X (twitter) doesn't seem to like the concave earth theory

I signed up for X less than two weeks ago, only made a few very straightforward posts about the concave earth theory, the hollow mask study, and some links to already published books on the subject. Nothing negative. I didn’t attack or insult the globe model or flat earth model. And I had yet to post my heavy evidence. Now I can’t even log in or create a new account to ask what happened.
The same thing happened to me when I tried to make a wordpress website. I couldn’t find a server that would allow it.
I am not a controversial figure, I have a clean record, but for some reason Elon Musk won’t allow me in.
I guess I have to pretend to be the second coming of Christ to get published.


That sucks sorry for your experience :frowning:

If you want to post some content, you can post here. There’s some success on instagram, but most likely you’ll get shadowbanned.

Soon the main section of this site will become wordpress, and users can write pages / content here if they want.


Thanks comrade. Unfortunately instagram won’t let me in either. My facebook page is also apparently down too as it won’t let me log in or change anything. Not sure if anyone can even see it. I couldn’t find a server to use my wordpress site. I just get shut down for some BS technical reason every time I put up a story. I couldn’t keep it up for even 2 hours so after a couple of months, I figured it is a waste of my time. I’d rather spend my time researching. I’ve been working on this for over 30 years and now I’m ready to share it with the world, but the powers that be are doing their best to block me.
Few people seem to like books anymore, so I’ve been concentrating on the internet. But it looks like I’m going to have to return to the past to move forward.
However, all this interference has confirmed to me that not only is the concave earth a reality, but it has been known for a very long time. Maybe thousands of years, depending on how one interprets the old stories.

The books are all we have left friend. Help me translate the rest of the old concave earth books, I’ll show you how

They know what all real people “think”. When you think about something with stron intention their AI somehow knows it. Probably because you sending strong thoughts. So they know what to block. It’s sound crazy but hidden sun can be mind of all people. And every thought come to there and is send back again to the whole earth. So they putted their oneweb or other satelites constellation to filtrate thoughts. But how they doing it I dont know. Maybe by feeling emotions to specific thing you think about. So if you think about something neutrally their web can do nothing. I had some experience few times i can literally tell i saw bird on electric wire and I was excited and then few days later on science/space channel was guy who was talking and literally he wanted make some “emotions” which some theories call “lush production”. So i think their computer or sth readed this thought. And i cannot tell if they know from which man which thought comes from. But I think it cannot be random case. To many times ot happened when I was literally had calmed brain state and then phone ringing or someone magically was coming to my house and many times just knew somehow they didnt had any reason just say stupid word to make me start to produce “lush energy”. I guess course people doing it uncosionuous but few time i felt the really knew what they doing it intentionally. It was Icke called energy atentions or giving energy to symbols. So i guess they not even care about truth or lies just they care about “lush production” and emotions of fear.

So I think they knew you was trying to public something. But you couldn’t. So you started produce some angry emotions so they blocked you to make you do this more and more. So they blocked again. Because their AI is stupid and works only this way. I read about it on one russian site as-gard too. They called this computer Fatta which creates people fate. And then pople going through whole life happy angry happy angry happy angry and they creating those fear emotions. And noone know why these all bad things happens. They are happens because AI tells gonvorments what to do to make people create “lush emotions”. So they do what they can always wars, pandemics crashes searthquakes floods etc… And then people send fear emotions to the hidden sun and it is sending back again to the rest of the world and this circle is almost charging by itself.

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I’m happy to help, John. But I can’t read a lick of German, so I don’t trust myself. Even though we have some nice translation tools these days I guess I’m a bit scared of screwing it up, probably because I’ve tried to translate Hebrew into English!

That’s an interesting point of view. I have read some research on this subject from Russians as well. They are far more advanced in these fields than Americans and western Europeans. Personally, I think it’s most likely the domain name I use, concave.earth. It’s pretty easy to know what I’m promoting, especially for AI bots.
Thanks for your input!

Very nice
Feel free to use anything in here for concave earth to use on your website
Also whatever you find on this website

Send me a message if I can help you with anything , I have experience with wordpress as well

Thank you very much. I’m an old guy, and not very computer tech savvy, so I can definitely use some help. I was a video editor for a year or two for the local CBS news affiliate, and a photographer for half a century, so I know some. I have been retired due to disability for over 30 years (exept for a couple of recent failed attempts at returning to work), and the earth shape has been my primary focus over that period. I also have studied many other compelling subjects that also apply indirectly. It’s pretty much all I do.

