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Cellular cosmology enables the long-awaited reunion
of science and religion in an anthropocentric paradigm.

“If the eye were not like the
sun, it could never see the sun;
If the power of God did not lie within us,
how could the divine delight us?”

- JW v. Goethe
"The opinion of those who say that it makes no difference to the truth of faith what one thinks of creation, if only he has the right opinion of God, is obviously wrong. For an error about creation results in a wrong one Opinion of God . Wrong ideas about creation lead to wrong ideas about God. "
- Thomas Aquinas , 13th cent.

“Of all that is accessible to the human mind, nothing is more agreeable and worthy than the knowledge of the truth.” - G.Cardano


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The cosmic giant cell

Cellular cosmology (ZK) is a scientifically equal cosmology, which states that the structure of the universe corresponds in many respects to that of a human cell ( fractal self-similarity of the universe), and that we are in fact not on the outside of a solid sphere, but live on its inside (the sphere is a hollow sphere). The ZK was seen in vision by Cyrus Teed (aka Koresh) in 1865, or received as a direct message from a “female deity” during an unconsciousness. The CC was confirmed experimentally in Naples Beach, Florida in 1897, see CR Teed’s book “Cellular Cosmogony” .

Let’s start right away with the strongest argument of this revealed cosmology: The ZK is the first and only cosmology that covers all aspects of human life, such as cell, eye, human being, the metaphysical tree of life with its concrete Sephirot sun, moon , the 5 planets , the heavenly fortress, which unites the inclination of the earth’s axis by 23°. Phenomena, natural laws, principles (mathematics / numerology) and finally pure, unchangeable being form a concentric epistemological hierarchy.

Only cellular cosmology unites philosophy, religion and science in one concentric symbol!

The cover diagram shows the perfect agreement between material-biological physics and metaphysics. It is constructed very simply, starting in the upper right corner with the yellow radius corresponding to the sun’s path. The orange arcs define the Tropic and Arctic Circles. The intersections of the orange arcs with the outer square result in red dashed lines, from which the lunar orbit is determined. This touches the pineal gland exactly, while the path of the sun runs exactly through the larynx. The 24° inclination of the earth’s axis and the 66° latitude of the polar circle are not accidental, but result directly from the construction. The ratio of the radius (earth) to the radius (orbit of the sun) is square root (2)! With the distance to the fixed star sphere and with the lunar orbit, it forms nothing but golden ratios.

" Only in mathematics are there irrefutable proofs based on necessary assumptions. Therefore man can only arrive at the truth in mathematics, supported by the laws inherent in this science."
-Roger Bacon

Representatives of the heliocentric world view can only speak of “extraordinary, wonderful coincidence”, while in cellular cosmology everything follows from geometric necessity. The eight-pointed Templar cross also has its origin in this cosmic geometry. The Tree of Life in its original form also agrees amazingly well with the structure of the cellular cosm.

Cellular cosm with simplified/enlarged representation of planets
Graphic by Steven J. Christopher

Of the

Cell nucleus (yolk) = fixed star ball / heavenly fortress (1500 km diameter)

is embedded in a

Plasma (egg white) = outer space (12740 km diameter)

and bounded by a

Membrane (eggshell) = Earth’s crust (200 km thick)

Light curvature - the key to understanding

In principle, only one assumption has to be dropped for this model: that light propagates in a straight line forever and ever. And then all the size and distance measurements are no longer correct.

“First of all, mathematics protects us from illusions and teaches us that it is one thing how things are constructed which we perceive through the senses and another how they appear to us. This science gives us the most reliable rules , those who let themselves be guided by them need not fear hallucinations.”
- Leonhard Euler
The distant celestial objects are not where we see them (except when we see them at the zenith) because on the way to the observer the light beam bends on field line arcs from pole to pole (as seen with the sun’s rays in the graphic above ). ). This also explains the day-night rhythm (see sunbeam graphic below).

Light is only the visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum and behaves like all other electromagnetic fields/frequencies. Here is a common representation of Earth’s magnetic field lines .

Electromagnetic fields - and also light - always run along field lines!

Light is only attributed mysterious properties in the theory of relativity (“directional invariance”, “constancy”). The higher the frequency, the stronger the curvature. Incidentally, this also explains why VHF transmitters do not reach as far as medium or long wave transmitters and why, for example, red light can be seen further than blue light. Experiment: look at a red and a blue lamp at night from an increasing horizontal distance (from 2 km). The blue lamp disappears next to the red lamp because blue light is higher frequency and more curved.

Seen from far away, blue light disappears next to red.

We take the photo shown overleaf from Photo Magazine No. 11/1954, which exposes the horizon as an optical illusion. Dr. Fritz Neugass writes:

The US Army Signal Corps Optical Research
Division has just released a new camera that is particularly suitable for shooting from a distance of 50 km.

The lens has a focal length of 254 cm, is 1 m long, has a diameter of 24.13 cm and is corrected for the use of infrared film. At a distance of 10 to 20 km, it can clearly “analyze” the terrain, identify weapons, fortifications, and transport.
The disadvantage of such a telephoto lens is the complete elimination of perspective.

Empire State Building photographed with infrared

In our shot of the Empire State Building and Manhattan skyline, the camera is 26.5 miles away. At the foot of the Empire State Building is a large hotel in Coney Island, which however is only 20.9 km away from the camera.
You would never be able to tell from this shot that there were another 13 miles between these two structures. The Sandy Hook lighthouse in the foreground of the image is only 4 miles from the camera. The new telephoto lens is coupled to a 13 X 18 cm camera that can use film cassettes and roll film. The rolls of film contain 30 exposures each, but you can cut out exposed parts of the film with a built-in knife and take them out with the roll-up spool. The shortest distance at which the telephoto lens produces a sharp image is 500 m.

Photo vantage point
on Sandy Hook (1 m above sea level)

The image section is 31 m. At a distance of 20 km - the last setting before infinity, the field of view covers about 1000 m. The telescope used for focusing has a tenfold magnification and shows the exact image section. The adjustment does not move the heavy lens, which rests firmly on the tripod, but only moves the camera. The whole thing weighs 140 pounds and requires two men to operate. You transport the camera - like a portable one - by two handles, front and back.
Within 5 minutes it can be set up, adjusted and ready to fire."

As far as Dr. Fritz Neugass. If we look at the result of the shooting, we state objectively

  1. The camera is on the beach in Atlantic Highlands
    and its recording height is almost 1 m.
  2. The camera and telescope are tilted slightly upwards, which proves that the photograph was not taken from an elevated position and that the objects lying behind the horizon must be higher.
  3. An island 6 km away is included in its entirety. (Top view), as well as the 14 km wide estuary behind it and without any cover the docks of Coney Island.
  4. As if that weren’t enough, the picture gives a view of the sea of ​​​​roofs of the port city behind it, optically melts the Brooklyn peninsula and another arm of the sea and clearly shows the skyscrapers of Manhattan, which in full earth and a straight beam of light (no infrared!) A sinking of about 1 3 0 m would have had to endure.

