Why we cant see the bending of the concave earth upward

why we cant see the bending of the concave earth upward with our eyes Any videos thankyou asking for an friend idk if the splitting of celestial sphere video is right one or not

I think we do see it / I’m able to see it.

It’s an illusion , convex/concave/flat look similar due to
(1) scale of the earth
(2) Perspective ← the way our eyes/brain outputs the image to us (the observer)


Some people image that we should see the world like we do in halo. Where you can look up and see the other side of the world. This would be the case if light was straight / didn’t get bent and is where it actually is.

In the globe earth model, light primarily bends down. In flat earth, light is straight. And in concave earth, light bends up.

I try to think of it , that what we are seeing is an output image that is warped/modified by multiple factors

Perspective[Light entering our eyes, being bent,crossed, and modified, and transmitted to the brain] +
Light bending up towards the center of the earth as two examples.

This means how humans observe reality is not truly how reality is. It’s very difficult to help one see - you have to keep trying for yourself. What helps me is to focus on the horizon and how high it is, and continues to remain (even factoring in the dip angle). Point to it, and consider where you are pointing , relevant to the ground directly beneath you. Even when you’re in an airplane, you can point to the horizon, point to the ground, and try to imagine the angle difference from the ground at ground level, to the horizon that you’re pointing to.

Flat earth, you’d have to point down to the ground. The horizon has no business rising as high as it does. This ultiomately leaves flat earthers to have to resort to ‘perspective’ as the only save. This then means what we are pointing to is way off, and causes a whole nother set of yet to be solved problem by flat earthers : Determine where the point of discontinuity is: We can point to the ground beneath an observer and know for sure it is there. Since flat earthers can’t rely on the horizon anymore because it can be an illusion (high altitude) – they have to explain then where the discontinuity is from the ground beneath the observer to the horizon line. There has to be a point where , if you trace a line with your finger, shit gets off

For Globe earth, they resort on their real dip angle. The issue is, even with a measureable dip, the horizon still IS higher than ground level as an observer continues to rise. Drawing a tangent to the horizon, it cannot be inverse to the altitude of the observer because then it would no longer be in their field of view and directly infront of the observer.

Factoring in Occamz’s razor , Concave Earth comes out on top. What you see is what you get. There is a dip angle yes, but it is by another cause


You DO see it! It’s just a matter of understanding what you are seeing.

Simple logic.

Blocks are cameras/eyes. Upper block is receiving light in HC system. So it sees sun in front and lowering horizon.

Bottom block receiving light in CE system but… It sees sun in front and lowering horizon too. Why? Because its receive last moment of the light path. Brain doesn’t knows where is the begining of the light but only end. So he visualise it at front of. Like every camera. We can try with glass of water. When we hold it between light source and our eyes and we start move it from left to right and back.
Central sun can be visilbe only with other eyes.