seek first you know that’s why they pray the Our Father prayer thy kingdom come thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven so it’s it’s it’s hypocrisy to think that you know that their Jesus is just somewhere up in a different dimension somewhere now we’re


talking about an imminent Kingdom not this Transcendent one where you know and this is where this is how I see things I’m very I’m very imminent I’m very you know material this is I mean we’re in this world that’s I I don’t really like to talk about all these extradimensional subjects I just I just want to focus on helping people understand helping the whole world understand concave Earth reality and understanding how this plays and I I build this logical step byep step understanding of how Doom can


happen how you know why we should seek first the kingdom this new world Kingdom order in so you know and and and there’s a like there’s a set there’s there’s a there’s a tacet AC acquiescence within I feel it I mean I don’t communicate with people in government but I feel that people in government they know who I am you know I I I can go like I went to the train station the other day and I saw these police officers they just like looked at me like like they knew me like hey how you doing today and and like hi how you


doing okay so it’s like they know who I am they know I’m talking about this stuff out in the open overtly and freely and so and the Advent of all the speculation of Martial law and stuff happening so you know it’s there’s what can I say there’s a beacon here there’s a you know and when the when the the [ __ ] does hit the fan you know there’s there’s not going to be much of an excuse of why people didn’t believe or listen to me so that’s how I see I think Stephen at that point it’s going to be


up to basically your subscribers at least those who believe I mean anyway that uh to basically spread the information on a local level from that point and um if I could get into uh for a moment um was something I wanted to talk about that really Peak my interest much more uh on on on this reality of the of the of the earth anyway he posted a video a while ago about Mark Sargeant and uh I wasn’t interested in researching Flat Earth whatsoever uh but then I thought got to thinking well if he’s a if there’s a shill talking about


Flat Earth well that that I should check this out so anyway at this point I’ve watched all of his videos almost 20 hours and I I’m thoroughly convinced that that this person that this guy Mark actually knows knows the truth I I think he’s too smart to be as dumb like you said as dumb as he’s acting that’s what I was saying and uh anyway and I think he’s you know trying to lead us astray onto the Flat Earth path well you know just to keep people away from the con Earth reality you also have to view it


from another angle too if he’s military scop he is he is assigned a specific job function and that is just to talk about Flat Earth because for most people flat Earth is a intermediate stage of understanding it’s a stepping stone to concave Earth and so just the fact that he had never returned my call he never replied to my email that shows me that he is working for somebody somebody you know within the military that it’s his his function is just to talk about Flat Earth to the public you know just a stepping stone stage of


getting them to wake up because you know I’m I’m encountering people every day that have just come across Flat Earth theory and then they see me and that’s like they switch over it’s just it’s so it’s everything has its proper position we talked about the fear we talked about the shock Factor if the whole world were just to finally understand all at once that we’re living in the concave Earth what that would do so there’s this there’s this methodology that they enforce that that has to you know it’s


it’s it’s it’s a trickling down or you know they have to they have to do it in stages so it’s so if you can understand it from that point of view you can kind of like strip away the emotional attachment that you might have or the anger that you have toward these Flat Earth shills you know like Matthew Bo well he’s I don’t know what he’s he’s just I mean he that guy is like intent I could see I could see the pervic right through that guy immediately I mean we talked about this on the LA the last


show where he supposedly interviewed this guy who was working for Stephen Hawkins he was making his voice box and he was he was actually this Matt was actually like putting words in his mouth so so Hawkins knows about the flat earth right [ __ ] this guy is just like an utter bullshitter I don’t just shut up man but um was that quote the best way to control the opposition is to lead it yeah who said that I don’t know who said that I think it was Smedley Butler I could be wrong I don’t know well to uh if you to finish on that


story with with Mark if he if you got a second here um on a positive note anyway from all that I’ve listened to him uh he does mention something about when the the reality of the Flat Earth becomes known he he he talks about how uh people will become much better people basically because because of their awareness and recognition that the Creator is very near right and uh of course you know that that would apply equally to the concave Earth and uh so I you know I I think that would be the case when people


realize that the Creator uh is not you know well that heaven is near and the the Creator as well um then you know people will be a lot nicer he says Wars will end and that may be the case well yeah definitely that’s what that’s what has prophesied to happen you know peace and righteousness love and joy will will rule in the Kingdom but before that I see it getting very ugly and talking about division dividing the people and so it’s it’s it’s going to it’s going to be scary for a lot of people but ultimately


the way I see it and I’m I’m not trying to be you know equal itical I’m just matter of fact from my point of view concave Earth reality even Cyrus T talked about this it points exclusively to one individual as opposed to other theories and stuff so it’s it’s there’s a lot of I encounter a lot of aggression a lot of name calling you’re you’re you’re you know you’re a megga Maniac or your ego is you know you’re you’re arrogant you’re a narcissist and but um I don’t I don’t really see any way


any other way to go about doing what I do I mean I’m responding to people and the way in which they treat me I’m mirroring back with how they treat me and um I’m nice to people too you know it’s just really how people treat me I guess now you’re taking on the brunt of that ridicule and uh but I I I I would like to see I would like to help you with that if I can you know cuz I’m willing to take on a little bit but uh you know not the violence though I’m I’m scared about that part when that when


the second stage arrives of this truth well yeah yeah nobody wants to be harmed because because people of of of God basically and uh you know so I mean everyone but those who are uh we lost your audio what did you say you’re coming in and out I can’t I can’t understand you oh I’m sorry that that’s all I had to say oh okay seemed that there was a lot of uh a lot a big huge push towards Atheism in the last decade um have you noticed that like it seemed like Richard Dawkins and yeah Christoph Hitchens and all those


people were making books and doing doing like seminars and it just became a big popular thing I almost wonder if it was because they knew this reality was coming um this this Revelation was coming coming so they had to sort of uh plant seeds I guess um yeah actually that it’s an atheistic that this is an atheistic world there’s no God etc etc that anybody that believes that is dumb and and that that sort of thing so that when this actually comes out people are just gonna be like yeah no well actually I I want see how you


think about this too John but um I actually see this whole atheistic movement on the internet as actually a positive thing to help people get out of the pseudo Christianity churches that they’ve been involved with you know they’re worship worshiping this fictitious Jesus in the sky and that’s not how I see Jesus that’s I mean that’s and and you can I mean you’ve talked with a lot of atheists about concave Earth John and it seems like you don’t have to bring in any religion you can


just talk about the science you know rect delineator science you know what do you think about that right um I’ll go with uh for one yeah the uh bit of the Christian Movement well a bit of anything radical movement is a little too over the top um as far as uh with the atheist like like I said the part of my background is I I want verification I want evidence um the barrier is though however of um you know why would they lie why would they hide this why would they they don’t have predetermined models I mean there


there’s a part of the psychology I I think of um the people who get to the atheistic Point um to want the verification but at the same time they only it’s it’s an appeal to Authority ultimately and that’s one of the um fallacies and arguments it’s a logical fallacy to always appeal to Authority but that’s what they do when they come to science they all appeal to Neil degi laow So hypocritical Richard Dawkins but you know Richard Dawkins gets stumped also because you ask him okay show me a mutation or um some sort


of explanation from The evolutionary process that actually shows that it that information has been added to the genome and he can’t even figure that out and and nobody else can because you would need to add information but we’re still going to hold to the point that evolution is good and evolution look it’s conceptually it makes sense I have books on Evolution I read I’ve read all this stuff I’ve read Richard Dawkins the clockmaker and you know how he talks about um sonar with bats and how the the


sound and then the ears would fluctuate back and forth in order for it to detect its movements and I I they they have a lot of um good thought I think conceptually but I think when you actually look at it for what it is it it doesn’t fit the reality you know and this is where you know kinds and stuff comes in you see different species but they’re all the same kind of animal and I think a lot of atheists have a problem with the word kind they want some sort of definition but that is the definition you know you


have speciation within a certain kind of creature but it bringing it back to what we’re talking about again it’s it’s they’re going to apply something one way but they won’t apply that same way of thinking to something else because they needed a new structure to hold on to if there’s not going to be a god structure exactly okay I gotta um I gotta end the show in about five minutes so let’s just uh look at the strap hole the and the results are in we have an overwhelming majority for


concave Earth I didn’t that’s no surprise to me uh geoverse came in second with that’s the way I think that’s the way I liked it I think concave Earth really is is probably the best yeah you wanted to give it a clever name geoverse is definitely pretty clever but I I I thought it was good that people are interacting you know and suggesting things and names and stuff yeah definitely yeah we’re going to keep it concave Earth yeah that’s interesting 83% huh 8 81% con Earth I think I got a


oh 81 you’re right there’s yeah there’s there’s no debate about it wow that’s interesting save polls are very interesting yeah okay guys this has been a great show um and uh we you know what I think I’d like to keep it on Fridays actually if you guys are available so um you’re welcome back next week and we’ll see who else we can bring on all Friday’s works it works for me too great okay well look for this on YouTube and I’ll probably get it up tomorrow sometime and you guys have a great


weekend okay all right thanks for okay guys talk to you later take care thanks Stephen all right [Music] okay we’re live ladies and gentlemen welcome to another edition of concave Earth sessions this is session number four fourth week and once again we have my permanent guest pretty much John devau and um we also have a new face here uh Dietrich schmidtz Dietrich is a former IT professional and he’s also a truth Seeker he’s also a fellow concave Earth believer and he he came out to join us on our show here and


uh DX what what dri why don’t you just uh introduce yourself hi uh I am uh a former it manager working in the healthc care industry um uh managed um in a large family practice uh with over 500 employees um in all of the coordinating computer issues for health care that you can imagine uh a family practice with 90 um Physicians and mid levels uh nurses and nurse practitioners um in Syracuse New York MH um so I have a lot of uh lot of it experience but uh uh re recently retired and um I have been um digging into things that uh I I


personally feel are you know as a matter of seeking the truth I want to know the answers to and and uh I in in in in looking for the answers to things I started eliminating certain things and neiro uh I thought that was it scared me for a while and then I okay you you were a neiro Believer at time yeah I was uh at first you know when I saw those double images of the two sons I was saying oh my God yeah oh and you know of course I was you know ignorant of certain things yeah so you know you start building up a level of understanding and and you go


through uh um on the internet you know I I like to use the word truthiness truthiness yes because read something one one place and if you don’t get a consensus for it it’s not true right well and I tend to go by consensus and uh well it depends who is making the consensus though I mean there’s right not necessar the majority is going to give you the right answer though it’s fraught with problems as you know it’s it’s and uh but nonetheless I’ve kept at it you know and I I’m persistent and you know I started with


the Flat Earth Earth Society and then somehow I came to Crossroads with you and wild heretic okay and then I went whoa I said this is you know the light bulb went off and uh uh ever since you know everything that you’ve been saying and and by the way let me just say that I I respect and appreciate all of your hard work and your dedication thank you and uh your work is on YouTube is magnificent it is uh the visualizations are just by themselves uh uh Artful creative and uh uh totally impressed with your cap cap


abilities and your knowledge and uh I I I really feel that the the fact that you have woven into it uh uh a a faith-based point of view uh the Bible and the scripture uh is is is uh comforting and at the same time makes a great deal of sense thank you thank you appreciate that so go ahead go ahead yeah so you know I’m I I’m I’m peeling away the layers and uh getting down to the Bare Essence of things yeah as everyone else is who’s truth seeker and the other uh people on this panel tonight uh we’re


all interested in the truth and Dolly there are some things that are so blatantly obvious now that it’s just killing me that we can’t get get uh get it out in on on mass to the larger audience to start to realize are you and so you actually helped me you got you because you post on before its news right and you uh I actually I I signed up and I posted an article but initially when you post your first one you have to get a moderator approval and you put in a good word for me and it seemed like shortly after that they approved me so


I’m posting on before it’s new news now thanks to you well I’m happy to do it happy to do it and uh I hope you will use it to your best Advantage oh yes it’s uh it’s definitely a good Avenue to get another another communication tool yeah yeah I already posted like three articles it was just uh just the other day I started it but U so I’m thinking to myself where do you go where do you go to start taking apart this he copernican heliocentrism you have to go back to the fundamentals you have to go and you have


to start with the fact that the Earth doesn’t rotate you have starting point and you have to Branch from there and uh the the fact that a prestigious scientific instit itute the likes of Max plank is now questioning capern Theory m is as I said at the beginning like knocking out a loadbearing wall and uh the the house is going to come from wind down yeah it can’t be ignored yeah yeah and we’re talking about the W map and the plank data and uh this Cosmic microwave background radiation that shows a


definite an isotropy a definite alignment a definite dipole you know this is something that they did not expect they thought the universe was isotropic you know there’s no VAR there’s no variation it’s so it’s you know there’s no alignment there’s no it’s pretty much even you know basically I I got the gist from it that they were implying or I inferred that was was that they believed that the Helio centrism exists most everywhere in the universe but before we go further let’s talk to John hey John how’s it going


buddy hey how are you what’s new in your life over the past week over the past week uh just put up a geosynchronous uh satellite questioning article um just basically because of the word geosynchronous um you know like uh synr meaning like as if the satellite is attached to spinning Earth as if there’s some sort of tether that keeps the the satellite in that way um article basically just gets into uh questioning this because you have to start off with the fundamental which um dri just talked about yeah that the earth needs to be in


motion in order to even use that word geosynchronous rather than simply stationary right right so I I kind of just break that down uh add in the uh concave Earth explanation to it and um show why it’s not geosynchronous correct yeah you got some uh some good points here by uh I remember Marshall Hall he was a he’s a geocent a convex Earth but um initially when I was doing Discovery before I even knew about concave Earth I was I was at convex geoc Centrist and I would read up on Marshall Hall and Malcolm Bowden and jeris Bo and