In summary, it can be said that the horizon has nothing to do with the supposedly spherical shape of the earth, since it can be optically resolved.
However, our opponents of the world view should want to help themselves with the excuse that the light beam is bent around the convex globe, we would be grateful for this statement, because the Copernican world view would then have lost its basis, the straight light beam. Source: W. Wawruska, “Does Humanity Need a New World Picture?”

Horizon effect with and without light curvature

From the comparison graph below, you can see that optically you get exactly the same result assuming a convex curvature and a straight ray of light , or a concave curvature and a curved ray of light .

The horizon effect with the only partially visible ship
also has a simple explanation in the ZK.

However , this unique photo in the border area of ​​the sunset (taken by Rainer Schulz
Schutzstation Wattenmeer, Nationalparkhaus, Hafenstr. 3, 25813 Husum) is proof of the concave curvature of the earth’s surface, in which the sun actually rises and not sets.

Sunset at the Wadden Sea

R. Schulz writes (emphasis dd A.):

“March 7, 2011 was a remarkably dry, clear day. The sunset was not clouded by any haze or clouds . It was striking that a “glowing” stripe remained visible for some time after the sun had disappeared .”
The strip shows, if not the sun (since it has been setting for a while!), then clearly the reflective water surface on the horizon. But that would be physically impossible with convex curvature and a straight light beam. The light would then first have to shine from below onto an “atmospheric layer” and then onto the water, in order to finally reflect from there. In the concavely curved model, however, this extremely rare photo can be explained (see graphic): The rays of the offset sun reach the water surface and reflect on the numerous wave slopes at a different angle into the eye! QED

Light curvature and horizon effect = cellular cosmology

An infrared camera installed 2 m above sea level allows a visibility of up to 66 km ! According to the Earth Curvature Calculator , the target disappeared 291 m below the horizon. Observation 1: Long-wave waves (infrared / short-wave) reach further than short-wave waves (radar / microwave). At the same time, however, a curvature is observed: already at a distance of 5 km, the lower part of the sailing boats disappears behind the bulge of the water.

Also the C

How the earth globe image is created in space

The propagation of the light waves takes place according to exactly the same laws as with the electromagnet (see graphic above for the electromagnetic field). We have the central sun (fixed star sphere / black sun) in the middle as a star light source (black field lines) and the sun (not shown) as the source for the red field lines, which are previously reflected on the earth’s surface and - depending on the angle - the eye of the observer meeting. In the graphic, the observer in space sees the entire hemisphere as a small hollow sphere that cannot be distinguished from a convex sphere! This means that all recordings from space actually show hollow spheres! Around the disc, the observer sees the black, star-strewn space and is actually looking at the opposite side of the central sun.

Even satellite images like this one are easy to explain:

The far side of the moon from an alleged distance of 1.6 million km, camera on board the Deep Space Climate Observatory satellite (DSCOVR), 07/16/2015

Deep Space Climate Observatory satellites, DSCOVR for short – Source: Spektakuläre Fotos von der Mond-Rückseite: Bilder von der gar nicht so dunklen Seite des Mondes | Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger ©2017

Deep Space Climate Observatory satellites, DSCOVR for short – Source: Spektakuläre Fotos von der Mond-Rückseite: Bilder von der gar nicht so dunklen Seite des Mondes | Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger ©2017

Deep Space Climate Observatory satellites, DSCOVR for short – Source: Spektakuläre Fotos von der Mond-Rückseite: Bilder von der gar nicht so dunklen Seite des Mondes | Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger ©2017

Deep Space Climate Observatory satellites, DSCOVR for short – Source: Spektakuläre Fotos von der Mond-Rückseite: Bilder von der gar nicht so dunklen Seite des Mondes | Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger ©2017

“Look at the work of God; for who can make straight what he has crooked?”
- Ecclesiastes 7:13

In cellular cosmology, not only sunrise and sunset can be easily explained,
but also the strongly increasing intensity of the sun between morning and noon.

Moon phases and lunar eclipse

The phases of the moon arise in the ZK in almost the same way as in the heliocentric world view (HWB). The lunar eclipse is caused by the fact that the moon passes through the “night channel” left out by the light ball (colored gray in the graphic) instead of past it. The diameter of the channel is a multiple of the moon.

Moon phases and lunar eclipse

The HWB offers the following explanation:

The reason for this “residual illumination” is the earth’s atmosphere. Sunlight, which almost grazes the Earth’s atmosphere at the day-night boundary, is deflected a little in the atmosphere, similar to a lens, and refracted into the Earth’s umbra (see figure). And because on the long way through the atmosphere the blue part of the sunlight is scattered more strongly by the air particles than the red part, the remaining light illuminates the moon predominantly in warm tones, such as at sunset or dawn.

A lunar eclipse is a natural experiment in which the moon stands in the earth’s shadow as a mobile screen. The light caught by the moon tells us a lot about our earth’s atmosphere.

But then the question arises whether the normal shadow of the earth would not have to darken the full moon compared to the half moon? And whether a part of the red light refracted in the atmosphere should not also hit the full moon and color it reddish?

In the ZK, the red coloring of the moon in the night channel is simply due to the fact that only low-frequency, reddish light components reach there, since they curve less strongly.

Scale-independent structural identity

Only the term “cellular cosmology” should be used for this model , because scale-independent structural identity (fractal self-similarity) is an essential feature of the universe - see also Arthur Young, “The Reflexive Universe” . Incidentally, Young was the spiritual father and personal mentor of some well-known masterminds (in particular Nassim Heiraman and Stan Tenen ).

Cell nucleus = source of radiation, cell envelope = galaxy thicket,
vesicle/lysosome = planet, membrane = earth’s surface

All planets including the sun are actually much smaller than assumed and rotate around the cell nucleus. The fixed stars, including the Milky Way, are nothing but a light point grain that no telescope, no matter how large, has ever been able to enlarge into discs.

Cell nucleus = source of radiation (Holy of Holies)

nuclear envelope = fixed star sphere ( 5-16 µm) nuclear pores = visible stars
centrosome = sun
Golgi apparatus = moon sphere

Cell membrane = Earth shell

The cell nucleus, which typically has a diameter of 5 to 16 µm in mammals, is the cell organelle most easily seen under the microscope. It is bounded by the nuclear envelope, consisting of two biological membranes, the inner and outer nuclear membrane, which encloses the so-called perinuclear cisterna (width 10–15 nm, strengthened by microfilaments – thickness 2–3 nm). The total thickness of the nuclear envelope is about 35 nm.
- Wikipedia

A look into the “farthest galaxy clusters” also shows structures that have exactly the same name: “filaments” (Latin: filum, the thread). That would even confirm the fractal structure, because - despite all previous respect for the “infinite expanses” - it is more reminiscent of looking through a powerful microscope. If one compares the “galactic threads” with the structure of a human cell nucleus , one is amazed at the similarity:

Caption left:

“The matter has structured itself along the filaments, they enclose the huge empty spaces (voids) . These are not absolutely empty, but they contain very thin gas - just not the compressed matter as we know it from the galaxies.” - History of the Universe

Caption on the right:

"An infected cell. The red dots are the HP virus.
The cell skeleton is shown in green. The cell nucleus shimmers blue.
Photo: Florin"
New findings in the basic research of the biologists in Mainz
Cosmic matter in unimaginable dimensions “structures itself along threads” (filaments)? Whether they are galaxies or molecules is apparently irrelevant to the structural principle. Here is a picture of “U1.27” (also called Huge Large Quasar Group, Huge-LQG for short), a “cosmic superstructure of 73 quasars” in the constellation Leo:

This very detailed simulation of large scale structure was created as part of the Illustris simulation.
The distribution of dark matter (Voids) is shown in blue and the gas distribution in orange.
This simulation is for the current state of the Universe and is centered on a massive galaxy cluster.
The region shown is about 300 million light-years across. Credit: Illustris Collaboration

Animated film of the filaments. "Dark matter cannot be detected experimentally,
it can only be assumed in computer models."
Source: The Theoretical Astrophysics group (TAP) of the
Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies (HITS)

Microcosmic nuclear
surface keratin- intermediate filaments in red with “voids” in green.

