WIP To-Scale-Blender Model additions & 3D print model to follow

I just started learning Blender and it seems very capable of programming the illumination dynamics within the Earth’s measured magnetic fields and ‘Aetherial’ superfluid dynamics. I’ve also studied some of the highest level computational fluid dynamics/mechanics as well as geometric music language based on unit quaterions up to dedoconion and above. I beileve there is also some magnetic field simulation software perhaps free that can be used as well.

That said, I’m a n00b here. Its been maybe 15 years since I’ve posted on forums… I remember back in the day ACMLM and RomHacking websites… :nerd_face: :speech_balloon: :desktop_computer: :keyboard: :computer_mouse: :floppy_disk:

That aside here is the link on a Google Drive account I have for the Blender model with added 100km sphere and rough guestimate size of core celestial sphere. I’ve also included template of the Primer Fields dome magnet to eventually show field dynamics or aetherial superfluid :ocean: :ocean: dynamics between cosmic microwave background above our heads down to the molten metal far below the souls of our feet. :face_with_monocle: :nerd_face: :sunglasses:

PLUS this is a good excuse to purchase a high end graphics card and multi-core processor :innocent: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

One vision I have is to model each concentric sphere as an infinitely thin 3d spherical surface that contains all information of the “conscious” state of the earth as well as the Celestial Sphere and the Metal Rind in Concave Earth or Metal Core in Heliocentric. Then we can compare and contrast light dynamics freely with the shared version. I suspect this type of world within world morphing capability is possible with custom script additions to the Blender model elements and rendering programming.

Blender Model (Will update same filename over time or post new links)

The aetherial fluid appears to be a ‘quantum’ type superfluid (ex: Superfluid Helium videos on Youtube). I like to imagine it with Penrose-Tiling such that any geometry that follows the “rules” of the “game of life” - (See Conway’s Game of Life on youtube of Wolfram’s Cellular Automata).

Another key aspect I suspect will be the maximum Entropy condition at surface and how it affects light and why it is at a maximum condition compared to the ground below our feet and sky above our heads. (Ex: old bones that literally move only small amounts over time as they get burried and become more and more stable basic rocks/etc. Conversely the sky has constellations that appear to only change ever so slightly over time. The surface of the earth and all life forms based on Microtubules or Tektite Carbon Tubes is likely the most basic form and ingredient for life - especially when the tubes become filled with water to have multiple unique electromechanical resonating properties. i have lots and lots I need to share with this community. Not wanting to over-hype, or sound like Lord Steven Christ lol… but many of these things did come to me in visions/dreams over time. I presume for the purpose to share here.

3D Spin GIF by tdhooper

My chat log below for reference as well on context.

Hi guys. I'm new to this reality. I feel like a caged animal on a Rollercoaster.. :laughing:

Does anyone know where/if/how I can get concave globe for my desk? Wouldake an awesome conversation piece..

I have a 3d print lab plastic and metal available… I may end up drawing up a model. Afraid to post to any public repository as strangely none exist. Makes me worry its being censored if any do pop up. Give me a few days… hah. I want a desk piece too. The owner of 3D print lab is a Flat Earther currently. I have him curious, so sending it to him will be a fun conversation!

Do you have a YouTube channel you can post some of your animations to? Interested to see what you come up with, I’ve never been sold on LSC model of glass firmament at 100km

I do have this handle on youtube/google. That’s the plan!

Not sure I want to take the LSC approach that appears so detailed I’m inclined to believe he was/is a MilOps declas’ actor. I suppose it doesn’t hurt to just talk through logic in some videos and see where it goes.

I’ve still not seen any definitive evidence of a glass sphere at 100km. I just have it in as the starting point as its difficult to argue any models fill in the glaring gaps of heliocentric perspective. The whole Entropy laws of Thermodynamics smell fishy.

One huge key is to find where, when and how helical nanotubes emerge in nature. This and general ‘water memory’ discoveries are at the heart of the next step forward and I sweat I’ve come across carbon fiber ribbons being found in tektites / lybian desert glass.

Wow this is awesome thanks a lot for sharing :smiley: <3
I’ll check this out

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@AEtherTopologist could you reupload this project but upload the entire project folder and not just the .blend file? The reason for this, is that there are textures missing if we use just the .blend file. I was able to re-allocate the world map and the celestial sphere texture , but I think there might be more missing.

I’m interested in what I see / what you did in the celestial sphere

You’d simply zip the contents of the entire project in 1 folder and share it there.

Also I’m not sure if you’re aware, but for fun, there’s this other model , its very simple non to scale and just for demonstration.
CONCAVEEarth.net Free Concave Earth Model V2 - Includes added elements over the previous free model

Ill re-upload today.

Making some food progress behind the scenes. Studying up on Aerogels, glass formation, graphene ribbon and tube formation processes in nature and a few other things to capture the near zero or potentially negative refractive index that appears to happen around that 100km mark across our sky.

I’ve also learned how to use some Blender tools to import elevation maps from google. Then we can model maybe the 7 wonders of the world in their proper locations to see the historical symbolism and how light dynamics (maybe better termed illumination dynamics).
Some photos of a fun ice formation in magnetic field (spring water used)

Ill upload little later today (I’m CST / UTC-5/6).

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Check this out , it's insane !

I’m interested in what you’re sharing and look forward to hearing more about your ideas, especially the structure and what it is and more about it

That model is huge! I may need to go get a setup with a multi-core video card.

Some share folders I have on Drive, just need to click link and request access: