We can help save lives

This man deserves our attention. I know there are those of us in this community that have a background in computer imagery; if someone could do a 3d model of his “369 model of wonderment” we could probably save ALOT of lives.

If you follow something other than the Concave/Cellular/Inverse earth model; feel free to prove him wrong.

India was a 7.8. Think about it.

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I’ll take a look. Definitely not coincidence. Whether a pattern can be found or whether it was a planned pattern does not matter. Just need to determine if a cyclic pattern or topological pattern is happening.

If topological pattern is emerging then its likely going to continue with sporadic deviations based on new factors interacting with original “plan” be it by human or nature driven.

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He’s been using his “369 model of wonderment” for years. At first I had my doubts; because it just seemed “too good to be true.” But it’s surprisingly accurate.

SAVe Studio and other researchers need to study The Thirteen Man On The Moon - Owen Harris, I’ve been following him for about 6 years and counting.


Then you would be much more knowledgeable about him than I would be! But I am a fan of his content! I have only been watching him for about 8-9 months now? He has a very firm grip on reality and his presentations are witty and educational.

I would REALLY like to see a digital model of what he’s got going on. Would be a “Game Changer” for sure.

I was just able to begin modeling the Caustics of glass illumination today with glass full spectrum Defraction and the negative refractive index. So technically can scale the full spectrum of visible light emission sources to represent UHF x-ray/gamma ray as Violet and ULF as Red… or multiple models where emissions are various subsets similar to the Cosmic Microwave Background spherical image vs Octahedron Meteor source spherical scan vs milky way spherical scan etc. etc…

Technically I can even use OpenFOAM to run Fluid Dynamics Centripedal Convergence [Curl Vector fields] and Centridugal Divergence. As KW puts it Space and Counterspace Aetherial flow. I’m also looking for an opportunity to build a helical carbon nanotube polymer jelly to calculate fractal harmonic interactions of organic systems to for example model the topological structure(s) of the Octahedron hidden from view using the timelapse imagery from those spherical sky scans.

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In any case I’ll start working through the content mentioned in this thread next. I just worked through the dynamics of Earth Biosphere expansion patterns in the crust surface land shifting / tectonic plates / sea floor stretch marks. All should help with the quake patterns. There likely isn’t anyone on earth other than me that can model such a complex dynamic system without advanced military tech or high level government clearances…

animation wolfram language GIF by Wolfram Research

This seems simple… but what are the 3 6 9 rubber bands? I’m not really catching if its constellations related to the 3 ladies Virgo, Cancer, Capricorn? Or planets? If so using Geometric Music Language will tell us even more than just the 3 band positions. Seems like it has tons of latent potential.

Appears simple to calculate instantaneous Ketu and Rahu points based on position data from the Sun and Moon nodes. Seems the Rubber band on a globe allows a quick easy check based on where the sun and moon positions are.

Just gotta figure out the 3rd node and we can make a live visual of where the fulcrums and paths are at any point in time…

Can you explain to us what the 3 bands actually are? Is there a luminary they are attributed to? Or is this a chronographic cycle he’s become aware of?

After compiling the occluded artworks and information it appears the two primary bands are made by placing rubber bands tangent to 3 luminaries’ paths.

One band on the point of where the moon illumination is positioned at a given target time on a target day such that the band is precisely tangent to the moon’s instantaneous path. Since the path only diverges by small amounts from that theoretical tangent rubber band through the day. This gives room for error despite the lack of accuracy using rubber bands as well as factoring at least the small ~70mi window diameter the path creates. More precisely one could find a GPS trace of the moon’s “apparent” and… very real… path above the ground’s latitude and longitude locations. This data can be mapped onto the (relatively accurate) spherical surface of the Biosphere where land/water/life emerge due to the complex fractal electrodynamics. (Just to emphisize how there is likely descent accuracy in the pre-sumption that the earth surface is perfecty spherical.)

The second band on the lat/long point that the sun illumination is directly above in analogous fashion.

The third I have not yet figured out definitively…

However, only the primary two points and their respective tangent vectors at any point in time are all that is necessary to establish the two fulcrum points. So it looks something like a Sun Vector defined as:
{ (#|Lat, #|Long) , (Angle°::Equator-Line, Angle°::GeographicPoles-Lines) }

One angle would have to be relative to the an imaginary Latitude line/band drawn parallel to the equator that passes through said Lat point. The other angle would be relative to an imaginary Longitude line/band drawn using 3 points being the Long of sun/moon luminary, the Geographic North Pole, and 3rd the Geographic South pole 》 thus parallel to all standard Longitude lines on a Globe.

