What is Aether?

In the Timaeus, Plato spoke of the most translucent of all air and gave it a name, aether. The pure, fresh air of the Gods. Since that time, thinking minds have pondered this mysterious substance and tried their best to not only define it, but measure it, so as to prove its existence. It became known as the fifth element.

In Orphic mythology, time was the pre-existing cause of all things. Chronos, the father of time, begat divine Aether and a great chasm was formed which was described as never ending in all directions. Everything undivided in a dark mist, and was held together by gloomy night, which covered what was under Aether. Chronos then created a shiny egg, along with the divine Aether. Protogonos Phaethon, the firstborn, began to move in an incredible circle inside the egg, which was encircled by a giant serpent Ananke (Ouroboros?). This is the famous Orphic Egg we see surrounded by a serpent. In this mythology, Aether may be equated with the holy spirit of Abrahamic religions.

By the time the 1800’s rolled around, aether research was pretty much everywhere. Scientists, alchemists, alternative medicine practitioners, mystics, and seemingly every thinker was in pursuit of this mystical substance; the luminiferous aether, which permeated all of space and thus carried the seed of life in its womb. Lord kelvin called it an "elastic, compressible, non-gravitational solid.” Aether was the “it.”

Then in 1887, German born physicist Albert Michaelson and American scientist Edward Morley created an experiment intending to measure the relative motion of the earth and the luminiferous aether. They found no significant difference between the speed of light in the direction of movement through the presumed aether, and the speed at right angles. Aether, we have a problem!

This experiment inspired the mind of a young wannabe physicist named Albert Einstein, who in 1905 burst onto the scene with the bold claim that there was no scientific evidence of aether. He gave us “special relativity” instead. Most didn’t understand, much less agree with the notion. According to Einstein, the speed of light is a constant in any inertial frame, which violated Newton’s laws of motion.

His theory predicted the deflection of light around the sun, and hypothesized that we could not only visualize such a concept, but measure it as well. Indeed when a total eclipse came around in 1919 observations seemed to prove his then far-fetched theory.

Space had become warped and aether research was dead. This line of thinking eventually led to the strangest of all ideas from astronomer Fritz Zwicky, dark matter. Something not detectable at all with experimentation or observation as it doesn’t interact with anything. Pure speculation, to some. And completely out of the realm of real science. After all if it can’t be measured, is it science at all?

But a strange thing happened over the course of time. Aether made a comeback. Now we see experiments to find and redefine aether, as well as a return to past thinking for some, putting Einstein’s theories on the hot seat and potentially moving us out of Zwicky’s darkness.

I, not being a scientist or at all qualified to debate any of these ideas, still have thoughts that I can’t put to rest. What if luminiferous aether isn’t a substance at all, rather a simple lack of substance? Maybe dark matter isn’t really a mysterious substance, but a complete lack of matter entirely? If matter is omnipresent in the universe, then wouldn’t its opposite be no matter at all rather than anti-matter? No need to annihilate anything but misunderstanding. Nothing is the opposite of something. It seems obvious to me.

We have been taught that matter is comprised of atoms, molecules and such. Electrons spinning around in a cloud. And the further one shrinks down, nothing is solid. It’s mostly made up of empty space. We all learned this in basic science classes. In fact, empty space permeates the tiniest of atoms. So why the need for any substance at all? If everything has matter, and matter is mostly existing in empty space, what is it that connects matter? Can we actually touch anything, or is it just an illusion?

Could it be that we are not connected by matter at all? It seems to me that it’s the space between that connects everything and not matter itself. To me, the space between is the aether. It is nothing, yet without it, nothing is possible. The ultimate and eternal paradox. It is omnipresent and completely hidden at the same time. Not dark matter, but simply no matter at all. A place where matter can’t exist.

Can one paint a picture without a blank canvas of some sort to begin? And regardless of how much paint is applied, the blank canvas is still there hidden underneath and between each dollop of paint. You just need to look deep enough to find it. And without it, there would be no painting at all.

So what are your thoughts on aether?
Is it a luminiferous substance?
Is it the mother of dark matter?
Is it, as the ancient Greeks believed, the pure, fresh air of the Gods?
Or is it nothing at all?
The original and eternal blank canvas.
The space between.

(I do not have text to add personally at this time. Instead, I would like to share a collection of scientific papers that mention the ether in a scientific perspective for anybody curious to look/search through. Simply search for text “ether” in the various files, or “aether”)

Find these files here

As always, it all can be found contained within the Concave Earth Folder

Though from my current level of understanding which most probably change as I continue to learn more, I would say ether is the primal substance of the world that, when modified, can create every other known substance and form and all else.

The ether, when pushed pulled stretched twisted in various configurations, having different 3D/4D spin configurations into it, is what gives rise/form to everything else. It is what ultimately is “Waving” at a root level, with the field being the spacial range of the interactions

Thanks for your input and the list! Giving links helps others to find information from different sources. Bravo!

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I think of the ether as a fluid that fills the space, the fluid can be perturbed and can oscillating which is what we know as light.

The fluid can also enter and leave the space. As it enters the space gets larger and we call this magnetism and as it leaves the space gets smaller and we call this gravity. Gravity is the erasure of space as the fluid exits this realm and goes into the parallel realm known as counter space.

Matter is not solid like pingpong balls but is solid like magnetism where you try to push the same two piles of a magnet together. A proton if you want to call it that is a hole into counter space where fluid is coming out of counter space and into regular space

Your last paragraph resonates with me. I was taught in school that matter is made up of mostly empty space, and it’s the magnetic charges between them that interact on an atomic level. And with that I realized that the objects don’t truly connect rather it’s the space between all the atoms which is connected. This empty space is all connected; one massive empty space with bits of matter dispersed within like a net. But we can only see the matter, and not what connects it together.
I liken this empty space to the aether.
Is this empty space what the fluid is filling or the fluid itself? Or is it something else? Or do you mean fluid as in motion?
I’m not quite understanding your description here.
And I’m curious about the counter space and this parallel realm you’re mentioning.
Can you elaborate a bit on those points so I can understand better?

I think ether is not space. They started to call something aether when centralsun was covered and day/night cycels started. And it was happened because of wibrating core which in metal earth’s shell causing standing wave and caused light bending.

“In Orphic cosmogony Aether was the offspring of Chronus (Time)”

What is time? tica tac tic tac. Literally like waving. So Chronos/ inside core create wave inside the earth, and then this wave is called aether. In myth descriptions, aether appears as a veil of darkness.

All pantheons are machines/devices not real beings.

“This Time unaging, of immortal resource, begot
Aither and a great Chasm, vast this way and that,
no limit below it, no base, no place to settle.”

“Created no limit below”-literally created illusion of big space, chronos caused light bend. and what i belive created standing waves called aether.

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I think you are on the right track. In a sealed sphere, if there is a vibratory wave that emanates from the center core down to the outer shell, there must be a space between the layers for the waves to return to the core. Otherwise, there would be nothing but chaotic interference. This space between is what I call aether. One space for the waves going down, and another for the return journey. I can see no other possibility. The downward spiral we can call gravity, and the return spiral we can call aether.

That is my current view.