Unfortunately they they’re stuck in that Paradigm I’m not sure why if it’s a pride issue or if it’s just uh they’re hanging on this you know what they think how they interpret the scriptures and and they can’t uh they can’t take it any further it seems like they’re oh it’s definitely a pride issue yeah yeah and it’s masked with scripture so the scripture Becomes Her stumbly black but it it uh it’s kind of sad because you know if they would just simply just look at the objective tests of you know W the


lineat and and understand that Horizon cannot be that high if you’re that high of an altitude you know 80,000 5,000 35,000 ft you know there’s no reason to believe that you’re on a convex Ball but um so it’s sad a lot of people get stuck on their on the road to truth you know and they just think that okay this is how I interpret the King James Bible this the final Authority and so you know that’s I’m just going to stay there stay in that Paradigm I’ve already wrote books and you know they can’t retract


what they what they have purported to believe but um yeah so gri um that’s a good place to start believe First understanding I just think that it’s it’s fundamental that have to that is that’s foundational yes and uh you know you can’t build a found a house without a foundation so uh uh those things have to be attacked with a vengeance and and yet applying delicately common sense in a polite way to entice the user into being open yeah uh to the suggestibility that things aren’t quite the way you think


they are um I have a problem poite sometimes and uh I mean really when you throw something like uh oh the Earth is concave at people they go you know you know they think you have a suddenly sprouted a third eye in your forehead or something but really it’s it it’s it makes sense as far as I’m concerned yeah but you know the that that Mech plank uh M material uh I think is really something that you could take and run with if you haven’t already done so and uh run for daylight uh because I do think it really


just barrels right down the middle uh and opens a gaping uh a bloody wound in the uh the status quo theoretical establishment oh yeah I call it a giant hogy and they keep adding layers of uh salami and cheese to it to to compensate for new you know where their the error of their ways is it’s just the getting out of hand yeah I think I I sent you a link the heliocentrics they tried to say well the alignment is not that aligned you know it’s it’s there’s a little bit of play a little bit of leeway there but they


still have to admit like like saying you’re a little bit pregnant you are exactly exactly they have to admit there’s there’s a definite alignment and it’s anomalous to them they don’t know why and so I I can tell you why I mean I mentioned it before I this is what you’re actually this is what you’re actually looking at you’re looking at a ball stars in the middle of the Earth and uh the D the dipole it performs a function like I mentioned before the Milky Way is not a it’s not a


spiral galaxy it’s actually a a band I know what it is it’s right in your sink in in your bathroom yeah like a drain you mean one one of your one of your videos was oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah S I have this light is so you made you made a good analogy by putting something how did you put dyee in the water yeah yeah yeah I talked about the dark Waters and the thick clouds of the sky in spelling dark matter you know dark matter it’s like it’s just when they can’t resolve something something doesn’t fit their


Paradigm they have to make up stuff just make up crap Dark Matter so um scripture calls it dark water thick clouds of the sky and you know I talked about the the galaxies the reason why I believe they spiral is because they are actually literally remnants of drains that happen during the global flood and so beneath or up above this glass celestial sphere that contains all the stars there’s Dark Water and thick clouds you know we have the nebula nebula very thick Cloud we can’t see in the middle cuz I believe there’s a


pyramid in the middle but also if I can interject Just one thought about ether yeah ether ether is not acknowledged in University College curriculum for physics corre yeah the ether is basically the nothingness or vacuum um which uh can in in and of itself form uh V vortices uh that may may uh explain the appearance of these uh Galaxy swirls that you describe yeah well I was yeah I believe there’s a push there’s a there’s a push outward from Center and there’s also a balance that happens where it creates


the uh equilibrium with the Sun and the Moon being balanced magnetically and there’s also a push but anyway going back there I I talked about how during the time of the flood I believe that these Stars which are products of sound so an luminescent sound and they clustered together and they melted holes through the glass Sky that’s where scripture says the windows of Heaven were opened and I believe that that’s how the water poured out the windows of Heaven were open and the water came down and then just like how a drain Works how


water in a drain right when you’re draining something it’s going to do it’s going to perform a spiral it’s going to make a a circuit and so right that’s how I see the why we have the galaxies in first place place but anyway initially I was talking about the Milky Way and I’m telling you why it’s not a spiral galaxy that’s just an assumption that The Helio Cent makes because they can’t they just simply assume that oh we’re just a tiny blue Speck and then we’re in the middle


of this vast well they’re making things up lightyears distant Galaxy and it’s spiral we think it’s spiral we don’t know I mean we’ve never ventured out 100 million L away to see if it was spiral but we we’re just going to guess it’s spiral yeah kills kills me to read their pontifications where where they’re talking about things being millions of light years away yeah how the heck do they know Stell parallx exactly y spell stellar parallax is only like we talked about last week it’s only


in theory I mean it works in theory but it’s not what we see with observation there’s no Stellar par Parallax and the red shifting is is only because there’s a glass guy guy causing chromatic aberration so those two points that they bring up to try to measure the distance of stars is Deb and unless they include ether in physics and science science is incomplete yeah oh yeah definitely I mean Tesla I mean they won’t listen to Tesla they won’t they’ll take all his inventions and perform the marginal


marginalized him and impoverished him like other Pat other inventors and uh it ran with uh what they could yeah and then they classify it and it becomes you know military technology yeah yeah I hear you so that’s uh you know we’re just here to bust it we going let the truth out um also going back to your satellites article John um there’s a there’s a I don’t know if if you you’ve been doing any research or if you heard about what NASA is doing they have a mission they call it MMS it stands for


magnetosphere multiscale Mission and what it is is uh they’ve taken a rocket and they’ve stacked four satellites on top of each other at the top of the rocket you know they put the nose cone fairing over it and they shot the rocket up and and went up into space supposedly and and then it separated and then these four satellites arrange themselves in a tetral hedral format so they’re basically always kind of moving together as as a unit but they’re always I mean there there’s some variation as


far as like the distances are concerned but they’re pretty much sticking together and what they say they are doing is they are monitoring the magnetic portals that are at the edge of the magnetosphere where there’s supposedly a a magnetic reconnection they call it so there’s the magnetic field of the sun and the magnetic field of the earth and there’s this reconnection where those two Fields meet each other and they cause what they call a dissipation or an excess of flux of energy and there’s


these openings that they say that these openings they call them uh electron diffusion regions so electron diffusion like you know when diffusion you have take two different electrons from two different compounds and they mix together and so there’s this dissipation there’s this spark and they’re really concerned about that they’re concerned about the this this uh magnetic reconnection and so what they do with this with the MS MMS mission is they are trying to Monitor and figure out why this is happening because they even


admit they I I was watching this video by this guy this NASA scientist and he say he was admitting that um magnetic reconnection should not happen now I have a theory about why this is happening I’m going to get to that in a minute but let’s just play like a one minute clip from this guy so so he explains what magnetic reconnection is and how dissipation works so uh what we’re going to see in this wire is I’m going to pass a current down this wire uh and uh this will happen in a minute when I do that uh


there will start to be a dissipation in this wire what Max operations tell us is in fact the current sets up in a magnetic field structure outside this wire and the electric field in The Wire flows the magnetic field uh in energy into this wire and cause dissipation now I can start to smell the wire you soon you’ll start to see it heat okay and that’s what we’re doing we’re converting magnetic field energy into electrical energy or heat now uh it’s the case that if I crank up the current large enough


in this particular constraint uh uh demonstration soon you’ll start to see the effects of this and then very soon we will have an explosion that’s very much like uh reconnection we released in this case the energy of the tension in this wire uh but it’s those you saw that hot spot where we have concentrated dissipation and that’s what we’re looking for in mms we’re trying to find those hot spots out in space now you can’t see them like we could in this wire because it’s a rarified plasma and


that’s the major difference between this demonstration and uh the uh case of looking for reconnection in plasmas it’s quite a bit of difference uh in the sense that in this wire I understand what happens uh why this wire heats up and we cause this dissipation as it gets hotter since the wires under’t tension it thins the resistance goes up the current has stayed the same because I adjusted this power supply that way and so what happens eventually is all the dissipation goes into a very small region and then it separates the wire


MMS is investigating reconnection because we do not understand at all what causes the dissipation in plasmas if in fact if you look at current theory it should say it should never happen because a Plasma’s very much uh almost almost a superconductor okay so he’s saying this dissipation should not happen according to current Theory cor current plasma Theory so it’s happening why is it happening okay my theory obviously if you you know where I stand about how I believe that we’re living in the concave Earth and is actually a


glass ceiling to the sky and I do believe that Rockets can penetrate that glass sky and they can they can C they have they I believe that they’ve poked holes in the sky and so if we have this magnetic field from the earth or or and we have this magnetic field from the Sun they call the solar wind and if there’s openings there’s going to be there’s going to be this reconnection that’s happening and uh I actually made a video about that too where I talk about find it really quick here was there an operation fish bowl I’m trying


yes yes it’s in 1962 they had the operation Fishbowl which I believe they poked a whole in the guy as well um NASA actually put out a video they called it science fiction see they’re being clever here they’re like um I’m me just play part of this one too they call them hidden magnetic poles I call it holes in the glass sky hidden magnetic portals around Earth presented by science at Nasa a favorite theme of science fiction is the portal science fiction looks like science fiction is the favorite theme of


the URL for the extraordinary live video show here oh I’m sorry you don’t have that let me get you the link for that real quick thank you there you go okay opening in space or time extraordinary good on the link today what’s that I’ve been good on the links today giv them some stuff to VI if you’re watching live oh d d d yeah CL it you have to no you have to mute the volume on the voncho yeah it you have no you have to mute the volume on the I beg your pardon did you mute it yet I I I shut down the browser oh you don’t have to


shut down you just have to mute the mute the volume just turn off the volume yeah I I made that mistake too and I could to hear anybody okay let’s go back sorry problem with your Rockets So I actually think that they’re actually poking poking holes in the sky they have poked holes and now they’re like see this is this what leads me to understand why they are spraying the skies with chemicals if NASA has been poking holes ever since 19 probably 1949 1950 that’s when they say they first began having


rackets enter into space and it’s kind of funny too because you know I talk a lot about Mega cry meteors and I talk about how you can you can just research online you can see that they say that there’s been a sudden rise in megga cry meteors since 1950 or 1949 and so that coincides to me with when they begin entering space poking holes in the glass sky and so that’s what I think is causing the mega meters to fall at a you know you know a more a more rapid Pace a more numerous pace is that I believe that


this magnetic reconnection when it hits these holes they’re holes I mean they’re they’re they’re invisible because that that height you’re not going to have any particles so you’re not going to see the glass you’re not going to see the holes but when that magnetic reconnection happens it can jar loose this is my theory but it can jar loose a chunk of ice that’s surrounding one of the holes and it can fall to the ground so they’re really concerned about that because I also talk about how how I


believe that the tunguska event was just a large chunk of ice that fell down from the sky there’s no there’s no remnants of any meteor rock or anything and it’s it’s a big mystery to them it had to be a big one yeah it had to be a really big one so they’re really concerned now especially with all the man-made heat all the anthropogenic heat in metropolitan areas I believe that’s why they are spraying the sky they they excuse my French but they [ __ ] up the sky okay they they they poked holes in it


now they’re doing damage control now they’re oh crap we don’t want a big tangoa event to hit Chicago we don’t want one to hit New York because there’s a lot of man-made heat rising up in metro area so we have to spray the skies okay they also have a project that’s called glass I mentioned that before it stands for Global land atmospheric system study know this is this is a NASA project they call it glass and they monitor the land they monitor the sky the they call it the planetary boundary


layer and they find out where you know what areas have are more have more condensation than other areas and to me that I believe that has a lot to do with the glass the glass Sky causing condensation uh if it’s warmer it’s going to have more condensation you know if if if the the sky the ice attached to the sky is a little bit warmer I believe it’s going to have more condensation so they’re concerned about that they want to spray those areas so the so these chemicals are actually preventing the


heat from rising as opposed to what they’ll tell you the the albo effect where they think that they’ll tell you that the you know it’s just creating a reflection so it reflects the heat so it prevents the heat from hitting Earth but I don’t believe that because I mentioned that before I actually made a video about this where I found that all the chemicals that we find in the Chemtrails are the same exact chemicals that are found in apparatuses to suppress fires so in this apparatus to suppress


fire you’re you’re creating an endothermic reaction you’re absorbing the heat is it Halon hail what Halon Halon no okay we got aluminum barium strontium Boron uh we also have there’s a few more here I’ll just scroll through this video really quick here but they’re all in that apparatus this to suppress a fire so they screwed up the skies they screwed up the glass Sky they also have they have to send MMS monitoring surveillance satellites to make to find out where the weak areas of magnetic reconnection


happening where the dissipation is happening where it could jar loose more ice and they also have to spray the skies as a way to prevent any heat from rising so they’re really they really screwed it up pretty much pretty Pig and um to me I believe this is just a stop Gap situation because I do believe that they understand my doctrine that the sun will stop eventually and that’s why I also believe that a lot of these a lot of these missions that I talk about which all just bunch of baloney they’re


just used to fund their Black Ops you know they underground you know digging tunnels and so it’s it’s a lot of deception I believe um Steve yeah do you see what uh six drops just um posted there uh let me read it’s possible the conveyor action of the sun is actually in contact with the glass layer scrubbing the glass so to speak which would leave the metal bits in the glass from the back of the sun uh well I don’t know I the sun is not I mean it’s not low it’s not like 100 kmet high it’s much higher but if yeah I do


believe actually it’s very possible that there’s another glass sphere that contains the Sun and it’s it’s it’s possible you know that’s a good point you know maybe it is we’ll be in the electromagnetic Universe the the video where uh the Tesla coil breaks through the glass could be similar to the sunspots uh say that again I wasn’t listening I understand let the universe to be a bit of a electric Universe which is where we’re getting the ether and all that stuff from yeah if the sun was


wrapped around uh with the type of glass and you have the conveyor action it may work similar not saying that it’s exactly but similar to the Tesla coil with the ball P it breaks through the glass okay oh yeah yeah that’s right the bolt yeah would send out that charge it’s possible you know I I don’t know it’s it’s all speculation at this point um yeah I mean lightning yeah that’s I don’t I don’t uh I mean the metal that’s found in libing desert glass I don’t I mean if if the sun the


sun is not I don’t believe the sun is interacting with the glass that the lower glass so if there’s a higher glass you know but uh yeah I don’t that’s kind of speculative but um good question though yeah definitely good question that’s what I believe you’re doing and also you know you wonder like okay you watch I was trying to figure that this out for the longest time if they are actually breaching the glass guy with with the rockets and I don’t believe I don’t believe they’re doing


doing it all the time um you know there’s also talk about if they can even get that high you know because of uh Bo’s expansion you know when you lose you don’t have the thrust but to me I I also see that the compensation happening where you don’t have the drag either so there’s really I don’t think there’s you don’t have there’s nothing really to stop it so I believe that the acceleration keep could keep going that’s just my personal thought I I do believe they can breach the the glass


and get that High um but I see some of these clips that that they launched this one’s the onboard camera from The Sentinel 1A the soyou and um there’s some missing footage here the missing footage it’s it’s at there’s like 56 seconds of missing footage let me just play real quick here so there’s like a on the left hand side it cuts and if you look at the timing it’s really hard to tell here I’ll have to have to give you the link for this later but um there’s 56 seconds missing and then that’s when the nose


cone fairing opens up after the 56 seconds of missing footage and I’ve noticed that too there’s a couple other videos like that where there’s missing footage just prior to the nose cone fairings open opening up so maybe they don’t want to show the footage of them when it actually pierces the glass Sky that’s my thought on that not saying I didn’t some of the some of I did watch one rocket where it went it was a continuous motion and opened up the nose cones and to me I I can only assume well