Microfilaments of a cell nucleus - the same structures as on the “star tent envelope”.

And here is another remarkable “cosmic” structure, the “Crab Nebula” :

This composite image was assembled from 24 individual exposures taken with the
NASA Hubble Space Telescope Wide Field and Planetary Camera 2
in October 1999, January 2000, and December 2000.
It is one of the largest images taken by Hubble

In comparison, human lung cancer cells :

Fluorescence Digital Image Gallery : Human Lung Carcinoma Cells (A-549)

Is the striking structural resemblance to human tissue/cellular material a mere coincidence? What you can see in the starry night sky with very high magnification is nothing else in the ZK than the complex, multi-layered cell nucleus surface with its “luminous pores” (stars).

Traditional astronomy encounters a massive scale problem here (inconsistency of the laws across all orders of magnitude). If mysterious “clumping” dark matter is indispensable for cluster formation, but at the same time has a completely unknown composition - what then explains the preference of the Copernican cosmological principle?

Because so many new theories cannot be taught how new (organic!) phenomena are discovered. This in turn corresponds very well with the sheer infinite complexity of the microcosm. In today’s age of “fractal self-similar structures” there would be nothing unusual in the statement “microcosm = macrocosm” already made by Paracelsus , on the contrary: it would only be consistent. But the determination of consistencies (simplifications) is an essential result of scientific research, which (according to a definition of the Federal Constitutional Court ) aims to find the truth.

How big are the sun and planets?

Due to the curved light beam, of course, all size and distance ratios change! The sun has an estimated diameter of 2.5 km. This is supported by a very strange phenomenon that was observed by chance in 2011: an object approaches the sun, siphons energy and then decouples again. An artificial structure could never dock and undock at the sun’s surface of this size if the sun had the estimated diameter!

Unknown object sucks energy
from the sun and then disappears.

The Cellular Cosmology in Mythology


The tree of life (Kabbalah) fits almost perfectly into the structure of the cellular cosmos, especially as far as the order of heaven - fixed stars - planets - moon - earth is concerned.

Amazing harmony between human eye,
universe and the tree of life

The spheres of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life
are arranged concentrically around Ain Soph


Hardly any world view of old cultures agrees with the cellular cosmology in such detail as that of the Edda .

Yggdrasil the world ash = polar axis. No, no proof of flat earth!

Graphic according to the original description of the Edda .

Midgard, the earthly world, is embraced by the Fenris wolf ( chaos and primal darkness) and the tail-biting Mitgard serpent (infinity) . In order to prevent the wolf 's jaws from snapping shut, the gods erected the sword of divine order , which at the same time symbolizes the axis of the world. From its center rises, piercing Wallhall’s roof , Yggdrasil, the overshadowing world ash. She is the prototype of the earthly, sacred groves, trees and pillars. In their branches are eagles (sun) and hawks (moon). At the trunk of the tree, in the middle of the world court of justice of the gods. It circles the Irmins or Wodanswagen and the Wendelmeer. Inside Wallhall there is a large hall in which Irmingott (Allgott) rules the “ruler of all things”. In its splendor read the immortality field “Odainsakr”. The Irminsweg (Milky Way) leads up to the top of the Götterberg.

English: Midgard, the world of matter is clutched by Fenriswulf (chaos and primordial darkness) and the tail biting Mitgard snake (infinity). To prevent the cleft palate from snapping, the gods have erected the sword of divine order, which symbolized the world´s axis at the same time. Out of it center, piercing Walhall´s (heaven´s) roof, emerges Yggdrasil, the all overshadowing World Ash Tree . It is the archetype of worldly holy trees, columns and bosks. In its branches reside eagle (sun) and hawk (moon). At the tree’s root, in the middle of the world, the court site of the gods. It is orbited by the chariot of Irmin or Wodan and the helix sea (Wendelmeer). Inside Valhalla there is a big hall in which Irmingott (Allgott), the “disposer of all things” presides. In his splendor reads the field of immortality (Odainsakr). The path of Irmin (milky way) leads to the height of the Gods mountain

Egyptian creation myth

Osiris is the dweller of “heaven” who
is supported on eight sides by “female” counterforces.

Egyptian creation myth: Earth (Geb) and sky (Nut) separate.
In between, the five planet children Os iris, Isis, Horus, Seth and Nephthys float/orbit. From: EA Wallis Budge, The Gods of the Egyptians Vol. II

"In the beginning the god Atum created the world out of himself, the people and the gods. The first pair of gods that he created were Shu and Tefnut, the air and the moisture. Shu and Tefnut begot Geb and Nut, the earth and These two loved each other dearly and embraced each other tightly, but this union of heaven and earth left the people of earth no air to breathe .The sun god Re instructed Schu to separate the two and he stood between them. But it was already too late and Nut was pregnant. The enraged Re forbade her to give birth to her children on one of the 360 ​​days of the year, so Nut asked the wisdom god Thoth for help. In a board game, Thoth won from the sun god Re 5 extra days added to the year when Nut could give birth to her children: Osiris, Isis, Horus, Seth and Nephthys. Above, marked by the stars on her body, the sky goddess Nut. She touches the earth with hands and feet - these are the four cardinal points. Below on the ground, with reed leaves on his body, the earth god Geb. Between the two kneels the air god Shu and separates them from each other. On Nut’s legs, the barque of the sun god Re (in the middle, with a falcon’s head) sails up into the sky, on the other side she descends her arms, and is received by Osiris in the underworld. Sia and Maat are still sitting in the barge - knowledge and truth." - Arbabat

The optical illusion of the horizon-spanning ball of fixed stars is taken into account by the arc formed by the female night (Nut’s body) over the male-firm earth foundation (Geb). If you were to mirror the concave form of Nut horizontally into the convex form, you would have exactly the fixed star sphere in the center of the sky around which the sun revolves!

Vedic cosmology

In the Surya-Siddhanta , a part of Hindu astronomy from the 6th century, 90 statements are made about the nature of the cosmos, which are commented on in the translation on pages 245 to 254 . Of these, only points 29 to 32, 43, 46, 54 and 55 should be emphasized because they confirm the cellular cosmology in its essential structure in detail !

