Video games depicting Concave Earth

Hey there Concave Comrades, this one will be rather obscure but also fascinating find. Video games don’t touch topic of Concave Earth often (or rather at all) due to need to milk them normies first and foremost. But we do get some titles that touch upon it. The closest one to represent Concave Model of the world properly is as far as I can tell Terranigma - SNES Action RPG.

Game takes place both INSIDE and OUTSIDE the Earth. Our protagonist named “Ark” starts on the innerside. He visits ancient, mysterious towers which send him to the middle of the Celestial Sphere which serves as a Control Room of sorts. In said room our hero awakens/creates more life on the surface of the Earth. The outer side with the classic continents, though if player is thorough enough he can even revive optional secret continents of Mu and/or Lemuria.

Here is the link to the footage of a Terranigma gameplay. Don’t be discouraged by the hefty 4 hour total of the first part.
To get the Concave gist of the game, the bare minimum you need to see is the following:
-first 4 minutes of the above video
-skip to 19:34 to see exploration of the Concave Side of World Map
-skip to 27:08 to see Ark go into the “Control Room” (Octahedron anyone?) and ressurect the first continent of the game. Eurasia in this case.

For those interested in finding out more I recommend watching the previously linked lets play with ever handy “right arrow” key to skip the grind, and this “Iceberg” video that goes into deepest secrets of the game and its developers.
I will limit linking so as to not be considered spam anymore, I simply want to share a perspective which many people possibly skipped due to those games being a bit “under the radar” and concave theory already fighting an uphill battle.

Today I’ll leave you with another game with curious plot and unorthodox world model.
In a nutshell game takes place on a segmented planet with 7 layers orbiting central biological supercomputer core. Every hundred years alignment of floating continents allows someone to delve into the core and possibly unlock the deep secrets left by the Creator. What secrets you may ask? Oh, nothing much, just accessing the KINGDOM OF HEAVEN (game uses that exact phrase).

Game is a bit of an oldschool grind so I recommend approaching only with Quality of Life patch and cheats if at all. Also since I just got flagged as spam, possibly due to me wanting to share precisely all links at once I will refrain from doing so. I will leave with only additional recommendation to see game’s intro movie at least whilst on youtube and rest is up to the viewers.
Septerra Core: Legacy of the Creator. Trailer:

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I downloaded Terranigma and was blown away! I’ll have to check out Septerra Core as well!

I’ve played Terranigma. And few moments were insteresting. On the outside, mainhero(Ark) finds scientist who’s survived earlier apocalypse in criocapsule. He free him because but doesn’t know he is bad. But in story progress scientist create clones and typically robots and AI(dark gaia) takes control on the earth. AI came into core of the earth and now creates fate for people. Now i don’t know if i remember correctly, but on outside surface AI created mirrored of inside earth humanity. So darkgaia is (AI) light gaia are normal people.
Meanwhile scientist want destroy humanity with Asmodeus virus and help only for those who deserve. (Asmodeus in myths are anger between humans). Obviously they are defeated by Ark.
And what next. Whole game is about ying yang, + and - god devil.
When main hero repairs the world and comes to defeat dark gaia. Dark gaia tells him it was a plan. But i think where is the sens. At beginning of game we read “Darkness come to call self God and Devil” but both are evil it’s only mirage. Because darknes destroys the world and force good to repair it, so darkgaia(AI) can reborn again. But lightside is helping darkside in the fact.
So we are left with a dilemma, a good engineer creates a weapon, but the weapon ends up in the wrong hands. Why can’t evil hands create weapons? Because it’s AI(darkgaia) and it can’t create anything. But a man must have a weapon to defend himself against evil. So how do you do it without? Maybe stop thinking about the bad ones and recognize humans and clones.

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Glad you enjoyed it and my years lurking in obscure gaming trivia did not go to waste. :]

Hmm, I’m grateful you decided to share this summary with me and all others here. :]
It’s been a while and details like the presence of evil scientist were forgotten by me back when I made this post. You’ve jogged my memory which got me thinking about few issues.

One is a similarity of game’s plot with parts of the Bible.
Helel (Hebrew word for Lucifer) when he rebels, states the following in
Isaiah 14:12-14 Literal Standard Version
How you have fallen from the heavens, “” O shining one, son of the dawn! You have been cut down to earth, “” O weakener of nations.
And you said in your heart: I go up into the heavens, “” I raise my throne above the stars of God, “” And I sit on the mountain of meeting in the sides of the north.
I go up above the heights of a thick cloud, I am like to the Most High.

It is worth noting that full context of the scroll of Isaiah speaks about Babylonian King who is likened in his pursuits to the rebellious angel Lucifer. But the point still stands, Helel wants to be LIKE the Most High. He realizes that it is impossible for him to stop being a creation of Heavenly Father. So he “only” does the next best thing, and tries to emulate and copy Him and His works.

What you said at the end perplexes me especially. The situation in game I feel might be reflecting reality with modern AI development (or rather summoning some malicious entity into an artificial body, a “ghost in the shell” if you will) and merging said AI (summoned entity) with human brain etc.

Also please correct me if I’m reading your closing statements wrong. By “Maybe stop thinking about the bad ones and recognize humans and clones” do you mean we should focus on uplifting our own morals, ethics, vibration (basically keeping Heavenly Father’s Commandments) while staying separate from “fake people”/clones/NPC’s/Tares/Goats? Sort of, do not engage in violence but be a good man to your fellows? I think I might have a follow-up to this idea, but please let me know first if I understood you correctly.

Yes. I believe many people on the earth are clones not real beings. But i don’t know how far it goes.

My “guesstimation” is that clone presence is rampant in entertainment industry and in some politician cases too. Lot of famous singers and whatnot are believed to have been switched out for more obedient models. Blade Runner Replicants and those Aliens from movie “They Live” come to mind too.

Also a slightly scary thought, what would happen if a proper man or woman had a child with some clone? It could result in that baby not being “fully” human. I mean it is born as human, but it’s development could be slowed or otherwise damaged by the fact of half its genetic material being tainted.

I think at the end of a day, clones/NPC can be recognized by lack of the drive for the truth. These individuals are not eager to search for higher purpose, and most likely try to shut down any true person that wants to break off from the worldwide programming. And speaking of programming, clones are probably also a good vessel for malicious entities to inhabit. Since their personality is lacking and these are only puppets.

Thank you for your patience and sharing your own take on things EarthSphere. :]