Fibonacci sequence shaped earth (offset donut)

MIR space station video from 1987 of the north pole


  • Earths resonance (Schumann frequency) at 7.83 Hz is the same everywhere, consequently the same distance all over at 38288 km (lots of factors affect wavelength)
  • Military Grid Reference System must have parallel lines both ways to function (can be bent and sill be running in parallel).
  • High tides happening at opposite sides of the earth at the same time
  • Polaris, (North star) is situated directly over the (Magnetic) North Pole, should not be visible anywhere in the Southern hemisphere.
    Polaris can be seen, up to over 20 degrees South latitude.


The wrong think of 3 axis.

Using 4 planes each with length and width - Lateral, Torsion (twist), Axial, Angular (Bending)


Bob the builder.
The 3D printer nozzle is Bob and we instruct him to build a multistory apartment complex. He starts his build all fine and good. At some stage i lift the printer and put a book under one corner. Bob is still building straight up, or so he thinks. I can clearly see that is not the case.

Mark ten Bosch and his 4D game “Miegakure”

What Does a 4D Ball Look Like in Real Life?

Some scaling perspective of the situation on hand. 637 pixels from ground to center axis of symmetry. 6 pixels diameter of sun, moon and “black hole”. 1 pixel for flight height and deepest vertical hole ever drilled. The mantel 300 Nautical Miles thick.

Deepest hole on earth, Kola Super Deep, Russia. 12262 meter Start 24 May 1970,

4 years to reach 7263 m, 12000 m on 27.12.1983, Drilling stopped in 1992


( seems the Lodestone starts at a depth of ~12km ?? to brittle for drilling)

0° - 180° - 0° east west and north south 90° - 0° - 90° missing half is known to some
Earth icon 2

Water lake at the ocean floor. Many more underwater lakes have since been discovered.
Unfortunately Mike deGruy died in a helicopter crash.

Also using this old map from 1935 aligning the Geomagnetic north pole and the Geomagnetic south pole (and also the Pamir Knot, and the world’s longest estuary) moving by 17° the poles now at 90° and perpendicular the line running 17° west of London to Cap-Vert at 0°

Roaring Forties, Furious Fifties and the Screaming Sixties

“The wind goeth toward the south, and turneth about unto the north; it whirleth about continally, and the wind returneth again according to this circuits” Ecclesiastes 1:6

Earth icon with wind

Olaf Jansen the only men to circumnavigate the full 360° north to south.
His mystic, intriguing story “The smoky god” as he visited the other side.
(His story starts at page 8)

The massive bronze doors of St John Lateran are over 2,000 years old.

The secret diary of Admiral Richard Byrd as he visited the second (outer) half of the world.

Every human is a god.
Every-time waking form deep sleep the journey starts anew.
Everyone is always at the center.

I be very busy with other projects and want be posting for some time.

This just made me want to put a timeline together of “co-incidences.” Which by accepted definition is literally a set of events interacting with other similarly “patterned” sets of events. Can call a singular event ‘e’ in the topological imaginary “Space” of Events and a set of events maybe ‘E’ as a sort of mathematical script / cipher. Then Co-incidences would be retroduced(K.W. term) to become Co-(intersecting 'e’vents). We could further simplify by laws of Volume and scale invariant energy levels like Quark/Proton/Atom/Mol/etc(see Roger Penrose Hilbert Spaces). The term becomes Co-[e^e] imagining an event as an imaginary plan3 intersecting another imaginary line creating a 2 dimensional (hence exponent) plane of 'e’vent. Thus in the truest retroductive reality a set of intersecting 'e’vents. One way to describe coincidences may become E^E or other permutations as “phase prime metrics” would teach to be the realest form of modeling.

Then one could have e^E or E^e or ((E)^E)^E… etc. This would mirror how the human brain had more imaginary mappable dimensions (each time scale of patterns like cell cycle water/sweat/excrete cycle hair grow cycle skin grow cycle work week cycle family generation lifespan cycle. This the deeper one goes into permutations of E^E^E^E… the more Wisdom or Knowledge one would attain. Likewise a human needs maximum conscious capability (layers of biological rhythms) being actively working (like lethargic dehydrated vs adrenaline scared focused) to even comprehend multi-dimensional sets of events.

In the end I am attempting to simply say a Fibonacci Topology seems almost required by laws of reality to be present when learning of the “shapes” or temporal topologies (ex: see electron orbital geometric patterns that an atom will oscillate rhythmically between). Similar to how the planets trace obvious star shapes and other epicycloid topological patterns from which shapes emerge. I would further say we are not even think at high enough echelons of conscious complexity if we are stuck on shapes and geometries just like “normies” get stuck on attending a birthday party event and get stressed thinking about coincidences and con-spira-C’s. Their bodies and minds are literally physically and meta-physically not fueled or developed enough to literally survive and live life while allowing themselves to have interest in such complex topics.

All the great occluded thinkers come to this realization at some point it would seem from my experiences.

My questions on this topic that arise from these thoughts are just what the “period” or rhythm frequency our biosphere morphologically changes its topological geometries. As for openings/holes in the geometries in this topic → I worry that we don’t really ever see those. We see singularities of emptiness/darkness where we simply cannot measure the frequency or energy scale of aetherial fluid “vibrations”/waves. So if images of earth show black spots in real Space images I would bet plenty that it scaling limitation of our sens-es or measurement sens-or.

Animation Loop GIF by xponentialdesign
Check out the Game of Life that Stephen Wolfram is enamored by… if that is not sufficient proof that our “life” is not so different than 2D pixel game of life, then one should assume their mind and body are not fueled nor developed enough to under-stand the concept… or to literally be able to stand-under the sky and see the game of life even playing out “above.”

game of life simulation GIF

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Finally making my way back into some of these other topics.

I ran a polar mapping of the left to right earth to CMB such that it almost gives the image that LSC gives with his model.

I’ve also dug into the inner workings of simulation software LSC was using. It does not appear possible to bend light rays in the ways that it is happening in reality.

I do think I can build a Blender mod such that we can bend light as it passes through a 3d volume. I suspect we will be able to render very realistic viewpoints of a person standing on our Earth and looking up at the sky. It would allow for rays to continuously bend until it hits the “camera sphere” where everything is locked into place. The “Sphere of Perception” we could call it of sorts. Maybe it is a good name for the Mod if I can complete it. It should be able to utilize all the multi-core processors and gfx cards with quaternion math (3d rotations).

@AEtherTopologist Everytime you submit something here I get really excited. You’re on a totally different level and it’s amazing seeing everything you think and do.

I tried this myself with a lesser method and here is the results below

The creator of the originals is named Pablo Carlos Budassi
He has an instagram and sometimes does respond when he isn’t as busy, maybe you can have luck with him and work something out? I mentioned bigbang/singularity version of his works a year ago and he said he may be interested in creating it but was too busy working on other projects

Here is his instagram

Update 9/26/2023
@AEtherTopologist I sent you a private chat message, pls check it out :open_mouth:

Yes there is a creator, Golden Ratio can be found all over the place.

If you think along the lines of Nature then you think properly.

Warm fresh water lakes 38°F, 3.33°C near (at ?) Magnetic South Pole ~ 100° E

The North Star Proves the Earth Does Not Move

The world has many Moon’s, but not visible without light source.
Every now and then a second can be seen.

You don’t need earth to move at all when the Celestial Sphere rotates above us once every 24 hours.