Those two rubber bands or imaginary 3d circle bands then will connect at precisely two fulcrum points as all the overly complex Geodesic mathematics in Physics and Vector math would teach. That is-as-long-as the two bands are never precisely Parallel. If two bands are parallel and at different Latitude values outside of the two ~70mi shadows of the bodies overlapping → then there are no intersection points. However if tangent bands are both parallel && at the same relative Latitude where their ~70mi wide shadows touch there would be an interaction.

I can confidently connect the modern meaningful measurements that tell us there is a “Solar” plane of inertia that “space debris” collects at and allows oscillatory current to flow to the sun from the apparent Singularity at center of Milky Way Illuminated disc that we can see in the sky. Likewise there is a current sheet that is a plane co-incident to the milky way spiral illumination. No surprises as all illumination points have current that passes through them as well as poles based on the direction of the current. Like in the case with sono-Luminescent bubbles that current can be Aetherial echoes that manifest as their own singularities due to the topological cavitation/vortex/curl/divergence at a point in the celestial superfluid.

I am incredibly suspicious that the obvious current sheets as seen by Milky Way spiral and planetary body alignments are playing a part in this…

Ill post this, but do have a few other details on the last item.

Render demo of chromatic dispersion to visualize these dynamics eventally.

I’ll add that it is important to not think of the bands as being the actual ‘path-over-time’ of the luminaries. The instantaneous position of the sun and moon can be imagined as having a 3D radius that connects to the center of the Octahedron shape we see with Radar imagery. So imagine (and I’ll draw up tonight to visualize) a line that comnects the center of octahedron to sun’s instantaneous/present illumation point as well as a line from center of octahedron to moon/sun forming a sort of radius of the moon-sphere and sun-sphere.

In math these two radial lines are analogous to a 3d x-y-z euclidian coordinate system or Lat/Long/Radius spherical point on a Euler / Bloch sphere coordinate system. Then the imaginary and very real band or modern measurements call a “current sheet” are two planes. One is a plane that aligns to the center of the octahedron and the sun point [Lat,Long] and is tilted such that it is tangent to the curved path the sun follows immediately before and after the target time.

I am not studied in whether the center singularity of the milky way aligns with the center of the radar imagery octahedron. It seems like a possible simple reality, but the great attractor point deserves attention before truely understanding the precise positions and orientation of these planes that intersect our biosphere to create the rubber band model.

In either case there is likely relatievly huge current sheets flowing through at least two of these planes which explains why there would be geomagnetic type whether events following them.

Continuing on as I’ve not had time to draw things up due to some mapping that I may as well directly begin work constructing a program… since all live data for celestial bodies on the apparent celestial sphere projected to the Karman Glass sphere are all mapped to the celestial equator.

No problem since the celestial poles trace an immeasurably perfect circle at about +90/-90deg latitude at the poles.

Since by the poles have not changed in the time of modern science, it is safe to say their period of large scale change is likely beyond my lifetime. That said we can lock a model of the celestial sphere to the earth Rind like LSC did by simply placing it directly spherically concentric and at the 90deg latitude tilt angle.

That will give us all the celestial luminaries as well.

This is an exciting project to add to my list since it is literally the largest “quantum parh function” / hamiltonian that can be modeled… I suppose I can set aside my proprioceptive conciousness training tool for this if world events are in fact precipitating along alignment of these celestial planes.

I was also able to learn about the RA/Dec… which appears infinitely documented for all celestial bodies - perhaps due to tax funded military projects as it must actual predict world events…

3D Spin GIF by tdhooper
As Sir Roger Penrose found mathematically, reality is precisely defined such that it is limited only by the resolution of proprioception awareness. The Penrose tiling is infinite when the universal constant proportions of Euler number / Phi (Golden Ratio) / Pi are used to construct the base “pixel” of any perfect spherical surface. Just as we are the most complex morphogenic illumination topologies as humans forming not just 2d shapes on the biosphere like land vs water lines, but 3d morphogenic illumation topologies. (Tangents aside - these are exciting revelations for myself / I / me.)

Sun moon star. I think numbers differ from rubber band model.

I suspect maybe third luminary has to do with earth rind illumination or great attractor / milky way or Saturn or Neptune?