You Believe The Earth is Concave, So What?

It seems to me that for many, the proving of our world as being concave is the only goal. Everyone wants to prove their theory, and this goes for flat earthers and those who believe the scholastic story as well. Yet, I’m right and you’re wrong rarely ever leads to anything constructive. To me that personal discovery of the concave world was just the starting point of the journey. No one taught me about the concave earth, I had to figure it out myself though research, observation, and contemplation. Once I figured that part out, the next step of the journey became far more important.

So if you want to tell others and convince them that this idea is the correct theory, perhaps there is another way to go about this. I find this much more satisfying than creating some experiment that proves it beyond any doubt, a goal which may not even be possible. For proof is the bedfellow of belief. And belief is the death of a thinking mind. When one believes something, it ends the journey of discovery. It’s as if the mind says, “ok, that’s enough. I now believe it so any contradictory evidence is no longer accepted.” We see this almost as a goal of certain religions. Science believers as well. I think we’ve all seen the popular saying “I believe in science.” Well, science isn’t a belief system folks!, so where does that come from? Not understanding, that’s for certain.

We are all guilty of this path of thinking, scientists, mathematicians, the religious, even atheists are believers, like it or not. They believe there is no God, but have no concrete proof, just a lack of convincing pro-God evidence. And once they’ve convinced themselves there is no God, the mind stops letting in any information to the contrary. Just like their opponents. I always get a kick out of those silly God vs. no God debates. Creation vs. evolution. Do they really think they will convince their adversary, or even the audience to drop their beliefs and pickup a new one which is diametrically opposed? A true road to nowhere if there is one.

I include myself with these groups as well. Fending off belief to find the higher path, understanding, isn’t easy. Belief often creeps up and nips us in the heel, much like the old viper story. We must be ever vigilant to keep our minds open to knew possibilities regardless of how cocksure we may be.

So are we are just fooling ourselves in this pursuit?

Back to the topic. Perhaps, instead of scientific proof of a concave earth, there is another way for the theory to be more convincing and understandable to the natural mind. I think there is. And that is to look at the implications of a concave world. How it relates to our other beliefs and hopefully, understandings of the world we live in.

This opens the door to just about anything. How does a concave world fit in with other areas of study? For science, we plot the data into a new model and we come up with an entirely different result. The same can be said for religion. Politics as well. And especially history…his story.

To me, the focus on how the heavens are conceived, built, and work, is seemingly a futile path. Interesting for sure, but that’s all. How can anyone ever prove such a thing? No one can go there. You can’t fly up into space and take a picture of the earth and say this is how it is, even though NASA has tried to do that repeatedly for the last 60 years or so. Not only is this not proof, it isn’t even possible once you understand the challenges faced with such an endeavor. I think we’ve all tried to explain the NASA deception to little or no avail. It just makes us look like kooks to those who can’t understand what we’ve already learned.

Understanding is the key to it all. Once we can see how this affects every aspect of life, future, past, and present, we can come up with a myriad of ways to show why this theory must be true.

So what are your thoughts?
What are the implications of a concave world in your life?
How would things be different if you were taught this from the start?
What if everyone was taught this instead of the spinning globe in a never ending universe?
And most important, what lies on the other side?

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Apart from simple psychology where the majority does what the majority does so no one steps out of line to avoid being rejected. I noticed an “interesting” phenomenon. When “science” and religions behave like the typical good cop and bad cop or bad cop and good cop. The “reasoning” of scientists writing is that there is always something to discover and trying to say that nothing is known so that people also think so and do not look for SIMPLE answers. So they invent something under microscopes, some fancy and nonsense particles that are actually just ordinary shots of “aether pressure” with different energies.
Same with the expansion of the universe where they twisted Hubble’s words because he never claimed it was expanding. But now they have room to lie because they can make up how much remains to be investigated and still tell everyone that nothing is known.
It’s similar with religions. “Don’t think, just believe.” “There will be understanding after death, but not now.” “We are too stupid to understand this.” “It makes no sense, such a vast cosmos, how to understand it all.” Pray and you will find out, but only after death."
So these are typical tricks of science and religion, which keep telling people that nothing is known, while the truth is simple. Eventually, over time, people believe that the truth cannot be understood now in their lifetime and they absolutely reject this way of thinking. And yet religions even encourage people to reject logical thinking, and now let’s add to this the intimidation of “hell fires”, it is brainwashing. After a few years, people are afraid to think simply and logically.
Now come over and give proof with the rectilineator. And they think, “No, it can’t be that simple, I want to believe in a large cosmos.” I did that in a chat at the start of an Axiom mission. I gave this experiment to some guy, he must have searched and found it because he replied “Go to Switzerland for the Nobel Prize”

Yes, I agree 100%. It’s also important to know that research scientists rely on government and organizational funding, so they have a box to limit their work. Go outside of that box, and they’re flippin’ burgers for a living. The same with educators. they can only teach what is allowed, and must defend it or lose their job. The system is set up so that the workers defend it themselves.

As for churches, we all saw what happened in 2020. I didn’t hear of one single church here in America that kept it’s doors open during the covid thingy. They were afraid of losing their tax exempt status! They obviously work for the little g (government) instead of the big G (God). Also, they referred their followers to the internet without telling them that their IP address begins with WWW, which in Hebrew numerology is 666!

To support your point on religions, I once saw a video where a Buddhist monk in a Tibetan monastery had the job of watching a cat jump through a hoop, which no explanation as to why. And he had to do this for his entire life! Apparently Karma really is a bitch!

Have you seen professor Simanek’s lame attempt at falsifying the rectilineator? He used a child’s erector set, and screwed it up intentionally! I thought it was a joke at first, but he’s a real educator. Not very scientific.

Do you guys think there’s any truth to Yggdrasil being our actual universe? I think it could be if there’s really openings at the North & South Pole.

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I’ve wondered about the possibility of their being 9 realms, similar to nordic mythology. Each one maybe governed by a different color of light. I would hardly say that can be considered “truth.” But it’s something I’ve thought about.