Ad 29: The entire visible universe is contained in a hollow, spherical egg, a container composed of two half-shells (hemispheres). To 30: Within the ice the ether (vyoman) circles. Within the ether (sea) the stars (bha) revolve, one above the other, in the order (31) Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury and Moon. Below (on the periphery) are the holy and knowing people (siddhas and vidyadharas) and the clouds. This corresponds exactly to the Kabbalistic Tree of Life (see above) . The Kabbalistic knowledge is said to have flowed into Greek and Egyptian culture from Melchizedek (Krishna) via Abraham (his son Brahma).

To 32: In the middle of the cosmic ice (the universe) and the ether sea floats the spherical celestial fortress “Bhugola”, which is the seat of the almighty creator god Brahma (not to be confused with Brahman, the formless!). Bhugola sustains herself by her own (radiance). To 43: On the axial poles, seen from the center of Meru (Meru is identical to Bhugola, or rather its center) are the pole stars, which rest in the center of the rotating sky. The observer at the equator (without latitude) sees the polar stars (due to the curvature of light) directly on the horizon.

To 46: Because the sun approaches the half shell of the god beings in summer, its rays are hot there in this season (while in winter they are hot in the season inhabited by demons). In the opposite season they are sluggish/weak (since further away). To 54: Because people are so small, they perceive the heavenly fortress of Bhugola, although it is spherical, as an enclosing wheel / heavenly tent (this means the deceptive enlargement effect of the light curvature). To 55: For the gods (the inhabitants of the heavenly fortress of Bhugola) the ether rotates with the stars to the right. For the enemies of the gods (in polar terms, the earthbound beings) it turns to the left.If you stand directly on the equator, you can see the stars moving directly above you (from east) to west.

The translation’s commentary further states: “The question remains as to what is meant by ‘proximity’ in point 46. It does not mean ‘directness’, or ‘perpendicular’, although one might assume so in the context. The second chapter, on the other hand, shows that the Hindus knew very well that the sun is closer to the earth as a whole in winter than in summer.” However, this attempt at reinterpretation in the sense of heliocentrism fails miserably because the differences in distance of a few thousand kilometers in relation to the total distance of the sun would not carry any weight.

The Egyptian Djed pillar in the
tilt angle of the earth’s axis

Djed Pillar - the pole axis

"Djed is the most important symbol of the union of all poles and connects to the transcendental reality of the One. He is the axis of the micro and the macrocosm. As a cosmic axis , Djed is the ’ cylinder ', the pillar of light connecting earth and sky . . .Behind
the pole star is the realm of the gods and the highest dimensions of being …

The Jakobsleider (heavenly ladder)

The pillar of burning light, which connects heavy matter with pure consciousness, is the means for physical transfer into a higher existence, for liberation from the real world to attain eternal life, the ladder (depending on the translation also stairs, staircase, ramp) for the resurrection of the chosen ones. This ladder is called Jacob’s Ladder or Ladder to Heaven by Christians and Djed by Egyptians…
The royal burial chamber may be the heart of the Great Pyramid’s Djed structure, a sort of orgonic chamber from which one can dare the leap to heaven .
Source: Soscollemaggio

With the help of cellular cosmolgy, this mythological meaning becomes clear in its very concrete sense of the word. In the graphic overview at the beginning of this text, the Djed pillar is drawn at the same 24° angle of inclination as the polar axis.

Inclined polar axis in the ZK

In old Memphis, the festival of the “erection of the Djed pillar” or “establishment of the Djed” developed. With the help of the respective priests, the pharaoh performed this himself using ropes. This should ensure a long duration of the kingship. Here the resurrection of the god Sokar (Osiris) was celebrated.

The analogy to the “resurrection” of Christ is obvious. The King’s Chamber of the Pyramid of Cheops is said to be the upper part of a huge Djed pillar in which sound vibrations are concentrated and resonated in such a way that mystical experiences are possible. Even Alexander the Great and Napoleon are said to have lain in the stone sarcophagus, but also Moses and Jesus himself.

In occultism (Freemasonry), the first of May is the most important holiday of the year. The international call for help in air traffic (“Mayday”) possibly takes this into account, just as the occult combination of numbers 9/11 is the emergency number of some countries. In Bavaria, the Djed is erected as a maypole. The round dance of women dances around the phallus analogy hung with eggs. The Bavarian maypole festival thus goes back to the old Egyptian erection festival.

ode to Joy

In his Ode to Joy, Friedrich Schiller, the greatest German poet and philosopher (next to JW v. Goethe) states the abode of the “Father” exactly as it is defined in cellular cosmology:

Be embraced, millions!
This kiss for the whole world!
A dear father must live above the starry sky .
Be embraced!
This kiss for the whole world!
Joy, beautiful spark of the gods!
Daughter from Elysium!
Joy, beautiful spark of the gods! god spark!

You fall down, millions,
if you suspect the creator of the world,
if you suspect the creator of the world, he must enthrone above the
stars, he
must dwell above the stars

- Friedrich Schiller, Ode to Joy

Schiller says “above stars” and thus describes the starry sky as a “cover” in the immediate vicinity. For if it were infinitely far away, how could a father show his love to his children? And if the world is not flat but a sphere (which Schiller no doubt already believed), and if, on the other hand, God is majestically “enthroned” and does not race around the world, then for reasons of equal treatment of the rest of mankind there is only one constellation left: He is enthroned turning, but central, that is, in the middle. For this, however, all must be arranged around it (without turning).

It is not likely that Schiller knew cellular cosmology, but his incomparable refinement of heart and his exceedingly keen mind - just like his best friend and companion JW v. Goethe - said that there was something wrong with the Copernican world view and that the ancients could not have been completely wrong with their naive view.

The Tower of Babylon is still haunted,
you cannot be united!
Every man has his worm,
Copernicus his.

This is the world… it’s hollow inside." (Faust)

Whatever the matter may be, it must be
written: that I curse this damned
trumpeter of the new creation of the world,
and some clever young
man will certainly stand up who has the courage to defy this general crazy consensus."
- JW v .Goethe (complete works in 40 vols., Cottascher Verlag, 1858, vol. 40, p. 296.)

The Norse “Valhalla”, the Indian mountain “Meru” and the ancient Greek Olympus - they are all in the center, in the middle, but still above the heavens.

According to the beliefs of the ancients, Mount Olympos formed the high center of the disc of the earth. From Olympus, they believed, the immortal gods sometimes descended to mortal men, until a later opinion placed the dwelling place of the gods above the vault of heaven, from which they saw a wide opening in it, beside which were Jupiter’s castle and the palaces of the other deities who could overlook the disc of the earth. According to this idea , the term Olympus was often used instead of heaven, and generally denoted the abode of the gods.
- AH Petiscus, The Nature and Importance of the Gods of Classical Antiquity

When heaven and earth parted

In cellular cosmology, membrane and core initially formed a unit. Due to the intensifying radiation and the rotating “macrocosmic electron spin” the membrane was inflated. See also the “Expanding Earth” theory.

“And We have built the heavens with might
, and indeed We are expanding.”

In Koran sure 21:30 (“The Prophets”) the Egyptian creation myth is also confirmed:

“Have not those who disbelieved seen that heaven and earth were one ratq, after which We separated them and made all living things of water? Will they not believe? And the sky we have made a roof preserved (well) (so that the satans cannot venture to it)… And it is he who made the day and the night, and the sun and the Moon. They float each (celestial body) on its orbit (falak).”
Here the sun and the moon stand side by side. Both have their careers. This could not be said if the earth revolved around the sun. From the confirmation of the Koran with the Egyptian creation myth and the Expanding Earth theory, it can be deduced that it does not describe a heliocentric worldview.

On the contrary: The fact that heaven and earth must have once been a congruent unit is also proven by the incredible discovery of the German amateur astronomer Kai Helge Wirth , who simply could not imagine that the constellations were determined out of pure imagination in the way they have been handed down since time immemorial will. So he playfully tried to align the constellations with the coastlines of the earth’s surface. And lo and behold: he got astonishing hits right away!

As an explanation for this fascinating coincidence, Wirth came up with the assumption that the seafarers were probably looking for an “orientation aid” so that they did not have to remember the course of the coast. This is also confirmed by an experimental sailor. However, one then asks oneself whether it is really easier to remember the signs of the zodiac (and then not to make any mistakes in the transformation to the earthly course), instead of the course of the coast itself. Who the cellular cosmology, the expanding earth theory , the Egyptian myth of creation and the 21st Koran sura, need only put one and one together to understand the true cause of the correspondence of “as it is in heaven, so on earth”: Heaven and earth were once one!

Atlantis in the constellation of the Ophiuchus

An interesting corollary to Wirth’s claim that the constellations all have to do with coastlines can be applied to the constellation of the Ophiuchus. If left at about the same size as, and also in the same relative position to, the constellation Virgo in the Mediterranean Sea, the Ophiuchus would be over the Azores, ie beyond Plato’s “Pillars of Hercules”. The left side of the Serpent Bearer had to be bordered by an island - Atlantis! The subcontinent acted as an eastward barrier to the Mexican Gulf Stream. When Atlantis ca. 10000 BC BC went down, the Gulf Stream continued to flow to Europe, where the Ice Age ended at the same time. The strange and dangerous migration of the eels to Europe can also be explained by the abruptly changed Gulf Stream. The almost seedless banana is also an indication of a high culture that spread this unique cultivated plant worldwide before the country of origin along with the original seeded banana went under.

Atlantis and the constellation of the Ophiuchus

The constellations Bear Slayer, Ophiuchus (yellow) and Virgo and Leo (red) can be seen in the graphic. With only slight shifts (and almost no rotation), the bear slayer (Arcturus) fits England (which also forms an excellent analogy to England’s King Arthur saga ), the serpent bearer fits Atlantis (which is said to have perished due to excessive black magic) , the Virgin on the Mediterranean Sea and the Leo on the Black and Caspian Seas. The twelve zodiac signs are arranged in the zodiac, the one with the eclipticinclined at 24°. The shifting of the individual constellations, which is required to match the original coastlines, is probably related to the expansion of the earth’s shell, in which the original congruence of sky and earth was somewhat distorted.

Cellular cosmology would already have been proven on the basis of these innumerable coherences alone - at least on a philosophical, epistemological level.

Basic cosmological experiment

The best-known experiment to determine the correct cosmology was the 1897 UG Morrow and CR Teed straight line translator experiment, Naples Beach. It consisted of the mechanical construction of an absolutely horizontal straight line, the course of which was compared to the curvature of the sea surface. The experiment, which was extremely complex at the time, is described in detail in the animated video by graphic artist Steven J. Christopher, and the usual objections to the result are also dealt with.

The author has long thought about a simplified curvature measurement. By the end of 2016, Rolf Keppler wants to carry out a measurement using a helicopter and laser gyroscope. The main problem with such experiments is repeatability. Therefore, the author has considered an indirect proof, namely by measuring the earth’s rotation. Their existence or non-existence also has profound cosmological consequences. The angular momentum of the earth has not yet been included in calculations (eg in the famous fall experiments).

Before it was not necessary, since nobody doubted the resting earth, and afterwards it was simply no longer considered necessary, since the rotation played no role in everyday life and one only had to “adopt” it for certain explanations and calculation models .

The ZK manages without any external rotation of the earth (everything revolves around the center). Nevertheless, it explains all phenomena such as day and night, high and low tide and the seasons.

coordinate transformation

All satellite and planetary orbits can be transformed from the prevailing full-sphere model into the cellular cosm by a simple circular reflection.

What is straight on the outside becomes a circular path on the inside.

Prof. Roman U. Sexl (Chair of Theoretical Physics, Vienna University of Technology, * October 19, 1939, † July 10, 1986) liked to use this phenomenon as a descriptive didactic method to show that our worldview, which we take for granted, is not so in practice is easily provable.

Professor Sexl began introducing the hollow world theory to his students. But they became very thoughtful when they were asked to comment on this alternative world curiosity based on their knowledge of physics in order to refute the statements of the so-called hollow world theory. Professor Sexl continues: “The uniform rejection is soon justified by a number of recurring objections . The following problems are mostly raised: - How do day and night come about? - How does the horizon come about? - How is gravity explained? - How can the smaller sun produce the necessary energy? - What happened during the moon flight? - Don’t the pictures of the earth from space clearly show a solid sphere?

This dialogue usually lasts about one to two hours, with which all objections of the students against the new world view can be refuted. The mood in the lecture hall fluctuates between resignation and outrage. Years of studying physics do not make it possible to rule out such a meaningless claim that the earth is a hollow body and encloses what we experience as the universe for empirical reasons in a few minutes. Everything that previously appeared as proof of the Copernican theory now becomes proof of the hollow spherical earth as the form of the cosmos. If it is correct that the usual world view of physics has been experimentally proven, then the same experiments have now also proven the hollow world theory. The empirical world view, which has become second nature to the physics student through his work in the practicals and laboratories, begins to falter. If theories are based on experiments and follow from experiments, then the hollow world theory suddenly follows from the same experiment."
- Roman U. Sexl, lecture at the general meeting of the German Association for the Promotion of Mathematical and Scientific Education, 1983 in Tübingen.

Planetary orbits in the heliocentric and geocentric world view

The relations between the planets are always the same, no matter which planet you choose as the center. Only the tracks change. The animation for the cellular cosmos is still pending.

Construction of the cellular cosm

One of the strongest arguments for cellular cosmology is the simple construction of all relationships (including the earth axis inclination of 24.5°) on the basis of simple geometry.

The dimensions of the cellular cosmos follow strict geometrical construction and coincide with the pillars of Solomon’s Temple, as well as with the proportion of the human body

The radius of the earth AE determines the size of the globe and the area around it. The crucial variable is the radius of the sun’s orbit E-So, whose apex is defined by the radius AB. The radius of the moon is determined by the intersection between the line WEZ and the perpendicular through S. The segment WEZ runs through E and the intersection of the horizontal line through So with the circular line. The zodiacal radius (nuclear membrane) is the perpendicular from E to the diagnoale, the intersections of which are determined by the center lines of the umquad and the sun’s orbit. The vertex K of the circle around the white nucleus is defined by an arc around A with radius AZ. The golden section (phi) is found at least seven times. Since the human body (indicated here in white) also follows the golden section in all details, the statement that man is the measure of all things is correct.

“He really (and truly) created heaven and earth. He covers night over day and (vice versa) day over night. And he put the sun and the moon at the service of (man) - each (the both stars) runs ( his orbit) to a certain term. Yes, he is the one who is powerful and (always) ready to forgive.”
- Quran 39:5

Solomon’s Pillars: Jachin and Boaz
= firmness and strength

In this context, it is highly remarkable that the dimensions of the cellular cosm also coincide with those of the two columns Jachin and Boaz in front of Solomon’s temple . Ratios: 18 cubits high, 12 cubits in circumference (3.8 cubits in diameter), 5 cubits in diameter of knobs/heads. The height of the centers of the spheres corresponds exactly to the radius of the earth (if the spheres were larger or smaller, the bases would no longer touch the baseline). The height of a man is also 5 cubits. 5 is the number of the golden ratio and man. With the Freemasonsare the two balls/knobs on the pillars heaven and earth. The “celestial sphere” again confirms the cellular cosmology.

The two columns of Solomon and the sun between them are also encoded as 101, the sum of the first 10 prime numbers (the 10th prime number is 23 = 5 again). The mega-rituals / initiation rituals are obviously about the polarity / duality (twin towers) of man, which must be torn down / destroyed in order for him to achieve perfect unity.

Philolaos cosmology

A cosmology amazingly consistent with cellular cosmology comes from the Greek philosopher Philolaus .

At the center of the universe was the central fire (“hearth”) around which all celestial bodies, including the earth, orbited. The central fire is invisible to people , since they live on the side of the earth that is always turned away from it. Further out than the earth, the moon, the sun and the five planets known at the time (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn) revolve around the central fire, around which the fixed star sphere also revolves at the very outside. The sphere of the fixed stars as the outer limit of the cosmos is surrounded everywhere by an outer fire. Philolaus considers the moon to be inhabited, he regards the sun as a glass-like body which, like a lens, collects and transmits light and heat coming from the outer fire.
Philolaos imagines the origin of the world ( cosmogony ) in such a way that the world has developed from the center (the central fire) in all directions at the same time and in the same way. He considers this necessary because he does not consider any direction to be particularly excellent, but rather regards directions such as “up” and “down” only as relative, location-dependent statements in a point-symmetrical universe. By connecting unlimited factors like time and empty space with limiting ones - like the spherical shape of the universe with a center - the world comes into being.

Cenotaph for Newton

A colossal, but never built, design (1784) of a tomb and memorial to Sir Isaac Newton came from the famous French architect Étienne-Louis Boullée. It involuntarily represents the construction of the cellular cosm.

The Dalai Lama’s Kalachakra

Four concentric planes are also recognizable in Kalachakra: the world, the moon sphere (outer square), the sun sphere (second square), the star sphere (third square) and within it the Holy of Holies (core, 4th square). In each of the inner squares you have to imagine an inner circle. The moon would additionally have a blue circle of water around it. Even if the correspondence is not 1:1, the structure is almost always the same.

Riddles of the Copernican worldview find simple answers

Why is solar radiation weaker in the morning than at noon even though the sun is already fully in the sky? The atmosphere cannot absorb the energy because air does not resonate with light and heat radiation (see tiled stove principle. The snow line is created because the valley floor is first heated and this transfers its temperature to the air, which then rises). It can’t be due to the “angle” either, since the length changes only insignificantly compared to the total distance from the sun (145 million km). In cellular cosmology, on the other hand, the Copernican-mysterious change in intensity is easily explained with the physical law of distance .

Why don’t the planets pull each other out of orbit? Since, for example, Jupiter and Saturn are in conjunction every 200 years, they pull each other a little bit out of their orbit each time. If this happens often enough, they leave their orbit and fall into the sun or disappear into space. The fact that this does not happen with all planets contradicts all probability and the so -called “three-body problem” . In cellular cosmology, the planets are moved by the ether wind (macrocosmic electron spin) like floating buoys. Their orbit depends on their density.

Where do the planets come from?
In the Copernican system there is no explanation for the emergence of such a harmony. In cellular cosmology, the planets arise in the cell nucleus (black sun) and leave it one after the other. The oldest planet closest to the surface of the earth is the moon, the youngest, closest to the black sun, is Pluto. With each new planet, the oldest is eliminated by landing on the surface of the earth, releasing its content (new races) and thus introducing a “natural catastrophe”, but at the same time a new beginning, a new age (leap in evolution).

The common explanations of the ebb and flow are bogged down in contradictions

There are almost as many popular scientific explanations for the strange “tidal phenomenon” as there are physicists - everyone tells something different.

Explanation for the second flood mountain facing away from the moon

First attempt: The earth-moon system does not revolve around the center of the earth, but around a point of rotation that is slightly shifted towards the moon. This creates a centrifugal force on the opposite side.

Refutation: This “imbalance” is not an eccentric movement that creates a greater centrifugal force on the far side of the moon, but an internal upheaval that puts every body on the earth’s surface in exactly the same imbalance, which is why there is no one-sided reinforcement are.

Second attempt :
On the far side of the moon, the attraction of the moon is slightly less than in the center of the earth. That’s why the water loses the bottom there, so to speak, and the sea level rises - so the water moves away from the moon and forms a second tide peak.

Refutation: Moon and Earth add their attraction on the far side towards the moon.

Huge distance between earth and moon in the Copernican heliocentric world view (KHWB)

Are the two flood mountains the same size?

However, the two flood mountains are not exactly the same size. Because the force that causes a tidal mountain to pile up is 7% stronger on the side facing the moon than on the back. This difference is because the gradient of the gravitational force—the rate at which it changes spatially—depends nonlinearly with distance: the magnitude of the gradient is inversely proportional to the cube of the distance between two masses (while the force itself is inversely proportional to the square of it). It is anything but trivial to separately calculate these flood mountains with their completely different causes. But what makes things even more difficult is the fact that both flood mountains are about the same size! That would be an unlikely coincidence.

Six-hour flood delay

An argument against the conventional tide model is that the tide peak lags behind the moon’s zenith by 6 hours, or precedes it, even though gravity acts without a time delay.

"Laplace derived this tide picture purely theoretically for a sea of ​​constant water depth and showed that in the equatorial regions of such a sea the tides are always indirect, whereas in the polar regions they are direct, but that at a certain mean latitude the vertical tide (but not the tidal currents ) disappear… One sees that the dynamic theory is extremely involved. "
- “Ebb and Flow of the Sea of ​​the Atmosphere and the Earth” (p. 40), Albert Defant
Direct tide means : high tide follows the moon’s zenith and indirect tide : high tide follows the moon’s zenith with a delay of 6 hours. There is no really good explanation for the fact of the “indirect tides” near the equator in the heliocentric world view (HWB). Because the moon is almost directly above the water masses, and for long stretches there are no land masses. 6 hours correspond to 90 degrees of longitude, ie from South Africa across the Indian Ocean to Australia, or from Malaysia to Ecuador.

Strange rip tide

Another argument for cellular cosmology is the spring tide (a particularly strong high tide or low tide) that occurs at both sun-moon conjunction and sun-moon opposition.

The spring tide is caused by particularly strong tidal forces when the sun, moon and earth are in a straight line. At full moon the earth is between the sun and the moon ( opposition ), at new moon the moon is between the sun and the earth ( conjunction ). In both cases, a spring tide occurs.
- WP
What now? Either the powers of both stars strengthen, or they neutralize each other. Neither is logically possible. Incidentally, the sun exerts - empirically determined - an impressive 46% of the gravitational pull of the moon on the water (no problem in the ZK, but whether this can really be achieved in the HWB should be checked with the distances and masses of both stars).

In cellular cosmology there is no ominous “force of attraction”, but only radiant forces or pressure forces. The moon modulates the cosmic radiation and uses it to generate its own “perilunar field”, which - just like the perisolar field of the sun - spreads over half the hollow sphere and presses on the water in a frequency-specific manner. Two identical chains of flood mountains form along the edges, while just below the moon’s zenith there is an ebb tide. Like the sun, the moon moves across the sky from east to west. The flood mountains follow its zenith in a north-south trending semi-circular flood wall.

The 6 hour tide delay and second tide peak has a very simple explanation
in cellular cosmology .

Proof: The tides are not generated by gravity but by radiation pressure.

By simply changing the sign of the direction of the force , all previous contradictions are resolved with pleasure .


The moon illusion

A further indication of the correctness of cellular cosmology is the so-called “moon illusion” , which has puzzled the minds of great minds such as Ptolemy, Leonardo Da Vinci, Kepler, Discartes and Gauss and which “could not be finally clarified” to this day. A sky observer has the impression that the moon is larger near the horizon because of the impression of a “flattened firmament”. Constellations also appear stretched. The firmament flattening and distortion near the horizon find a very simple explanation in cellular cosmology.

cosmic rays

The cosmic radiation is uniform everywhere on earth and penetrates meter-thick lead plates. Recently it has only been called “secondary radiation”, ie it is said to be caused by radioactive particle decay in the atmosphere. Primarily only protons, neutrons and electrons should hit the atmosphere. But the origin and composition does not matter, because there is a huge problem: if the radiation is to travel hundreds, if not thousands of light-years, and at the same time the radiation intensity decreases as the square of the distance, then the Radiation sources would have to be as intense as if where a permanent “big bang” would take place. In short: This contradicts all physics. So there must be a very strong source of radiation in the immediate vicinity,which at the same time reaches every place on earth equally, quasi from a “centre”. And that is exactly what cellular cosmology offers.


Just these four of innumerable other examples that could be listed here should make the vast superiority and elegance of the cellular cosmological model clear to every thinker. It’s not as if it would only gradually lead to better results, but the Copernican model is full of logical impossibilities and extreme “coincidences”, which in total already mean a falsification of the entire model.

What is outside the cellular ksmos?

Outside there are more cellular cosms, just like the human body has more cells. However, the blueprint is always the same. Anyone who has understood the structure of just one cell no longer needs to urgently examine the other cells. The information content remains the same!

“Know yourself, then you will know God.”

The mathematical equivalent to this is the checksum principle (modulo division by 9). " Infinity" is therefore only quantitative, not qualitative! The biblical exhortation “Seek first the kingdom of heaven” means exactly this: Those who have reached the center (the Father in heaven, the zero point, the origin, the singular source of radiation) on a vertical path of development no longer need to worry about quantity.

We first have to get used to the idea that one and the same structure is repeated indefinitely, that the human body and human cell may alternate as a superstructure. And that we are consequently anything but “random products”, that a universe “mandatory” arises from the order of the numbers and the principles that they represent. The prime number density decreases with the natural logarithm. The natural logarithm is also found in nature. So the numbers definitely have something to do with the laws of nature. Peter Plichta proved that the periodic table of the chemical elements is structured by the prime numbers and that there are exactly 81 stable elements. Interestingly, the reciprocal of 1/81 is 0.1234567911…, which is the sequence of natural numbers.Numbers structure matter. Numbers are not a human invention, as the materialists claim.

The vortex mathematics according to Marco Rodin describes the generation of the torus from the vortex. The torus is the basic matrix of the universe, ie all universes that follow the number law that arises with the creation of the 1 from the 0 have the same structure. Numbers are principles and, alongside quantities, are also qualities when faced in a circular arrangement. See also astrology, the oldest cosmological science
of all.

Randy Powell explains the vortex math

Quantum physicist German: “I exist infinitely often!”

For the physicist David Deutsch , our universe is just one of infinitely many in which he lives in parallel. What seems absurd to laypeople, Deutsch concludes from quantum theory. In an interview, he accuses his physician colleagues of ignoring objective reality.

DD: According to quantum theory, physical reality is a much larger thing than the sum total of things we see, the stars, the galaxies. Reality is a much bigger thing, and that’s what we call the multiverse . It has regions that behave almost autonomously from the other regions. And those are just the different universes.

DD: With all theories that you know and understand, you can make correct predictions - regardless of whether you say something is real or not. But if you want to improve a theory, it’s different. With the approach that a scientific theory is just a set of rules that you use to predict something, you would never find the rules. For the rules are only discovered by postulating that something is real and has real properties from which we can derive the observations. If you skip this step, you freeze the progress. And that’s exactly what happened.

The cellular cosmology coincides 100% with Deutsch’s theory! And it would even assign a discrete location to each of the multiverses. The fact that more or less the same thing happens in all universes is due to their basic structure, according to which our reality is structured by the basic numbers of the decimal system (see Vortex Mathematics and Plichta).

Between Christmas 2015 and Epiphany I stumbled across two very simple Earth rotation experiments that anyone can replicate that directly measure the rotation depending on latitude. This distinguishes them from Foucault’s pendulum, which simply stands still at the equator!

Why has cellular cosmology not been mentioned in spiritual literature?

It’s really not like that. The Holy Scriptures confirm it by placing the sun and moon side by side as equals, for example. Most creation myths - eg also the Vedic, Babylonian and the Celtic (Edda) coincide with the cellular cosmology, instead of with the heliocentrism, which corresponds to the Egyptian “sun cult”.

Helio = I = Ego = Egocentrism.

A spiritual teacher may have a choice - like Cyrus Teed and his followers - to make a fool of himself, to isolate himself, and to fight the intellectual battle for the truth, so that the truth will eventually penetrate the general consciousness, maybe 100 years later. Or he wants to reach and touch the maximum of souls. Then he has to pay attention to the lowest common denominator, keep the ball low, limit himself to general statements and meet people where they are so as not to confuse them but to align them with God. His goal is to tame their egos, help them cope with everyday life, and open them to divine grace through growing selflessness and sacrifice. Only then will they be ready for the truth, in whatever field it may appear.

Distinction from other alternative theories

There are exactly three ways the surface of the earth we live on can be like:

  1. Convex (solid or hollow)
  2. flat (disk)
  3. Concave (“Cellular”)

Option 2 is done by the fact that the spherical shape has been mapped completely and is constantly documented by visibly circling satellites. The thousands of hours of video footage would all have to be “fake,” as would the rocket launches and billions in budgets, not to mention where the signals coming from billions of precisely aligned satellite dishes are coming from.

