We can help save lives

This man deserves our attention. I know there are those of us in this community that have a background in computer imagery; if someone could do a 3d model of his “369 model of wonderment” we could probably save ALOT of lives.

If you follow something other than the Concave/Cellular/Inverse earth model; feel free to prove him wrong.

India was a 7.8. Think about it.

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I’ll take a look. Definitely not coincidence. Whether a pattern can be found or whether it was a planned pattern does not matter. Just need to determine if a cyclic pattern or topological pattern is happening.

If topological pattern is emerging then its likely going to continue with sporadic deviations based on new factors interacting with original “plan” be it by human or nature driven.

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He’s been using his “369 model of wonderment” for years. At first I had my doubts; because it just seemed “too good to be true.” But it’s surprisingly accurate.

SAVe Studio and other researchers need to study The Thirteen Man On The Moon - Owen Harris, I’ve been following him for about 6 years and counting.

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Then you would be much more knowledgeable about him than I would be! But I am a fan of his content! I have only been watching him for about 8-9 months now? He has a very firm grip on reality and his presentations are witty and educational.

I would REALLY like to see a digital model of what he’s got going on. Would be a “Game Changer” for sure.