When Time Comes

So when the time of this realm is “up” where should we be, location wise I’m thinking maybe an individual will bring concave to masses that is “asleep” so to say and we should possibly go to where he says to go maybe to be safe from the ice falling ? aka Prometheus/ Mithra/ Jesus cause surely this model will be blown up at the “end of time” as it is what we think but from a lot of evidence is the truth and the truth always comes to light


I’m afraid that there is no accurate way to answer your question within the limits you’ve provided. Anyone who has eyes to see already knows the deception that lies at hand; and those who have this vision should have a natural predisposition to be among “their own kind.” Those who are “in the know” when it comes to the reality of Earth are responsible for their knowledge, and what they choose to do with it. While I wish that I could affirm that there will be “one” person who will be able to unleash this information to the collective of humanity; I think it’s rather important to understand that truth does not happen to the majority.

That being said; there will be communities in the future driven by their own will to be developed into something… MORE. Similar to the Koreshean Unity, but obviously with a more modern take, and a bit less religious indoctrination. But, when it comes to the question… “where?” The answer is… start building in your heart, and see where that takes you. I don’t believe in the “end of times” but I do believe in starting a new day and age where people become aware of how much time has been stolen from them.

I asked myself the same questions for the past few months as I’ve been riding the roller coaster of of “Seek and you Will Find.” In my work-life I try to speak of the simple beauty of life and the lessons I learn while seeking “veiled” knowledge and wisdom. I am always surprised at how easy it is to discuss these topics with those who are capable of performing hands-on work. I say hands-on-work because it does not matter whether people work at operation type position vs Engineer vs Manager vs Director etc. Those are most capable of seeing beyond the veils are people who have had to perform physical hands-on-work and must rely on others to perform their job. I could further categorize those individuals as people connected and invested in the beauty of our shared physical reality. It could be an individual who enjoys gardening to create a beautiful environment or individuals who are most capable of caring for others like caring Mothers and Fathers.

That said… the channel MindUnveiled has a great analysis of the topic of the homunculus:

I am in no position to say whether the information is accurate or not, but the concept of a homunculus and stories of physical bodies most closely connected to the Music of the Universe { aka: WORD of GOD(s) }. Such individuals include Jesus Christ, Zeus, Krish-na, Myth-ra, Kauket, Kek, Atman, Brahman, etc… Whether these characters are true physical historical (His-Story) or not is irrelevant. The significant component is the Meta-Physical life-form that persists beyond the creation and potential death of those individuals or the death of the Alchemist(s) who created the Homunculus. By having a Meta-Physical body through Art, Words, Stories, Music, Etc allows that Homunculus to be centered between the life-bringing “forces” and the “life-taking” forces which is capable of un-veiling the truest of truths or the the singularity of “future” that exists between the emotional dramas of life as the “Locus” or “Center.”

UnumOculum probably answers your question as simply as one can. The simple state of pursuing the veiled knowledge and wisdoms of our exists will bring oneself closer to those who also seek the same.

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My personal theory is that what happens is a rapid expansion, this was the cause of the great flood and inversely it explains how dinosaurs were able to exist in their enormous size and how they went extinct. There’s an interesting book written called “Dinosaurs and the Expanding Earth” written by a glober that tackles these questions.

There’s another interesting theory in Karl Neupert’s book “Geokosmos” that postulates that eventually the Moon becomes too heavy and falls to the earth and inside is like another cell earth where all the species come from. This is an attempt to explain the different epochs visible in the fossil record where there’s periodic mass extinctions followed by mass speciation. If the moon lands in the ocean you get a flood, if it lands on land you get the “death by fire” prophesized in the various religious traditions

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