[Video] Cosmic Death Fungus (Suggests Mycellium == Cancer)

Crazy video I have seen a few years back. It’s called Cosmic Mildew 2.0

The video is 2 hours long but it gets to the point pretty quickly. Rather by the first hour you get the gist of it.

Obviously this is just some theory and is not supported by mainstream science. This is not medical advice in any way and there are no suggestions being made. The video and the idea behind it is interesting , others may find interest in it as well. Please consult a real medical professional for your health needs. Do not use anything shown or said below.

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We are a collective of scientists, geneticists, researchers, professors and
philosophers. What you are about to read may be the single most important thing
you learn in regards to your health and longevity.

I am going to break this down in the simplest, most non-scientific way possible.
Sources and more detail will be provided as we dig deeper.

Fungus broke our genetic code as humans approximately 15,000 years ago. We’ve
traced it to a specific geolocation and point in time. The fungus affected our IL-
17 and IL-22 cytokine pathways, CARD9 and STAT1 gene, allowing chronic systemic
infection while we are still in the womb. It takes early control of our bodily
systems and uses us as a food source. It is intelligent and can work in colonies
or as one organized collective.

It is responsible for nearly every disease known, and allopathic (western) doctors
are specifically trained to look everywhere but the root of the problem. It causes
brain disorders, tooth decay, heart problems, organ problems, degrades your
eyesight, slows down your brain process, is a primary cause of cancer, anxiety,
depression, gout, skin disorders, myalgias, sclerosis, damages your DNA and is one
of the primary hidden factors of aging itself.

The majority of the world population is predisposed to have a lifetime infection
and Pass it down generationally to their children. It influences your thoughts,
behaviors and eating habits. It prompts deviant and impulsive behavior. It
destroys your hormone balance. It can cause a lifetime of illness, depression and

No coordinated effort has been made to fight this hidden abomination until now.
Which is why we must remain nameless, and why you need to share this information
with loved ones. We can all win if we raise public awareness.

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Interesting find.

I can may be able to add some in-sight to elements that don’t seem covered in the video…

  • The fungus/mycelium cell structure appears to be nothing special compared to all other cells. Especially note the “Cytoplasm” is not just a bunch of hard fibers giving the cell its shape. These structures are helical multi walled tubes of proteins (microtubules) with pure H2O in the center of each cylinder. These are wirelessly communicating by resonant harmonic transmission and receiving over descent distances (nearby plants and animals). I’m not well studied on what the protein topological differences are between animal/fungus/plant/single-cell-crawlers, but I suspect all us living at the Earth Biosphere are very similar.

  • The cell looks a lot like basic red blood cells for example. No wasted microtubules on the outside to move it around. Sounds to me similar to our Brain - a blob of cells that can’t move on their own, yet grow networks inside our skull. This is 100% why Slime Molds are being used to process complex problems.

  • On a large scale I suspect mycelium are quite talented at integrating information in-to and from all conscious life nearby. It is also thus mixing its DNA information in that integration process by proximity.

  • Is it bad or good? I wonder more and more lately if all things living are always bad and good and ultimately if the life form can stay alive it must ultimately be good (presuming that all humans agree staying alive and reproducing is a good thing).

  • That said the water memory documentaries show how simple it can be to eliminate these unwanted cells if they are causing trouble. Somewhat simply copy the biological rhythms of the cell and inject it back to the cells using electromagnetic field pulses or even low voltage current. I believe the signals are strategically phase shifted such that it cancels out the organism’s “heart beat”.


On that nore - I do stay in touch with Dr. Anirban for the nanobrain work. I’m incredibly hesitant to to ask about his opinion on the topological Concavity or convexity of the earth’s surface…

That said the teams that he fuels/lead have a website similar to here where you can request access to the protein mapping databases on a Google drive. They found protein folding to be map-able by measuring the system(protein <> gold-nano-probe interface) noise or highest frequency lowest strength/amplitude measurable to contain that precise information. The same goes for the aforementioned microtubules which are composite protein structures and DNA and RNA and Virus etc. Etc. The same as the self recognizing the self in all historic masonic, vedic, christian. Etc. texts and artwork. Whatever measurable quantifiable resolution one can see measure/observe both smaller and larger is equivocal to literally as KE says hyper-logical as to see the proportional layers of living/breathing integration. The Bio-Sphere itself being the precise topological surface or Bloch/Euler Sphere Hamiltonian path funcion of the singularity of “Earth” or the AsGard portal mentions “Gaia”.

That said this is the website with the databases…

PS. Google autocorrect being sly…


Hmm, about cancer behaving like fungal infection. I can confirm that much based on my own experience. Thing is my grandmother died because of cancer in her large intestine when I was about 8 years old. Fast forward a bit later, me being a “normie” or even less than that as far as dietary knowledge was, I overindulged in sodas, fast-food, potato chips and so on. Did not shy away from pastries too. Aaaand when I was about 21-22 I had first symptoms of intestine cancer on my own (blood showed up during bathroom visits) I went into “this is life and death situation” mode as one could expect.

I decided to keep interaction with medical industry to minimum, because it sure as heck did not save my grandma. Instead of going to hospital and resigning myself to (allegedly) good graces of doctors I changed my ways.

All of those unhealthy snacks became trash in a flash. Sweets were replaced with a spoonful of honey with tea at most. Fresh fruits and vegetables instead of visits to McDonalds and other filth like that. Also, since mainstream doctors were opposed to it I made sure to eat the seeds from apples, apricots, peaches too. A lot of people praised them for working wonders against spreading of cancer. I lost about 20kg of bodyfat in about 9 or 10 months. And when my results came in, it stated I was completely healthy, nothing to be concerned about.

Which (finally) leads me to the point of this “Dear Diary” section. Turns out I killed the cancer growing in me by fighting it as I would a fungal infection. I starved it to death by cutting out all those processed sugars and chemicals, (fungus thrives on carbohydrates/sugars) and replaced them with as much nutritious vitamins, fiber and fresh water (not tap water) as I could. This resulted in me staying alive and better than ever before. Goes to show mainstream processed foods are also actively enriching the “cancer industry” as I like to call it. That’s my two cents on the matter.