maybe that one just didn’t penetrate the glass guy because the background the Earth in the background was pretty I mean you saw the Horizon so maybe it wasn’t going that high I don’t know but um that’s my theory on that because we you knows one second here we just I mean there’s just too much overwhelming evidence to me that shows that there is a literal glass ceiling to this guy and um so they have to be covering up something I kind of feel they do too I I you know we touched upon how NASA is very uncredible um oh yeah but


it it does appear that they do go up there I mean on my poll I have the um the Rockets go into space as information to see what uh my viewers would say 10% say they’re unsure 41.4% say yes they do go into space and 48.6 say they don’t um you know it’s a good poll I think it shows uh what people are thinking that they’re questioning Nas some more but not necessarily whether it’s true or not but it is some good data to have so right yeah it’s kind of split it’s almost like 50/50 in a way


pretty close it was it was 50/50 for a while until more and more votes came in but um it’s very interesting information yeah let’s see I also did a video earlier a couple days ago about uh I simulated The Horizon in 3D with uh with LightWave 3D and uh you know there’s a lot of people that put out whether they’re flat earthers or concave earthers or convex earthers they uh will say well look at the Horizon you know some people say well it’s even me I would I made a video I was talking about how the Horizon is


too high to be convex it’s too high to be a convex ball CU you go up 35,000 ft you go up 80,000 ft you go up 110,000 ft um it’s it’s going to be too high in the picture frame it should be it should it should be much lower because what I did was I simulated on a convex ball with I brought my camera up and I just looked out you know there was no angle to the pitch it was looking straight out and it showed that the Horizon would be much lower much lower like just tracing the bottom of the picture frame and so that rules out to


me that rules out convexity and you know and that’s the biggest I mean to me if I don’t even want to go flat I mean I’ve already demolished Flat Earth theory I mean there’s no reason to even consider that as far as you know for me to i’ been there done that I’ve already destroyed it but so really I mean what I really want to talk about is that why and in this video I talk about why sometimes it will give the appearance of a convex Horizon and um I talk about uh the limit Limited visib ility radius and actually


what we’re seeing in this picture here the Horizon actually looks slightly Bode slightly convex however the model that I created is actually a concave Earth model and what I did was I uh I added a fog filter to it so the black at the top of the screen is actually just the the fog in the background you can set a distance to the fog how far away do you want the fog to start or how how close do you want it to you have a maximum and a minimum distance and so I played around with that and I got it to actually make it look like it’s a convex


Horizon even though it’s wor in a concave Earth but then when you you know when I lower it uh what I’m going to do when I lower it when I lower the camera actually when I heighten the camera no I’m sorry when I lower the camera The Horizon gets straight again so it’s to me I was talking about in the video how it’s not really this is not this is not the best test this there’s so many variables to to uh determine you know especially because you don’t know which type of camera a person used


whether it’s wide angle or just not wide angle and whether I wish there was a simple way for us to establish as a test is there a glass guy well that’s go up and Sample it yeah that’s that’s what I you know if we can get something somebody to do that to launch a rocket that High um they they they did uh what they that one amateur rocket I forgot what they call themselves but they say they got up to 113 113 km now there’s there’s a problem there’s I see problems with you can go on Wiki


and you can see that they the gauges that they use are accelerometers and magnetometers to determine the altitude but even Wiki says that accelerometers are not that suitable to determine altitudes especially when you’re going high and then the magnetometers are also you know they measure the magnetic field at whatever level you are but who’s to determine how much of a magnetic field is at what level I mean were we to believe NASA and so I I would tend to believe that they didn’t even get that high they could


have got just like maybe 100 kilomet and then came back down but you know what a laser beam what a laser beam bounce off of glass like that um well when you shoot a laser to the sky it tends to terminate at a distance well they say it’s because when the particles in the air in the atmosphere the aerosols coherent light they dissipate there’s no more there’s no no more a aerosol so you won’t see the laser anymore even though it’s still traveling okay so that’s not really it’s not a a feasible option


because it won’t you won’t see the laser hit hit the guy hit the glass guy but there’s plenty of proof there’s plenty of proof I mean just the rainbows the Halos the the com uh comets Tales the B refringent why we see quadruple rainbows in the sky there’s no other there’s no other answer that sense I saw one video recently taken by someone a German person of the nighttime sky where uh a meteor was hitting the glass and yes bouncing off of it with like a radial um output like a almost when you


throw a rock in the water okay yeah the waves the uh I forgot what they call those waves but yeah I mean even meteors are covered in glass they’re covered in burnt glass Fusion crust is that really coming from the rock why would it why would it what if it just like skidded across the glass and got really hot and encapsulated it was encapsulated by the burnt glass I mean you look at shooting stars why do shooting stars happen I believe it happens because they’re they’re skidding across the glass the


ricocheting there’s a there’s a terminology called triboluminescence it’s like when you rub glasses together it creates light and they simply bounce back up into inter space and they’re working they’re in they’re they’re affected by this the the annual movement of the Sun the annual helical movement of the Sun so we have you know these annual meteor showers that happen pretty much you’re predict they’re predictable they happen pretty much the same time every year and so even uh botling bot linger Rings you


know I talked about that in previous videos they have these anomalous cosics in the sky they don’t know where they’re coming from there’s so much I mean if you understand there’s a ceiling to the sky there’s you you can place where the mega cry meteors come from and that to me is like the biggest one of the biggest clues that there is a glass guy because they don’t know where they’re coming from they think that the megga meters well they think they crystallize in the in the troposphere and they think


they might formul formulate there I mean i’ I’ve talked about this another hogy sandwich yeah another hogy sandwich so but no I mean if you understand that above the mesopause which is almost 100 kilm is super cold they even say you can get as cold as negative 226 Dees fhe the ice is going to be amorphous it’s going to be clear you’re not going to it’s not going to have any crystal structure to it so you have the glass and the ice it’s both they’re both clear and there’s also no particles at that height so


you’re not going to see them and so you’re not going to see the holes that they poke through and if one of the pieces falls down it begins to get warmer as it as it descends through the troposphere and then that’s where the crystallization happens so by the time it hits the ground it’s pretty much opaque so it it’ll make sense um one of the things I want to say about the Glass Guy um and I thought this is pretty interesting and I don’t think most people actually know about this but the type of meteors that are


essentially as if um you know to illustrate the concept is if you took a Flat Rock chucked it across the surface of the water it skips along the surface of the water and then it leaves well what’s interesting is there are meteors called Earth Grazer meteors that they come down and they actually skip across the glass scale uh surface and bounce right back off yeah they somehow that they try to explain it by saying it’s the atmosphere that they that it comes down and bounces off the atmosphere yet we have things that go right through the


atmosphere and they’re saying it’s just the right projection that it cause the skip yeah but I mean we see you know meteors and stuff streak across the sky all the time just the sliding of on the grass the glass but these Earth grazers actually skip they skip along until they get shot back outwards huh away well that’s that’s another indication of con of concavity right it’s not I mean you if you’re inside a concave surface and this this meteor is skipping you know it’s it’s going to it’s going to have the


opportunity to skip more because it’s going along the inside of the curve as opposed to if it was like a convex atmosphere you you wouldn’t think it would it would just hit maybe once and then it would Ricochet off but if it’s on the inside are you saying that it actually does that it skids multiple times like it it it hits the surface multiple times before it ejects back away from the surface of that’s an indication that it’s inside a glass sphere you’re on the inside of the sphere that the rock is on


the inside of the sphere you know it it just strikes me funny because it impacts multiple times doesn’t make itself through and it goes away and I I just it’s stuff like that that’s hard for me to imagine that it’s the atmosphere that is causing the multiple skipping that’s wow I I i’ never even heard of this before this is like big this is a big clue to show that you’re inside or not you but actually the rocks in Inner Space above the glass they’re on the inside of the glass


sphere yeah cuz are hitting multiple times hey if you don’t mind I’d like to uh get dri in here a little bit I want him um he said there are blatantly obvious um ideas and things of the Helo Centric theories that um are problematic you know what are these and uh what are the things that they’re making up well let’s let’s just start with the fact um that the uh you know if I go over to Wild heretic I can make citations on uh the Earth not rotating uh the uh Aries experiment right would uh would uh


prove that the Earth is stationary then the celestial Heavens are uh effectively rotating so that would be an example of uh the problem with the heliocentrism uh that uh we are moving about the sun there you go yep and I mean you know I’m sure you’re familiar with wild heretic are you not yes we both are yes right right and uh I mean it pretty much walks right down the line on the issues of concavity in the the rec delineator and uh uh it’s all contradictory to uh the world in which we live it’s just it’s


pointing uh to something entirely different happening yeah this is a so when I say it’s blatantly obvious I mean if you spend uh a couple of hours just you know watching uh some of Steve’s videos in conjunction with uh the uh wild heretic uh the tips the scale and uh I mean the Earth SI you know we simply can’t uh we simply can’t be moving uh at a speed of over a th000 miles Cally on the equator um we’d have horrendous winds um uh you know we we may we would have to go and live in caves it wouldn’t


be habitable with the uh the lamin or flow of air and uh what would result and uh you know the th those things tend to contradict and uh the fact that uh the the flying times would be affected by it uh yes well I mean Wild Hair points out that you know the density of the air the atmosphere is is much much less than the density of the earth and so with the heliocentric will says that well the atmosphere is spinning in sync with the earth I mean you take a look at the dog hanging its head out of the car driving


at 60 miles hour that should tell you right there yeah it’s a punch bony come on guys come on so yeah I mean you eliminate you eliminate you eliminate heliocentric theory it doesn’t work you eliminate knock it out with a sledgehammer knock it out with a sled you eliminate convex stationary Earth because you know what I told you before rectal linator I mean it didn’t take me long to realize something terribly is wrong you eliminate Flat Earth I’ve already demolished what’s left that’s right what’s left by


deduction yeah now comes the razor so another thing too I mean uh you ever watch my hurricanes video oh hurricanes concave Earth what determines A hurricane’s Direction that’ll tell you it’s the corala force right Coro the north north of the equator actually it’s they they have to kind of like explain it a different way because according to the Coralis Force the hurricane should actually be uh moving to the right it should be moving clockwise north of the equator but it’s moving the other way so they have to


come up with this [ __ ] a hoc answer and um what so it’s imposs you can’t do it that way and I and then bring up the fluid dynamics this guy actually this is actually I think he oh he was working no he wasn’t working for NASA but he was like working for one of these I think it was like UCLA or something like that and he did this fluid fluid dynamics uh demonstration with a tub of water a tub of we put dyes in the water and he showed that when the tub is not spinning right and then there’s this


little flap they have this little flap on the left left side right and you you you drop the dieses in the water and then you flip the flap and then it it agitates the dyes you see the vortal action of the dyes okay so they’re all moving now and they’re spinning exactly like how hurricanes spin you know the F ratio Vortex and so there’s no spin to the tub so it’s not it’s not because the Earth is spinning that’s created the hurricane creating the coris effect of the Hurricanes that’s not why it is


happening and then alternatively this guy he actually did another experiment where he spun the tub you know put the D in the water and he spun the tub and what happened then was that here I’m showing here in this video where I’m showing the reason the main reason why we’re getting the vortal action let’s go back a little bit here this is a non-spinning tub and I’m showing how um there’s a greater current on one side of the vortex as opposed to the there’s a greater velocity on one


side of the vortex as opposed to the other and so it has nothing to do with a rotating tub or rotating Earth that’s creating these vertices but going back to when he actually did the spinning tub experiment what he found was large filamentary streaks like you see in Jupiter I don’t think I have it in this video I have it in a different video and so it looks it does not look like what we see from you know so-called satellite data of of weather patterns of hurricanes and stuff it’s it not work that way okay and so there’s got to be


another reason why we’re getting the different rotations of the Hurricanes from north of the equator versus from south of the Equator well they call them cyclopes in the South and that has to do with the pressure in the atmosphere if you have if you have higher pressure you have colder air and you have higher velocity so a hurricane north of the equator okay this is you know this is like what a th000 miles from and from north to south there’s going to be a great temperature not necessarily great but it’s going to be a significant


temperature differential between the North End of the hurricane and the south end of the hurricane and so since we know that whatever is closer to the Equator is hotter it’s warmer that air is going to be going slower and so the higher higher velocity the higher pressure the colder air is on the north side of the hurricane so that’s where the spin happens and since the sun is moving from east to west the sun is actually just nudging the hurricane along it’s creating this you know the solar wind or whatever you want to call


it and it’s moving it’s creating the counterclockwise spin to the hurricane that is north of the equator and then conversely you go to the south of the Equator and it’s the exact opposite okay you go back in the South and you realize that now the North End of the Cyclone is going to be warmer it’s going to be slower than the South End of the Cyclone okay the south end of the Cyclone is going to be faster it’s going to be colder it’s going to have higher pressure so now we have the reverse spin


now we have the clockwise rotation of the hurricane has nothing to do at all with Coralis effect Coralis Force just as an aside it’s interesting to note also that none of the planets exhibit the specular oh yeah we talked about specular yeah I made a video about this the moon yeah you’re right D um you’re right and actually you know what a friend of mine on Facebook he actually brought up well first I I I did I made a video about the moon okay and I talked about how the moon uh is not a hologram there’s a lot


of people that think you a lot of people in the conspiracy Camp think that the Moon is a hologram there even that guy Crow 777 who thinks the Moon is a hologram because he’s thinking that you know he he he films these lunar waves you know the lunar wave it’s going across the moon and there’s other people that film that too and he’s also thinking he he he brought up um he brought up uh this one guy back in the 1800s 1848 who actually observed the Dark Side of the Moon and the moon not you know not the back side of the moon


but the side of the moon that was not illuminated and he actually saw a star transit in front of the so-called in front supposedly in front of the Moon and Al I think Jupiter was supposedly to be viewed transiting in front of the Moon and that actually confirms what I’ve been talking about previously with the multiple glass Skies which creates a cloaking effect to the moon and it’s is simp it’s similar to like in when I’m when a graphic artist is working in After Effects when they composite imagery and they use keying this in this


case it would be a Luma key you know it’s it’s a value key it’s a black and white value key whatever is dark if it reaches a certain threshold of Darkness it’s going to get keyed out and so that’s what I believe was happening because of these multiple concentric spheres within the concave Earth and I bring up that one experiment that it recently found out if you put these a series of four lenses together and you look through these four lenses you can clo objects you put your hand between uh between the lenses and your


hand will will get completely cloaked out and so so that’s what I believe is happening with that but going back we I also talked about the specularity you know they they they bring up well why why is you know if the moon is a sphere because flatter is a the Moon is flat it’s not flat but if the moon is a sphere well why why doesn’t it have a highlight why isn’t there like a shadow area going you know and I I talk about well it’s it’s it’s probably not that specular and I I just brought this up in


