What is the true nature of reality / existance? (Not shape related)

What do you think reality is? If one researches into esoteric concepts long enough, one may run into different perceptions of reality and what reality can be. That combined with exoteric religions, modern science, myths and legends, may have a truth seeker wondering what the truth can actually be.

:one: Starting with basic science…Is this just a world based on random coincidence, having evolution explaining everything starting from the big bang? Are we all just animals, surving of the fittest, living in a relative spec of time compared to the grand cosmic scheme of this?

:two: Is there one good god, that creates realities, and this is one of them, and we are living in this one god’s reality with his rules, and this ultimately is one ‘test’ ?

:three: Is this an organic realm that has been subverted by parasitic aliens that have taken over our reality? This can be from a spectrum, the spectrum being

  1. Erased our history and erased our way of life to this one we are living
  2. All the way to, it has created a reality overlay, ontop of the true reality, to living an illusory reality similar to The Matrix movie

:four: Are we living in some eternal spiritual existance with spiritual family trees / spiritual family lines?

:five: Is there only One consciousness at root reality (ALL IS ONE IS ALL) and we all (including animals, humans, plants, etc) are that ONE consciousness experiencing itself? Experiencing itself as one big dream, for the purpose of experience, learning itself, or other reasons?

:six: Could it be :five: , but Factions of itself fighting for dominance of reality? Like higher level gods going against each other for influence over the world kind of like Enki vs Enlil , the “Elohim” in a plural sense, etc ?

:seven: Is this a shadow of the true eternal realm, and somehow we are stuck here, or believe ourselves to be stuck here, or believe ourselves to be these bodies that we are not?

:eight: Are we from a higher reality, ultra intelligent and developed, with spiritual technologies, able to project our consciousness into holographic realities that we create in order to experience ourselves / have fun / play VR / learn some more ?

**(skipping 9 and 10) **
:one: :one: Are we living in some dynamic system , duality in nature, with a distinctive (The Good) and a distinctive (The Bad / Satan / Adversary / Ahriman) , and the eternal cosmic game is the creation itself chooses which side they choose, and reality is an eternal interplay of these two forces of Good (Conducive to life) and bad (Antagonistic to Life) ?

:one: :two: - Is it a variation of of #:five: , and that reality/non reality IS sourced from a ONE-CREATOR, but nobody/nothing experiences that base state except for the ONE-CREATOR, being fully unknowable. And reality actually, is eternal permanant aspects/personalities, unique personalities of that one creator, experiencing infinite reality through actual personalities. Meaning you are one of those personalities outside of your Flesh+Human existance. Meaning , though you are not this body, and though you are not the ONE directly, you are a unique manifestation of THE ONE, and that is how you will always live at the highest/deepest level of reality. Meaning , “Your True Self” in truth would be your unique personality/shade of the infinite light. You’d know you come from the ONE LIGHT, but you ARE NOT that ONE LIGHT. Same as you know you come from your parents, but you are not them and will never identify as being them directly

:one: :three: - A combination of :four: and :one: :two: – your true eternal being does have a starting point. Even outside of your flesh+body+temporal existance, even if you’re from a higher reality, you do actually have a starting point in infinity, and you are not infinity, and you are not the one, nor a personality of the one, nor are you sourced from the highest of levels of infinity

:a: - In truth, it’s important to know who/what you are for real. Some people identify / believe that we all come from one, one consciousness, one source, one creator. In this belief, where would you stand?

  • Are you that one directly at the root level? Eternal
  • Are you a non infinite creation (outside of this reality) of that one creator? Though you may be sourced/created/of it, do you identify as it? Why or why not?

:b: - In the reality where there is one creator / God , and you are DISTINCTLY NOT that one creator or God, meaning basically :one: :two: … If you identify as not being that, you take the risk of giving away your power if you ARE that. In the cosmic game, if THE ONE creates reality to experience himself through himself – in truth ultimately he would need to realize who he is. Well if he never identifies as THE ONE , and a subset of THE ONE, he would be giving up his power in one way or another

On the flip side, one could identify as THE ONE, but not actually be the one. Not only would you be deluding yourself of what you are, but you’d essentially be claiming yourself to be identical to the ONE when you actually are not. Essentially deluding yourself

:regional_indicator_c: There could actually be no “THE ONE” – we could be living in an infinite regression of infinite cycles that never began and will never end. The concept of “THE ONE” would be theoretical, nobody would actually be the one, and everybody/everything could be temporal in existance not only in the fleshbody, but also even the spiritual existance. The spiritual existance could be temporal as well , just in a larger scale of time. The spiritual existance could also be a body to a higher-deeper type of being, beyond our fathoming. It could be infinity-layer onion with an unknowable core. These are all just possibilities. Where would we fall in all of these possibilities?

:regional_indicator_d: Are we fallen sparks of the one, from a higher reality, and we actually somehow fell into this reality, and there is a real chance of us being deleted from existance/eternity by not escaping/ascending from this reality? This reality being ran by a perversion of God consciousness (similar to Yaldabaoth) , and it’s goal is to keep us here eternally to feed off of our essense? We could recycle in this reality eternally until we escape, or we could have a real expiration time (as unpleasant as it would seem) and we would need to escape prior to a point in time (even if cyclical) before we get deleted