That leaves option 1 and option 3. Both are visually confusingly similar. Every point in the outside can be reflected by circular reflection(reciprocal radii) can be transformed inwards, all that is needed is a single change: light curves more than expected. Therefore, a non-optical experiment must be used to decide which of the two models is correct.

Such an experiment would be, for example, a direct measurement of the earth’s rotation using the law of conservation of angular momentum as a basis. If the earth does not rotate, the sun, moon and stars must rotate. And that would destroy the coherence of Model 1 while confirming Model 3.

flat earth

There are “over 200 arguments” against the heliocentric full-sphere worldview, some of which are justified, but most are also outrageously naive.

The Flat Earther world map is heavily distorted and looks like this:

The question is, what good reason is there against the spherical shape? Because in addition to being “flat”, the solid sphere can also be hollow and inverted. The opposite of convex is not flat, but - concave!
Nevertheless, there are more videos for the “Flat Earth” than for any other alternative model, which is very amazing. Most of them have only been created in the last two or three years. As if someone wanted to ridicule the whole discussion about the solid sphere with an ultimately even more dubious theory.

The most sensible explanation for the phenomenon of “flat earth hype” is probably this: People have recognized that they are being lied to in all areas of science, that science only serves to justify life-hostile politics. So they question everything, including the worldview. The flat earth is exactly halfway between convex and concave earth. However, they do not dare to take the final step towards the concaverde. Maybe because then “God” would suddenly move too much into the “center” (cell nucleus / heaven / Valhalla / Meru / Olympus), and they feel abandoned by God in these end times. Worldview is always self-image!

"It’s striking [by the way] that the daring thesis that the earth is flat became widespread just at the time when US President Barack Obama - who also took office in 2009 - was having doubts about human-caused climate change as “Members of the Flat Earth Society”: Within just 12 months, the video portal YouTube was already inundated with masses of videos claiming to provide evidence that the earth is in fact
flat.It therefore suggests something that we are dealing with a “psychological warfare” and “reverse psychology” type operationto do, which requires major support from intelligence agencies, governments and corporations to discredit those who are critical of events like 9/11 by claiming that they also believe such nonsense as that that the earth is flat.
While this will hardly deter long-time truth movement supporters, or so-called “truthers,” from continuing to engage critically with such false flag operations and similar issues, the infiltration of the flat-earth theory scene is well suited to To deter potentially critical people who are encountering suppressed information for the first time, for fear of making a fool of themselves in front of others, by using the Pavlovian reflex to equate the general public with an equation along the lines of “Doubting Osama bin Laden’s perpetrators / of man-made climate change etc. = belief in the flat earth theory etc.” is conditioned.
The “flat earth” issue is thus the ideal mind control device that could have been concocted by the Tavistock Institute or the CIA to automatically classify critical thinking by the “major media” as “thought crime” in the Orwellian sense."
Source : Pravda-tv.com from 02/2016

The first “Flat Earth” refutation becomes a triviality in the age of mass air travel (quite the opposite of cellular cosmology):

“So let’s fly from Johannesburg to Sao Paulo, it’s 7429 kilometers. Flight time 10 hours 15 minutes. For comparison, a flight route from Moscow to New York: it’s 7509 kilometers (80 kilometers more). Flight time 9 hours 55 minutes. The distances are about the same and so are the flight times. If the earth were flat, the flight from Johannesburg to Sao Paulo would take much longer, about three times as much. Thus, the flat earth is a “last craze” that can only die out, because the earth is spherical…”.
But even the Christian blogger who originated this argument ultimately goes astray when he continues:

“…and revolves around the sun, the writers of the Old Testament did not yet know this, which is a proof that these writings are not inspired by God.”

Because that the earth should “circle around the sun”… Copernicus only gave us this “brilliant idea” many centuries later. But this first and most serious of the “Great Insults of Mankind” is also one of the causes of today’s worldwide “crisis of faith”. Therefore, it is high time for the next step in the world view!

The second refutation is even more trivial:

Hollow world with openings in the polar caps according to Admiral Byrd

This theory does not question existing astronomy, but introduces an additional dimension, namely a completely hollowed-out Earth inside.

The contradictions of the prevailing world view remain completely unresolved, but other questions arise instead. Edward Snowden is said to have recently confirmed the existence of a “billion-year-old culture” inside the earth.

Resistance to the new worldview

In his decades of experience, the author had to recognize that very few people are willing to simply give up the worldview they have taken over, if only to exchange it for a better one. It is far more difficult for people to part with spiritual “possessions” (convictions, beliefs) than with material things.

“Truth has to overcome a thousand obstacles in order to get onto paper undamaged and from paper back to your head.”
- Georg Christoph Lichtenberg (1742 - 1799)

Even an angular momentum experiment, which costs nothing and can be repeated in seconds in any larger elevator, is not enough to transfer the world view question from the level of faith and ideology to the tough science.

  • The scientists and bread scholars see their status endangered.
  • The “esoterics” and “exo-politicians” fear that with the end of the galactocentric worldview, their much-awaited “aliens” will also lose their right to exist.
  • The missionaries see their exclusivity endangered if God suddenly becomes directly accessible to everyone.
  • The politicians and secret societies live off the ignorance of the masses and will take care not to loosen the intellectual chains of research and the philosophy of chaos.
  • Most normal people are happy when they survive and secure their bare existence.
  • The open and secret atheists find it particularly difficult with the idea of ​​a kind father above the starry sky (Schiller’s ode).

World view question is a self-image question. World, God and Self cannot be observed separately! Therefore, only true seekers of truth, scientists in the best sense of the word (those who really want to know) find themselves willing to confront the new, infinitely more coherent reality and admit to having been completely misinformed for most of life. Finding and winning these people seems more difficult than the proverbial needle in a haystack.

links on topic

The oldest and most comprehensive website on the subject of ZK is that of the physicist Rolf Keppler .

He got his knowledge from Helmut Diehl , who still knew Johannes Lang (the German author of the fundamental work “Die Hohlwelttheorie”) personally. The article “The true structure of our universe”

by “Honigmann” also offers a good summary and introduction (yes, the ZK has meanwhile arrived on the “scene” and is already secretly “cooking” in many heads). Other smaller sites are those of Hans Dressler

and a Polish page (in English) with a laser experiment . and some reflections on glass layer theory and geostationary satellites.

The American graphic artist Steven Christophersupports the “glass layer theory” that at an altitude of 100 km a layer of glass several centimeters thick runs through. He substantiates this with strange glass finds in the desert and other areas. On the other hand, in my opinion, light refraction phenomena, which are not observed, as well as satellites that have been circling in space and have radio contact for years, as well as crystal-clear telescopic images of the planets and fixed stars, etc. Steven’s graphics and animation videos are elaborately and lovingly made, albeit in many points in my opinion incorrect.

In the opening animationto the popular horror series “Games of Throne” you see an “inner world” of sea and continents. A diamond sun hangs in the center, surrounded by steel planetary orbits.

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Yes, the “glass can” is really a car and not a spaceship…