I am trying to write a series of books on the concave earth and its implications, but that’s akin to writing a theory on everything, and I am overwhelmed to say the least. I’m not long for this world, so my goal is now to get what I’ve learned into other peoples heads so they can continue on with this most important work. I’m sure young people now will learn far more than I have been able to thanks to the internet and flow of information. That is, if they put in the effort. When I started this journey, it was about going to public libraries and scouring used book stores. A very slow and costly process. I’m hoping to help others to not make the same errors as I have, so some of my comments may come off as overly critical. That’s not my intent. I just want to help others stay on a good path and avoid the disappointments and criticisms that I have experienced.

I plan on releasing my books for free as electronic copies, but charge a nominal fee for hard copies. So this is what I will probably use my website for. I just started a Patreon page, but I seriously doubt anyone will sign up, so most of what I post will be for free. I also have a couple of facebook pages that are shadow banned, a pinterest page that I haven’t used yet, and some video sites that I haven’t used much because I don’t do many videos. I do want to make some videos, but videos tend disappear fast.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

I was just checking back in and saw this post. I too have pushed to the limit of censorship. Photos of actual map projections (aka concave) that dispute the legitimacy of the standards used by all national level governments.

I see why mine are getting blocked so I have backed off on X. Elon still shares photos that show the concavity, but don’t think they’ve reached the point where sharing the actual map projections is “safe”.

There is a vast many implications that must be considered by national governments and governing bodies when switching from convex to concave mapping. I can’t say I know what all the issues are, but as we help find them it seems like Elon and @jack will give hints if you are on the right path. In the end of the day it has to reach a singularity of sorts for flipping similar to the milky way polarity flip that we are within right now. I have no idea of the thoughts are connected to the electric polarity flip and the metaphorical convex vs concave polarity flip of sorts.

What appears clear is that “outer space” thought experiments must come to a halt and we must begin to recognize that the information paradox that Stephen Hawking won a Nobel Prize while studying Black Holes. “Information In” => Processing at harmonic time scales => “Information Out”.

Furthermore Sir Roger Penrose The Emperor’s New Mind book was the catalyst to seeing the “Emperor’s New Cloths” => But the joke is all the Emperor’s clothes are glass and see through so the god the emperor is always naked despite trying to hide. However, Crooke’s Dark Space charged glass plates prove that even transparent cloths can be used to keep thing “hidden”.

Ha! That’s a great point, but it only works for the emperor if the pressure is very low. Put the pressure on the emperor and the dark space disappears. Then everyone can see he is just blowing gas!

Hahaha it does appear the “molten orbital silica” shifts altitude during solar cycles. I believe Space X and all Satellites are at risk of falling if they are not capable of adjusting as cosmic conditions fluctuate.

As electric pressure increases so would the size of the molten silica bubble and at some point it likely loses its coherent charge (quantum superposition sort of effect) where Crooke’s Dark Space effect is cloaking everything. If the bubble grows too quick maybe during pole shift it could lose stability of its charge and start becoming visible showing the double suns / triple moons / etc. apparitions.

It would only make sense that the most important knowledge is embedded within the most fundamental nursery rhymes. I trust Mother Goose’s wisdom more than “governments” hahaha.

blowing gas :: all talk no action :: pretend there is this fancy outer-space with intergalactic wars and such… but in reality the E.mperor is just a standard average naked man hiding behind a glamourous Façade that has very little power over anything really. Hence the cartoon that was made a while ago.

That joke made my day.

It wasn’t long ago they lost 40 satellites from a “solar storm.”
Perhaps they are preparing for that now with all the stories of holographic space wars and double suns I see on the internet. And the Phoenix lights some 20 years ago or so. Everything is planned.

I’ve been telling people for years now that the polar shift will be galactic and not terrestrial. Lot’s of evidence to support the idea. But everyone still thinks the earth will slide. I think that book by Charles Hapgood was just a cover story set up by him and Einstein. The idea is quite silly when one really thinks about it.

I feel that way too. Nursery rhymes and fairy tales were how wisdom was passed through previous population “resets.” They are misunderstood now because we think they are just for children’s entertainment. We probably won’t, as a society, understand until it all happens to us again. Or maybe we won’t get it at all.
Rinse, wash, repeat.

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The naked man behind the facade, the way you describe it makes me think of “the wizard of oz”.
Just follow the yellow brick road…