Free simple CONCAVE EARTH 3D model in Blender - Includes a rotating celestial sphere inside of a transparent hollow/concave earth

Free simple CONCAVE EARTH 3D model in Blender - Includes a rotating celestial sphere inside of a transparent hollow/concave earth.


  1. Download and install Blender Download —

  2. Download the Free (6.0 MB)

  3. Unzip the contents to your desired location

  4. Open the Basic Concave Earth Example.blend file and wait for Blender to open and the project to load.

  5. Click Viewport Shading to view the model

  6. Enjoy!

In order to download this free model Free (6.0 MB), you need to be a registered user.


Many thanks! This animation is a powerful demonstration that shows how our sensory perception may trick us.
It would be nice to have a show/hide toggle for longitude & latitude lines. :slight_smile:

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Initially I wanted to just release a simple version like this. I think it’s a good idea to keep releasing versions — I’ll release soon a more detailed one with sun moon , sunlight , etc


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Do you already have something in thought how to manage you work-in-progress results?
One option would be to use GitHub ( ) and share/manage releases via git.
git is best for text-based contents, but it would also make sense for your blender file and it is quite easy to use, when you do not have a lot of contributors (e.g. only you are the contributor).
If this sounds like a feasible option just give me a hint and we may talk / clarify it in more detail.

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I’m still learning Blender, maybe add some more info for how to get the model working.

Otherwise, awesome! Thanks.

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Blender is not really intuitive based on my experience. The way I learned, is by working from scratch and googling every little thing I needed to do, starting with basic navigation in the software, followed by simple actions like creating a sphere.

With this simple model, all you really need to know is how to navigate the Viewport in Blender.

Left mouse click is select , you won’t use this much for viewing this model
Right mouse click HOLD , you can turn the camera around
If you hold shift, and after hold RIGHT CLICK, you can move the camera

Unfortunately, Blender tutorials are outside the scope of this post. The user needs to have prior knowledge, or be willing to learn themselves. It can be very frustrating. This simple model with 2 elements took me about 5 hours to create lol !

I will be delivering more, very soon. Initially it will be released on this forum only – this is to help encourage user signups and traffic to the forum

I’ll also release this

And also show a tutorial as well as include the .blend file for this

Oh and this one is also important , i’ll release this too.

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For some reason instead of it rendering the model everything is pink. Any ideas on how to fix the render?

Usually when it is pink it means it cannot find the texture file that is UV Wrapping the sphere.
Make sure all the files for the project are there and in the same folder that your blender project file is

If that doesn’t work , try opening a new project (Meaning you’ll have 2 blenders up, one this project, and one a new project)

Drag the project Scenes into the new project file, and see if it renders properly in there. By the project scenes, I mean the stuff here.

You should be able to copy and paste them into the new model.

There could be a million things it could be

Nevermind I figured it out! Thanks for the awesome work

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Happy to see you here, welcome!

( instagram)

Does anyone have a 3D model for Sketchup please? So I can use the official data on it while modelling

Thanks guys.

This isn’t giving you what you want, but technically you should be able to export a model from blender to a format you can open in Sketchup. You can google it for tutorials , try looking for more recent ones. I’d do it for you if I used sketchup

Finally got mine to work today! Time to do some presentations!

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