in in light wve and I created different versions where I have uh I vary the specularity of the Moon and um there’s also I was mentioning before a Facebook friend of mine was talking about how actually uh because light is bending around the inside of the earth it’s not going to be focusing in on one specific hot spot of a celestial object or Celestial body and that’s another reason why he thinks that it’s not creating the specular it’s it’s really just creating a more diffused diffused light yeah


lighting so so yeah the Moon is not a hologram it’s it’s uh it’s definitely an object and but you know once you it all fits together once you understand you know there’s cloaking going on you know the bent light or or it’s not doesn’t have the specularity and and also the lunar wave I talk about in this video too where um that is been known there’s been known to have polarization linear polarization to the sky to the atmosphere even just modern you know conventional scientists will


tell you that the sky is polarized why is the sky polarized well if you understand that there’s glass glass in this guy and they did extensive study on this this guy named Ramen who did there’s a term they call Ramen spectroscopy um where he actually studied the Libyan Desert glass and he found out that is actually uh the the glass has a linear polarization to it and so Crow talks about during the equinoxes that he you get this little wave effect and so I’m thinking that the angle of incidence of the sun that’s


bending around and hitting the moon and it’s you’re going through these linear polar ized glass skies at least one probably two there’s going to be this interference scan line or this wave that goes across it some other people thought well maybe you know cuz I even mentioned that there’s there’s probably water above at least the first glass you know so if there’s water above too that’s another indication maybe the maybe there’s like a wave happening where the W you know the water above the glass is


actually creating the wave that’s another possibility so but um it’s safe to say the Moon is real there’s a lot of visual effects that are going on there’s a lot of a tricker a lot of lot of deception that uh the Creator created to I think to just to trip up mankind to trip up the pride of mankind you know it’s a trip all right it definitely is a trip a lot of subterfuge going on with the Creator who you know you look at nature you look at anything in nature like you know like uh oh I don’t know an


or orid you know you ever see that that that thing that they have an orchid it looks like a a bee that’s on on an orchid it’s not you know there’s like in chameleons you know change color you the insects look like leaves there’s so much subterfuge and Def deception going on within nature itself it’s such a trick it’s a Trippy trick and uh that’s how the concave earth works you know you think that oh you think that modern man’s going to think that the planets are working in an apparent retrograde


motion but it’s actually a literal retrograde motion caused by the Sun the push and pull of the sun you know it’s ultimately I think is just it’s it’s a form in which the Creator I don’t know it’s a form of entertainment where it just just kind of gets a kick out of watching the pride of man stumble and fall in the end of days and recant and be filled be covered with shame ah you you know so that’s what I think I’m trying to name remember his name Malcolm uh he’s uh on YouTube uh


he’s English yeah yeah yeah Malcolm bden Malcolm Bowden he has one uh uh YouTube post he did on zero to infinity and he discusses uh uh science’s abuse of the number zero such as divide by zero and science’s attempt to go further into complexity than God will allow I mean it’s a god being on the infinite side uh every time science learn something new they they learn the uh biology of a cell they discovered that there are inner workings to a cell they first discover that there’s a cell then they


discovered there’s inner workings to a cell and then when they take a closer look they discover DNA mhm you know and they discover the atom and then they discovered that there are sub uh atom atoms have protons electrons and neutrons and then they discover well gez these can be split down into other things like quarks yep uh and this his point was is that there’s no end to the complexity and that that’s why God is infinite irreducible and that man will never be able to achieve a full understanding


because that’s in the realm of God well I’d like to quote Psalm 82 the found their foundations are out of course their foundations of the Earth are out of course you know it’s like they have the this their foundations and their understanding of the cosmos and they’re Earth spinning Rock they’re going to have the they’re going to conclude of the these asinine assumptions you know so it’s that’s where I and then I also quote Isaiah 2817 where the hail Will sweep away the Refuge of lies and that’s going to


happen sadly I believe the sun’s going to stop and the hell’s going to drop so I we don’t have much time more time yeah Eric Dollard seems to be consistent with what you’re saying that he we’re in a solar minimum and uh there’s a good chance the son will stop did he say that is the son that stop I’m paraphrasing okay uh but there’s one up there there’s a YouTube where he says the son is not what it has been yeah yeah I mean yeah he talks about yeah he his car he’s sitting in his car talking


about yes I’ve seen that video and he’s talking about the solar minimum and how how extreme it’s been and yeah uh he’s a smart man but he I think he’s he doesn’t he he’s filled with pride I mean he he thinks he’s still as as far as I know he still thinks side of things yeah but he still thinks the Earth is spinning and he still thinks he he does he does talk about the sun he says the Sun is Hollow and actually I believe it’s Hollow too I respect him for for his knowledge and I


I I only say this that even if he that thinks that the Earth is is uh you know a heliocentric he’s smart enough to know that the sun is an electric appliance and I think that’s pretty pretty astute yeah well you I take I take a i glean off of him just a couple points about the sun one that the looking at the sun spots are black or dark and he concludes Hollow it probably is my sun the way I see the sun is actually just the just a half sphere the back of the sun cuz I saw this in a vision I don’t care I mean


you know don’t want to believe me but I saw it it’s it’s flat it’s black it’s it’s it has these a series of parallel light rays that are going across the diameter and so that I believe those light rays are actually coming from the top of the pyramid behind the celestial sphere the eye the all seeing the apex of the pyramid so and so but he talks about the sun is getting its energy from a different dimension remember I told you about shape power shape power shape power I don’t remember that well it’s


it’s the effect of ether swirling around inside the the pyramid oh yeah okay yeah there there’s like this kindal this uh this vexal action if if you could uh dri um explain what you know about The Ether CU that hasn’t been uh discussed too much on well you could you could fit it into a thimble you know I mean it’s I don’t know a lot I know enough to know that I firmly believe that ether exists and uh you know I can after the show Point you to a couple of sources uh for for the with the author of shape power a


book uh who also did uh several YouTubes um on the effects of of shape to The Ether and what effects it has on things yeah t i called the universal compression so it’s it’s a push it’s a push for us it’s pushing us down so there’s something a very special property about these uh pyramids as far as the ether is concerned some people call it scalar energy you know anything about scalar energy yes that’s the book their dark shark bity shape power what’s his name Davidson I think the last name of the


author is Davidson and then I actually believe in this video here I’m I’m showing you know how they talk about the bullet you know they say it’s a the spin of the earth a coros effect it’ll s the bullet will sink toward the west or it’ll rise toward the East but they say it’s because of the spinning Earth is moving up it’s going from west to east but no that’s it it is uh I show how it’s The Ether The Ether is actually pushing and creating a relief within the Earth and so that’s really what’s


happening you heard what you just said what’s that check this out right you just say that when you shoot the bullet the bullet always heads down towards the Earth right yeah if the West if you’re shooting at West it’ll go down right but the the thing is they’re trying to say that’s because of an earth spin right but then also if if it’s convexity and all this stuff it it’s just like that analogy yeah works better at I I don’t know it’s just it it strikes me as okay the bullet in the concave Earth you’re


going to shoot the bullet in the concave Earth I think it would do exactly what you’re saying rather than what they’re trying to say and the comparison between Earth’s spinning you should be able to take that physics from the bullet and apply it to other things and it just doesn’t happen yeah so so why does the physics only apply to Bullet not to other objects I think the ether is going from it’s you know the sun is moving east to west so ether’s moving east to west and it’s it’s kind of it’s kind of


like dragging it down West okay but if you’re shooting if you’re shooting East there’s going to be a relief and so the bullets actually going to rise in the East and that’s what I show in this video so it works out you know better than you know cuz we know that there’s no spin to the Earth it’s very simple just these explanations there always explanations that uh it the explanations from the heliocentric model are more theoretical and non-proven over and over again for all almost every


single instance they come up with oh it’s heaped up one thing after or another or like what you know even Malcolm Malcolm Bowen talks about the gyro in the airplane what’s it called a ring laser gyro did you ever see his video about that that’s it’s basically the sagnak experiment the sagnak experiment shows on a rotating table when you have two different light sources and they’re going against reflectors and they’re they’re bouncing and they’re hitting this this Target and they’re hitting at different times


because there’s a a a one it’s table is spinning in One Direction and so they have these ring laser gyos and airplanes that that prove that there’s no spin to the Earth just just based on the Gyros and how they can actually calculate the exact coordinates of where the airplanes are with these Gyros there’s no way they can do that if they’re on a spinning Earth it’s like an inertial guidance system yeah using Gyros yeah ring laser Gyros let’s see if I can find that yeah ring laser gyroscope many tens of thousands of rlgs


are operating in inertial navigation systems right it says here it says here too it aerates on the principle of the sagn effect yep which shifts and Noles the internal standing wave pattern in response to angular rotation and then it gets into the uh sag effect mhm so there’s so much stuff so much stuff guys overwhelming contradictions yeah well we talked about a lot today tonight yeah I think we touched upon quite a bit of stuff you know an array what we had well we’ll we’ll spend another week hammering yes trying to get the point


across absolutely I’m going to do some more articles on before snooze before it’s all over and we’re going to get this ball rolling it’s already rolling and uh I think it is we’ll see what happens hey you guys do you want to talk a little bit about uh your speculation on Jade Helm and marshal law d i I’m I’m going to say that uh Jade Helm is getting such scrutiny it’s going to go nowhere mhm but can’t it can’t go anywhere and unless they are predetermining a false flag event uh that is SC scripted yeah that


Baltimore event seemed very scripted didn’t it did you watch yeah but it is you know it really isn’t like the Watts Riots or anything on that scale uh I’m remembering you know um from years ago but uh it’s I I think the situation there is under control and it’s just going to pass and it’s become obvious that uh there was some uh uh Foul Play involved with the five five officers who are now being uh indicted on uh the handling of uh this man yeah I I didn’t I have no idea about that that whole event I wasn’t


watching uh in in uh yeah in Baltimore but uh J Helm what about the Walmart the Walmart closings Texas Texas governor is now insisting on the uh Jade Helm uh military wearing ID badges so that they can be readily identified and kept track of but the Walmarts what do what do you make about that the tunnels and the plumbing and all that stuff well it’s a cover it’s a cover I think and it may well be a combination of things it may well be a labor dispute because there are unions trying to get into uh the


Walmarts well you know my take on it I I believe that uh I just got to believe you know I got to believe in Kingdom come I got to believe in world destruction Sun stoppage and the powers of be are cognizant of this and and eventually they’re going to have to start cattling people underground if they want to be saved and so I see Walmart as a perfect uh perfect opportunity to you know we got one in every town basically and so not only functioning as a portal an interesting thought but also functioning as an an internment facility


for those who are dissident and so I think you know I was told I was tipped I don’t know if this guy’s is legit or not but he said he worked for the doj he said he were for FEMA and he said that May 15th they’re going to they’re going to Stage this Alien Invasion thing I don’t know if it’s real or not I’m worried about a false flag event and I know I know a lot about 911 not to digress here but 911 was a false flag yeah definitely the narrative on on 911 is is simply not true and um how it


happened is totally different and um the result that was it was a it was a stealth houet top where we have the state of Israel now in control of our Senate and Congress in uh Washington but the point point here is that a false flag is something that I think might be a byproduct of Jade Helm and I’m concerned about that well we’ll find out huh yes okay Johnny you want want to say anything in closing or we no I think we we’ve done good I think uh you know I think uh six drops had a good uh good saying here think outside


the box think inside the earth think outside the box think inside the earth maybe we’ll get six drps on the show next time huh how do you feel about that six drps pretty pretty interesting what he said yeah I mean you know the martial laws and the 911s and the Sandy Hooks and all these other things I mean they they’re all leading to why try to take your guns try to put in more federalization the police systems and all this stuff I mean that it wasn’t about like uh maybe eight years ago I got pulled over and that the police


officers wearing uh like basically SWAT gear without the word SWAT on it standing like to the back of my car on the side to pull me just to give me a warning for a light bulb being out wow I mean little extreme you know oh that’s scary it’s just getting worse and uh we don’t we don’t need a department of home they know where I’m at security that’s for sure they know where I’m at they say hi to me in in public places uh it’s just Steve okay all right guys this was a great show dri thanks for coming on man


all right and again thank you John it’s been fun thank you for inviting all right look for the link on YouTube and uh until next time God bless y God bless take care right [Music] bye [Music] ladies and gentlemen we are live for concave Earth session number five hey that rhymes uh this this show is looks like a really exciting show but we have two new guests along with John of course my permanent guest co-host whatever you want to call them um we have Mr Fred Winthrop Fred Winthrop is actually Joseph winthrop’s father and um he’s


going to share with us some uh some of his his stories about um he actually worked on the Apollo modules uh crafting the modules the honeycomb structures on the modules and um he also has some experience uh with uh cryptography Morse code military and uh he he also an opera singer so um we we also have Teresa a rabelo she is also military I mean we got military personnel here this is great she was from the Navy she flew in P3 Orion and uh she has some real interesting information we’d like to discuss as far as Acoustics go within


the concave Earth so she has some really interesting revealing information just why acoustic Acoustics and uh the deciel level of airplanes how it actually works and makes more sense within a con so anyway uh Fred let’s just start it off with you um you want to introduce yourself a little bit for us please yeah uh my name is Brad wi and U I’m retired I’m Joseph’s father I just had my 75th birthday on May 5th happy birthday thank you um I’m still hail and Hearty and uh getting around quite well I’m I retired


from singing opera about seven years ago but I because I love the art form um I started up my my own little company it’s called Verismo Opera what’s it called Verismo Verismo v r i s m o VR v r i m o Vero Aqua which means uh bismo itself means real life to the life and uh is that is that an Italian word uh yes it is I know APPA I mean they like to talk about it crescendos and AC Capell yeah yeah hey didn’t you Joseph told me you sang for um Bohemian Gro you were invited to sing at at Bohemian Grove isn’t that is that


true um the Hollywood no not B oh Bohemian Grove yeah in San fr Isco yes yes yes I was invited to join um uh the Brotherhood so so to speak there and I declined I didn’t want to be part of good for you yeah the the guy one of the guys um well there were several in the uh Opera Chorus at San Francisco Opera and they invited me to come over many times I went once and I decided it was not for me um do you are you like a tenor are you a you’re not a soprano obviously I hope not no I’m a tenor tenor okay great the center gets all the


girls so we oh really that’s nice well anyway so anyway we were uh we had a little chat a pre prelim chat and you were talking about um your work with the Apollo program yep and you talked about how you worked on the honeycomb the honeycomb panels of the was it the lunar module itself or was it a different part of no it was the capsule the uh uh the actual capsules that uh supposedly went into outer space and supposedly landed on the moon supposedly well supposedly I I’m I’m skeptical after all these years I never


even thought about it but uh because Joseph is such a brain stimulator a bright man yeah and the challenge I I got to thinking about it uh whoa here here we are what is it about 25 30 years hence and U now they’re thinking of they all of a sudden they lost the uh knowledge on how to to uh put these things together and send them back up to the Moon again uh reportedly when when the program ran out um uh they it was Richard Nixon was in office and they said he just didn’t want to spend any more money on it but I


think it was a loss leader um after watching The History Channel and seeing some of the so-called um pictures yep sent back from the Moon it I was bewildered because I I you know my common sense told me that how could this little module I worked on it I how could it take off by itself uh from the Moon and come back to earth and who was pushing the buttons on the camera that to show it taking off yeah it’s it’s really asinine there’s so many problems in anomy go ahead go ahead yeah anyway well that that created a lot of doubt in


me and so today um I don’t believe that they ever went to the moon and so you know y uh whatever anyone thinks about that that’s that’s how I feel good good for you do you feel like that’s a I mean do you talk with any of your old work Associates Associates back then I mean do well we’re talking about uh this was uh almost 45 years ago right yeah I started working uh on the Apollo spacecraft back in 19 uh 66 and um so by my math here that’s about 45 years ago and I would dare say that most of the


people that I work with are probably no longer on this Earth so um I just happen to be one who’s still around but I jeans it must be your jeans your longevity jeans I think so yeah it runs in my family from my uh my father’s side that’s great so anyway you are actually uh helping out Joe with some of the laser experiments the geodetic experiments that that he would go out on the lake and he would shoot across the lake and you’d be on the other side and you’d be you’d be reading or you’d be


shooting laser and he’d be recording it and um yeah it was it was very interesting and um difficult for me because I I can’t to get around like I used to and I have a bad knee I I had one knee replaced and but I didn’t get the other uh my right knee replaced and so um I’m just managing now to get along without with as little pain as possible but I went out with him and we were climbing on rocks and so for and uh it was quite an experience it was scary at times because we only went out at night and uh it’s dark you know yeah if


the uh areas where we went are not well lighted sure sure so it was but it was interesting to see what uh yeah he was very he was very excited so it’s the least I can do for my son sure and he I mean he was the one who actually introduced concav Theory to you I mean you probably never heard of it it never heard of it no no that’s great I’m just like most of the the people on this Earth we only believe what we’ve been told for so long yeah you know none of none of what we know is empirical it’s just passed down through


US yeah and they say you tell a big enough lie more people going to believe it as opposed to something that’s you know that’s correct I firmly believe that yes Hitler said that and so what what’s your uh expertise with Morse code you actually did that in the Navy or the Army what or the Air Force some sort of yeah I was in the Air Force I uh um I my last assignment was at uh in at off uh airport place nebras which used to be I’m not sure whether it is now but Str and’s headquarters sack headquarters and um I had to have a


clearance top top secret cryptographic uh clearance to work where I work down under about six light flight flights under and um what we did was we communicated with the uh YouTube I don’t know if you guys are familiar with YouTube now because they defun at this with the uos is that what you said yeah yeah uos uh they were the birds that flew well the birds the Flames that flew uh 70,000 ft up or something like that and they were uh they were sending back information uh about Cuba ah and when I was in Alaska during the the Missile


Crisis right exactly and when I was in Alaska uh they were sending back uh information about what what’s going on in Northern Alaska I see on you know even there to quote somebody I can see Alaska from my backyard so were you actually part of the encryption or were you actually the the decryption were you actually no I just I received the information and passed it on oh I see uh I was not I didn’t do deal with that gotcha well that’s you’ve had an exciting life well it’s been very interesting yeah very


interesting and now it’s not over yet no it’s not over so now you’re just uh singing for pleasure basically I mean you’re not you’re retired are correct I’m retired and I’m you know I call myself a weekend warrior because we we rehearse on weekends Saturday and Sundays and we perform on weekends Saturdays and Sundays Excell and that’s it great and it it’s it’s um it’s good I have lots of people who who are in my group and having being on the weekend program makes it easy for


everyone because most everybody has a uh a nineo fber and so they don’t want to go out during the weekend I can understand that but well yeah you have more time more time to spend with Joe and help him out with his experience then I’m I’m I’m I’m anticipating what’s going to be next oh you got a question Teresa what’s your question yes yes yes yes yes okay back in the military I was an ams3 um I’m very familiar with the fiberglass compositions and you said this is the honeycomb yeah it was it it’s a


honeycomb it it looks like a honeycomb it’s right I’ve seen it white lightweight aluminum and it um uh there was an outer hole hole and an inner hole and uh it sandwich in between those two halls uh HS um were uh the honeycomb right and the reason for that design was so that uh uh it was it would not have been plausible or reasonable to um drill everything because then would have chance of air go right there yep okay cuz I was curious about that because I know that we also use the honeycomb construction of um certain aircrafts but


it’s only used in the nose radome area if you’re familiar with um aircraft lingo the very tippy tippy part of a nose of an aircraft yeah um and it would surprise me that something because I know I have myself replaced bird strikes are you familiar with a bird strike uh no I’m not that’s when an airplane actually has The Misfortune of or a bird either or has The Misfortune of kissing an airplane and it it’ll actually um leave a hole in um a nose Rome of this construction and it would surprise me that they would put


fiberglass this kind of fiberglass construction anywhere on a VI device that they would have so many lives depending on out there in space on but that that was a surprise to me when you said that I mean who knows you know who am I to say I never shot out in space but that is quite a surprise when you said and that was actually on the air the um pod itself on the what on the um the space pod itself there the the pictures were yeah yeah um I don’t know if you ever saw the movie Apollo 16 or whatever 13 13 yeah yeah thank you thank you thank you


uh that oh yeah yeah that’s not that’s exactly what it looked like but it was it to me it would have been very claustrophobic because uh when we were working inside attaching or bonding flanges to the interior uh I got you know claustrophobic because it’s so small and and they have three men in there there’s hardly any room to wiggle with all of the Cabinetry that they uh uh assembl inside but it yeah it was um uh it’s been so long I don’t know what the dimensions are but it was barely enough for three people to sit


into uh comfortably and this is why after thinking about it after all these years I never thought about but um you know actually at the time that I was working on it I was very proud because it was uh sure doing doing something for our country patriotic I believe I believe that and also they paid quite well so I had a job but the job uh as you all know when did you first start suspecting that they never went and was it was just gradual I mean uh what’s his name that guy William keing or he wrote a about it I mean back


in the 70s but um was it just like um did Jo bring it to your attention did you just yeah just recently I I never I really never gave it any thought uh what bewildered me or caused me to stop and think and early on was that it ran out the program just abruptly ended yeah and it’s you know I know how countries are our this our country whatever ever country they all want to be um history makers sure and I’m thinking to myself well if they went to the moon why didn’t they set up a colony at that time what I what I think


I’m trying to think you know the psychology behind it all you know of course the Russians they actually came out with so-called photographs of the Dark Side of the Moon you know so they they published these photo look we made these you know we went we we we orbited around the backside of the Moon and look at these pictures here so and then this I forgot his name but he he he he published a book he said the Russians space hoax it was a hoax it they didn’t go they didn’t orbit around the backside of the Moon and so what I think is that


the Americans had leverage now they knew the Russians faked it so saying okay well we’re going to blow your cover Russians if you don’t you know if you blow our cover we’re going to blow yours so we’re going to fake this Moon crap and you got you guys just got to keep quiet so just kind of tit fortat type of thing I would I I believe that I I really sincerely believe it I told Joe that yeah after all these years it just uh well you know hindsight is always 2020 and so uh but I never even gave it


any thought I mean actually I was married to his mom and we had three kids and uh that was my world uh so I never gave any thought to that part of sure of our existence except I started watching The History Channel and uh they had many uh items on there which caused doubt and then the final one the one that broke the Campbell back was the one where they showed the Apollo taking off from the Moon and and uh someone was filming it or something was filming it and at that time we didn’t we did yeah we didn’t


have that technology at that time go I think that was just a computer generated uh um you know view from Manassa depicts kind of like how they show us satellites but there’s not actually a photo of the actual satellite space yeah want to think but um you know on this whole whole thing I’d like to ask you you know is there one particular problem you see about the Apollo missions that stands out that shows uh that we didn’t get to the moon um uh you know um no like there’s nothing I can I have in my knowledge or possession


to this prove it uh it’s just a a g filling if you want to put it that way I think the the biggest tragedy was when the seven those astronauts went up into space and and got blown up um that was the thing that caused me to stop and and think about what’s going on here uh because number one seven seven astronauts in that little capsule if my I may have this incorrectly but in that little capsule does not work I think that when when you have um uh in recent U recent history uh they were sending up the shuttle or excuse me they were sending


up a Russian uh uh capsule and they only had three each time they only had three people so why did they have seven I think it was seven in in that uh yeah the Challenger disaster yeah yeah I I might be wrong but I think there were seven in well you know his name was William keing he died casing William casing that’s what it was and he wrote the book and he was his he was actually a publisher for uh for Rockets I mean for um jet propulsion and he would he would say the obvious blatant anomaly with the so-called moonlandings was that there


there was no um you know crater that you know when a supposed the lamb is supposedly Landing there’s no you know you you going have this all this this engine thrust coming out and there’s no there’s nothing there’s no deformation to the the surface below it it’s just perfectly you know untouched and yeah it’s like that that that would never happen you’d have this whole this big blowout you know this crater formation right underneath the module and the lighting’s wrong too oh yeah the


lighting’s wrong and and along you know adding to that um to the best of my knowledge the Apollo did not have rockets on it I could be wrong you know it did not have rockets on it so how did it how did jettison back into space I always wonder I could be wrong I could be wrong you know I’m just it’s then he got ster trying to trying to figure out figure out I don’t have all the information because I only worked on the module sure that was that’s what yeah you were compartmentalized you know that’s


correct everybody had their own specific function never cognizant of the whole just the parts you know just that’s correct so that’s the way what happened to them after they would shipped to uh NASA I you know wherever NASA or whom another I have no knowledge of that at at all we were at the a part which is the the starting putting putting it together what was that z i there’s a whole Chasm there that I can’t explain but you know my my Common Sense tells me that uh it just doesn’t add up it simply


does not add up and now that the the Chinese are planning on Landing a person on the moon in in uh for years now where does that leave us you know yeah well it’s across the board as far as like faking stuff every country is doing it they’re underwater with bubbles and but anyway yeah yeah yeah yeah I got a question for you in today’s day and age they keep talking about these millionaires getting all together to travel out to a oneway trip to Mars do you think that this is no no no I you know I I I had a lot a


big discussion with Joe on that I told him I said I may not be here because you know I don’t expect to live forever no one does but if they go to the if they go to Mars that will be the biggest joke because it’s a one-way trip number one there’s nothing on Mars they have no there’s no vegetarian vegetation no water nothing so they how are they going to survive I mean you can go up and build a biodome sure but will will that suffice I mean every time you go out of the the uh the uh the the eagloo or domes that they


have have uh in the plans you have to put on your your Git You know you have to put on your space suit I I I don’t think it’s going to happen I don’t believe it’s well you know you know just the whole interest in space travel it’s it’s a money-making operation that’s all there is they don’t have to do it they don’t actually have to do anything they just have to say they’re going to do it and that’s right and then you get and all the cattle start running exactly they have they


have all the Advanced Computer Graphics of the Modern Age to do it and to fake people and to fool people and you know everybody’s a part of it you know all the news agencies all the so-called scientist scientific institutions oh yeah we want to move yeah everybody’s Shilling for them you know it’s I’m I’m all I can say is show me exactly I ask another question sorry sure Teresa um we all remember well most of us remember um I don’t know it was about 69 or something the the space Landing I think


it was number 11 or whatever Apollo 11 and remember does anyone else remember the this the little phone call from the president to the Moon oh yeah I do yes okay no I I don’t know about it go ahead all right this is something I I guess you know as a kid that there you know they had the phone call was it Nixon call you know just chatting it up with the astronauts on the moon you know congratulating them on their success and everything and it was right then and there more or less instant gratifi back there in 60 whatever it was okay


but now here we are what 30 three three decades later just to be you know gracious 30 three decades later more yeah about 40 years actually and now I hate saying the NW NASA goes ahead and says they go ahead and say you know oh yeah we’re going to send this device out into space to say I don’t know whatever Planet they choose to pick and say and it’s going to take us till 2020 to get anything and I’m like wait a minute wait a minute wait a we’re in year 2014 2013 2015 now and all of a sudden we can’t see nothing we have no


instant gratification for nothing now but back there in year 1960 whatever the president can go ahead and make you know hey how’s it going this is the most expensive longdistance call I ever made yeah you know yeah you know what I find funny about that in 911 they were making phone calls from uh cell phones and stuff and they say that wasn’t possible on the planes yeah I I have a problem with understanding how you can do it 240 million miles away in 69 it’s hilarious yeah I just I don’t understand that part Nathan


welcome how you doing Nate just my question yeah well Nate Nate Nate is my good budy I’m not saying you got the answer Mr Sir but you know I one I had to put out there since you were I’m playing on this I’m playing on the screen here uh Danny she’s actually oh yeah we got to talk about the concave Earth form but we just started the Forum but anyway uh she she made two videos about these astronauts on cables they and they’re falling down on the moon and then they’re magically being just pulled


back up you know it’s it’s it’s one six of the mo well you know Hollywood did them great Hollywood did a great job on that because it just it was not kuri yeah Stanley kurick probably helped them come on and and uh as I said the Mao did not have uh uh jet fanss on them to propel them off the Earth off the moon so how did they get off uh without any rocketry and uh just just a whole ton of questions that and then the Van Allen radiation supposedly there’s a van van Van Allen radiation belt or two of them


actually you know and now they can’t do it you know now they have the oh that in this great age of Technology it’s impossible to do it yeah it’s it’s it’s the only NASA I mean with all their Advanced technological prowess and accomplishments it’s all of a sudden going backwards it’s interesting yeah and you know also another thing and noteworthy is that for years we’ve been using the Russian system to go to uh the the space station we didn’t have one uh somebody explain that to me how we had


all of that information and technology in the’ 60s but we have to rely on the Russians to go to the space station exactly exactly just it really is a misn it is definitely miss miss how’s it going Nathan hey what’s you up what are you up to I was just I’ve been looking forward to this show for a while I guess excellent hey how’s it going it’s my good buddy Nathan John meet Nathan Teresa Joseph I mean sorry your name is I mean Joe’s name is under your under your picture I just I read the


name yeah anyway it’s it’s uh really interesting and uh I don’t know I don’t think that we’ll ever have the ansers because I don’t think that our government is willing to suffer the embarrassment of giving us the truth about what actually happened Yeah well yeah definitely and it’s but all I I do believe that all will be revealed one day because I don’t believe we have much time well I I would agree with that too because I have I have like my own understanding of what will happen


because of the structure of the earth we’re living in the concave Earth what we think of outer space is actually in space space you know stars are not millions of light years away everything is Tiny up in the middle of the Earth and this the Earth is not moving it’s station there’s no there’s no evidence whatsoever that there’s a spin to the Earth and so what is moving is the Stars the Stars the Sun the moon everything in space is moving but the Earth is not and so there actually was a time in recorded


history Legends recorded all over the world that the sun stopped in the sky now I can’t have that on a on an Earth spinning system you know so cuz the Earth would supposedly you know even have this whole Whiplash effect of oceans completely enveloping continents you know it’s tsunamis everywhere but but if if the sun did stop in the past it’s also mentioned in scripture and then it coincides with uh large hailstones from Heaven falling they mentioned that in scripture and so it’s prophesy that’s what’s going to happen


again you know the final day and the final hour if you have that this foundational understanding of how the Earth actually works How the Universe actually works the Earth is like it’s like this contained synchronized system and so everything is on a timer and so if the sun stops you know it’s like holding a magnifying glass over a a certain area for a long time it’s going to start heating up and burning up and so because I believe there’s a glass Sky too and there’s I believe there’s


actually ice that’s attached to the glass Sky um see what has been falling recently more so recently but even for centuries uh they call them Mega biom meteors or large chunks of ice and so they they they can’t explain where they’re coming from they they’re just coming out of you know a clear blue sky in the middle of summertime or something you know there’s no good reasonable explanation of where they’re coming from well but their explanation is that if all if it’s fallen from a jet airplane


or something yeah they they can’t actually no they actually ruled that out because um well for one thing they’ve been falling for centuries prior to Aviation and another thing those ones that come out of the Laboratories in the airplan they died blue and uh and the the FAA actually there one that fell in Chicago recently they ruled out airplane and um they don’t know the scientists don’t know where it’s coming from you know some think that it’s coming from a a so-called wind shear in the


troposphere um but there’s no way because some of these have been actually reported to weigh as much as 15500 LB One supposedly weighed you know there’s no way a 1500 Block 1500 pound block Val is going to fall out a clear blue sky there’s there’s got to be some kind of you know some kind of foundation for that to formulate from and so with within this concave Earth structure I believe there’s actually a literal ceiling to the sky made out of glass and I believe that everybody and N I believe


NASA knows about this and you know the the Masons or whatever they the higher level you know secret societies they know about this they just keep it hidden from from public and so um I believe that the sun is going to stop and I believe that that hail is going to fall and there’s a there a verse in Scripture it says the hail Will sweep away the Refuge of Lies so all these lies that’s why I believe my theory you know there’s talk about martial law happening not just in America with Jade Helm but there


talk about in Canada with uh operation Maple and then in in Europe with the NATO forces getting together and in Russia so it seems like even more so lately even like exponentially increasing all these countries are starting to formulate their you know their little plans to issue some kind of Martial law declaration like it’s like they know some kind of catastrophic worldwide Doom is about to happen and so yeah that’s that’s my take on it and so that’s that’s what’s your take on the on the um the holes that keep falling uh


showing up around the oh the you mean the sink holes yeah the sink holes well yeah I well I think they their their explanation is is reasonable I think that that there’s a cavity that formulates underneath the ground and due to water erosion or whatever and so it just keeps growing and eventually just you know the top part is just a thin film and eventually just C caves in I don’t yeah I don’t I don’t I don’t have too much of a problem with with how they explain that we have a local joke about


sinkles they say that someone ended up dividing by zero well what amazes me is that they’re so perfectly uh perfect in in uh round perfectly round yeah that that that just shocks me to see well you know yeah I you know I never bought the you know the meteor crater in Arizona I don’t think that’s a meteor crater I really I think that’s most likely a sinkhole or even possibly a large chunk of ice that fell down from the sky I don’t know if you know about the the tunguska event in 1908 in Siberia yes I


do but that uh that’s a mystery to them I know yeah but within my model there’s actually I believe there’s a mantle of ice attached to this Glass Guy approximately 100 kilom and so I believe that if a large sheet of ice fell down like that you know there’s no remnants of any meteor meteorites laying around it’s and and just the way that it it just kind of just pushed out the trees and everything it’s like a circular formation and you heard it I think you they heard the boom they heard they heard it from like


thousand miles away and uh and that kind of coincides with these these smaller blocks of ice that fall cuz you people say they he it sounds like a what do they say it sounds like it sounds like a uh a did they say a meteor they no it sounds like a missile sounds like a missile hit the ground sound that’s a good segue we can talk about sound now Teresa well listen I I have uh I’m gonna give you back to Joe here uh I’ve got some I I have rehearsals tomorrow so I can do my planning hey it it was a pleasure it was a pleasure to have you


FR well I’ll come back again nice to meet you all okay take care here’s go so anyway we’re talking Teresa and I were talking earlier and she’s like you know well go ahead and just explain it what you what your your theory about the sound sound okay well I got a lot of theories about sound um I’ve got a little bit of a P3 Orion background I know that we used a lot with the Sono boys it’s a big old waterproof microphone and you can drop him down into the ocean so a Sono boy is underwater it is underwater and at the


right depth and you got to figure out how and it’s got little little devices tells you how deep you are on the son how deep it is and how you know how how warm the ocean is and you got to you’ve got to do your math and your algebra and you let that Sona boy drop to a certain depth depending on the temperature of the water you can hear a whole half or hemisphere whatever you want to call it of the globe yeah so you know and in terms of an anti-submarine Warfare advantage of the P3 Orion you know we you know they had their like 15 minutes


of fame uh Hunt for Red October the movie The Book you know the but that’s kind of the gist of it so you know that what the deal was the Russians at that time had more submarines but we at this time or at that time had more of the anti-submarine Warfare it kind of you know we had the anti-submarine birds they had the um all the subs so you kind of balance each other out we could kind of keep an eye on what they’re doing under the sea by listening and we you know listening to a half you know you drop two Sona boys you


got it covered H interesting so I know that when you dropped a Sona boy it was a nice treat I mean because it you know it don’t take that many and there’s fleets and fleets of P3 Orion but yeah you know you can do quite a bit so yeah there you go yeah I’m seeing them pictures up there but yeah we did it from the P3 oion instead of just dropping them overboard but yeah it’s about the same thing they look very familiar and so you’re saying actually because of the way Acoustics work within a concave


chamber mhm right I mean you can hear an aircraft above your head even though it’s 35,000 ft 50,000 ft High yeah yeah we’ve all went in the yard and thought that the airplane was you know way closer than it was and you look up and it’s like a little tiny little thing way out there yeah or you’ve heard something at night and you just barely see the little blinking lights go way out there and you’re like Jesus send it a lot closer yeah why and then you find out that it’s way up there and you can hear it


but you take that airplane and put it on the ground and let it scream at the same amount of decibel decibel however you want to pronounce it and you get new yourself in a decibels decibels you take you get yourself in a little glider and you let that airplane that was screaming way up there say let’s just for argument sake say 10,000 feet I don’t know what happen I don’t really care I never paid attention I was doing other things anyway right but it’s way up here and you take that same amount of noise that


it’s screaming at and you put it down on the ground say I was gotten I took that plane and I put it on the ground and I Scotch taped it on the ground and then I take you and I put you in a glider that makes no noise no engines you know they it’s just Glide big big old wings and you fly right over that airplane that’s still screaming and not even half the height yeah you’re not going to hear nothing but the glider going by the W you know the air going by you know it’s it’s and you know you you got to think


about the math on standard Acoustics I mean they use these spherical dishes to to to absorb the sound or to to project the sound you know the boom microphones you know with ADD dishs they don’t use con convex dishes do they no but the thing also you gotta remember about water though is how it does carry noise so you got to kind of excuse the water is really great for carrying noise but sure there that’s interesting okay go ahead there also oh sorry but you also got on the terms of noise itself like you know we said they


earthquakes Rings like a bell the Earth Rings like a bell the um 20 it’s at uh the note of e 20 gosh 20 octaves below Middle Sea that’s pretty low look up Google it check it out I probably might have a link I can uh submit the link to you guys it’s just common knowledge the Earth Rings like about you can’t take something and fill it full of hot molten sand and smack it and or let it earthquake and it will hot molten sand is not or hot molten lava or hot molten core will not ring like a bell however H yep Amazing Earth facts that


fascinate the Earth Rings like a bell after a large earthquake the lowest ring tone is E flat in the 20th octave below middle oh pardon yeah and they say well they say the moon rings like a bell too yes yes yes they do Maurice Ying I don’t know they when they bomb the I have no idea if they bombed it I hear they bombed it you know but when they if if they bombed it they claim it rang like a bell also you know I who am I I wasn’t there I don’t know but you know that’s something to think you just


can’t feel something full of molten sand and a little bit of water here a little water B here and ring like a bell I’m not sure just try to home kids yeah but there’s there’s a lot to be said about just noise mhm definitely I think yeah I think that makes a good good selling point for the concer the whole audio it’s just like an audio chamber and then I know you guys talked about the elite a little bit there that’s kind of an interesting thing too because way back when I was a kid I graduated high school


early and so I was kind of out and about a lot and but yeah I would end up being married once and uh turns out I was married you guys have you guys ever heard of the carnegies yeah and okay is it and and Andrew there’s there’s a handful of them I don’t know but um of course the gentleman I was married to I mean his dad David Smith was actually giggling with Glee to show me the the the blueprints of that what is it that blackbird with the weird it’s kind of wanky and he was giggling look look at I


get to show you but yeah he would often talk about Uncle Fred Carnegie phone right now but leave a message really Uncle Fred Carnegie Uncle Fred Carnegie and then I know my husband at the time would sit there and you know the dollar bill on the the eye over the dollar bill and you got the the pyramid under the eye yeah he would sit there and gigle he says look honey that’s us one of the bricks on the so you know but of course he’s long gone he died and uh but you know and that’s that’s another mess


but that’s there’s a lot to be said about the elite and there’s a lot to be said about their motives and oh I know yeah that’s that’s what’s really making me wonder there’s got to be some kind of coupa for like the good people well you know just take over we need these underground bunkers sorry you fat Rich disgusting people you’re not going to take them well here’s here’s the deal if if if NASA would actually say okay guys it is a concave Earth and then and and like Say say Okay NASA actually came to


play and said okay Steve you’re model spot on all right say that happen yeah the problem is NASA could not take the Buu Buu Buu dollars because then we would know that it’s in a finite space it’s a finite Place yeah it’s not infinite infinite infinite they can’t and you know it’s that that’s something to consider yeah you know they’re going to fight that tooth and nail well it’s going to I mean they’re going to have to they’re going to have to capitulate eventually


it’s just a matter of time they’re running out of time so you know and sometimes I think you know maybe they’re maybe they’re using all this money that they generate from this these [ __ ] missions or whatever to fund their underground operations they’re Black Ops well it it it goes a little it’s it [Music] I yeah I’m speechless but yeah it goes de very I believe it goes a very very deep and everybody’s kind of hands and everybody’s Pockets yada yada yada um but it goes and um oh yeah


Bermuda but there’s a lot to be said about or a lot to not be said about the elite let’s put it that way and they’ve got everybody’s it’s like the big you know what if everybody knew like oh my God we’re in this big bubble and they’re shoving all these pollutants from the fossil fuels all into our air and it’s not eventually filtering out and petering out into space it’s all stuck here coming back and we’re all breathing the same crap in this bubble all the time do you think


they would people wouldn’t just get infuriated and let the big fossil fuel dealers just keep pumping this crap into our air that we’re stuck in in a big bubble it’s like farting in a space suit you know what I mean let’s talk about this uh these ats’s that oh selfies in the vacuum of space selfies in the vacuum of space yes what do you think’s going on there me yeah no clue um but I mean like I said Google sky right yeah if you look around at that picture you can see the uh location the


inclination if you the far about but the patch no clue what that’s about either because I love the Stars I mean I remember laying down as a kid and being able to see something very similar to that just for hours as a little kid I can’t do that no more it’s hard you know I’m in the city anyway so but no yeah I don’t yeah I remember looking in a kid and seeing that big Square patch all the time saying GE you know that reminds me I got a hole in my jeans and that you just cannot take a selfie in


space yeah everybody claims there’s a vacuum in space you what do you have a reflection in the vacuum of space of I mean selfie so that’s why I think that you know I brought up ATS attached to Sky and I think a glass guy I don’t know I mean maybe someone’s got can explain that better than I can but to me it looks like a selfie in the quote unquote vacuum in of space I think you got a very good point there what do you guys think John what do you think about that well I I’ve seen this before I I


think it’s quite interesting and uh I mean even till today watching your video and things like that I’m not really sure what to make of the images I mean the idea that there could be something attached to the glass guy and that’s the reflection um but besides that I I really don’t have anything uh input on that sort of thing yeah I made a I made a video probably almost two years ago where I was just you know if we do have a glass guy you know there’s and we have the you know the so-called satellite imagery of Earth


you know maybe they’re just mounting some kind of C some like transparent apparatuses attach attaching them I I I me I’m just reading you know this speculative but they called it ATS back in 1966 the first so-called satellite and uh I just want I think it stands for apply applied technology satellite or something like that or I’m like apply apply apply to Sky and attached to Sky yeah attach well I I call it attached to Sky I’m not too sure they call it applications applications technology satellite regardless anything they quote


unquote supposed to be shooting out there should not be taking selfies yeah you know just saying so anyway um I John whipped up a form in like record time I was it like two days ago or maybe three at the most I was like hey John you know we should get we should put together a a I was going to say flat we should put together a concave Earth Forum because as there’s you know they have these Flat Earth forums I’m like it’d really be a good place to you know just to have like a home base for people just to register


and talk about this stuff and uh great job here you know this I’m just looking at right now it’s if you guys watching haven’t registered please do put the oh you already put the link in there you yeah an easy way to get to The Forum if you are aable to get the link um on my blog concave earth. blogspot.


