Glass + Ice Firmament and Light

Playing devil’s advocate here. If there is a glass dome/barrier that is encrusted in ice at 100km due to cold temperatures, wouldn’t the layer of ice significantly reduce the amount of light that passes through that translucent layer? Wouldn’t it also make viewing the celestial bodies we see difficult or impossible? Maybe the ice is pure and closer to transparent.

From what I read, the glass/ice firmament was destroyed. That’s why there is so much sand and water on the earth.
And i guess this barrier was protecting ground from solar radiation. Today every solar flare hit the earth causing wind storms and other phenomena.

That makes sense…but what about the light optics and phenomime we observe in nature? Could there be multiple firmaments? The rainbows, sundogs, etc. make it seem like light is being bent or filtered or manipulated.
Then there’s the megacryometeors. Where the heck are they from? Maybe the remnants of a once intact firmament that’s mostly broken now.

Thanks. Just a curious human here trying to figure out the physical realm they inhabit.

Light is bending not because of glass spheres but because of device which is in center. Bend factor is in fibonacci spiral probably.

If about halo. It’s happening in earth atmosphere, not in space. I know it’s look like light goes through the glass sphere but its not. If it would be like that than halo would be visible all the time, but its not.

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