com there is a forum link on the tab on the top you just click there it brings you directly to the Forum use that um what do you call it that address that it links to as the Forum page you don’t not don’t have to necessarily go through the blog every time and uh you can always put it as a [Music] bookmark excellent nice right yes so there we go good show you guys want to talk about anything [Music] else well I I have I have something I can in put here one of the things I I thought was interesting I thought I should share this because and um he brought up the gold


global warming basically with the glass guy and the fossil fuels keeping it all inside right and and how the elites have this control of um you know oil yeah everything but the oil in particular in in this comment um have you guys heard of the Saturn ev1 vehicle no wait a minute now hold on you never heard of it a car is it a car it is a car GM made this develop this car to have zero EMS complete zero emissions small little car fully electronic engine and they put out about 4,000 of them in California they literally had no gas nothing these


hybrid cars that you’re out there buying everybody buying a hybrid car you’re being duped because I’m tell it’s just a waste you’re actually spending a whole lot more to create the batteries and everything inside then you the ev1 vehicle got at 75 M um per hour 300 M per charge it was a fully electronic vehicle GM bought a battery company that allowed the vehicle to get the 300 miles per charge and they called this car the Corvette of electronic Vehicles wow what what they did is they leased all these 4,000 cars at the end


of the lease they took all the cars back and they crushed them all because these cars cannot be serviced there is no oils to change there no no fluids nothing all you have is brakes tires and suspension parts the the and that car vehicle is too good to come to Market and it removes the oil system and everything else so that they crush them all there’s also a bus in the 70s that was fully electronic and that bus doesn’t exist anymore either pathetic you know that’s really pathetic so these hybrid cars the


engine that’s in it all it does the actual engine part just charges the battery and the car literally drives off the battery it doesn’t drive off the engine I mean a diesel engine gets more gas mileage than a hybrid car so you know and the diesel engines like right now I work for Toyota Toyota has diesel engines in all their vehicles overseas all over the place but they’re not over here because diesel engines are better than the gasoline engines when it comes to miles per gallon MH at least in America we’re very suppressed in what


we’re able to have yeah and the per gallon game that’s going on it is exactly that but this is this is the illustration of control that they have calling that we’re the problem and we’re the ones causing global warming when we already have all the solutions yeah well you’re going to lose all these jobs and the unions they they won’t let you know they won’t let you get away with that keep them employed no but it’s the same thing with Tesla Tesla wanted to give wire free electricity JP Mor no


yeah and they got they got to stop funding Tesla put a meter on free electricity yeah they they got to let them go broke they got to go with Ed this world this world’s just so [ __ ] up it’s just so [ __ ] up yeah time it’s time for me to take over I’m sorry I got to take over this [ __ ] let everything let everything be free you know anyway we got a lot of problems but we already have the solutions as well yes yeah so just a matter of time before the coup happens I mean I don’t know well I do know coming from coming


from a faith-based understanding of things um the kingdom will be done and it’s not you know it’s not coming up from above it’s it’s just a matter of implementing that that takeover which will happen it’s going to happen it’s bound to happen eventually it’s this tough situation we have all around us who Killed the Electric Car El oh who Killed the Electric car.


com yeah it’s that’s a documentary that was put out there’s a it’s a two there’s a second documentary to it that further goes into it but that will explain everything that I just said in U much more detail there but very interesting if you have thought that there was no way we can make this happen and you look at a a Chevrolet Tahoe that’s um a hybrid it gets the exact same gas mileage as it does as a regular gasoline engine so why what’s the purpose of the hybrid yeah what is thep it’s a joke uh yeah it’s it’s that big old big bad


dollar bill that keeps getting less and less valuable but I won’t even go there either don’t get me stuck started but yeah um and you know you mentioned something about the Mars Expedition earlier yeah and there was an article I just seen the other day where they had picked it down to what five or six Britain I don’t know even if it was titled right five or six Britains Britain hit the Britain’s let me see if I can find that link real quick that I saved here and I really kind of worry that people are actually volunteering I


have no idea if it’s true these people are actually volunteering for this thing to go to Mars that’s a joke it’s a [ __ ] joke let’s see if I can this what’s his name from Virgin what’s that guy’s name Richard Branson what a [ __ ] scam artist the dailymail.


com meet the five brittans who could live on Mars and never return what’s a Brittan I I don’t know it’s just how I spelled it b r i t o NS who could and I’m thinking if they’re going to sign and they they they’re signing away of their life they’re saying you’re never going to come back to earth ever oh that’s all [ __ ] so I mean I don’t think I could happily do that the most of them are these scientists and I’m like you know they’re going to sign away their life and and I mean that sounds like Mars is a what


it’s about 40 50 feet wide how are they going to live on Mars but no all they got to do is ship them up to the ISS which is in low orbit let them believe they’re going to Mars let them hang in play in the anti-gravity in the ISS for a while okay it’s a big c I can see the capitalization on this it’s just a theory I’m not there but they pick up these people they’ve paid all this good money they’re signing their life away they never return on Earth bull you you know so here’s the de I mean you can


build all kinds of drama on that a drama you go ahead you’re tired of them you’re not having enough ratings and the money’s not coming in you knock one someone had a leak in their suit they just signed their life away that’s what Apollo 13 was but you bring them up to the ISS and they’re floating on their travels to Mars and the ISS and then when you finally get to Mars you shoot land them right back down to earth exactly where this Mars set is and um nobody knows and if they think that they’re leaking they’ve got to


watch him 247 and if they’re leaking they do them off they don’t have they you know they can just do off they’ve signed off their life they’re never coming back to Earth they do them off if they they think that the Secret’s gonna Escape just you’re over dead you’re dead it’s a good pict oh sorry public their suit had an a leak they died where great capitalization too boring kill somebody they also need snorkel now [Music] look at this look at this look okay look at this picture of Mars look at this


[ __ ] okay come on okay this is suppos how big do they say Mars is it’s like maybe what two3 the size of Earth they say or something like that you got this I love that one picture got this scar going across or like whatever it is yeah I know we’re just you see how you see how straight that is I mean relatively if this is supposedly let’s say this Mars is what 6,000 Mi wide or something like that you’re not going to have this straight of a line of a mountain range or whatever it is this thing is Tiny Mars


is small it’s [ __ ] 50 feet wide it’s not it’s inside the earth same with all the other planets they’re small or you ever see like what about the top of Saturn they have the hexag hexagon on Saturn right uh yeah you’re going to get that straight rigid I mean relatively speaking now hexagonal perfectly symmetrical hexagon and that’s going to be what 100,000 miles wide just a hexagon alone no I don’t think so wow I never considered that the dimensions yeah it’s supposed to be I don’t have my painting


around I try to get them in dimension with each other but yeah I’ve got a little painting going on about I call it my seven vile angels and I know I know it says yeah I talk about did you see my video about the seven vs no I’m don’t think I that’s what I say the planets are I say the planets are the seven vials in Revelation they’re Hollow they’re going to be I think they’re all filled with special kinds of death Yeah well yeah that’s what I talk about yeah that’s I I say I actually say


Jupiter is made out of glass and so so is Saturn and so is you know the the superior planets Neptune and Urus I know it says they’re bows and what Revelations well it depends what translation 161 King James says vials I think some translations say oh well there you go then all right yeah but okay and look at this image here this hexagon on Saturn if this is a real image there’s no way this is going to be what 100,000 mil across or whatever they think it is this is time guys this is small and uh and the movements the


filamentary movements on Jupiter you has it has the stripes going across it oh yeah that’s indicative of a spinning planet of something liquid that is spinning on the inside of a clear transparent vial yes see yeah I totally agree so um these will be poured out I mean I actually broke it down in Revelation 15 I said okay well you Earth is not a planet and Pluto has been demoted to a dwarf planet so you have seven planets okay and so you got you know first would be Mercury and then it would be and there’s a


description in Revelation 15 I don’t I can’t remember it by heart but it matches very very accurately the description of each of the planets coincided with the what it talks about in in Revelation and let me pull up the Bible here and find really quick here what I fear Steve what I fear is if you’re right and you’ve said oh the sun’s going to stop I’ve seen the little video and if you’re right what I fear is these seven vials are going to you know because they’re kind of going in coalation with the sun


around your model yeah and if that sun stops and hits the brakes you’re G to have your seven bowls or vials come exactly exactly that’s what I that’s what I talk about the sun stops and then the planets see one of the planets it talks about in Revelation it crashes into the sun it says that I believe that’s Jupiter actually now uh I said 15 but it’s Revelation 16 and so the F the first one was poured upon the Earth and there was a noisome Grievous SAR upon the men which had the mark of the beast see I actually think there’s


an Revelation is is really a mind F it’s some things I I believe are encoded and meant to be interpreted with the opposite interpretation because you know how I talk about I have this Seal Seal of God seal of living God and a lot of people are going to think it’s the mark of the beast so I think there’s a lot of reverse psychology going on with Revelation but anyway um uh the first one I I say was Mercury so something inside all these planets are Hollow I believe you know there even even Eric dollar talked about how the


Motions of the planet were indicative of them being hollow they would wouldn’t be moving like that if they weren’t Hollow but anyway then the second one talks about oh that would be Venus Venus would be the second planet and it be poured out the vial upon the sea and became his blood of a dead man well Venus is kind of reddish and so you know maybe it’s blood third one is Mars the third Angel poured is vile upon the rivers and the fountains of water and they became blood you know they say Mars is the red planet


oh very red and uh then they say the fourth one okay this I believe is Jew Jupiter poured out its file upon upon the Sun and power was given unto him to Scorch men with fire so I believe some kind of chemical inside of Jupiter it crashes into the sun now I remember I think it’s glass so it’s just this container and you can even see the liquid squishing around I know yeah I know right so if there’s it causes some kind of chemical reaction to ignite the Sun and to increase the temperature of the Sun to you know Sevenfold it talks


about that in is Isaiah chapter 30 the sun shall be seven times as hot and so you know that’s a good reason to believe why I believe that’s going to happen like that so then with the fifth one fifth one would be Saturn but this one I think is actually my own interpretation of this see I think that um I I think I I am actually I play both roles anyway I think I’m the Beast too as well as the Christ but anyway it says poured out his V upon the seed of the Beast and the King was full of Darkness I actually


think Saturn is a there’s something good in in the planet Saturn you know there’s a lot of talk about all these people’s conspiracies Saturn you know the death Planet it’s you know the cube the Black Cube and you know satam Saturn worship and all I actually think there’s something good about because just how God likes to play with opposites andu it also represents plentifulness Saturn represents plentifulness yes yes yes plentifulness yeah there’s a lot of good I can go into a lot of weird synchronicities with


correlating me with the planet Saturn I mean I was born under you know that that sign or with that sign and it’s a Capricorn and all that stuff but anyway um and then the sixth one that would be was it nept no Uranus P Chronos Kronos is yeah Kronos crown Kronos is Uranus no Kronos is Saturn the sky of the sky of time Uranus the sky of U he’s supposed Uranus is the god of time or the god of the sky maybe I’m looking at different that’s what they say Saturn is they say Saturn is Cronos but anyway oh all right we’re gonna have to


compare notes yeah and the seventh one would be Neptune and so um they’re right there Revelation 16 you know within that can’t give birth you have you have these Hollow seven vials that are reserved for judgment so and the thing that I I kind of look at about the B all respect do but the thing I have to reink about the Bible is you got to think about the people were they were written by people I mean it wasn’t a an automated robotic person people had to write that and it’s my understanding correct me if I’m wrong that they were


written as they were given Visions yeah so you got to think of someone back in that time uh when things you know their perception you know they’re saying okay this planet is a bow you know they they don’t see it as a big glass thing of massive death they’re going to see it as a bow you know because they don’t realize that we come in now and we can see things because time has moved on you know and we can see things a little bit more technically a little bit more digitally but these guys they’re


just going with a vision and going with what they’re used to seeing and try to describe this stuff down well yeah I mean Enoch The Book of Enoch but I think you know they have actually an advantage compared to because you know today’s day age 99.9% of the people think the Earth is a spinning Planet they don’t they can’t place Heaven they don’t know where it is or like I talk about my vision I saw the back of the sun I mean there’s you know there’s there’s a high level of accuracy of what they saw


especially you know the pure the pure in heart I believe they they were able to have more you know insight and privilege to understand or to see Heaven as it is or Earth as it is but I think for the most part I think where where flat earthers get get off is they they take it too literal you know when they think that the sun rises and sets you know obviously that it’s not implying how a concave Earth earther would see it you know the sun rising would actually be the sun lowering and coming toward you but you know it’s just


but they’re just describing what they observe but so I think they they fall into a trap of too much literal interpretation ter too much literal kinetics interpreting things from the Bible but there’s I mean that’s why you need to you need to you need to have a right balanced understanding of things and you have have this perspicacity you need to understand okay when you read when you interpret especially like in Job 38 that’s a great chapter to understand the concave Earth verse 33 it says Heaven resides with the Dominion


the ordinances of Heaven reside inside the earth and then they talk about when and the sun it wraps around like a Dayspring like a like clay to the seal so you have this sun revolving in a cylindrical orbit and that’s that’s my model I have this cylindrical orbit orbiting like that and so just and and then he talks about the foundations of the earth people think you know for the longest time we have all these biblical commentaries thinking that you know Foundation is the earth you in job 38: 4-7 it’s got to be somewhere down below


foundations no they never think well they’re talking they’re describing a geometric structure they’re laying they’re stretching a line upon it they’re laying it with measures you know they’re setting a Cornerstone okay we’re you’re describing a pyramid here you know this is so if you understand the foundations of the Earth are actually up in the middle of the Earth it’s all about having the right foundation of understanding so I think that the flatterers might get a little hung up because of the


Romanticism about Antarctica ah yeah you got to understand that um Antarctica has no indigenous people which is kind of a mystery right there you know you’ve got the indigenous people of of Africa indigenous people of this indigenous people of that indigenous people of this no indigenous people of Antarctica that I’m aware of I would like to be corrected on that too I mean I love learning new stuff every day but I think there’s a little bit of Romanticism there knowing that I and I know of all the places I’ve went I’ve in the


military I’ve never been had the ability to see Antarctica and it there’s this big there is a big shroud of mystery about it adly well you I mean there’s talk about the real Society or the thuli society you know Hitler the Third Reich going there and supposedly well they believe you know there’s a lot of talk about the convex Hollow Earth and they think there’s some kind of opening to the inside of the hollow convex Earth but I think there is probably an exit out of there I mean there’s a lot of


mystery about um well let me go back there um like in this video I’m playing right now there’s no way you can you know they’re showing they’re filming the Midnight Sun from the South Pole okay there’s no way you can do that on a flat Earth Map on a flat Earth Paradigm no and uh I’m then I say well you can’t you never can go to the South Pole you can only go to the edge well no you can go to the you can go to the South Pole I’m pretty sure you can I mean not everybody can but but


yeah but there’s there’s probably other reasons why that it’s so sectioned off like that it’s not because it’s this giant ice wall it doesn’t work it just simply doesn’t work no you have an axis of rotation the South polar stars have an axis of rotation period you cannot make it work sorry so but yeah there’s too many people that are very willing to you know too willing to admit that there’s too much secrecy that goes on with NASA so that that’s yeah I mean they’re full of


[ __ ] but that you know they I mean as much as the money that people have dumped the bazillions and bazillions of dollars that people have dumped and not just Americans everybody across the world have dumped into NASA and they’re like okay you’ve given us all this money now we’re going to just spoon feed you little bitty bitty little bits of this and a little bits of that yeah it just doesn’t make a lot of sense for the money that everybody’s donated you know that’s like here give me a bazillion dollars and I’m only


going to show you a corner of what we’ve done here you go here’s your receipt for all my your bazillions of money it just it isn’t logical yeah it isn’t really logical you only see little slivers so that’s so they leave a lot of people guessing they do and you have a lot of people arguing well no it’s flatter Earths well no it’s round earth well no it’s concave well no it’s inside out and you know that’s all good you know I don’t care if it’s a triangle I I made a video about how this my


speculation you know Mark sergeant and that other guy Matthew boand you know the the Flat Earth Advocates and I just what if what if they’re like CIA plants cuz cuz you know for the longest time people who actually believed in a flat Earth it’s it’s kind of a shameful you know belief system to actually endorse or to disseminate to people I mean you don’t want to really you don’t want to be known to believe that the earth flat and so but but what these two individuals do is they they actually started publishing YouTube


videos I Matt was supposedly an a freelance graphic artist for NASA and all of a sudden he you know now he’s exposing the LIE of the so-called Flat Earth and and he brought with this they brought to this community this suffering this you know this identity crisis movement you know they made them feel kind of special confident I’m confident yeah it is flat man yeah yeah we got Matt he’s cool he’s a comedian yeah and we got this other guy Mark Sergeant he’s a great he’s a great congenial amicable talker but what


do NASA got to lose then though because if it is Flat Earth and people think oh yeah we can still go out and and explore Outer Space if it’s a big flat pancake or a big flat cake pan they can’t there’s no good go ahead go ahead if your theory it won’t work it’s a it’s a finite area and NASA can’t keep pulling in the dollars dollars dollars because it’s a finite area well the end there’s there’s no flat Earth they will endorse Flat Earth because they’re saying oh yeah I’m sitting on a pancake and we can


go this way that way this way this way that way the other way it’s it’s just to me it’s like a um the wild here came up with this term a second net it’s like a second Netter the people that don’t believe the official story they need to fall we need a safety net to catch them from believing the truth we can’t give birth the truth so Flat Earth let’s let’s instill these two individuals kind of you know get the movement going again and and get all the attention away from the truth the concave Earth truth which


you know obviously it irritates me to see this going on it’s like what is going on you people have no science I made this Flat Earth impossibilities video I brought up at least four five six different points why Flat Earth is impossible instead of instead of them focusing on the points that they can’t obviously resolve they’ll say well water level is flat uh no it’s not the rect delineator proves conclusively that water is curving upward you’re in a concave surface so there’s no good


reason to believe that the Earth is it’s just they right on this emotion and they have no Focus they have no Direction they just want to expose the LIE of NASA but not providing an alternative solution what you need to do if you’re really going to believe the Bible if you’re going to really believe that there’s a God you need to understand there’s a literal Heaven you need to understand that Kingdom Come is a reality it’s an imminent reality in this Paradigm it’s going to happen so how’s


that going to happen where’s your Jesus where’s your where’s your kingdom come they they just well we got to break out we got to break out of this prison I don’t see Earth as a prison I see it as a beautiful home I mean I don’t I believe there’s hell outside I don’t think there’s anything outside of the Earth so I hear this a lot of talk about you know we’re we’re enslaved no we’re just be glad you’re inside the earth you don’t want to be kicked out of the earth


most most people don’t go ahead Nate go most people don’t realize existence is it’s only made for Steve really we’re just here too yeah it’s it’s it’s flattering for me to hear that but yeah I mean well but um it’s uh yeah I do I do talk about you know Flat Earth concave Earth is an exclusive paradigm points to one individual so it’s no one no no one else has a plan for after if he wasn’t here with a plan then it would be nothing yeah I mean that’s what I I agree with that


too so I think if people actually really really could figure out I mean that we are in this nice little bubble and we all stuck in here together and we were fortunate enough to get stuck in here together that well it’s just it really simplify things for people it would yeah also we have to do is switch to power structure I mean it’s not it’s how you look at things you know they wouldn’t let people would not let the companies just pour all these poisons into their bubble I mean and as long as people can


sit there and sell these poisons and shove their money and buy The Yacht for their grandkids and whatever call their grandkids for don’t get me started but the point is it’s it is about the money game it it is and I know how you believe about the money game Steve but I the truth is the dirty truth is the dirty truth it’s all about the money game that’s late and that’s why I got I have to that’s why I want to abolish that you know you can either it’s just you choose one love God or love


money love of money is R all evil right I know when I had to get divorced from the Mr Smith there cuz I just couldn’t take it anymore and the lawyer salivated salivated oh we can take him for this we can take him for that and I’m like I just want to take what little things I walked into this relationship and run screaming into the night and I don’t want to owe nobody nothing over there um when I divorced and of course later he died but um yeah there there’s something to be said about that there’s a dirty dirty


dirty money game and it’s it’s a tight linked thing with the Pharmaceuticals and the the the oil and it’s really just really tightening and Nas is in there and it’s all everybody’s got their little hands in everybody’s pockets and they support each other why should NASA tell you that you’re in a bubble because the you know like I said everybody would be infuriated that we’re poison on poisoning our our little bubble with all this crap it’s not magically filtering out into outer space


mhm yeah that’s so important to people and mean and they’re never going to let people know that well yeah and I believe I believe go ahead well you’re right I’m about done anyway no I believe I mean they [ __ ] up the sky I believe they poked holes in the sky and now they’re afraid of the ice falling and now they have to spray the skies with chemicals same chemicals that are found in apparatuses to suppress Fighters go figure I mean this is if they’re not trying to prevent man-made heat from


rising and they they’ll tell you oh it’s just an alido it’s it’s reflecting the sunlight away from the earth no you need to get your foundations straight people you need to understand and there’s so many people out there conspiracy theorist just running around with chickens with their head cut offs and angry angrily shouting out stop spraying disguise there’s a reason they’re spraying disguise guys cuz if they didn’t it would be worse you’d have [ __ ] tongas all over the [ __ ]


place with ice chunks falling all over the place but thank them because they [ __ ] up the sky so I miss this guy I remember what this guy looked like when I was a kid it does not look like that now it does not I’m I miss the guy yeah it’s not the same you know I’ve got a 25y old son and I’m like that’s not the same Sky I grew up with it’s different it’s entirely it’s yeah you know you’ll never see what I saw when I was a kid you know you’re in Ohio right yes Columbus Ohio pretty


citified lots of light pollution um what more can you say it’s very City very nothing ex exciting really just worked uh 20 years as a pencil Pusher was happy to do that after being in the uh you know honorable discharge in the military with the airplanes M and seeing a lot lot lot lot lot lot lot and yeah well it was surprised yeah it was a pleasure having you on Teresa all right it was a pleasure being on I’m sorry I’m sorry I barded you to death and board you to tears no you didn’t you didn’t it


was good to have Fred on too and uh it’s nice meeting John Joseph Nate Nate nice meeting you guys yeah nice to meet you guys and you didn’t say a word Joseph yeah well he did he said a couple I said a few words but you know yeah you want to talk about anything before we uh I mean nothing but particular okay um I had my rant so I had fun that was a good show John you wanna did we leave off anything no just want to touch on the Forum again it it is available and uh everybody should make use of it um flat


earthers if you are listening please there is a spot for you to get on there and talk to us about why you think we’re wrong or why you think we’re right well you’ll actually find we’re very similar oh I I wanted to bring up a a Sensei he’s a he’s a he’s the only flat earther that I I can tolerate for the most he’s a nice guy he’s out he’s very he’s very diligent he actually takes notes every concave Earth session that we record and he he breaks it down minute by minute


what it was talked about what was said his opinion you know but it’s I’m sure he’s going to do it for this show too so uh he’s going to have fun with me so and he’s he’s actually he actually talked about his frustrations with flat Earth forums and people within the Flat Earth and how he talks about how eventually he started or initially started uh listening to Eric dubet uh but he was attacked by Eric dubet because Eric dubet called called him a Jesuit shill and so there’s a lot of name


calling he called him a Zionist and N it’s all because ense is a nice guy and he likes to let people have their opinion he treats people with respect and uh he gets called a shill for that that’s nice guys finish last man that’s just uncool yeah so anyway um we’ll see we’ll see if aseni can make the switch over to concave soon we just got to show him a lot of love right well hey you know everybody’s different and everybody’s got a different point of view and you know I’ve always said that success is


measured in failures I mean if you did everything perfect each and every freaking time you’d never know what you did right that’s true so you know it’s I like to be corrected I like to learn I’d like to learn stuff you know yeah tell me I’m wrong I’d like to learn what I did wrong I would like to know that way I know okay we can’t go that way again let’s figure out how to do this the right way from now on you know but yeah that’s the beauty of it all yeah that should be somebody’s goal in a debate


not to win the argument but to find out what is the truth yeah to learn if nothing else to learn how to spell a word anything just learn something so yeah there you go is very difficult for people it is they have their egos their pride everybody’s got a little bit of ego you know I’ll tell you what though it’s just to touch upon um that what what I’m finding out is there are people who will start acking me calling me names all this stuff and then I’ll tell them okay you know to each their own so to speak


to end it nicely and you give it a day or two or three and I I think there seeds implanted in their head from our convers ation and then they come back and they say well then answer this and that and I’m like yeah okay but I thought you were done yeah I know yeah I got that too actually I was on a I want I was on a atheist forum for the last couple days skeptic uh to find that for you but yeah I was like this guy was bringing up the wild heretic articles and um he was while he was refuting the initial the first two points that wild


heretic brought up about the rect delineator and the Tam the tamaric Mind shafts he thinks they were debunked by Donald Simmon yeah yeah no they weren’t deunk by simic no he constructed an Erector Set he didn’t go out and Rec conduct the experiment he speculated but then the third point that the heretic brought up was uh lenses and uh that got him worried and he was like so I I had some fun with this guy let’s see yeah he’s got some threads here the concave Earth wild yeah I think that that same


guy went and posted on my channel too oh did he oh because I probably posted one of your videos or something so yeah yeah R Yu 238 yeah yeah yeah this guy now correct me if I’m wrong I’m trying to learn something here The rectal linator the rectal linator rect rectal linator yeah okay now I keep on when I hear that word I keep on thinking of like when they take a skull and they’ll dissect it and kind of blow it out or you take or like the Chilton’s thing where they take a carburetor and they just kind


of you ever heard of the Chilton’s manual and they’ll take a caror and they’ll blow it out and all the screws go out and and I thought you know that’s good but when I think of rectal linator that’s what I think of is the things that they take little things and they just kind of blow it up into a a larger kind of diagram of yeah you’re right and that’s it’s an incremental stage step by step process of taking little baby steps to measure out a long distance yeah and but the thing is I think you know I


think I can see where people would argue that instrument or devices because usually something like that is made to diagram out something pretty small and so they’re trying to take something to that’s usually designed to diagram out something small and diagram out something that’s huge so I I wonder if that’s where a lot of the problem might have started out with well the the results proved out to be a 25,000 mile circumference and that’s what the circus of the earth is and so there was no I


mean there was no very very very minuscule negligible error in I they use three levels uh the curial level and a spirit level and Plum Bobs make sure everything was perfectly aligned and this guy simc the supposed physicist emirus retired Old Goat bastard he said well the beams probably sagged and what do you think the chances are that they sagged just enough perfectly to Sag the exact opposite way in which the Earth is supposedly you know it’s just it’s just too many coincidences there well yeah and I’ve actually seen the


chunk that I mean I’ve seen an image of that chunk and the way that they’re twisted around upon each other I don’t know it’s like an X and they’re Twisted so they they kind of correct theirselves as they’re linked together they will correct each other out well yeah but you know in the way it’s designed they flipped each post to made sure there was no sagging it was it was and they actually invited all these Skeptics all these heliocentric Skeptics to make sure they even retraced they


went backward wordss for like almost a mile and it turned out to be the exact same measurements in Reverse it was so it was so precise that’s a lot of work oh yeah it took them months took like five months and yet you know oh no no no it cannot be true well then retest it no there’s no reason to retest it we know everything kind but but the whole thing it even goes back to the church but you yeah the whole dirty dirty picture it even goes unfortunately it goes back to the church with making sure that people are


programmed into the ball Earth and the money y y y well we are in the ball Earth we’re not on the ball Earth We’re in the I mean on the ball Earth yeah it it’s a programming it’s a hor horrible horrible hard hard programming to procreate the money I mean if everybody knew it was one way or the other you can’t like I said one way is a limited amount of space a limited amount of funds and a limited amount of poison on ourself another way oh yeah filters into space keep giving us money money


money yeah it’s a money game it really is in the worst possible way and they it’s a programming thing they’ve programmed the babies way from the beginning so that they grow up thinking yeah we’re going to pay all this money into rich and poor we’re going to pay all this money into funding the Earth you know in case the Earth CES oh it’s okay if we destroy the Earth we can shoot out into space and live on another planet it’s okay because all our great scientists will be smart enough to shoot


off the Earth and go live on maybe Mars and yeah that’s the mentality and you know it’s a good idea it’s it’s a fantastic idea if you are programmed to believe that that’s the way the world is yeah I know I mean they’ve got Stephen Hawking telling how we’re going to destroy each ourselves and we’ve got to get our get ourselves off the Earth within so many years and you know I just don’t know I’ve I’ve went to high school with someone who went to the same condition that he has


and think someone out and they’re punching what to say in his little box there he supposedly has ALS is that correct yes I know about ALS but they say that’s that that’s like you don’t last for like more than five years with ALS I he’s like what going on like 30 40 years well he’s yeah well he hute he’s he’s about Joe’s age when they discovered he had a problem now he’s older than I I don’t know but the thing is and he sits there and he smiles in this little wheelchair


and I’ve seen some pimped out wheelchair I’ve worked at the VA clinic and and and I mean I’ve seen some pimped out Wheelchairs and stuff and that’s some pimped out stuff right there he’s C I’m telling you he’s sold out and they’ve tell him what to stay in that little box he’s got Yeah Yeah well yeah you can go into the [ __ ] though that’s actually said about him with Matthew boand putting words into this guy’s mouth anyway yeah it’s just so much sorry that’s my opinion everybody’s got


an opinion and you know I agree with you I agree I think that they are telling him what to say you know they’re like I just don’t believe in some of the some of the interpretations of what they’re telling him to say by Flat Earth scops people you know so but there’s no money to be made in a in a con con cave yeah C Earth there’s no money to be made in there NASA can NASA cannot make no money the Big Oil people cannot make no money because we’re poisoning ourselves inside this bubble there’s no money to be made in a concave


Earth that’s where the hail Will sweep away the lives just a matter of time I just wait back sit back just wait for it to happen we’ll see what happens that’s the problem that’s the big fight all right guys great show yay than guys I know we bored each other death it’s like what time over there there good night hold on one second I’m blow it I’m gonna make the picture bigger picture big don’t know who’s [Music] going sometimes I can’t uh can’t really enlarge of pictures cuz


you know I like to show imagery on the on the on the left hand side so there you go thank you I really appreciate you guys John you’re you’re I know I don’t know I do I I do tell you how much I appreciate your work don’t I really do y I’m glad to help Joe of course Joe you’re great man I appreciate you Teresa I appreciate you Nathan I appreciate you man so bless you all guys have a great weekend me too you to you to you too okay later